Trans Aggression

Is a cunt.

There seems to be a lot of trans snowflakery being reported lately; you know, trans people throwing a hissy fit, or even punches, when they reckon they’re being mis-gendered, or simply when others don’t accept their point of view. Things appear to be getting out of hand.

Take the recent incident which occurred at a Starbucks at Southampton, where an employee got aggressive with a woman customer for committing the unpardonable error of not immediately grasping that he was a ‘she’. The worker yells ‘you’re transphobic’, claps its hands repeatedly in her face, calls her a ‘Karen’, and then tells her to ‘get out’. This before getting into an altercation with the person filming the encounter.

Now I’ve said on here before that as far as I’m concerned, anyone can identify as a lamppost and stand around in the street all day if that’s their thing. What they can’t expect is that everyone else will buy into their delusion, or even understand the situation immediately. In short, they need to learn to wind their necks in.

To Starbucks’ credit, this unstable individual was given the tin tack, and an apology was issued. I’d say that the aggressive twat got off likely. On another day, it might have found itself chewing on a knuckle sandwich. This of course would only have served to reinforce its sense of grievance and victimhood, however gratifying it may have appeared to the rest of us.

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81 thoughts on “Trans Aggression

  1. Wait until one of these freaks is on the end of a ‘ one punch killer ‘.

    It’ll make the St. George of Floyd fiasco look like a country parson’s tea party.

    Garcon !

    Popcorn ! 🍿

    Good morning.

    • Could be fun jack, watching all the Premier league footballers playing games in frilly bloomers in solidarity for it..

      And good morning.

      • A few footballers have come out as gay, but I wonder who’ll be the first to come out as trans?

        ‘Sorry boss i can’t come in to traln this morning; awful period pain…’

  2. What the fuck are Starbucks doing employing one of these freaks in a customer facing position? Sooner or later some cunt is going to laugh at the weirdo and then the sense of entitlement kicks in, as happened here.
    Silly cunts were asking for trouble.

  3. I’d like to see it try that in Greggs in Gateshead. The chocolate sprinkler for the cappuccinos would soon find itself lodged up its anus.
    Unfortunately it would probably enjoy the experience.

    • Having a lot of folks back in the North East. If this is a request show, can I ask that the Starbucks employee does a session in the Powder Monkey in Wallsend. It would be lucky to just get the chocolate sprinkler shoved up its jacksie.

      • I was raised in Waallseend, your Lordship.
        My own preference would be to transport ‘her’ back to 1970 to serve in the Victoria & Comet, a dive directly opposite Newcastle Central Station and known locally as the Spit & Vomit. It even appeared in ‘Get Carter’…
        ‘She’ wouldn’t have got out alive.

  4. I don’t go Starbucks.
    I resent paying a fiver for a brew.

    I have a flask.

    And I like good customer service.
    Not shouted at by some mental who thinks he’s a woman.

    Why would you employ such a cunt?

    I don’t like degenerates messing with my food and drink.
    I can have that in prison.

    Where I’ll no doubt end up for this post.

    • I think you’re missing the point.

      Starbucks coffee is like liquid halitosis.
      Why the fuck anyone still buys it is a fucking mystery.

      Faced with the prospect of being served a brew by some mentally ill pufter isn’t exactly strengthening their brand either.

  5. Imagine going into a restaurant and your “waitress” is a bloke in a little short skirt and big fake titties. I’m afraid there would be a row……I don’t want a mental hanging around me where there are sharp knives about. Fuck that. Obviously it would be me who gets chucked out and probably nicked by the Bill. Best to say nothing, turn round and walk out. This is what it has come to. Clown world.

      • Morning chaps, imagine that degenerate handing you a coffee…who knows where its hands have been?
        I’d demand a refund and stand at the head of the queue like a cunt until I got one.

      • Sat grinning at you as you lick the chocolate sprinkles from your mustache Thomas!

        Accept they aren’t sprinkles!

        They’re winnits it’s picked from the pubes around its well hammered arseholes,
        In a flirtatious mating ritual.

        Waddeya do?

        Ask for a refund?
        Try and strangle it in front of witnesses?
        Calmly carry on ?

      • Just like all bullies these cunts pick on women and old folks. Wouldn’t dare to a big gruff builder type.

  6. Every convicted sicko harbours these traits, and we are told to “respect” and “tolerate” them. In the old days, everybody knew the “red flag” types, and they were dealt with. Many to leave the area and never return.How I wish for the return of the old days! Yes we still had “odd balls”, but they kept there gobs shut, wore trousers and made NO demands.

  7. The closure of the nuthouses, which kicked off in the 80s, prevented many of these loons making a nuisance of themselves in public.

    The ‘special hospitals’ were also a secure and reassuring barrier preventing the birth of insidious, pandering legislation and concessions given to these mutants today.

    Harsh maybe, but the public need protection from the seriously mentally ill and freaks with volatile behaviour.

  8. Still the prices Starbucks charge I would expect a floor show.

    Now singing hits from seven brides for seven trannies.

    “Bless he’s beautiful hide
    Yes, she’s the man for me”

  9. Hopefully things’ll go full circle and, within a few years, all this pathetic pęrversity will end and the freaks and filthbags will crawl back under the stones where they belong or, better yet, kill themselves.

  10. If some demented twat, such as this one, shouted at me like that I’d kick him in the ‘cunt’ so hard he’d get his first period. He’d also have blood on his face from his flat nose.

  11. While this mad little ginger has its hissy fit,Supreme Emperor Khan of the Caliphate waits quietly,patiently for his hordes to continue to grow in numbers and strength..

    Then watch all the sexual deviants run for their lives..

    Within the next couple of decades I warrant.


  12. Like all religions, the Trans cult expects you to believe things that are demonstrably false. Not talking snakes, zombie carpenters or flying desert bandits in this case but that a person – a human mammal – can change sex. This, as biologists as eminent as Robert Winstone and Richard Dawkins have pointed out, is impossible as your sex is encoded in every cell of your body.

    I’m all for live and let live but, as well known white supremacist Dave Chapelle has asked, how far must I play along with your self-image?

    “ A truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged.”

  13. Good morning cunters are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Yesterday went to the bank in Honiton, one of these freaks in there serving. Tits, but needing a shave ffs. Found out what I wanted to know and got the fuck out. The Mrs got out PDQ with I’m going to the knitting shop. Little woman card played by her.

    That’s Honiton off the agenda now, Santander as well. CUNTS.

    • Honiton? Honiton?! Christ almighty CM, I expect this sort of shit in the big cities but Souh Devon? As our kids are wont to ask; “Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?”

      • I’m about 8 miles from there just across into Somerset, I had one living right next to me.

      • Came as a shock to me Arfur. How the fuck I kept a straight face fuck knows. You don’t expect that in a little market town. Mind you Santander say they support pride, fucking wankers.
        Paul I drink cider, I don’t come over all girly, Matey’s must have been contaminated with Bud Lite or summat.

        Funny looking cunt too, went outside and nearly wet myself laughing.

  14. Never ever likely to receive a knuckle sandwich as you mention.
    Because , much like that black kid who films home invasions for TikTok, they only do it to

    1. Beta males
    2. Women
    3 . Kids

    They’ll gain more respect from my when they do it to Duncan Ferguson

    Until then……

    • that little picanninney cunt really boils my piss. The bloke running off rather than fronting the black b*stard. The old time coppers would have dealt with the fucker.

  15. Although Starbucks fired this toxic, entitled little shit, I have no doubt the police will do fuck all.

  16. Having lived in Southampton for 3 years, this aggression seems entirely normal.
    A very strange shithole of a city (no i’m not a Pompey suppporter).

    on the mzin point of trans- madness, they are mentally ill, or LARPers. Good for Starbucks for firing the freak.

  17. You earn respect, Some may not agree with your views, there is no cosmic law stating that because you are mental we have to agree with your sicko beliefs. Wind your fucking necks in and stop acting like bigger cunts than you are already. Piss not me off and your passage will be a peaceful one. A person with a dick is a man, a man who gives birth is a woman who looks like a man. Just get on with your fucking lives and stop pissing 99% of the population off.

    • And therein is your legal defence.

      Having hoofed the freak in the nuts and given it a jab to the Adam’s apple to calm it down,. A judge and jury would need to suspend reality and therefore proceedings when you point out that women have neither testicles or an Adam’s apple.

    • Staggering failure of the ‘conservatives’.
      All they’ve conserved is Blair’s commitment to fucking up the country.

    • Look on the bright side.
      At least we now have full control of our money, our borders and our laws.

      • Yeah we get it, you voted remain and think Brexit was unworkable.
        you’re mistaken. History shows that when political will is behind something, it often gets done. Landing on the moon , for example.
        You’re not ssying anything about Brexit in principle, just highighting the ineptitude and failure of duty of those tasked with Brexit but who wanted to remain.

  18. There will always be the sensible “iron hoofs” who keep it to themselves, just like the big fat ugly normal tart who thinks she’s beautiful and goes off on a tangent if you don’t agree with her delusion. You know the ones, they have to send a drone to wipe their own arse.

  19. Akso, this aggression ties with with the belief that both ‘words are violence’ and it’s morally right to ‘punch Nazis’ just for having the wrong opinions, despite Lefty philosophers like Slavoj Zizek disagreeing with that position.
    It’s the activists who are spoiling for a fight, and one day they’ll get it, probably when the police are too busy painting rainbows on each other’s faces and rimming each other.

      • It’s become a convenient means for far-left lunatics and the generally unhinged and perverse to act violently and get attention.
        There’s a lot of real transpeople trying to distance themselves from the activism, and getting transphobic because of it.
        They believe it’s a personal medical issue, not a political one.

        The trans/intersex population has aways been exceedingly smaĺl about 1 in 11,500 in Britain, according to the NHS.
        The figure of 1 in 200 or whatever it was given by activists includes men and women who identify as ‘queer’ , non binary, have some chromosomal differences but are still overwhelmingly men with functioning balls and women with functioning ovaries with no intention of ever undergoing drug treatment or therapy.
        Iss boolsheeit!

  20. The funniest part of this encounter was the cunt telling the woman to get out of the place because she was ‘trespassing’. Trespassing in a Starbuck’s ffs.

    I’d hate to be around it when it’s on its period.

    Morning all.

    • The aggression comes out because they know they are in the wrong after looking in the mirror and saw what they thought they imagined before leaving for work.

      • I suppose we all think we are something we’re not, but not on such a large scale.

  21. I want to go back to the eighties.
    Concorde and the space shuttle were flying, Mike Tyson was in his prime and rallying had Group B

    I remember it as an exiting decade, leaving school, seeing all sorts of new technology and better clothes!
    What has happened to mankinds pioneering spirit when we strived to do amazing things and people marvelled at what could be done.

    Now it’s inward looking, self loathing and grim, not us but people driving these narratives.

    I don’t care about pronouns or demands that i abandon biological facts
    to suit feelings. I harbour no desire to inflict harm on them but reserve the right
    to disagree.

    There are people in this world without a pot to piss in or window to throw it out
    and wonder where the next meal comes from, and this nonsense is supposed to be taken seriously?

    I’ll vote with my wallet when it comes to corporate nonsense, pay no heed to
    the bullshit.

    I’m going on you tube to watch Iron Mike and Audi Quattros.

    • My views on the HeShes are well documented, so I’ll not add to this.

      As for rallying though, this new Rally1 hybrid class is pretty class and reasonably close to Group B in terms of power. Damn, Ott Tänak’s even made me want to go and look at a Puma ST as a possible next car.

    • Ah yes, the eighties PC, when one could still have fun driving. Used to drive a thousand miles a week in those days regularly at three figure speeds. Got caught one Sunday evening doing such on the M5 near Bristol by an unmarked car. Went to court, fined and points but no ban. Today probably be jailed. Never did more than 127mph though. That’s when the rev limiter came in.

      • That’s what i mean Arfur, the fun is slowly being sucked out
        of everything today.
        Yes it’s more safe, but is it still fun?

  22. The only people who could be justly accused of “misgendering”are the tranni3s themselves!
    I ask you! A bloke “i.e XY chromosomes “in a wig wearing lipstick going around proclaiming that they are are not male.
    You’re just fucked-up gays ! Grow up!
    Similarly those wimmin who try and pass themselves off as “men” are just highly disturbed butch lesbians.
    While I’m at it, wtf is “non-binary”? More like “non-sense”!

    • It genuinely does get confusing.

      Last night, I was looking at Youtube, and as these things do, a ‘short’ came up quite randomly.

      It was a blue haired trans ‘woman’ (still with a dick) saying that’she’ was a lesbian, and desperately lamenting the fact that lesbians won’t date her. ‘You’re killing women like me’ it wailed.

      But but… isn’t this really just a case of a bloke fancying women??
      Confused? You will be…

    • Non binary is a narcissistic load of bollocks used by the the sort of f@gg0t who used to pretend they were gay, bi or lesbian to get a bit of attention at college/university.
      They’re known as ‘f@ggots’ (men and women) by the genuinely gay men i’ve spoken to. The gays also don’t associate with anyone flouncing around broadcasting just how ‘queer’ they are.
      To quote top gay bloke Douglas Murray, it’s ‘performative’.

  23. No doubt he’ll be taking his case for transphobic dismissal to the tribunal. Fucking twat.

    If he was a lampost I’d get my dog to piss on him…

    • That is his argument Dio.

      He alleges that Starbucks didn’t follow correct disciplinary procedure.

      Even though threatening a customer is gross misconduct and therefore an instantly sackable offence.

      • I’m surprised that trans types haven’t announced a worldwide boycott of Starbuck’s.

  24. Ironically, I came across this post whilst listening to some Dr. Jordan Peterson talk sense about this lunacy.

    Link here:

    Oh, and if this geezerbird clapped in my face or bashed my phone out of my hand, I’d have chinned the cunt and kicked him in the bollocks for good measure.

    Pretty sure most of us here would have done the same.

    I genuinely, genuinely despise them and they make me want to return to Eastern Europe more than ever. I was over there other week and asked a couple of mates who run a bar in one of the capitals about whether their staff have to wear “pronoun badges”.

    They laughed in my face.

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