BBC licence fee collection practices

Now, if you read the article, it’s a generic mailer sent to unlicensed properties.
Does that make it OK? How many other families have had this idiotic mail, following the death of a family member.

And this is exactly why it should be scrapped, and the BBC defunded.
This kind of cuntishness needs to stop!
Nazis, that’s you, that is BBC.

The Telegraph

Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

69 thoughts on “BBC licence fee collection practices

  1. ‘Defund the BBC’ is a potential vote winner, I’d say.

    The Tories promised to find an alternative funding mechanism, and naturally, did fuck all about it.

    It should go to some form of subscription model, and those who want it can pay.

    I wouldn’t pay the cunts a penny, but the wife pays for the licence to watch her Monty, the daft sod.

    Morning all.

  2. Sorry to be tedious, I’ve said this before, but all cunters ought to simply cancel their direct debit to the beeb, choke the life from them, the bunch of English-hating, darkıe-promoting, degenerate-loving commıe pọofs.
    They literally just send me a pathetic letter every few weeks, that’s it.
    I’d love them to send one of their licence “inspectors” (salesmen) round.
    Just to see how truly horrible I could be to the fucking bullier of old people.
    The spiteful vitriol would be delightful, with a hope that it would end in their suicide; the world would be a better place without these nasty cunts.

    • Isn’t it C(r)apita – successive government’s favourite outsourcer – that send out the letters and deal with TV Licencing Collection? £450M for 5 years they get for that shit.

      Yes they should probably make the BBC subscription only. That’d learn them. They’d still be peddling black entertainment, poovery, Gary Lineker and nutty cunts like Chris Packham and that mother fucker David Attenborough.

      I’ve got a good mind to phone the RSPCA and tell them about a dodgy old man that sells videos down the pub to a bloke from the BBC of animals fighting. See what they do when I say David Fucking Attenborough.

    • I like the cut of your jib Thomas.
      Year nine of my own refusal and the cycle of mail carries on uninterrupted. I can’t count how many times I’ve been informed I’m under “special investigation”
      Any cunters in doubt look up Chilli Jon Carne or tv licence goons on YouTube .
      Fuck those leftist crybaby virtue signallers.

      • I’m on my fourth “we’ll send the boys round” threatening letter from the cunts
        Wife’s twitching over it, but fuck em…


      • Some of those ‘Goon Show’ postings on Ytube are hilarious.

        Crapita and their monkey squad are pathetic tho. What a way to earn a living, the cunts.

      • I cancelled ours a few years back. Takes 5 minutes on line.

        Even got a refund.

        Since then I have had one email asking if anything has changed.

        It hasn’t. The BBC can still go and fuck themselves.

  3. Apparently the cunts are moaning about the TV tax being insufficient and that they are making cutbacks..

    3.8 billion not enough to pump out their vile fifth column propaganda?

    Fuck off and oven.

  4. No doubt about it, the BBC are cunts on so many levels, but I think that the mother is being a bit touchy.

    So what if there are letters turning up at the empty home?

    Does her mother think that these are sent out by individuals?

    Is she annoyed with the insensitivity of the pizza delivery firms that send junk mail as well….. “They should know that my daughter used to enjoy a deep pan pepperoni. It’s heart breaking to receive these leaflets”.

    For fuck’s sake, grow up woman!

  5. The BBC should use their star performer to collect the money. Threaten to send Gary Lineker to shit on your lawn like he did on the pitch in the 1990 World Cup.

  6. Now they’re having to sing for their wages, Herr Likener and his pals are doing “Spring Time for Hitler” on tonight’s MotD.

  7. What happened to the promise to decriminalise non payment, with all the negativity around the licence fee it cannot be beyond the intelligence of even Diane Abbott that the licence is an outdated ‘tax’.

    The subscription stuff is getting out of control, I watched the first episode of a new series on Sky, to watch the rest it’s a subscription to Paramount + , the fucking shysters.
    I think we I am out of contract Sky will be consigned to history, the BBC may go as well I will just go with on demand Netflix and Now TV.

    • I’ve been trying to watch something since new series started. Last night I noticed that Series 8 Episode 3 onwards was recording on Comedy Extra but the first 2 episodes were on Disney+. I thought fuck that, I’m not paying a subscription (on top of the Sky subscription) to watch 2 episodes of something, so I just deleted the rest. Dirty bastards.

      • I assume there are some regulators for all the this stuff, it definitely looks like the cunts are playing their subscribers for fools. It definitely needs looking at.

        With everything on demand through the main channels (except BBC I player) the licence fee is a massive rip off and there is plenty on Netflix and with Now you can get Sky Atlantic which is probably the only thing I watch from sky.

  8. The Beeb have as much chance of getting a penny out of me as they have Claudia Lawrence.

    The Cunts.

    I imagine the recent antics of a certain football presenter will see a dent in their profits

    • I do quite like their nature programs (apart from the end bit where the audience are berated for breathing in and out), especially because the likes of you and I aren’t not paying for it, HJ!

  9. If you’re reading this Jeezum, I wish you happy birthday and have a good day. I apologise if I’ve offended you in the last twelve months and if I have do what my wife and kids do, ignore me.

  10. As regulars know I hate these fuckers with a passion along with the Capita goons that do their dirty work harassing OAPs and the vulnerable in society, whom for many the idiot lantern is their only ‘company’.

    Haven’t watched live TV for years, prefer to keep up with world events here, or what the seagulls tell me when I’m on the boat.

    I Stopped funding the anti British broadcasters years, cancelled it over the phone with the bare minimum of details given.
    They sent me a no licence needed note with thinly veiled threats.

    Apparently they may send someone round to check… just in case…. well good luck with that.
    Jimmy Saville apologists. Defund the stinking pile of vermin.

    There is a good website called BiasedBBC, where posters provide hourly examples of the BBCs abuse of ‘power’. Worth a look to see the levels in which this filth operate.

    • Afternoon LDC, I’d love to be a fly on the wall at top level bbc meetings, find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes, probably deeper than Barrymore’s fist.
      Then I’d use my little fly probiscis thingy to puke on their lentils.
      Remember this scene?

  11. How about alternative funding with a lottery, 100 quid a ticket.
    Winner gets 10 mins to kick and punch Lineker to pieces.
    Should cover costs for the next 5 years.

  12. Apparently, and I don’t know if this is true,but if you don’t watch live TV you can tell them to fuck off.

    Did anyone know that David Lammy had a friend who died at Grenfell?

    • True, after a fashion.

      It *was* the case that the license fee only covered radio equipment capable of receiving live broadcasts – your normal terrestrial, cable and sattelite TV…then along came the internet.

      I’ve not looked at the exact weasel wording for a while, but the last time I looked into it even if you watch a programme on an online catch-up service which has a schedule, as opposed to watching it on an ‘on-demand’ service, you require a license. They’ve been trying to shift the goalposts from ‘license to receive broadcasts’ to ‘license to receive broadcasters’ where they then get to define what constitutes a ‘broadcaster’.

      And they’ve still got the ‘live’ catch-all, even if your only televisual pleasure is watching some obscure Mongolian live 24/7 goat shagging internet channel hosted somewhere in deepest China on a darknet, you still require a license as even though it’s foreign, and hidden, it’s live… and to add to the fuckwittery, their definition of live also covers +1 type services.

  13. Demanding money with menaces is a crime isn’t it?
    Whoever is responsible at the Black Biased Cunts for causing distress to Claudia’s family should be jailed, fined or both.
    Even better, (now that I’ve remembered a scene from A Clockwork Orange), he, she or it should have their eyelids taped open and forced to watch Gary Lineker non stop in a sound proof cell.

  14. The only thing that should be free is BBC news. Although I don’t even watch that all the rest should be subscription based and run like any other normal business. It’s tax payers money going into private production companies to make these shows. It’s a lucrative luxury most other businesses wouldn’t have access to. Let alone Gary Linekar, he has his hands right in the cookie jar. Cunts.

  15. The Brexit Bashing Corporation

    A vile, left wing,Anti British,anti monarchy anti Zionist EU loving shit show.

  16. Nowadays I tend to watch more stuff on my laptop than I do on TV.
    At the moment I’m watching a fly fishing competition, it’s a live stream….

  17. Worryingly, Labour have come up with a committee that is looking to ensure the BBC’s ‘independence’ after the Linekunt fiasco.
    The word is that Labour see no alternative to the license fee as long as the BBC ends it’s perceived Tory bias and does not bow to government pressure.
    Two points here.
    Since when has the leftist BBC been biased towards the Tory’s? ( I mean real ones, not the pretend cunts we have running the country)
    And why should the government not interfere in something that is paid for by a tax that they inflict on the public?
    Somebody needs to keep the fuckers in check or they’ll carry on promoting left wing ideology, sexual deviances and lying about everything from climate change to racism.

    • I think that’s right – they’ll be no end to the licence fee brought about by the Government. The Tories talked about not renewing their charter in 2027 but the likelihood is they’ll be a Labour led coalition in power then so that won’t happen.

      I view the BBC like I view electric cars. The masses will decide their fate, not the politicians. When new petrol cars are banned in 2030 there will be around 40 million petrol & diesel vehicles on the road and under 1 million electric. The supply of wealthy virtue signallers buying electric cars will have dried up and either the government of the day will have to row back on the petrol car ban or markets supporting refurbished petrol cars, or imported petrol cars from countries that have declined to f*ck themselves over, will spring up. With the BBC future generations won’t watch by and older people will quit it. They’ll have to change their subscription model or wither and die (hopefully!).

      Do your bit now and stop paying them. Just stop. No need to tell the cunts why. Bin the letters you’ll receive every two weeks and don’t answer the door to them if they call. It’s easy. Do it now!

      • Complete agreement here Mikdys. I realised what the future is for electric cars some time ago. No more petrol cars after 2030? Oh do fuck off!

  18. Just think of how they wouldn’t be able to line their over generous pensions etc if it went to a subscription model

    They’d be fucked and deservedly so.

    Try being ultra woke when people don’t have to pay for it , see where that gets you


    • They’ll end up like The Guardian with every programme asking for a donation! “Press the Red button to donate.”

      Unless the Government decide we pay for it out of income tax or council tax. Definitely pitch fork time if that happens.

  19. WTF is this all about? How do I get on the list?





    Probably because I haven’t a clue what you are on about most of the time.

  20. Those pastries that get bought for meetings and dumped in the bin every morning won’t pay for themselves unless the BBC pursue money of missing girls and harass their families.

    Same with the legions of BBC employees who get sent to cover Glastonbury every year.

  21. I filled in the online Crapita declaration, haven’t had a visit. If they ever get a warrant to examine my premises then they’re in for a shock. The tv aerial on the chimney is connected to a device in the loft which is kaput. So no TV signal here now anyway. I’ve also disconnected the aerial cable and put it away. Said loft is full of protected bats and bat shit, so good luck examining that lot of receiving equipment. I will gladly escort them into the loft of doom, complete with old wasp nests.

    None of my devices have I player and as I’m not a Millennial, I don’t feel the urge to live stream anything.

    • Probably.
      On the other hand, he might carve “fuck off” onto his forearm.
      Don’t pay, don’t cooperate.

  22. I feel rather lucky. Here in the states Auntie Beeb has gone Septic. She’s called BBC America and is bundled into our Cable TV service. But fortunately for us we don’t have to pay a separate fee for the old whore.

    And while we can be thankful we don’t have to watch cunts like Lineker, she’s still unwatchable. She has sold her soul…and presumably her ass…to American sponsors. Five minutes of woke commercial advertising interrupted by 5 minutes of program.

    Jesus H. Christ Himself on a unicycle, I’d rather watch Ancient Aliens or the Scam of Oak Island than this awful old trout!

    • Once you’ve seen one episode of Ancient Aliens, you’ve effectively seen them all.

      ‘Nobody really knows who/what it was/who was responsible, but we believe it was aliens’.

      That Greek bloke’s hair gets bigger as his claims get more outlandish..

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