Trans Aggression

Is a cunt.

There seems to be a lot of trans snowflakery being reported lately; you know, trans people throwing a hissy fit, or even punches, when they reckon they’re being mis-gendered, or simply when others don’t accept their point of view. Things appear to be getting out of hand.

Take the recent incident which occurred at a Starbucks at Southampton, where an employee got aggressive with a woman customer for committing the unpardonable error of not immediately grasping that he was a ‘she’. The worker yells ‘you’re transphobic’, claps its hands repeatedly in her face, calls her a ‘Karen’, and then tells her to ‘get out’. This before getting into an altercation with the person filming the encounter.

Now I’ve said on here before that as far as I’m concerned, anyone can identify as a lamppost and stand around in the street all day if that’s their thing. What they can’t expect is that everyone else will buy into their delusion, or even understand the situation immediately. In short, they need to learn to wind their necks in.

To Starbucks’ credit, this unstable individual was given the tin tack, and an apology was issued. I’d say that the aggressive twat got off likely. On another day, it might have found itself chewing on a knuckle sandwich. This of course would only have served to reinforce its sense of grievance and victimhood, however gratifying it may have appeared to the rest of us.

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81 thoughts on “Trans Aggression

  1. It’s cult like behaviour, where facts have no relevance.
    If their arguments were just and true, there would be no need for coercion or to jump up and down screaming and shouting when someone simply disagrees.

  2. This alphabet thing is being pushed by the WEF. It is designed to divide us and its working a treat. The WEF are also happy at the progress that is being made getting this shite into schools. They want to erode the family unit, it smacks of marxism.

    Theres a group in the states called Gays against groomers who are active in challenging the alphabet ideology regarding letting encouraging kids to transiistion and it is not going down well with activists of the alphabet movement.

    • I’m a poof. Gays Against Groomers speak for a LOT of us. Big fan of their work, and long may they keep it up!

    • It’s fitting that Google, who support a lot of this shite, are owned by Alphabet..

  3. Chewbakka looking cunts need to get a grip, it always makes me smile when they look more gorillas let alone human beings male, female or something else…

  4. A man being angry and abusive to a woman who mistakenly called a man a woman. Did I get that right? WTF?!

    • Er, not quite Mrs C. Rather the woman addressed a “transgender woman” i.e. a man, as a man. But then who cares? Bloody nutter.

  5. You have a front row seat to the end of humanity…

    It’s like being a citizen in the last years of the Roman Empire…everyone knows they are heading towards oblivion, but no-one feels capable of stopping it.

    Goodbye sanity – hello Bedlam 🙁

    • Yeah ive tried voting against this crsp but they’re all big state woke authoritarians who want to suppress wages with immigration so it doesnt matter. At least I wont be in a big city when things fall to pieces.
      California is already dying thanks to an exodus of midfle-class professionsls who cant afford the tax rates, energy bills, rent for housing, business rates.
      The place has a quarter of all of amrrica’s vagrants, the infrastructure is falling to bits. The only businesses propping california up are in silicon valley, and as Victor Davis Hanson said, aside from Multinational banks and law firms, the Ivy League woke campuses with enormous wealth and government subsidies, they’re the only business that can afford the air conditioning bills in the summer.

    • Southampton specialises with many of these retards.Used that joint but once for an urgent fudge park prior to catching the ferry.I loathe corporate coffee with a passion and Southampton in general is snowflake central in my experience of the place.

  6. If these attention-seeking freaks really want to make a point why don’t they put their money where their mouth ( or arse ) is and cut their own willies , bollocks or titties off with a rusty pen knife.

    I know that I’ve said this,and I’ll say it again but a lot of the blame for all this is because these misfits have been pandered to by the dregs of the medical profession.
    First up are the progressive types who have hijacked the once noble specialty of venereology “aka genitourinary medicine “or even worse “sexual health “. By their non-judgemental approach ,instead of expressing repulsion towards the antics of sexual deviants they have embraced them with welcome arms.
    Nowadays doctors working in the “specialty” (whose most vociferous Consultants think that they are on a par with Neurosurgeons or Cardiothoracic surgeons) kiss their patient’s arses.Probably literally in some of the London hospitals.
    The bigger cunts are those Consultants who couldn’t make the grade in orthodox specialties such as Obstetrics and Gynaecology or Urology, who conspired to create a “medical” condition that was previously unheard of, namely “gender dysmorphia” which required all sorts of endocrine and surgical treatments.
    Anyone with any sense,including those who had the privilege of studying medicine in the early 1970s knows that the only treatment for these freaks is a regimen of cold showers.

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