Wayne Rule, murderer

Just exactly how heinous does a crime have to be, before life actually means life?

Now, this is just my personal opinion, but some people are just beyond hope of rehabilitation. look at Paul Gadd for example. They simply cannot control their selves.

I really think we need to bring back the Death sentence. It would give me peace of mind knowing that the monsters are dead, and not under my bed.

Spalding Today

Nominated by Jezzum Priest.

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      • I have a blocker, that’s why it won’t load the page unless I turn it off. Rather defeats the object.

    • the UK voted to bring it back in a referendum years ago, 69% i believe, but the MPs decided the electorate were too thick and said they’d decide. They said no.

      Bullets are the only way to solve the countries pain, get tooled up and take them down.

      All of em

  1. Severe punishment for crime would help a lot.
    A society that values the victim more than the criminal would too.

    • Outstanding point MC!

      We see those values being upturned all over the US today with the Defund the Police movement and the Soros backed DA’s.

      Criminals are being excused because they are “marginalized” members of society fighting against oppressionm while the real victims are portrayed as oppressors getting what they deserve.

      • The Death Penalty is far too important a matter to be left to the Political Class. Important things in life should be decided by the people.

  2. Not only do I agree with the notion that some people are beyond rehabilitation, but I also think there are crimes that are so heinous that we in society have the right to say to the perpetrator; ‘your crime(s) is.are so reprehensible that you have forfeited your right to live in a civilized society.

  3. Nutters commit the most heinous of crimes to be held at taxpayers expense in soft luxury in nuthouses and jails.

    More and more it’s kids that suffer.

    Why did we do away with hanging?!

    It worked!

    Get the kids doing the rope jig and there’s nothing to pay after that.
    Too much talk of ‘rehabilitation ‘.

    I’m more inclined to punishment.

    • As bad as it is here Miserable where people were told “life will mean life” when they abolished the death penalty we are not even close to the so-called progressive utopias of Scandinavia. Anders Breivik massacred 77 people in Norway and only got twenty one years. And I will bet he gets the best medical care, food and lots of other goodies. Mad.

      • Only a matter of time LL.

        That Anders Britvik was the neo Nazi loon wasn’t he?

        We could hang him to some oompah music and I’d yodel?

      • I have a logical mind so for me life means exactly that. To me that means that after the 15 years they shoot the cunt, or whatever. Either way s/he gets released in a box. Or urn.

    • Moggie @

      If you can’t access the link, he killed a copper,
      Then went on to murder a neighbour he thought had grassed him up for drug dealing.

      Orrible cunt?
      But for once no kids involved.

      see, that’s the ticket, being nice and helpful, boss admin will love you again!

      • I’m always helpful!
        Known for it.

        I really am a little Saint admin,
        I’ve been taking round Fray Bentos pies to Fiddler’s while he’s in exile and taking back his empties to the Off License.😁

      • I heard you also take in people’s washing for them, mainly women’s and mainly underwear.

      • Slurs and evil rumours Baz, I assure you.
        I often take the blonde ladies washing from down the roads washing line at 2am,
        But it’s always back by 6am.

      • Just testing the elasticity?
        That’s understandable.
        Someone has to do it.

  4. Put him in a cell with a mural of a naked Diane Abbott on the ceiling, a naked Anne Widdecombe on the back of his cell door and naked pictures of Jedward instead of a TV.

  5. Lily the Mong says she has ADHD


  6. When the politicians abolished capital punishment it was against the wishes of the majority of the general public. It was common knowledge that the politicians held the patronising view that they were intellectually far ahead of the plebeians and were therefore justified in doing so. In public one of their main arguments was that no compensation was possible for a miscarriage of justice leading to an innocent person’s execution. I can’t help but think that had DNA profiling been available at the time they would have had great difficulty pushing it through. The cases we have seen in recent times since the introduction of DNA profiling where people have been convicted for the most heinous crimes committed decades ago is simply marvellous. It’s encouraging to think that some perpetrators out there are in a constant state of anxiety knowing that if a relative is picked up for drunken driving plod will be paying them a visit. Also remember that DNA profiling proved Hanratty was a liar as well as a murderer.

  7. 1. An eye for an eye for starters, eventually back to hanging. 2. We know it goes on, when turning a blind eye in prison, other prisoners can do the job for us. A choice? But I would use both methods, depend on the crime.

    • 1964 was the last hanging in the UK.

      Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans (both men!)
      For the crime of murder.

      Both left the scaffold thoughly satisfied and signed the guest book

      “Great day out, bring the wife!”

      “I’d come here again,
      Great service.”

      It was popular as Beatlemania at the time.
      But spoilsports in government , Timothy vicar types, and speccy activists got it stopped.

      If they had a referendum on capital punishment I’d vote YES.
      Even canvas for it.

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    Is it…

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    No its, before you ever knew this site existed Admin and a right sarky bastard, so cut that shit or your next post will be an ode of love to another cunter, and ask MNC he knows me.

    • From one sarky bastard to another…pardon the fuck out or me.

      I worship the ground that MNC walks upon MNC so will refer to him straight away. But it’s good to know that the standard of objectivity, impartiality, and equal administration under the rules…not to mention confidentiality will be upheld.

      Best I get back to my Diane Abbott porn collection

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        All real gamblers know that the house always has the edge. So when playing I utilized a strategy in Blackjack known as surrender.

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        Trust me, I am not a ban jockey, however your next published nomination might be a tad embarrassing, remember you are all guests here, behave according to the rules (they are very simple)

    • Hes Proper Admin, General and doesn’t tolerate any nonsense.

      If your naughty he’ll throw you out so fast your Stetson and cowboy boots won’t realise for 10 mins.

      I’d suggest you show due respect.

  9. I prefered Bill Beaumont in his “Question of Sport” days, joshing with that affable Scouse cunt, Emlyn “Crazy Horse” Hughes.
    The fucker changes his name to Wayne and starts killing people. I blame the BBC-they “Programmed” him in 1985.
    I suppose there is hope that Princess Anne goes postal on the Royal Family, with Papa’s old sporting No 12 bore.

      • Evening Herman 👍

        You see the boxing last night?

        Harlem Eubank Vs Miguel Antin.
        Young heavyweight on the card,
        Magic Matty Harris.
        First round knockout in about 90seconds!

      • Evening Baz 👍

        God I can’t stand the bloke😡

        Not because he’s black,
        Loads of black boxers I like,
        No, he’s absolutely in love with his public image!
        He actually believes that shite.
        And he was the darling of the media.

        They aren’t as in love with him now he’s become unravelled 😁

      • Hope Anthony doesn’t treat us to another one of his legendary speeches tonight Barry.

      • I didn’t see it Mis.
        I’ll have a look on YouTube.

        I’m looking forward to the Joshua v Franklin bout later though.

        AJ’s future career on the line tonight.

  10. Give the fucker some Spanish Inquisition then some Spanish Boot..

    Big finale by way of burning at the stake..

    All murderers,peedo and rapists..

    Oh and a full dose for those foreign terrorist


  11. My Spanish neighbour has just come round and had a right fucking go at me for playing my Madness records to loud.
    Miguel’s mad at me….

    • Read the comments-3rd one down could be written by IsAC’s own Thomas-T-C-E👍

      • Evening CG…you cruel bugger.
        By which I mean that I’d had a nice wank over some lesbian grannies a couple of hours ago and now you present me with that picture?
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    • Sasha is dead. I think a machine is the only thing alive in her hospital room🧐

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      But, I wonder, how many times have either visited their BLM pet in hospital?

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      • How are you,Thomas.👍

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  13. Bang to rights the fucking scrote, hopefully the bastard will shuffle off his mortal coil in the nick, should have been strung up lot cheaper.

    • Try and keep we’ll Norm👍
      Hopefully you will have infected those annoyingly noisy, heavily tanned users of your unit😉

      The Inspirals eh? I can see a “teenage me”, with a tie-died shirt, dancing with a particularly gorgeous lass from Sheffield.

      We didn’t know it then-the glory days😍

      • Sound lads too, the Inspirals. Their drummer, Craig Gill, was a top lad and an authority on all Manchester music. Had the pleasure of his company several times, and I was genuninely gutted when I found out he topped himself. I do wish them luck on their comeback tour. But can they do it without Craig, Tom and Walshy?

        Yeah, CG. I had a sort of barney with them at the unit yesterday. I was in an absolute state, they saw it, but they chose not to do anything. And there was me and ‘Bollywood Phone Woman’ next to me (which I did not need yesterday), and guess which one got seen to first? I did not like their attitude at all. It was like ‘Oh, it’s only a white bloke shaking like a shiiting dog. Let’s not bother, eh?’ Yet all them others (yes, them) were getting asked if everything was OK every five minutes. I am pretty stoical and resilient, but eventually I did shout, ‘I am dying over here, you cunts!’👿

  14. Spalding is like Emmerdale now, multiple murders, fires, even a plane crash not so long ago.

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