Scruffy fuckers

Are cunts. Now, I tend to shuffle the Shark around twice a week. But there’s only me, and that’s enough.
How the fucking hell can someone live in that. That is absolutely disgusting, not to mention the obvious stench.

I don’t envy those cleaners, what a shit job.
I don’t actually care about the cunt who built this foul nest, hopefully he died.

Untidy house, then there’s this.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

73 thoughts on “Scruffy fuckers

  1. Send the dinghy cunts there.
    How dare they have hotel rooms when ex-servicemen are homeless.

  2. Seriously in need of some feng shui.

    The cunt that lived there must have been stinking.
    He couldn’t get to the bath or the washing machine.

    It looks like he occasionally wiped the screen on the TV, but otherwise a dirty, soap dodging fucker.

  3. I would have loved to see the toilet looking pristine, like a beacon of cleanliness amid a sea of filth but alas it looked like it had been nuked by a post-Abbott Jalfrezi.

    This is apparently called compulsive hording or hording disorder. Of course it is. There is a fucking syndrome for everything along with so-called ‘experts’, rather than call the cunts for what they are.

    • Damn right LL. A syndrome indeed! What normal people would call a lazy filthy cunt.

  4. Nice!
    Who’s house?
    Katie prices gaff?

    There’s loadsl Ike this.
    Hoarders, mental health issues.

    I’ve been a few for social services,
    One woman had bare feet with massive toenails like claws!!
    She’d been shitting in plastic bags and piling it in the corner.

    Care in the community.

    • To be fair mis, she was part of the production line for Linda McCartney ready meals.

      • Heeehee 😄 yeah.

        Bet Phil Schofields house is a tip at the moment?

        All southern comfort bottles and ripped up valentine’s cards?
        Some tear and blood stained undercrackers?

        Size 13yrs-16.
        The debauched cunt.

    • I bet there are genuine mentals doing this, but I reckon a lot will just be lazy,bone idle cunts.

      Why go to all that effort of getting off the sofa and going upstairs to the bog, when you can shit in your deliveroo bag?

      • I sometimes piss in the kitchen sink CB.

        Not laziness as such,
        More practicality.😁

      • I had a phase of pissing in the wardrobe when pissed.

        Would get out of bed and wake up to the Mrs shouting “Nnnnoooo!” as the trickling started.

        No joke cleaning that up when half asleep and hammered, I can tell you.

        Hasn’t happened for about 10 years though so I think I’ve grown out of it now. Thank fuck.

      • Those outside toilets are a pain.. especially in winter. When you have a crap do you blame the dog.😂

      • There was an old dear up the road, who died a few years ago, the house was sold and she has no family so the house had to be cleared. It was nothing like this though, she was just an eccentric, more of a collector of useless crap than actual crap. I heard the quote to clear the place was about £7,000 which seems a lot but there must have been decades worth of shite.

      • I bet the real mental out there shit out the window like some fucker who’s never seen a toilet ….oh wait we have those over here already.

      • Decades ago now Mis I was staying in a hotel in Berkshire booked by my employer and the loo was down the corridor. After one evening of sustained drinking with other field guys I was back in my room and urgently needed a piss. There was a wash basin in the room and it was the obvious solution. While I was standing there having a good long run out it occurred to me that hoards of people must have pissed in this sink. My missus admitted that she had done the same in a hotel in Stratford-on-Avon.

      • 😁

        Both at it eh?!!
        Oh Arfur.

        I’ve yet to see missus miserable hoist up her skirts sit in a sink and have a gypsies.

        I’d not be able to stop laughing!👍

      • Arfur, sounds like much ado about nothing, Measure for measure. Alls well that ends well

    • I thought this was schofeilds place with a few dead body’s thrown in for good measure.

    • Bet they didn’t wrap up the crap and throw it out of the window like the earlier post about toilets that don’t work. Still laughing about that one

  5. Many moons ago a girl I was going out with invited me round to her house late one night after her parents had gone to bed. We were getting down to some serious petting on the sofa when I realised I needed to go. She said the toilet was upstairs and I might wake her parents if I went, so I should do what her dad did when he came home from the pub pissed and use the kitchen sink.
    I never did understand why she went off the deep end, screaming at me like that when I came back into the lounge. All I asked was where did her dad keep the paper?

    I never saw her again.

  6. Some people drink their own piss.
    Some wash in it.
    Reckon it has health benefits.

    I can’t see it myself?
    Bet they don’t socialise much?
    Stood near a radiator the sweet stench of stale piss hanging in the air..

    Go full hog.
    Use your shit for toothpaste.

    • Piers Corbyn has the look of someone who drinks their own piss where Jezza would like to collect other peoples and distribute it for a more fairer, equal society.

      For the many not the few.

      • Does doesn’t he?
        He’s definitely a piss drinker LL.

        Probably the sort of zealot who offers a steaming cup to others fresh from tapping his bladder.

        Swivel eyed nut.

    • An uncle of mine, long dead, alky, used to live un Council block of flats. the heating was from convection vents, heated by a common boiler in the basement. He regularly pissed himself after drinking sessions and, instead of cleaning himself and changing clothes, would simply remove his trousers and drape them over the nearest vent, then turn it up full blast. Not only did this fill his flat with the rank smell of stale piss, but everybody else’s flat in the block as all the ducts were interconnected all the way back to the common boiler. Utter mayhem.

      He got evicted. Then died in the pub lol.

  7. Maybe this hoarder was waiting for the deposit return policy to return.

    Died waiting. Deposit in nearest pig pen.

    • Bet judging by the state of that the boy didn’t work so must have quite a few deposits left in there ,must have reeked worse than the House of Lords bogs

  8. People have different standards of hygiene.

    Our kids a OCD germphobic compulsive cleaner.
    Washes her hands every hour.

    Me, not so much.
    Bit of dirt is good for the immune system.

    Then there’s some right manky cunts.

    I never accept drinks off customers who are a lax in the Lynx Africa department.

    I’ve been offered plenty of cups of tea in cups dirtier than that toilet in the other nom.
    Fuck that.

    • Firm believer of that mis, as a kid drop food on the floor pick it up and eat it..

      Not in schofields house, cleanse with fire then the food.

      • Probably spotless ,has to be all them underage body’s buried underneath the fucker. would make Fred west look like an angel

    • I once accepted a cup of tea from a blind woman. Glad I watched her make it. To make sure the cup didn’t overflow, she put her fingers in it. Images of wiping arse and scratching her fanny flashed through my mind. Managed to get rid of it.

      • I knew a blind woman ages ago, when I was a kid. Used to freak me out when she felt my face. ugggh.

  9. Dirty fuckers. Even something as simple as neglecting to vacuum the carpet regularly will allow carpet mites to breed. I hate to think of all the fauna that’s colonizing below all that crap.

  10. These people see this as normal. Anyone dissenting from view this is some sort of phobe propogating hate speech.

    • Another failure of care in the community CC, past experience of visiting such dwellings they are mentalists, poor bastards. Very hard to get the foetid aroma out of one’s nose, let alone clothes. Vicks vapour rub stuck up nostrils prior to entry helps, squeeze lemon juice over your hair in the shower that shifts the dead smell usually.
      Performing any job / task in such an environment certainly keeps you on your toes as you have no fucking clue what is in or under the shite mountain that you traverse to find what’s left of the poor cunt that lived there.

  11. A couple of things obstructing the television screen, other than that, fine.

    • Shit I thought that was the TV? And white people were on for a change.

  12. Once saw a documentary, two brothers in a tip like the nom picture.
    Pissing in bottles and placing in the fridge, bog full of shitty paper trailing down the stairs.
    The only clean room in the house was the sister’s.
    How the fuck did she put up with them?

  13. We’re lucky enough to have a cleaner, a Brazilian bird.
    Never does a good job on the top floor although surprising tidy downstairs….

  14. Yeah, ive been to a few scruffy cunts houses. Their appearance is usually a warning, although sometimes you meet a nice looking bird, very presentable, no odours, good teeth, not plastered in make-up or dripping with bling.
    Go back to hers, see the kiddy clothes and the cat hair, the sink full of cold bean juice.

    and just fucking leave.

    • I had to go to a prospective “customer’s” house one (no chance). The mess was alarming, the smell excruciating. For some bizarre reason he had a live turkey strutting around the kitchen, I shit you not. Time to feed the dog. Got the tin, dipped his fingers in and scooped a wad out, then just dumped it on the carpet, no bowl, fck all. The dog didn’t seem to mind. Well, I say dog, more like a cross between a lion and a wolf.

      The quote will be in the post mate. Not.

  15. I watch these American ‘Hoarders’ programmes. There is a name for the people that help them tidy-‘professional organisers’. They have added psychology 8n their skills set.
    One hoader she was really ‘struggling’. But there were no keepsakes or anything just literally was old food, perishables. But the professional were sympathetically listening to her excuses.
    Anyway one the exasperated relative just came out with- ‘Its garbage’. ‘It’s just garbage’.
    But no she wouldn’t let them take it.

    • I’d rather clutter than a too clean house. There’s something wrong with the latter. I am suspicious of them. Like people who don’t drink.

      • My house is exquisite Miles.
        Tasteful , elegant, and furnished with artisan made goods.

        Just so you know.

      • Do you have the edition of ‘Country Cream Esquire’ on the coffee table where you and you’re gates were the centerfold Miserable?

      • Evening LL,
        I’m on Country cream gates mark 2 now.

        Heavy handed postmen, and simpletons from DHL was just too much to withstand.

        Arched like a church gate.
        Miles would like them!

        Although he’d not be allowed to touch them unless wearing gloves.

      • Evening Miserable.

        Very nice. You might be included in this years edition of Stockport’s ‘Who’s Who’.

      • ‘Arched like a church gate.
        Miles would like them!’

        Hey Miserable maybe we’ve got this imagery wrong all of this time. When we get up there and stood chatting with St Peter. It won’t be pearly gates but country cream!

      • Miles@

        As you know I’m a shy and humble man,
        Not prone to boasting.

        And I’d never compare my carpentry skills to those of Jesus or Joseph.

        But if Noah had my skills when he built the ark?

        Well the animals could of gone aboard 3 by 3.😁

    • Hoarders and obsessive cleaners are made for each other, even if the hoarder hates it.

      Get over it and grow up, you weird cunts.

  16. well congrats mis you be even given wily coyote a run for his money now with wrought iron artesian gates ,only thing needed now is an explanation on the fucking gate lol!achtung this Akita is house trained but doesn’t understand gormless mr bean types .

  17. The next gormless bastard will probably get his head stuck in em or sumet while trying to get the fucker to open

    • I do worry about it,
      You’d think in basic training for postmen it’d include how to open a garden gate without smashing it to kindling wouldn’t you?

      Maybe it’s high expectations on my part?

      A unrealistic bar set painfully high?

      To deliver junk mail without causing criminal damage to private property.

  18. Pep was a scruffy cunt at today’s Cup Final,

    And United were just plain shite….🤢☹

    • lolol, Fergie”s beetroot face was a picture. Then scum fans start brawling with women and kids around, fckng disgraceful.

      I saw some twat wearing a man u shirt with the number 97 on it and the words ‘Not Enough”. wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when he gets doxxed.

  19. Gits like this should be made to pay the cleaning costs to clear up this mess.Straight into Court no messing about then deducted costs from either their benefits or pensions or wages no ifs or buts
    People who live like this need putting in cages in a zoo disgusting behaviour utter cunts. 👎👎

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