A cunting for the little shit known as Mizzy.

He is a kid who records ‘pranks’ for his Tiktok following of slack jawed nihilists and imbeciles.

The trouble is these ‘pranks’ are all sinister in how they play out and usually breach the law. He has filmed himself asking people in the street if they want to die (including a young woman alone at a bus stop)
He has recorded himself in librarys tearing up books (perhaps out of genuinely resentment) and walking into peolles homes, for which he has been arrested.

He’s not alone, and this kind of nonsense has been going on for years (happy slapping, anyone?) but he is a current and domestic example.

The trouble is, these wanker-prankers seem to be engaged in oneupmanship for clicks, a few have been beaten up and one of them has already been shot. I’m not worried about them obviously, but the toll their abuse takes on the unsuspecting victim.

Here’s what Leo Kearse has to say about it.


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91 thoughts on “Mizzy

  1. This bloke is nothing but a criminal who causes criminal damage, assaults people and enters peoples homes….wish he entered a rural home and got a tony…and had his bollocks shot off.

    What a cunt.

    A sad one at that

  2. Hopefully he keeps going and makes himself infamous.

    And another troop will chop the little turd to pieces. And film it with any luck.

  3. He’ll be killed by one of his fellow apes before long, it’s inevitable.
    The sooner the better.
    Hopefully his youthful internal organs will be used to help more worthwile people.

    • If Wacko Jacko looked like Mizzy at the same age he wouldve reached for the Propofol a lot sooner.

  4. This nonce deserves to be immersed in a vat of boiling tar. And it’s not because “Ise is black, innit”. It’s because he’s a feral piece of shit.

  5. This twerp deserves to be immersed in a vat of boiling tar. And it’s not because “Ise is black, innit”. It’s because he’s a feral piece of shit.

    • He’s been flaunting the race card since the arrest, to nobody’s surprise.

    • MMCM, he needs to be put into a darkened room, so he is harder to find and have Saville, Hall, Harris and Schofield’s brother have some fun.

      Bit like touchy feely hide and seek.

  6. I’ve seen some footage of this despicable little bastards antics.

    Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange springs to mind.

    Welcome to the future.

  7. I wouldn’t worry about this two bob fuckwit. Sooner or later he’s going to “disrespec’” a fellow architect and get himself stabbed. I, for one, will piss myself laughing…..especially when they tell us what a talented rapper he was. I always like that detail.

    • A Happy Slapper rapper.

      A real loss to society, should upset the wrong people. He’s already been outed as a possible antisemite for his repeated targetting of Jews.
      Ideal candidate to replace the Flabbott.

    • A talented rapper ?

      I’se is a rapper innit
      If you don’t like it don’t bin it
      Cos I’se is brilliant, innit..etc, etc.

  8. If he grabbed our dog and ran off with it I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions. I would kick him until he was a vegetable in a wheelchair.
    A useless cunt with useless parents….

    • He wouldnt have walked anywhere with my dog if she didnt want to go. Too powerful for a skinny rat like him.

  9. The cunt was in court yesterday and just got a measly £350 fine, he came out with one of his mates grinning like a chimp with a banana.

    He’s black so gets a free pass, where was the 200 hours community service or even better a dozen strokes of the birch (that would have cured the cunt)

      • Reminds me of that scene in the Long Good Friday when Razors is carving up Errol the pimp’s arse with a machete.

  10. *correction.

    The girl at the bus stop wasnt alone, but there was one other person besides Mizzy The Shit.

    I dont agree with Kearse that the white women asking for it, even if white women are usually the first to cry racism or phobia (true enough in my experience as well)..
    Its usually a certain type of white woman.

  11. Never seen a tall black mongoloyed midget before. Obviously taking it out on himself for being born. Needs to be introduced to a large piece of willow, now the cricket season is in full swing.

  12. Sooner or later somebody will deck this fucker good and proper. Preferably sooner.

    Might make him think twice about acting the cunt.

    Morning all.

  13. Come on you little shite, play one of your stunts on a group of Millwall fans.

  14. There was some bell end in the states a few years ago called Tyrone (I think) who would film “pranks” along these lines.

    He used to aggressively walk up to couples and say he was going to “fuck their wives” whilst being filmed for social media “likes”

    Until he got violently stabbed in the chest by a fellow homie.

  15. I’d like it if he wandered into my house and make him, for a short time aware of my cultural heritage. A carpenter’s hatchet through the face in the style of good King Robert, as well as the savings on the expenditure on dog food.

  16. He looks a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, innit bruv?.

    I can see Sir Kweer wetting himself to get him elected as one of his arselicking MPs though – Kweer is all 4 de youf. Wicked!

  17. This little Lineker wandered into my house he’d get the full Steven Lawrence.

    There’d be another statistic written in monkey blood.

  18. Couldn’t help but notice that this thick twat has that accent.

    If the “likes” on TikTok dry up or should that be “laaaiks” then a career at the BBC as a continuity announcer awaits this stupid cunt.


  19. ‘the laws in Britain are so weak’ – Listen you horrible little juvenile cunt,we’ve never needed robust laws for some things as people generally know right from wrong and value the society we live in. I sincerely hope you never try that shit in my house or you will be met with extreme and sustained ultra violence.

    • Quite right Mr Thompson.

      Like the good chaps at Islandlwana,
      You can be Chard
      I’ll be Bromhead.

      “Front ranks!!
      Fire at will.’

      They’ll chant our names and bang their sheilds in tribute from Brixton to Moss side.

  20. Yeah fuckers like this egg and spoon think its fucking hilarious until someone puts them in a well deserved wheel chair, its always a good idea until he gets a bat across the teeth because someone assumes they are about to be mugged, not wanting to cast aspersions but thats what every fucker who encounters a 5th onwards generation import wearing a balaclava is about to do [truth not waysist].
    All wanka prankas deserve serious damage, which should also be filmed for our entertainment, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing these cunts trying to run away while screaming it was only a prank mate, calm down, im sorry…..

    • Ah the ‘social experiment’.

      I recall a vid of some stupid lefty cunt trying to show muzzahs were discriminated against and no cunt cares.

      He was at a busy bus stop and told others waiting he wouldn’t get on the bus if the peaceful did.

      I think the point of his experiment was to show that no cunt would stick up for the carpet sniffer. In real life most people won’t get much involved. Could be some nutter with a knife. Might get gobbed on the way home from work. Fook that etc. I’ve had nutters approach me at train stations and in supermarkets. I seem to attract them. I’m fucking sick of it. One on a bus years back at college, nutter in full army gear (clearly not a real soldier. Mental eyes. Hair everywhere.) Sat next to me. Bus empty. Wanted to show me his knife. Big fucking knife and all. Humoured him for a few seconds then…. Ding! Got off next stop, fucking miles from my destination and had to walk home.

      Anyhow, the cunt in the video I’m on about wanted to show that diverse types were not violent and scary.

      Well, it backfired as he got smashed in the face off a rapper/aspiring architect.

      “Stop! Wait! Please no! It’s a social experiment!”


  21. This twat is clearly a government plant so they can pass that bullshit online safety bill. I noticed that he only fucked with white people, if he did any of his shit to a brotha/sista then his minute of fame would be in the Islington Obituary. He should do a US house invasion tour, start with Texas please mate.

    • he did harrass a black woman in a video. She was the only petson to threaten him.

  22. Mark my words. You haven’t heard the last of this cunt.

    It doesn’t matter how many restraining orders he gets, he’ll still keep doing this stuff.

    Can’t help himself, probably not wired up right.


    I’ve met his type before.

    Had problems with one of these cunts years ago. A white one.

    Had to kick his arse.

    Still had no effect.

    Not long after, he threw himself out of a window, whilst high on glue or some other shit.

    Ended up cabbaged in a wheelchair as he’d landed on his noggin.

    Died a couple of years later.

    Result 👍👍

    Pity the rest of the family didn’t follow suit.

    All mental cunts.

    If this Mizzy cunt walked in The Rookery he wouldn’t be walking out.

    It would be a DCI Gene Cunt job.

    I look forward to him getting stabbed.

    Get To Fuck.

  23. The problem is the malteaser head is right.

    The law is weak or in most cases non existent.

    The just stop oil fucks have been throwing orange dye on a garden in the Chelsea flower show?

    There’s video of a fuck wit coppers stopping park runners cause they have orange vests on.

    Then probably letting the culprits waltz through.

    • He’s hurtling toward a tangle with destiny.
      Fates going to fuck him up.

      He’s a bit simple.
      He’s not cottoned the fact that attention is bad.

      When he comes a cropper it’ll be a great learning curve for him.

      Like with Sasha Johnson.

      She stands in the rain she gets ducks floating on the pond atop her nut.

      Come on karma👍👍

    • He sounds like a exotic sun tan lotion.

      Might look for that brand next time I’m in superdrug.

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