The anarchic residents of Ely, Cardiff


What has this country come to, when members of the public riot because the police (allegedly…at the time of writing) were trying to prevent crime, apprehend two young scrotes and regain stolen property?

Yes, apparently in Ely it’s ok for two little shits to break the law, but fuck me it’s not ok for the police to try and apprehend them. In doing so, these scrotes decides to try and evade arrest and in doing so killed themselves.

I have fuck all sympathy for these apprentice criminals, but I do have sympathy for the police who it would appear are not expected to solve or prevent crime in Ely. I bet if some pisshead was knocking his wife about or fiddling with his 8 year old daughter they would fucking want the full force of the police to do their job immediately and throw the book at him……but if you try and get back stolen property, then that is deemed a prevention of income for these shits and is bad form.

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105 thoughts on “The anarchic residents of Ely, Cardiff

  1. Picture of the two of them giving it the Crips / Bloods hand signs. Other wannabe Ice T’s are about as hard as my shit after a Vindaloo and about as scary as Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ghost Train.

  2. Would be alright if they were protesting about illegal immigrants, or even the daft number of legals, but they weren’t.

    Should all be asbo’d (is that still a thing?), fined etc.

  3. Ah bless, the poor little fuckers.
    Now they won’t be able to get nana a 30th birthday present….

  4. Shit breeds shit enough said. I personally blame London for living in cloud cuckoo land. I mean what do you want these scallywags to other other than deal drugs. Their parents don’t likely work. Feel sorry for them but live by the sword and all that, don’t tell me their parents didn’t know.

  5. That’s two more pieces of feral lowlife unwashed skidmarked and unwashed knob-cheese adorned Welsh scum off our streets!
    The fact that their inbred supporters decided to riot just confirms what upstanding members of the community that these subhuman pieces of excrement are.

  6. Off tpoic. Neymar to Man United? Fuck off, I’d rather keep Weghorst up front, and he
    is shit.

    Neymar? I don’t really want somebody who shags his own sister up front for United , he’d feel much more at home at Burnley.

  7. You expect this sort of thing from our simian friends, not our own. Proof indeed of the baboonification of society at large. Bad enough everyone talking like them and listening to their “music”, but now we’re behaving like them.

    This once great island is truly fucked. If I could afford it and didn’t have ties here, I’d one hundred percent move to a country where we are still in the majority and look after their own. Then again, does such a place even exist in the west?

  8. Never understand why rioters smash their own area up – its usually a big enough shit hole already.

  9. This is a true story. I haven’t changed the names because I cannot remember any of them. Feb. 2006 on a visit to England, I took the train from London to Cardiff. There’s a bar called Edward VII or something like that adjacent to the train station. It consists of the establishment in one part of the building. The toilets are in another part of the building where you need to leave the bar and then climb some stairs. Not being mindful of my safety, I had pound coins jangling in my pockets. As I left the men’s toilet at the top of the stairs two young slattern appeared at the bottom of the stairs and begin aggressively demanding money. Because I was aware of this tactic, where two young girls approach the mark, ask for money when an older thug approaches them and asks if the mark is bothering them and then they say yes and the mark gets rolled, and having been the victim of attempted murder 18 years previous in a similar situation, I got the fuck back to the bar, scared to my marrow. I told the bartender, and a few patrons heard me. She was sympathetic and told me she’d heard of these two creatures. I didn’t pay for any drinks that night. People were lovely and apologized because I am American and this was my first experience w/Wales. An odd epiloge to this aberrant incident was six years later I left a candle burning next to a greeting card I bought that night and the greeting card caught fire. Scary stuff, Maynard…

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