The Madeline McCann Affair

Another late spring, and once again Scotland Yard senior officershave solved the problem of where to spend this summers holiday – another month in Portugal.

Just as surely as the first cuckoo of spring, the story of this unfortunate child crops up late every May:

You can be sure her entitled, boorish parents will “demand” both a meeting with the Chief Constable, and also “demand” that Scotland Yard’s four finest will be despatched to “clear up the mystery once and for all” – for the 16th year in a row.

Her parents were clearly tight as a snare drum not to pay for baby sitters that night in May 2007. Now if still alive (which I very much doubt) Maddie would be about 20 – time enough to return to the bosom of her family, should she choose so to do.

Frankly I suspect the story ended in the early May of 2007, yet we keep having to endure these expensive investigations because Mr McCann and his snooty cutie of a wife won’t face up to the truth. They lost their child because of their negligence. She must be assumed lost and gone, and it is time this pair of fantasists were told so. I wonder if old ex- BBC duckie, Clarence Mitchell is still taking money for being their PR man?

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(She disappeared in 2007 not 1997 and has just turned 20. I’ve corrected the dates – Admin)

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  1. I get tired of those who make a thing of slagging off the McCann’s. Of course they shouldn’t have left their kid unsupervised, nobody knows that better than them, and they’ll have been kicking themselves ever since. It isn’t necessary for other people to join in. Every morning since it happened they’ll have woken up and two seconds later felt the depression descend on them once again. Yet some still have to make up conspiracy theories which don’t make any sense because they don’t know what happened any more than anyone else does. I certainly wouldn’t want to go through what the McCann’s have experienced, and are still experiencing to this day.

    • I feel more pity for little Madeline.

      Any parent knows not to leave toddlers alone and fuck off out partying.
      She was a victim of her parents arrogance and stupidity.

      The child is now clearly dead.
      Yes they have to live with that fact.

      The fact it’s their fault.

    • Given she was sedated I reckon she died either of an accidental drug overdose or a fall when getting up to investigate something in her groggy state (she was an active child), then hid the body to avoid having their other kids taken away. The DNA in the boot, as well as certain analysis of their behaviour after the event and comments from some members of the Portuguese police, can’t be ignored in my opinion. Plus Occam’s razor suggests that it is simply more likely than the official burglary gone wrong story. It was accidental but I do think they did it.

      • They “overCalpoled” her to get respite time for one evening, she carked, and they realised it wouldn’t make a couple of GPs look too clever.
        Despite the Liverpule camaraderie, they’d been obliged to take the kid on holiday, as Gramps said they weren’t going to kiddy-sit again…

    • They were negligent. What responsible parent leaves 3 very young kids unattended in an unlocked apartment, 100 or so yards away while they enjoy a good piss up.

  2. So why don’t they shut up about it then? Kids disappear all the time unfortunately but nobody knows their name sixteen years later. Black kids get stabbed to death in Londonstabistan all the time and nobody knows their names. But everyone knows the name Stephen Lawrence thirty years later. There’s a reason for that.

  3. Guilty as fuck the pair of them. If they can’t prove it then they should at the very least have been done for child neglect.

    What sort of cunt leaves two babies and a toddler in an apartment alone and fucks off for dinner and drinks.

    Cunt isn’t a strong enough word for these specimens

    • There’s a picture of mr Mcann in a group photo lurking online somewhere,featuring him,alongside one of the evil Podesta brothers (the one who collects child porn ‘art’) and all wearing red-shoes (not widely known practice) but its a fairly low resolution image tbh.

      There’s also a Clement Freud connection who allegedly owned a nearby villa and certain social (probably masonic) correlations between the Mcanns and Freud have been mooted.?

  4. Why haven’t these cunts been charged with “wilful abandonment of a child”??? Masons?? Know somebody? Poor kid.

  5. These fishy fuckers know she, s never going to be found, I would think they would just want to fade into obscurity and disappear rather than the constant Harry and Megain style attention seeking.
    Do these fuckers get paid everytime Madalins memory is reserected or are they media whores?

  6. Cadaverine in the boot of their car, Gordon Brown getting involved, new ‘clues’ re-surfacing every couple of years.??

    Let, it happen to a sink estate chav family and the tabloids would go into hit piece after hit piece.
    She’s got a conk like chisel, I’ll pass.

  7. As Sherlock Holmes quoted in one of those tales “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

    The occurrence of an accident whereby all three children were drugged to sleep and one, sadly, did not wake is entirely possible. The Portugese cop was clearly unhappy with the McCanns. There are so many holes in this case. A peedy breaking in, snatching a child, no commotion, no other children waking? Nobody saw anything?

    The McCanns have refused to take a lie detector test as “they have nothing to hide”

    One for Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World.

  8. The police pander to this because it makes them look good and they know nothing will come of it.

  9. Sadly Madeleine will never be discovered alive, at least I don’t think so but they might recover a skeleton, even if it is under water.

    There’s some very fishy things about the parents, their demeanour, their friends, things they’ve said or won’t say and the fact they got a gifted government person appointed to be their spokesperson, and then the cadaver dogs findings. All very odd, to say the least.

    Why didn’t they get a child minder rather than do that stupid periodic check-in rota with their friends (if you can believe that happened)? Not like doctors are short of a few bob.

    • Never liked her parents and I never will. Something about them stinks like Madogga’s minge. Won’t take a lie detector test? The cunts should be made to. Anyone else who refused to do a test would be charged with hindering an enquiry.

      No, doctors aren’t short of a few bob. The cunts aren’t short of drugs either. Say no more….

  10. I hate these two McCann cunts.

    My brother and sister both died as kids (during the same year in totally unrelated incidents). Yet my parents hardly ever talked about it, because it was too painful and it wasn’t something any of us talk about even now. Yet those two bastards clearly revel in the attention their ‘missing’ child gets them. And the fuckers have definitely cashed in with books, newspaper deals, and other media ‘exclusives’.
    Treating your (I think) dead child as some sort of publicity machine and a permanent ATM? How sick can you get?

    • Just to say fucking hell that’s horrible. I hope you’ve been able to lead a life as happy and normal (whatever that means) as you can. Typically I hold my nihilism up between me and the experiences of others. In this case you’re stating what happened and not merching victim status. Good for you.

  11. It appears that they want various police forces to bust a gut every now and again to keep the ‘franchise’ going, yet they refuse to cooperate with them. The Portuguese coppers are still far from happy with them.

    Also certain things are indicative of character. When the story broke worldwide, what did they do? Sit it out with dignity? Cooperate with the Portuguse police? No, they appeared on every TV show and in every paper going – feeling sorry for themselves more than the kid – and they pissed off for an audience with the fucking Pope.

    • Oh, and a mere 11 days after the young ‘un’s ‘disappearance’
      her ‘fund’ was turned into an official PLC and their mortgage was paid with it.

      They are bastards.

  12. Kate’s tell all book/newspaper deal where she went into revolting detail about her ‘fears’ that her little girl had been abused and worse was the most crass and sickening stunt of all. Even if it crosses your mind, you don’t make fucking money from it and use your kid’s name for such squalid shit.

    No time for them whatsoever.

  13. What makes it any different to the hundreds of kids who ‘disappeared’ in Chile and Argentina under dubious regimes? Or the abductions that have happened in the USA? Scores of innocent kids have been abducted or gone missing. Yet the MSM dosen’t give a fuck about that.

    Because they are Daily Mail and Express darlings, they are seen as a special case and beyond criticism. And bottom feeders like the Sun and the Mirror also lap it up. It’s a tasteless vulgar circus, and neither the press or the McCanns will let it end….

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