The anarchic residents of Ely, Cardiff


What has this country come to, when members of the public riot because the police (allegedly…at the time of writing) were trying to prevent crime, apprehend two young scrotes and regain stolen property?

Yes, apparently in Ely it’s ok for two little shits to break the law, but fuck me it’s not ok for the police to try and apprehend them. In doing so, these scrotes decides to try and evade arrest and in doing so killed themselves.

I have fuck all sympathy for these apprentice criminals, but I do have sympathy for the police who it would appear are not expected to solve or prevent crime in Ely. I bet if some pisshead was knocking his wife about or fiddling with his 8 year old daughter they would fucking want the full force of the police to do their job immediately and throw the book at him……but if you try and get back stolen property, then that is deemed a prevention of income for these shits and is bad form.

Bbc news

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105 thoughts on “The anarchic residents of Ely, Cardiff

  1. I never realised that the Welsh were so volatile?
    Thought they had more common sense?

    Oh I knew they were moody cunts.
    Rude , unfriendly,
    But didn’t have them marked as insurrectionists.!!

    Two dead idiots.
    Fuck em.
    World’s a slightly better place.

    What’s the issue?

  2. I thought the issue was that the pigs stated that they didn’t chase them then cctv footage emerged of a pig van following the junior ne’er-do-wells.
    Fuck all concerned, scrotes and pigs alike.

    • You crack me up, Thomas, most of the time, but, I went to a cardiac arrest, recently and the police had used their defib and got a ROSC before we got there. (In the street, just happened to be driving past and witnessed it). The irony if the pt had had your attitude towards the police would’ve been delicious.

      • Well, there’s bound to be a couple of good apples in a barrel of rotten ones…
        Evening DCI, hope you’re well?

      • Happened a few times. Vast majority are just ordinary guys and gals just trying to do a difficult job that many wouldn’t or couldn’t do, despite what they spout on social media, with one hand tied behind their backs and hamstrung by politicians and every Tom, Dick and Abdul offering advice. Never met a bad one, Mr Cunt-Engine. Maybe it’s all about attitudes? I’m okay, ta. Jealous of the Allegro! A rare beauty. Your health is good, I hope?

      • I hope I don’t crash the Allegro, even at low speed, otherwise I’ll be needing your services!

      • You know the number! You’ll recognise me – I’ll be the one scowling and chuntering about cunts that can’t drive properly and destroying a classic motor😉

  3. According to the news report…

    “Local resident Ahmad Abdullah…”

    Oh fuck you! No Welshman ever born was named Ahmad Abdullah. I lost interest in the story after that.

    • The Welsh and muzzıes are kindred spirits, General.
      They hate the English, their English accents sound similar and they all have a predeliction for interfering with farm animals, preferably underage.

      • I should have realized that. Goat fuckers and sheep shaggers are indeed kindred spirits.

    • And your starter for ten; which language, common to recipents of state hand-outs, produces more sputum, Welsh or Arabic.?

      I’m going to have to rush you…

  4. Ely, neighbourhood of Cardiff, sounds like it has a real community spirit.

    16 year old with a £4000 bike, must be a deprived area, benefits, free rent, food banks

  5. This seems to be part of the ongoing media campaign to completely neuter the police farce,seemingly a continuing overspill from the squashing of Chiggun George etc..

    Anyhow these feral rioting cunts could easily have been settled by rapid volley fire,which once upon a time is exactly what they would have got in this country.

    What a shitty mess,as usual.

    • I think it will be the first of many riots this summer. No-one has any money, they are generally pissed off, the police are seen to be easy on protesters and there is a lot of hot weather
      Prepare for a summer of discontent.

      • I’ll be watching and laughing from my abode in the beautiful South downs, free of greasy chiggun shops, grime, rap, litter and needles in the dwindling green areas, tube trains filled with nutters and diverse types skulking, trespassing, waving mobile phones and knives in your face, compo-faced beastly fat inbred chav skum. but instead dotted with beautiful old buildings, museums, farms full of animals, classic cars, aircraft dislays, outdoor weddings and gigs, blokes lsughing in pubs and rich old white people who bank with Coutts.

  6. In 2015 a similar incident occurred in Hucknall. Joe ‘Cheek’ Cannon aged 16 killed himself whilst riding an uninsured motorcycle in a dangerous manner by hitting a delivery van. The usual outpouring of grief ensued the highlight of which was a petition to get the council to rename the road he crashed on after him !
    Thankfully, the council decided not to adopt this cretinous idea.

    • Are all the people of Hucknall ginger and fond of singing about Stars and Fairgrounds?

      Sorry to invoke Satan at this late hour.

  7. So what did the young respectable members of society do?

    Being a bbc article all I could fathom out that everyone is to blame. The police, the government, white people.

    I gave up before I found out that I was to blame as well.

  8. Natural selection, no more no less.
    Two less chavs out of the breeding pool.

    • One of the dead scrotes has said

      ‘ the police killed my son”.

      Well, no.
      Your pitiful parenting
      Skills killed him.

      If you’d raised him properly he wouldn’t have to be scraped off the tyre tread of a vehicle.

      Fuck your son and all like him.

  9. If only these two cunts had a Just Stop Oil flag. The police would have given them a secure cordon to carry on their joyriding. Apparently this pair were on a stolen e-bike. Even the fucking criminals are getting woker.

    • Southampton was full of the cunts the last time i was there, about 8 months ago.
      zip-zip-zoom, Thought I was being harassed by Bill Cosby.

  10. Two scrotes not wearing helmets, 2 up on an electric bike and speeding what could go wrong?
    Another 2 scrotes off the streets, no sympathy for them, well at least they won’t be a burden on the already stretched NHS.
    It amazes me these 2 scrotes were both doing wrong, but guess what, they were 2 lovely boys, I bet they were/not.
    They had half a mile up on the Police and were able to get through streets blocked off by bollards and able to dodge the Police and they were still riding like they stole the bike & probably did.
    If they had knocked over an elderly person, they would have ridden or run off and everyone would be saying “Where were the Police?” for the Police it’s a case of dammed if they do & dammed if they don’t act.

    Good result in the end
    (Apart from the poor disabled woman whose car was set alight by the mindless rioters)

      • You seen the little cunts?
        Both with inspiral carpet hairdos?!

        They both look like teenage Lloyd Christmas.

      • The Sun has to pander to its readership of thieving, fly-tipping, bottom-feeding, mouth-breathing untermenschen who cry over Greggs pasties being more expensive, name their brats after jewellry and beer, cut out vouchers so they can eat gravy and chips in a static home once a year and support football clubs who’ve played in League One since the fucking Romans left.

      • Angels… ‘No wonder it’s become the official theme tune for thick people’s funerals.’

        -Charlie Brooker

  11. Low life entitled scum like the ones from that estate always make the most noise when one of their ilk are allegedly killed by Plod. The teddy bares, cheap flowers from Lidl and public displays of grief are in full view now. You can bet their will be a white horse drawn carriage at the debacle of a funeral not to mention the public enquiry that will drag on for the next 30 years plus.
    All i can say is i bet some of the more law abiding neighbors will rest in peace knowing those cunting little scrotes won’t be thieving off them any more.

    • To pay tribute, IsAC’s hastily-formed E-scooter club should ride around the cemetry during the burial with the theme to Tales of the Unexpected blasting from a sound system in a hedge.

  12. but we all know these 2 feral shit bags were upstanding community members, volunteering at the weekend to help the aged and couldn’t wait to start paid employment so they could contribute to society.

    • I’ve seen the video on SkyCunt News and clearly going faster than they should have, no helmet and two on an electric bicycle.

      Absolutely no sympathy at all.

    • Those two pieces of thieving feral shit will about as missed as the little fuckers Tony Martin shot. No fucking loss to the world at all.

      No doubt there will be a grandiose crowfunded funeral. I hope there’s a floral tribute that says ‘Scum’.

  13. I back the pigs to the hilt, nothing wrong in this case.

    Two less sheep shaggers to worry about.

  14. Ha ha ha ha ha little rats.The world’s tiniest violin is playing.No shites awarded for these 2 yobbos.😁😁

  15. Its the rioters who are cunts, whats the fucking point in ripping the place apart , torching cars on the backs of the evil police who telepathically caused these 2 arse wipes to bite the tarmac , they need to look at this as a good thing, 2 useless hoody cunts bit the dust because the saw a police van, decided like scrotes to go blasting off in the other direction with no helmets on.
    One can only assume these 2 lovely boys were on a stolen bike,illegally riding, no insurance, no license or drug dealing, or on the rob anyway they went into a bus at full tilt and now the only singing they will be singing are hymns.
    Unless of course they try to get through the pearly gates at 60 mph ,2 up with no lids on holding the number plate from the bus.

  16. Ely has been a sink council estate for the last 40 years. Rough as a bears arse.

  17. Someone’s just drove their car into the gates of 10.downing street.

    Rishi rushed out by security services.

    Luckily the police weren’t chasing him.

      • Freddie @

        I assumed it was just a Chinaman driving but no!

        A middle aged white man.

        No bomb
        No gun
        He even slowed down politely so not to endanger pedestrians?!!

        Fuck knows what his issue is.
        Maybe he’s a spurned rent boy?

      • It wasn’t foxy trying to deliver a petition for he’s false arrest over the Southgate incident.

      • No point. Klaus Schwab would just grow us a Trudeau to replace him.
        ‘Be well, citizen. Some of you may wish to call me Justin. Others may wish to call me Justine. My pronouns are…’

    • Twat had no idea Mis. I’ve driven in Downing Street. Behind the gates are a couple of rising steel wedges of a scale which would arrest the progress of a main battle tank.

      • The BBC are currently rooting through his bins looking for evidence of ‘far-right’ connections and checking his social media activity.

        I wonder if it was Vernon? He probably didn’t know where Wokegate lived so had to settle for Rishi Sunak.

    • Probably someone driven to the point of madness by the latest immigration figures. I know how he feels. I bet Rishi pissed himself with fear.

  18. Off topic here for which I apologise, but following the link to the BBC web site my eye was taken by two (admittedly click bait) tabs. One was regarding the funeral of Flt. Sgt. Peter Brown, died at the age of 96. He travelled from Jamaica to England in WW2 to join the military and signed up for Bomber Command no less. More than 55,000 members of Bomber Command were killed i.e. approaching 50% of aircrew. I understand he had flown five missions before his twentieth birthday.

    The other tab was about one Angel Mhande who has asked for Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” to be removed from the English Literature syllabus at her school. She seems to have a problem with seeing and hearing the word “n*gger” in this book which was written in 1937. A character in the book is “Crooks” with some detail of the discrimination to which he was subject as a black man.

    Where did it all go so wrong?

  19. Of mice and men is one of the few good texts left in schools. Loads to discuss and write about.

  20. Patrol the are with Bren Gun Carriers.

    Machine gun some fucking sense into ’em.

    How thoroughly ripping.

    Good evening.

    • When I’ve seen kids zooming around the roads on these scooters, roaring up and down the street on their little sewing machine motorcycles to get attention and flying past on the pavement within inches of me on their pushbikes, the number of times I’ve thought ‘I hope you fall off and break your neck’. As you can gather, I’m mortified about what happened to the two lads in Ely.

      • Same here.Don’t the little retards realise riding on the footpath is illegal?Bren Gun them all

      • Allan.
        It’s a constant where I live. Every day, from 2pm onwards.
        Trial bikes, scooters, mopeds.
        Up and down, as fast as possible, on the rear wheel.

        I pray and pray, but so far only one wankstain has overcooked it, crashed into a fence and got some gravel rash.

        His highly concerned fellow rats, sorry friends, rushed to…
        pick the bike up and check it wasn’t damaged.

    • the first and last award these cunts woukd ever see.
      Now for the bereavment councillor to helpfully place a brochure for dignitas under their parents’ pillows.

  21. If only one of the tabloids printed the above comments on the front page. It’s what scumbags need to read and realise what people think.

  22. The police will be forced to admit blame. The local pond life will become even more belligerent.

    I feel for the poor cunts who are forced to live among the bottom feeders and will now feel abandoned by the system to appease cunts whom to anyone with half a brain are blatantly oven ready as Unkle Terry would say.

    600k per annum positive net immigration is helping us all.

      • petition a complete waste of time.
        The politicians know what the public thinks.
        Have done since 2010 at the latest,
        When they voted to cut net immigration down to the 10s of !000s.
        As promised in every Tory manifesto up to 2019.
        It’s why they voted Brexit.
        Net immigration through the roof as a result.
        All the major parties wedded to uncontrolled immigration.
        Good evening.

      • Evening MNC…how goes it?
        We’re being being replaced, all by design.
        I’ll bet there’s not too many sponging darkıes up your way, huh?
        Sounds fucking excellent.

      • I would have a better chance channelling sir Francis drake and starting my own navy. Than the troughing useless shits in parliament paying anything but lip service to a petition.

        Now where do I leave my bowls?

    • What is the figure for net immigration over the last five years?

      Must be at least two million..

      Fuck me,enough to get a right sweat on,oven ready cunts.

      • One million, seven hundred and thirty five thousand.

        2018: 330,000
        2019: 219,000
        2020: 89,000
        2021: 488,000
        2022: 606,000

  23. Setting fire to cars, guess who gets to pay for that through their insurance premiums.
    Melted Road surface, due to blazing cars, guess who pays for that?
    Did it bring those lads back to life?
    Well, no.
    Does a single one of the scum who acted out have a job.
    Well, no.
    So thanks, you cunts, more of my tax paying to clean up a mess you created, you worthless scum.
    The Krays were gangsters, you’re just neds.

      • New mills is quite a decent place I’ve been a few times and half expected to see Mnc s ss panzer division

    • Chavs need to be treated like Alex de Large in a Clockwork Orange; strap them in a cinema seat, clamp the eyes open and play long form videos of discussions between gentle dusty old men from the 19 70s, sucking on their pipes while stuttering over the economic theories of the Vienna school. 18 hour sessions.

      I’ve seen how these fuckers react to a 2 hour seminar on hygiene.

      Learning or having to sit and take in anything for longer than 20 minutes is worse than kryptonite. They have no attention span at all, like that Mizzy gimp.

  24. Were they “some of the most desperate and oppressed people on earth”? I know that part of Cardiff is a cunthole but I haven’t been able to discover the levels of diversity from the media. No surprise there of course.

    • Another year in the advancement of AI Freddie and the news media will be using software to race-swap all victims of crime into sootıes.

  25. Off topic, but today’s news.

    The media reporting of the death of Tina Turner has been sickening.
    Most of the stuff I have seen and heard about her is her troubled younger years. Most of it has been ‘domestic abuse this’ and ‘she had a bad life that’. Basically using her death (and her life) as a Me Too stick to beat men with. Why don’t they say stuff about Turner as a singer and about how – against the odds – she became a global superstar in her 40s? Oh, and nobody – and I mean nobody – has mentioned that her torturer and abuser – Ike Turner – was black. I wonder why?🤔

    • No chance Norman. They don’t want blacks to think they can achieve something by themselves and have the same opportunities as any other cunt.
      No, they want them to be victims, resentful of their so called oppression and dependent on the State.
      Divide and rule…’s as old as the hills.

      • Too right Freddie.

        And had Ike Turner been white, the BBC would mention it every five minutes while they burned effigies of him with ‘Simply the Best’playing in the background.

  26. Just another two reasons why buckets should have lids. Better late than never.

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