Current Account Switch Service

I would like to cunt the currant account switch service for this fucking advert, it features some/several fuck knuckles with a please give me a karate chop to the throat haircut.

This ad boils my piss, every time it comes on and it’s often that vien in my forehead starts to twitch uncontrollably.

The fact that these companies think that annoying people beyond belief with these wank ads is ever going to work and get them business is beyond me, think back to those Nationwide building society ads, which mean those cunts will never get a penny from me, same as the above cunts, you don’t forget the ad, you remember what cunts they are by televising it =no fucking business from me a millions of other annoyed people who will never forgive or forget….. Cunts

Nominated by : Fuglyucker

37 thoughts on “Current Account Switch Service

  1. At risk of hijacking this nom, the advert that bouls my piss currently is the maltesers one.

    Where you have a blick family being introduced to grandmas ‘new ‘special friend’ who happens to be a white elderly simpering gentleman munching maltesters.

    So the ‘laugh’ is on this white guy sorting grandma out in her pants dept.

    …so how would it be, if it were a white family and diminutive grandma wanders in to introduce her new ‘special friend’ who happens to be a strapping young and ripped blick lad?

    Is am fucking sure there would be complaints suggesting all blicks are fucking mandingos and are stereotyped as big blick cocks with no brains.

    • I’d happily stuff the blonde mute in the yellow jumper. Likewise the redhead in the Barclays ad (“Did you see what I did there?”) – she looks like a domme. If she were free at POS, that would give me a hard-on.

  2. I thought the nom photo was of the late Rik Mayall and his portrayl of his “Bottom” character.

    Whoever he is, he looks like his name is Darcey, Tristram or Julian, or some such arty farty name, and he is a devoted follower of Dame Kweer.

    The ads I can’t stand ard the insurance and cremation ads, with a load of old poofy Geoffrey Winn types – you getso many on Talking Pictures. terms and Conditions apply.

  3. Adverts are all shit and are made by cunts for other cunts.

    Oven (ad free since 1928).

    • Close. But I would like to meet the people who paid for that as they would undoubtedly be cunt enough to lend me a million, interest free, without security or asking my name.

    • Lot of poofery in that Reed Advert – especially the duckie who gets off the bus first

      • That’s bad, have you noticed most of the adverts on GB news are Wales based companies. Weird.

    • Haven’t seen that one before, but the guy pointing on the moped is definitely thinking –you despicable cunt

    • Must be a new one as not seen it before (and never want to see again).
      It’s not yet appeared on GB News or Talk TV though, as that’s all I tend to watch these days. Their adverts are mainly for Welsh shops and businesses, with loud excitable taffy voiceovers, and that cuntish Ecotin nasal spray advert.

  4. I asked a brown skinned fella for directions to a pub. He looked at me and said, “Short back and sides, mullet.”
    I said, “What you on about, I’m looking for the Queens Arms.”
    He said, “Mohawk, crew cut.”

    A minute later his mate walks over and says, “You’ll get no help from him, he only speaks in hair-do.”

  5. Advertising: yet another fake “industry” parasitic on the real economy, and employing otherwise superfluous arts graduates.

  6. Just had an ad appear on my phone.

    ‘Hairpieces For Less Than £5’

    I thought, “That’s a small price toupèe.”

  7. Switch to The National Bank of Nigeria, ‘Your Money is Safe with Us’, deposits only no withdrawals.

    Adverts used to OK before Woke took over, they can’t even risk not throwing in an ethnic, I see this one slipped one in just to be safe 😂

    • Yup…..cant remember what its advertising but there was one recently where a blick family….or mixed cant remember all sitting a round a table for sunday lunch in the stereotype of white middle class family from 20 or 30 years ago and theres no mint sauce for the lamb, and the camera pans onto the blick at the table and she screams in panic ‘what, no mint sauce!?’

      Yeah, like fuck. Since when have blicks had sunday lunch round a table and had roast lamb and mint sauce……it would be curried goiat and plantain with peas. And it would be on their laps watching shit tv.

      Fucking bollocks

      • Mrs Cunter spotted that one.

        She says that no black person would want mint sauce.

        It’s pepper sauce and plenty of it.
        It doesn’t matter what sort of food it is, it has to be covered with pepper sauce.

  8. I hardly ever buy anything on the strength of television advertising. In fact, I usually avoid advertised products like the plague and buy from their competitors instead. TV advertising has become so repellent and woke that now it pays not to advertise.

    That twit in the nom photograph – looks like Fat Reg has suddenly inserted something unwelcome up his backside.

    • There have been, on very rare occasions, adverts which have alerted me to something useful. But nothing in the last couple of decades, I’d say.

      • Very true, Moggie. The Cadbury Flake advertisements first alerted me to the usefulness of blow jobs.

  9. What’s an advertisement? Just record everything and run it though. Pointless seeing stuff sold in Nigeria.

  10. You think that’s annoying. Wait till you see the plethora of awful Welsh adverts on GB NEWS

  11. When it comes on do what I do switch channels. Absolutely stupid advert 👎👎

  12. These corporate cunts are always splashing the cash on adverts and get their version of Hermione from Marketing to report to the Board saying ‘this campaign got a really good response and sales are up by x%’. Beats me who is influenced by TV ads anyway.

    Unless of course it’s the Hermione at Bud Light who would’ve said ‘your Mulvaney campaign got a dire response and sales are down by 26%’.

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