A cunting for the little shit known as Mizzy.

He is a kid who records ‘pranks’ for his Tiktok following of slack jawed nihilists and imbeciles.

The trouble is these ‘pranks’ are all sinister in how they play out and usually breach the law. He has filmed himself asking people in the street if they want to die (including a young woman alone at a bus stop)
He has recorded himself in librarys tearing up books (perhaps out of genuinely resentment) and walking into peolles homes, for which he has been arrested.

He’s not alone, and this kind of nonsense has been going on for years (happy slapping, anyone?) but he is a current and domestic example.

The trouble is, these wanker-prankers seem to be engaged in oneupmanship for clicks, a few have been beaten up and one of them has already been shot. I’m not worried about them obviously, but the toll their abuse takes on the unsuspecting victim.

Here’s what Leo Kearse has to say about it.


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Nominated by Cuntamus Prime, seconded by Chuff Chugger.

91 thoughts on “Mizzy

  1. I checked out the Piers Morgan interview of this little oxygen thief.

    Apparently he thinks he is Jamaican – saying the word ‘ting’ instead of thing, as well as “dis and dat”. Clearly there is little meaningful activity within the dormant organ between his ears.

    What an utter mitmot and a thoughtless cunt. An IQ of around 50 – and that is being excessively generous.

    I wouldn’t employ the prick to push a fucking broom around.

    • Ho ho, excellent PM.
      Never heard that expression before; had to look it up.

    • I watched this as well – it was interesting to see Esther Krakue, a regular on the show, who is from Ghana, saying that no excuses should be made for this berk, and that in Ghana he would have been beaten to a pulp for his antics, also that it was predictable and disgusting that he had attempted to use the race card.

  2. Unlikely another architect stabs him as he only targets women, beta males and kids

    I’m have a reunion for my old CTCRM troop being held in London in a few weeks.

    Happy to extend the invite Missy. Come along and do your ‘do you want to die’ spiel.

    Will be hilarious

  3. Total shitbag, deserves kicking to death.
    Hopefully someone will do that soon.

  4. He was a bugger to find for the rozzers, he’d turned all the lights off in his house.

    Luckily, an experienced Roz was on the scene.

    He simply said, “Friiiiiied chiggun” and the cunt smiled, revealing his whereabouts immediately.

  5. This dindu is gonna get a smack off someone and I’d love that to be filmed and uploaded fkn work shy baboon

  6. God this cuntish yout needs to be curb stomped with extreme prejuduce.

  7. As Tommy Steele might sing…

    Once upon a time there was a little black cunt.
    He was a little shit, ’cause he was a little black cunt
    (a little black cunt).🎵

  8. He thinks he’s funny but he’s like a little terrorist. He will grow out of it, maybe in jail!

    Dennis Pennis got it right by targeting slebs with pure comments, not making ordinary people feel like they’re being attacked!

  9. He needs an SaS bag placed on his head and be beaten with a pork leg. Fucking cunt.

  10. I cannot better Michelle Dewbury’s description of this vile turd on her GB News slot yesterday …… “PILLOCK !”

  11. I’m no fan of pranks in general. especially
    recorded pranks for the amusement of a sadistic idiot mob.
    Pranks that are caught on camers for the public almost always been the ‘comedy of cruelty’. There is a really nasty vein of bullying to many of them. My dad feels the same, especially when fickheads used to scared their. hildren for a few hundred quid from Beadle via You Look Like A Cunt.

    The examples cover a wide spectrum, from the aforemented child bullying for £250, to the puerile antics of Dick and Dom (BBC geniuses who humiliated old people), to the predecessor to jackass, Camp Kill Yourself, with the dplilspoiled brats Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn (etc bullying a gay man wearing the pink triangle (long before the current obsession), to the happy slsppers and now the craven tiktokers.

    These pranksters are now getting the sort of punishments theyve deserved for a long time.
    Nearly all need a thrashing for bullying the unsuspecting victim.

    They are all cowards.

    • I wasnt drunk when i wrote that, believe it or not. Tiredness, my oversensitive interface and undersize phone keys – and caveman hands – are to blame.

  12. Rattie cunt boy, doubt if the shite will see his 20th birthday. Likely get shanked for dissing his betters with some bad drill video. Borstal was made for cunts like this, likewise the birch right after the sentence lay it on the little cunts.

    • Mizzy and his gang vs Gustav, the nile crocodile that has eaten villagers, killed an adult hippo and taken machine gun rounds.

      Who wins? (not sure knives will help much).

  13. This little cunt will probably cop it in some gang tit for tat skullduggery.
    Then the horrid little fuck will be eulogised a la Saint Stephen and Chicken Floyd George. Is his mam called Doreen by any chance?

    • “ Chicken Floyd George” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. He’s the ugliest ape that I’ve ever seen.
    Never watched gay porn but I’d like to watch a clip of the bastard being buggered to death.

    • Ape ? More like a slimy lizard. My idea of enjoyment would be to have the snidey cunt pounded with hammer, all with a different ring tone for comic effect.

  15. Notice how he took a small dog from an old lady, not a large one from a man. That was actually sickening to watch.

    Ugly little cunt isn’t he.

  16. When Mizzy does some well earned time in jail. He will be the one getting leapfrogged from behind by some bro.

  17. The little cunt has been arrested this morning on a roof top for breaching a Court Order. He didn’t look best pleased.Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I hope they throw the book at him.

  18. A fine piece of entertainment would be to observe the cuntbag getting his sinuses cleaned out with a Browning Hi Power.

  19. only a matter of time,he will fuck withthe wrong person and get his ass kicked

  20. If he had walked into my house he would of a received a German WW1 Trench flail around his noggin.
    Google it and see what I mean. Ouch…..

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