Jaelynn Chaney

I’m a fat cunt, so I’m entitled to a free seat ( or three).

(Warning: video features Piers Morgan – NA)

I couldn’t actually believe this.

This land whale actually thinks that airlines should give her an extra seat, or two, so she can sit comfortably, for free!

In a way, having had several heffers sat next to me on planes, their blubbery legs, etc pressed against me, I agree they should have two seats.
But free? Get to fuck!

NY Post Link.
(Link provided by our Fat Traveller Cunt correspondent, Night Admin – NA)

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102 thoughts on “Jaelynn Chaney

  1. Charge the fatty by the pound, just like the excessive baggage, and if she’s going to be spilling her lardy excess over the armrests, charge her for two seats.
    What next? A free hoist just because she can’t say no to McDonalads ?

  2. Surprised their not letting use all the seats for free, surely by the time they weigh the plane, fuel, her luggage , her lunch they wont be able to have any other fucker on the plane apart from the pilot.
    Then Jabba the truck can have as many seats as she can cover with her wide load arse.
    They will definitely need her between the wings as not to upset the trim of the air plane, or it will be on the next [air crash investigates], you can imagine the wreckage trail all cakes and pies….

  3. Still I think it’s nice of seaworld to let shamu have a holiday away from performing.

  4. When a kid in the early 70s on the park would be this kid.
    He was blonde as Boris Johnson and from a poor family.

    He’d mither other kids if they had a 10p mix.

    “Gizza a toffee!
    Awww go on,
    Can I have a bubbly?”

    He never had sweets.
    His mouth was always open and he always looked a bit confused.

    A kid who I knocked about with would say he could have 2 sweets if he ate a bug.

    Picked out of a grid or a bush.
    And ….he did.

    To our great amusement he’d eat a black beetle found in the drain.
    A earwig from the ground.

    We thought he was more fun than Billy Connolly!🙂

    Nowadays he’d be a trailblazer.
    Eco warrior.

    But back then he was a little mitmot that would do anything for a fruit salad chew.

    • I thought that was gonna be one of those and you know who that lad grew up to be?

      Stingray botherer Steve irwin..

  5. I think all airlines should simply ban her from flying. for being too fat to fit the seating. i bet she’s not allowed on rollercoasters for similar reasons.

    If i were the captain i’d order her off the plane.
    and taxui over the cunt as it waddled across the tarmac.
    Time to crank up the fat-shaming in this pathetic society.

    • Yeah, they should have a seat guide you have to sit in, a bit like the hand luggage guides.
      Mind you, this porker would get wedged in…

    • or stuff the fat cow into the cockpit of an old X-15 rocket plane, carry it to around 50,000 ft via Stratofortress and then light the candle and see if she csn land it when the fuel runs out.

      ‘That’s flying’

    • They probably could ban her (and other land whales) on air safety grounds without suffering any repercussions, but won’t, for the usual reasons.

      Could you imagine trying to evacuate her from the aircraft in any sort of emergency situation? Do you think she would she even fit through an emergency exit?

      Factor in that because of her size she would require more help from more of the crew in an emergency, thereby depriving the other passengers of help.

      Above a certain weight? – you’re flying fucking cargo.

  6. Thanks NA, for the link that let people read the news story without having to listen to Piers “smug cunt” Morgan.

  7. If you’re eating your dinner, kindly picture, if you will, the knickers she’s wearing after a long flight; like a neopolitan ice cream, one strip of yellow, one of red and one (the thick one) is brown.
    Now imagjne your hands tied behind your back, those dripping, encrusted panties draped over you face (sticking in place with their own foetid repugnance, then one of those old-fashioned diving helmets put on your head to exponentially increase your wretchedness.
    For eternity. Welcome to hell.

      • I’ve had my dinner but I might be seeing it soon, Mr Cunt Engine.

        You can bet some MP or peer has indulged in the aformentioned panty fantasy.

      • As have I, LL…except the pants belonged to Madeleine McCann’s Mum. I told her that if she indulged my whim, I’d tell her what happened to her daughter *
        * she was last seen getting into Prince Andrew’s Range Rovet.

    • You certainly paint a picture Thomas, that though is now branded onto my brain, I will never it Neapolitonice cream again….

    • You are Jeremy Corbyn and I claim my 5 copies of socialist worker.

      • Socialist “worker”.
        The very definition of an oxymoron eh, Shackledragger?

      • It’s good for a laugh especially when you leave it in the bosses office or confessional. But yes I agree, as Mrs T said socialism is wonderful until you run out of other people’s money.

  8. Dear ‘Jaelyn’ , you’re a fat ugly pig and only fat ugly pigs accept you.
    Fuck off to a candle and soap factory and get rendered.
    Thar she (/he/they/ borag thung) blows.

  9. This fat fuck reckons land whales should be given free seats?
    By her logic thin people should pay double for theirs.
    Cunts like her should be gunned down on sight.
    Or rendered down to make candles.
    Or dropped on the Kremlin from a great height…

  10. I wonder if this fucking Heffner ever looks in the mirror and thinks, yeah, I look good.

    Well, you don’t.nobody who’s obese looks or functions correctly. Do the world a favour loose weight. You know it makes sense.

    FAT ARSE…..🦥

  11. She’s also complaining about train seats as well. Considering she gets about a bit you wonder why she’s a fucking great tub of lard in the first place.

  12. The gall of the woman wearing a diaphanous dress like she was a Christmas fairy, would need a giant redwood to support that old Bullock, her poor fucking shoes must run to the back of the wardrobe when they hear her clumping across the floor. But today she is deemed a big beautiful woman instead of a greedy fat pig, suprised she not got a tan on her face from the fridge light.

    • ‘a tan on her face from the fridge light’.

      Fucking great line is that!

  13. Devoid of willpower and personal responsibility she believes the world must bend to her form. She’s an exemplary example of why our society is in freefall decline.

    Freedom is everything now, not real freedom but a delusional freedom where we all define ourselves based on our Disney like childish whims and woe betide anyone who dares says the Emperor is bare arse naked!

    If you demand freedom you have to accept the responsibility that is required to balance it. Responsibility has been relegated to someone else, anybody as long as it’s not the individual, because in todays western society victim is a desirable and lucrative occupation.

    Her logic dictates that if her and another few like her decide they need to fly somewhere 40 seats could be occupied by 10 heifers, suddenly the cost of flying increases for the people that only occupy a single seat and hand baggage is confined to history.

    I remember when she would have been laughed at and told to lose some weight or charter a fucking cargo plane.

    She can fuck off, the only plane she should see is the Lancaster bomber that sends her hurtling towards a German dam.


    • If she wants to make a few bob she could hire herself out as a bouncy castle.

    • ‘she believes the world must bend to her form’.

      id say her form is quite like the world already; globular.

  14. If I looked like that I wouldn’t go out, never mind being a poxy ‘influencer’ on the internet defending my own flab and demanding flab rights.

  15. A cruel but sensible option would be to palletise the lady, then she travels cargo. Obvious really should be applied to all passengers who have scaled the heights of bigness. In all honesty persons of this size should not be allowed to fly, the prospect of that monster getting stuck in the over wing exit or jamming itself between sets in an emergency evacuation fills me with horror. Think of trying to get that into a life raft. Reminds me of the time that disabled people would be ushered to the seats by the over wing exits as there was more legroom. Of course all this means fuck all if the plane nosedives from 40000ft or blows up halfway across the Pacific. Most accidents occur on take off or landing and there is often a chance of survival for some of the crew and passengers this chance is reduced if a huge person is stuck in the aisle or jammed in an over wing exit, stands to reason what.

    • Exactly. the C-130 can ferry her arpund and can land and take off from fairy rough or treacherous terrian. winch her up the rear loading ramp, fly her out to the Kruger park, make a low pass, drop her out, breaking every fucking bone. in her revolting body.

      whats that laughing? Not people.


      Oh its only a dog.. several dogs now….

      why are they laughing at me? Go away, shoo.. .ggaaaaghh!! it’s biting through my shin!… naaagghhgh…

  16. What a Munter, imagine following this Beast in the planes shitter after it’s emptied last nights KFC,Mc Donald’s and Doner Kebab down the trap, the stench would be so bad giving the pilot no alternative other than to ditch into the sea.!

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