The Madeline McCann Affair

Another late spring, and once again Scotland Yard senior officershave solved the problem of where to spend this summers holiday – another month in Portugal.

Just as surely as the first cuckoo of spring, the story of this unfortunate child crops up late every May:

You can be sure her entitled, boorish parents will “demand” both a meeting with the Chief Constable, and also “demand” that Scotland Yard’s four finest will be despatched to “clear up the mystery once and for all” – for the 16th year in a row.

Her parents were clearly tight as a snare drum not to pay for baby sitters that night in May 2007. Now if still alive (which I very much doubt) Maddie would be about 20 – time enough to return to the bosom of her family, should she choose so to do.

Frankly I suspect the story ended in the early May of 2007, yet we keep having to endure these expensive investigations because Mr McCann and his snooty cutie of a wife won’t face up to the truth. They lost their child because of their negligence. She must be assumed lost and gone, and it is time this pair of fantasists were told so. I wonder if old ex- BBC duckie, Clarence Mitchell is still taking money for being their PR man?

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Nominated by W.C. Boggs.

(She disappeared in 2007 not 1997 and has just turned 20. I’ve corrected the dates – Admin)

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  1. Whatever actually happened to her I blame this pair for leaving her totally alone while they went out. I’m also fed up with coverage of somebody I believe to have been killed at the time.

  2. The media won’t let this go either. I’m sure there are a lot of other parents of missing kids out there who don’t get a farts sniff of the amount of coverge the McCann’s do.

    The live reporting of searching a reservoir is weird too. What sort of cunt sits there and watches that?

    • The McCanns, like the Zaghari Radclife twats, are chums with TV producers.

    • And Lancs. Police have got divers out searching for a barmaid in Lancaster.
      Talk about deja vu. Practice makes perfect?

  3. This pair of cunts should have had the book thrown at them. Four kids all under four years old left alone while they went out to eat?
    If that had been a working class couple they would have been villified in the press and rightly so. Because these cunts are doctors? Nothing to see here blah blah, woof woof.

    • if the McCanns had been white working class brexit voters, they’d have been arrested, shot, sent to court then smashed to bits by Jolyon Maugham, then spat at by Steve Bray, insulted on camera by Emily Matliss, had op-eds about their reckless privilege in the guardian and indypoopoo , cslled Tossers by Kelvin Mackenzie and the Sun, then shot again, then buried (alive).

      • Good to see the working class Leave voters benefitting from all those promised Brexit sunlit uplands, lol.

      • As ive said before, the whole thing has been sabotaged by inept politicians and civil servants. There was no political will for it. Brexit as a concept didnt fail, the political- media class did.
        It still benefits the ordinary people: the whole shitshow highlighted just what an undemocratic cesspit full of incompetent selfish lying cunts Westminster and Whitehall have become.
        Next to go, The HoL and First past the post.

  4. What’s the relevance of the May 1997 in this nomination? Maddie wasn’t even born then.

  5. When our daughter was growing up either Mrs Twatt or I would go out with friends while the other stayed behind to be babysitter. It simply wouldn’t have entered our heads to leave her alone.
    But then we’re not selfish, entitled cunts.

    • I was my five year old niece’s nanny for a month. When we’d go shopping and she needed a wee I’d take her to the men’s room where she would use a stall. I would stay with her the whole time.

  6. Hate to be a pedant but it was 2007 not 1997. That would make her 20 now.

  7. The Germans will find her, or not.

    This has to be the last throw of the dice.

    • Doubt it Sick of it.

      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    • Doubtfull – took them 4 years to find Anne Frank and she was sat in an attic under their very noses.
      An excuse for a week in the Sun, and plenty of media attention.

      The McCanns are selfish cunts. Never, Ever liked Gerry – shifty fucker. Bet he’s driving around with a victim in his car boot as we speak….

  8. Those 2 arseholes should be locked up. As far as I’m concerned they were at fault for leaving kids on their own. Negligence in my opinion.

  9. It’s fucking obvious what happened.

    Why are the UK police getting involved?
    It’s not like they are a leading police force of Europe.

    They will visit Portugal once again.
    Do fuck all police work.
    Decide there is yet another suspect as they have interviewed a witness who suddenly remembers something from decades ago.

    All that will happen is the policemen who have won this year’s McCann lottery will work on their golf handicaps for a month or two.

  10. Journos love a the chance to jet off to cover this “emerging new development”..

    Never mind that this case has been stone cold for a decade and a half..whatever forensic etc clues have all been conclusively run to ground.

    Instead of mithering our law enforcement bureaucracy yet again this pair of cunts should be calling on the German govt to give the only suspect in the case some serious Mouth Pear.

    What a load of shit this whole panto has been and forever will be.

    • The Shannon Matthews case was not long after this and there was a stark contrast to the coverage of both cases. I don’t think the MSM were that enthusiastic about reporting from Dewsbury in February.

      • Indeed,
        And it’s not hard to find other examples, and the numbers involved are bloody frightening…

        So, what *exactly* warrants the McCann case all this special treatment?

        As Cuntymort said above, had they been working class it’d be different, they’d have been regarded as the prime suspects from the start (Oh, wait… sorry, Ah, aguarde…) and the remaining children placed in care, and maybe their pre-existing entry (19309) in the CATS database would have something in it rather than being officially blank.

  11. I find the whole thing desperately sad. I dont doubt that the parents feel the guilt of leaving her every day of their lives.
    Poor kid.

  12. An incredibly sad state of affairs.

    Maybe it’s just me but aren’t these two guilty of child neglect at least.

    No responsible parent would leave their children. No matter where you happen to fall on the class ladder.

    They fucked up big time but were given a relatively free pass from the media et al and the whole saga stinks.

    • Fully agree. It stinks worse than Brixham market on a warm summers day.

      The bunch of utter cunts.

    • The parents were the first suspects in the case.
      They managed to convince the Portuguese police that leaving small children alone is an English cultural thing.

      The leading police officer was not impressed and having to let the parents go free, due to media pressure as well as little evidence, he went on to name the pair as prime suspects in his book about the case.

      The McCanns sued the police officer and won damages against him.
      The European Court overruled that decision.

      • That claim about leaving children alone being an English cultural thing AC reminds me of a case many years ago when our kids were very young. Some slapper left her young baby alone at home while she spent the evening down the pub. Can’t remember the detail but she was prosecuted. She was then in the MSM moaning that she was unlucky; she had been caught doing what everyone did. I thought, not where I fucking come from dear.

  13. Looks be a way of denying the obvious and assuage a guilt complex for their negligence.
    We all see you’re bad parents and this repeated investigation keeps the world reminded of it.
    1997 is 26 fucking years ago! A cold case.

    • I sometimes lose track of time but I think that she ‘dissappeared’ in 2007, 16 year’s ago.

  14. Luck for both the Portugese and UK pigs that Maddie disappeared near their favourite summer golf course.

    • perhaps they’ll take rapey wayne with them to gdt dome sun.
      I wouldnt put it past the useless corrupt cunts.

  15. Leaving aside the possibility of being snatched by n*nces would you leave three kids under the age of 4 on their own? Supposing there had been a fire? Holiday apartment blocks on the Iberian Peninsula are not known for the quality of their electrics. They are thrown up on the cheap with shoddy spic labour. Even assuming they had woken up before the smoke got to them what chance would they have to get out? I bet that poor girl couldn’t have even reached the door handle.
    That pair of piss head cunts were grossly negligent and irresponsible. They should have done some bird for that the cunts.

    • You would leave 3 small children alone if you were a pair of cunts who didn’t want to take the kids out in a child friendly resort.

      Or if you were a pair of cunts who had access to drugs and could sedate the kids.

      Like doctors.

      An accidental overdose followed by a cover up?

      Allegedly…… Obviously.

      • If this was a game of Cluedo, the prime suspects would be the McCanns in the kid’s bedroom with the sedatives.

        Having read ‘The truth of the lie’, the Portuguese police are far from stupid and saw right through the McCann’s bullshit pretty quickly.

        The McCanns being particularly arrogant thought the local constabulary were going to turn up wearing a sombrero, a poncho and chomping on a cheroot. Maybe take a couple of statements and then promptly doze off under a palm tree.

        How fucking wrong they were.

  16. Who leaves 3 kids on their own These McCanns are tighter than two coats of paint.
    Always a bad smell coming from this situation something not quite right Police always get their sun screen ready every May for their annual trip to Portugal .

  17. Would I leave my kid whilst I went off and got pissed in a foreign land? Would I fuck. Everybody elses fault but theres. Total cunts. They should be up on a charge of neglect. Whining cunts

    • The Portuguese police have always pointed out that if the McCanns were Portuguese they would have immediately charged them with neglect and endangerment.

  18. That poor little kid.

    We never left our kids alone when little.

    We knew better.

  19. An odd and disturbing case. It would be great if some resolution could be found about what happened to the poor kid, but it seems destined to turn into a notorious ‘cold case’, with the media resurrecting it once in while when some supposed new lead appears.


  20. Nothing has ever really added up with this case.
    Even if we assume that the McCanns version of events is gospel, there’s still the fact that the elusive diddler must have gone to extreme lengths to observe their movements on many occasions.
    Then, miraculously, 16 years almost to the day, Portuguese old bill have a new lead involving a lake.
    Somebody somewhere wants to keep the publicity ball rolling, even though they’d have more luck finding a body in the pool at their local leisure centre.

      • One of the missionaries of the time did observe that ‘The locals are that lazy, they would observe the Sabbath every day if they were permitted’.

        Devout Christians, or just a bunch of indolent scroungers suckling on the teat of Whitey’s magic welfare system?

        I’ll let you decide.

      • Fuck knows what the hundreds and thousands are.

        M’tembe ain’t fussed.

      • The face flies that M’tebe carries everywhere when a cheridee camera crew are present?

    • Oh jolly good.

      I’m going to celebrate by sticking a big bone through my nose then attacking some cunt from the next village with a machete whilst simultaneously conducting an online romance scam with a desperate slapper from Sheffield.

    • I will greet everyone I pass with a cheery ‘Waa are you geeyy? you are geey’ to which they will reply “Aaaaaahhh donobeleefit!’

      Happy Africa day. The yams are on me.

    • UmBongo UmBongo ! they drink it in the Congo !

      I miss 80’s tv. You couldn’t get that ad made now – it would be “waycist” and patronising.
      Politically correct woke cunts – they’ve spoiled everyone’s fun !

  21. I think I’ll dress up in what I think best represents my cultural roots, and see if I can bait a member of the RF or entourage into asking me where “I really come from”

    Then I’ll go and bleat to the press about how disrespected I was.

    Now, I’ve a paper doily that might pass as a yamulke….

    • Sorry, that was off topic.

      I got a bit over excited, there.

      I personally think that the poor child died from respiratory arrest after being given too much ‘sleepy time medicine’ by one or the other parent, who then disposed of her body and concocted a story.

      It’s about time one of them grew a pair and admits it.

    • Lady Hussey asked that because the offended twat was wearing a mixed up costume of bits from different countries in Africa and got caught LARPing as a Wakandan.
      She couldnt deal with a posh white woman knowing more about African culture than her so cried racism.

      • Indeed CP, Marlene got outed, and didn’t like it.
        So she did the boohoo, nasty white person dance.
        Look in your purse, Marlene, see any extra cash in there, no? Oops, silly me, you got suspended from your “charity”.

        Lady Hussey is very comfortable in her grace and favour cottage, with a handsome private pension, just in case you were worried.

  22. I am bored of this story, every day. I can see myself in my slippers and on a zimmer frame in 30 years and they will still be peddling this shite then.

    She’s gone, get over it and perhaps you should have thought of that before you went for a tapas a distance away from your children.

    As my mum would saw ‘man up’.

    Oh, and I bet our taxes are being used to prop this up.

  23. I can’t believe you’re not all gripped:

    Madelaine McCann v Ben Needham in the final of the European Hide and Seek Championship.

    It’s probably on Eurosport…

  24. ….also featuring Oscar Pistorius, Kurt Yaeger and Heather Mills strapped together in the 3-legged race.

  25. This lake the Portugese pigs have supposedly got their ‘new lead’ at…one wonders if there are ample jetski and water skiing facilites…sounds like a great h̶o̶l̶i̶d̶a̶y̶ job!

  26. I just checked and I royally don’t give a flying fuck about them or their fucking kid.

    Beyond bored with hearing about this shit.

    Other things I’m mindbendingly bored with:
    – Ukraine war;
    – alphabet people and their whining;
    – black people now being a protected & elevated class;
    – woke bullshit;
    – deluded climate activists;
    – costs of living crisis;
    – politicians blatantly lying and not serving the voters who elected them;

    That’ll do for now. Need to lie down in a dark room. Again.

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