Youtube ‘Audit’ videos

Youtube ‘Audit’ videos and the cunts who make them.

Fellow cunters may be aware of these characters, who travel around the country, filming places such as warehouses, industrial estates, police stations etc, in fact, anywhere where they are likely to encounter security guards or police.

Their aim appears to always to create a situation or argument with the guards, which they will film, whilst lecturing the guards about the law and their civil liberties, showing off how smart and clever they think they are. They put it on youtube and make money from the cunts who stupidly subscribe to their channel.

There are quite a few of these characters out there just google audit or auditing UK, Britain, Cops, Military, shopping centres, Town centres etc and you will see loads of these cunts.

They are mainly arrogant, self-entitled, loud mouthed attention seeking cunts, who claim at the start of each video that they interested in the particular location and in what they do there. He could easily find out that information by going online. But they goes there with their cameras.

Then they usually demands that people identify themselves to him, whilst at the same time, rarely giving his own name and often covering there face with a mask. Essentially, they are nasty, rude characters whose aim in life seems to be interfering with everybody’s business and trying to tell them what to do.

Nominated by mystic maven

87 thoughts on “Youtube ‘Audit’ videos

  1. These cunts are a right set of self righteous bastards, loads on U tube etc total fucking Cunts. Get a fucking job you tools.

  2. Hopefully, they’ll do this with a security guard who is accompanied by a very large, extremely protective land shark.

    Now, that’s something I’d watch on YouTwat.

    • If they really want to prove how brave they are and spout their “rules and regulations” I would love to see them going to a pie key camp and tell them what they are doing wrong.

  3. Can’t speak to the cunts in Britain who do this but this is a big fucking deal in the States. These cunts refer to themselves as “1st or 2nd amendment” auditors. They put all manner of public officials in all kinds of situations provoking them and pushing the bounds of legality.

    The sad things are (1) at least here in the states their point is frequently correct and (2) they often expose these officials to be the idiots we always assumed they were.

    But their tactics and their manner are so off putting that one has to root for one of them to get arrested or better yet shot.

    On a personal note I was sad to read about the passing of mystic maven. But I am pleased to see that even from beyond the grave she is able to continue with her excellent…and indeed even righteous contributions. Presumably via Oujia Board or seance or perhaps even a spiritual apparition.

    Regardless, well said on the nomination and well done on the communication.

    Just one thought…did you obtain Shaun’s permission to send messages from his realm to the land of the living?

  4. Don’t think I’m aware of this, is it a new thing?

    I seem to remember someone during lockdown trying to look about and film and the coppers were being pretty reasonable but he was definitely trying to provoke them into a confrontation.

    Not sure what his aim was? Or how it benefited him?

    • It’s newish. It’s been around in embryonic form for about 10 years, but is now more… “refined” is the wrong word, it’s became more sneaky, calculating, more… criminal, really!

      To be honest, if I was a cop, I’d just snatch the phone from the pricks and say, like a prim and prudish schoolmarm of ye olden days, “you’ll get it back at the end of class!”.

      It’s so strange how society has changed this century and how the police behave and how the public behave towards the police is so odd. The police used to have to fear the various factions of the IRA, who were proper, organised militias, hard as nails mad bastard Irishmen with guns, bombs, would kill a bobby on site, would torture an enemy, they almost assassinated the Prime Minister and the cabinet in 1984. Today, police have to worry about pronouns, auditors, hate speech, getting fines out of minor offences and dealing with Albanian mafia creeps.

      Britain needs a real wake up call. For 25 years we’ve been pissing about thinking we still have an empire, still have clout, when what we have become is a failing state, just like America and all the other big nations are forging on with their mad plans while we worry about meaningless guff and becoming obese slobs just like the Americans.

      • @Maggie

        You’re on a roll with the Septic insults today! Obese slobs? Really?

        I’ll have you know we’re not all obese.

  5. Have not looked into these cunts but are they as bad as the ones on planes doing reviews of the food and shitters ?

  6. I was thinking about posting my thoughts about this moronic phenomena!
    I’ll get started.

    I first saw these police auditing videos a few years ago and some of them were somewhat justified, but not always. But in the past year, there have been many YouTube channels (YouTube channels in themselves could be cunted very hard these days, tbh) that are just some unemployed/unemployable loser who causes a scene in the street or a café which has WIFI. They don’t/can’t live stream from a café that doesn’t have WIFI, obviously, so they look for ones that do and ones that aren’t staffed by big strong men, they look for the ones ran by young women, cause trouble then the police turn up and the “auditing” begins. Auditing apparently involves needling and talking over a, again, young woman police officer, but avoiding any criminal behaviour or statements, thus avoiding arrest.

    Another tactic I have seen is these slobs pointing their phone/camera at someone’s house, place of business for a long enough period until the person phones the police (as you would do, duh!) and then the slob, sorry, auditor, remonstrates with the officers in the manner of a drunk uncle at a wedding to te barman when the bar closes at 1AM.

    I think this tedious nonsense started with those “sovereign citizens” about a dozen years ago. You know, those bellends who think they know how to flout the law, not have road tax, can verbally outsmart a judge in court through the fine arts of Legalese they learned from a Yank on YouTube (once again, YouTube gurus!) dressed in a suit scribbling on a white board and banging on about how the Vatican owns our souls via our birth certificates and that you should never sign on a dotted or answer a letter addressed to you in CAPITAL LETTERS.

    The best thing to do when out in public is just behave yourself, keep quiet, be respectful of people and property. Just as our ancestors did. Only idiots rile up the police and it’s the level-headed judges who come down hard on you in the end, not Officer Dibble.

    I get why no one doesn’t trust authority these days, but the strategy is to avoid authority, avoid the police, courts, judges, avoid negative attention in public, avoid becoming an infamous pariah pillock. Avoid becoming, “that guy” in your area, the guy who in pre-smartphone, pre-YouTube days would simply be that guy at the end of the bar who was entertaining with his theories on everything. At least back then, you’d get 3 drinks out of him for every 1 you bought him! These days, he’ll drag you into his cyber-cult of embarrassment, stress and ankle-bracelets.

      • Excellent link General. If only all arseholes could experience the same outcome.
        I love watching Donut operator on YT, nothing better when an arse takes the “Pavement Check”.
        Mind, some of those female spokeswomen are a bit “rough ” looking.

      • The only shocking part of this is that the antagonistic twat is white.

        I thought cops in the US only singled out and shot ‘innocent’ black people.

      • Hey Odin

        You’re close. The cops can and do shoot “innocent” blacks but they MUST have a reason to shoot whites…it’s the law.

      • “…Here’s a story from the states that will warm the cockles of even the coldest English cunter’s heart.”

        Well… yes and no. These common law, sovereign shitheads really grip my shit and I know a few of ’em, all of their arguments fall apart when I ask them “so who owns the de facto monopoly on the use of coercive force?” errrr…
        It’s the fucking coppers and no amount of pseudo-legal cockwaffle is going to get a copper to let you stroll away.

        Here’s the reality of the Farmington shooting from an ex police detective/SWAT trainer as part of his excellent “Earning The Hate” series…

        Think Like A Cop

      • Actually Cunty, you make an extremely valid point.

        These Sovereign types are a real shit stain on the diaper of society.

        BUT…”earning the hate” is a phrase many of us have used for years to describe the behavior of the Bullies with Badges. It is their “comply or die” mentality that has given credence to many charges of abuse of power.

        Despite my flippant remarks, it was not lost on me that this idiot was killed over a traffic stop.

    • I know nowt about these audit people but know a ‘ sovereign citizen ‘.

      He’s fuckin puddled.

      No insurance
      No road tax
      No any tax
      Doesn’t recognise any authority.
      Gets into loads of trouble.
      Then gets upset when he’s fined, appearing in court etc

      ‘ Theyre out to get me!’

      Stop pushing them then.

      • Well done MNC you have highlighted another reason why care in the community is basically wank.

  7. “They are mainly arrogant, self-entitled, loud mouthed attention seeking cunts….”

    90% of You Tube content falls into this category.

    • “…“They are mainly arrogant, self-entitled, loud mouthed attention seeking cunts….””

      Yup, and that makes them prime feedstock for the ‘Q’ Anon recruitment grifters and their peripheral spaztards.

  8. There is a story in the daily mail today about the Met being racist. Wouldn’t you be a bit sick of having to arrest fucking foreign scum all the time for them to keep continuing to go Scott free because the bent lawyers say about Oooooomannn rights all the time. It’s bound to turn you a bit racist having to keep taking knifes off the same load of chancers.

    If they turn up to an MoD base and start taking photographs you can be sure their oooooman rights are going to be infringed because they are breaking the law. I needed passes to get into military basis when I joined the Navy Reserves. I would ever think about trying to take photos. What mong does that?

    • I never thought I’d say this, but Britain needs a more militaristic type of police, like they have in Brazil, etc. Not every city, let alone town, needs this, but we need a stronger, scarier looking, armed police presence in Britain this decade until we can see what the score is. Because right now, Britain is one the cusp of chaos. I have a bad feeling we’ll see some kick-offs this summer and we have a bad habit of aping (steady!) the America hysterias which are reaching and will exceed epic proportions next year with the torturous freakshow that will be the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election, starring a the most vile line-up of gargoyles,. goblins and ghouls you will have seen in your life. God help us.

      • Oh I agree. There is some wrong UN’s in the met police like old rapey Wayne cousins but then the lefties just jump on the bandwagon to try and defund it more.

      • @Maggie

        I must take you to task for referring to our politicians as gargoyles, goblins and ghouls. That is an extreme mischaracterization.

        Blood sucking vampires…brain dead zombies and even Biden like walking dead I’ll go along with, but gargoyles, goblins and ghouls…

        Well…upon reflection you might not be as far off as I first thought.

        Never mind.

      • You haven’t been on here before have you Maggie?
        Perhaps under a different name?

        Just curious that’s all.

      • Hey Maggie

        I can understand why your legal team would make you apologize at their behest. (That’s an awkward sentence.)

        They don’t like other evil creatures encroaching on their domain.

    • Fat Arse Doreen Lawrence who turned a tragedy into a farce and got enobled for it, has jumped onto the Diane Abbott Flying Circus with her cries of “Racism, Sexism, Homophobia”. The trouble with those Labour women is they can’t deal with ordinary men, they just like the little poofters who sit on their benches shit scared of wimmin and trying to be just like them. Labour the party where women are women….and so are the men.

  9. I have to say that sometimes they’re quite funny; Auditing Britain (‘AB’) usually gets a few laughs, as does Focus Pocus. Sometimes they do really good stuff, and expose serious overstepping of the mark by cops and security.

    Many are just time wasters, who just want to make a point about their ‘rights’; a bit like cyclists.

    • The video would probably terminate abruptly with an image of a rapidly moving giant fist with “Paddy” tattooed across the knuckles.

  10. “Stolen Valor” used to be,and possibly still is,great fun…ex Marine Corps vets identifying and humiliating awful cunts who dress up like they are veterans but have never been anywhere near the armed services.

    I’m also keen on anyone who films the hotels that house the illegal foreign rubbish,anything to make them feel unwanted is a bonus.

    The 21st century is a cunt.

    • If Anthony Blair had been in the RN he would have been one of those who ran around wearing 4711 and inviting you to his knitting circle on his bunk.

  11. When they rock up with a lump hammer, a flagon of scrumpy and a bad attitude I’ll happily support them.
    Get in or get to fuck.

  12. These people are utterly vile cunts with an agenda. Gypsy auditor AKA Danny Ayres plagues prisons and police stations. He should know all about them after stabbing his girlfriend and being sent to prison. Live free AKA Chris Galon is ,currently,in prison. AJ audits has also spent time in prison. Indeed,most of them have.
    None of them know the law. They misquote section 33 of the criminal justice Act 1972. This paragraph allows the CPS to authorise a charge for public order act offences on private land/buildings open to the public: nothing more. They seem to think it allows them to go where they like. It does not.

    There is no such thing as a public building. There are those open to the public. However,on conditions of entry.

    They forget about section 68 CJPOA.This created an offence if aggrevated trespass. Basically,if they are asked to leave a building,refuse,and continue to act like Joey Deacon on LSD they xan be nicked. They screech civil trespass and forget that they xan be physically removed for that,as well.
    The ones with drones really are scum. All they need to do us put up their shitty little drone,no one would know or care. However,they choose to bore people shitless by telling them what they are doing. No one gives a fuck.

    Koleeberks is in prison.

    PTTP is the worst. Expose and educate a real racist cunt.

  13. I stumbled across one of these shithouse fillums the other day, this obnoxious little turd was on an aldi or lidl building site being a right know fuck all cunt. How he never got walloped by some groundworkers i will never know. Should have been tracked over waffer thin. Avoid these cunts.

    • I work on building sites Maggie.

      If some little tosspot is about to get in the way of 300 fucking massive dooshkas earning a crust, the outcome is not going to be pretty or televised.

    • Fox said nothing that hasn’t been reiterated here for years.
      Good on him I say, shit or get off the pot.

      • Would you apply the same standards to your posts or would you claim “satire” ?

      • You’ve been here 5minutes Harry so I’ll tell you this,

        I liked Foxy
        He was a friendly type.

        But he was easily led.
        And believed all manner of conspiracy stuff off all manner of questionable sites.

        He was also a terrible fibber.

        Fair enough supporting his rights to send abusive messages to footballer types.

        But not the smartest move when your unemployed.

        You support him that much?

        Pay his fine.

      • Evening LL.
        Lot of new faces about isn’t there?

        I look forward to getting to know them😁

      • Evening Miserable.

        Yeah a lots of new posters but I reckon some have been lurking for a while and know the IsAC headlines. There is even a resident Gay! Might be Krav returning incognito.

      • Yes plenty of lurkers plucking up courage to emerge into the light.

        Never been shy myself LL.

        No point being timid we’re a friendly bunch on here!

      • So one has to be part of the old timer clique before an opinion is sanctified?
        Maybe drop the ‘er’ part of your so called title.
        He actually did something, you havent, just flapped your gums on a website.
        I fucking despise cliques and the sanctimonious cunts who reside within.
        Get to fuck and press that panic button.

      • Calm down Harry,
        You seem very tense?

        Yes he did something!
        He got himself all over the papers, fined (which your magnanimously paying)
        And probably brought the attention of the authorities on himself.

        First rule of being a fantasist urban guerilla?…
        Fly under the radar.

        As for clique?
        I’m not in a clique that I’m aware of?
        I note you seem to know a bit about other cunters before you appeared?

        Was you a lurker?
        Bit shy?

        Or are you someone who was posting previously under a different name?

        Who was it that spanked your arse?
        Me? Or Fiddler?

      • Jesus H. Christ in a hybrid SUV! This shit just never stops!

        There does seem to be some new cunters here and I say welcome. Perhaps since the Troll Lord fled in terror and disgrace they will not be shy about expressing a contrary or unorthodox opinion.

        His minions are still here hoping beyond hope he will return and they can begin worshiping him again. But in reality they are a small albeit extremely vocal minority.

        However, new cunters should be advised and this includes Harry…that if you take on one…you take on all. It isn’t as bad as it used to be because with their Fearful Leader in hiding they’re reduced to repeating well worn cliches and discredited narratives.

        Nonetheless, it can be off-putting when the torch and pitchfork mob gives you the bum’s rush because you have the unmitigated gall to deviate from their dogma.

      • You really are a crashing, bullshitting, grassing bore, aren’t you, Stooly? You’re all alone.

        In bad company.

    • How can anyone offend a whore who has been dropping her knickers since she was 15?. I think she’d take jizzing over her tits as a compliment.

  14. It’s a good nom and I find it mildly amusing. I watched some of these ‘auditors’ in actions.

    The rent a cop security guards and warrant card carrying uniforms come across as dimwit thugs in many cases with limited knowledge of the law.

    The auditors come across as arrogant twerps who if they tried it on with most would get a damn good shoeing. The fact they record and post on YouTube smacks of look at me syndrome, a similar affliction to those that slap private number plates on their cars.

    Why draw attention to oneself. There enough big brother already.

  15. I did put some more data in my nomination, but I think Admin removed it, possibly for legal reasons, as I mentioned a link to a twitter account, which revealed the identity of one of the most notorious of these auditor cunts.
    Seems pretty clear that they do it just to get attention and to make money from their cuntish subscribers.
    It’s true in many, if not all cases, that the security guards and police are not properly clued up on the legal situation, which is then milked by these auditor cunts.
    If it can be clearly seen that they are not any kind of threat, then they are best ignored and not given the attention they are looking for.

  16. I stumbled across a you tube channel from one of the cunts doing this locally. I was searching for something in my home town, so put the name in and his channel came up.

    This is some ‘old boy’ just standing filming outside council offices, police stations and other large businesses just waiting for people to come out and ask what he’s doing, and then he gets a hard on over spouting the ‘law’ to them about filming and making them in some way look ‘small’ and belittle them.

    I then started reading the comments, and he has followers who think he is doing a great job, and telling theese employees to go and gt ‘proper jobs’ the fucking irony of it all. The only people without proper jobs and who are fucking sad are the cunts either making these films or supporting them.

  17. I might be wrong but I bet these are the same as those Freeman on the land/Sovereign citizen type knobbers that used to be around back in 2008-2011.

    • Search for Dave whitcher on you tube. Was an old mate of mine, who went down the freeman of the land bollocks… a big following of like minded cuts on his channel

  18. In two minds about this , they are clearly cunts with nothing better to do but then again the band of rapists that masquerade as our police force are even bigger mega cunts so I’m ok with it

  19. There’s a smelly brown one with a horrible voice who is very popular. He got arrested once lmao. If he ever did what he does to me I’d wrestle the cunt, steal his camera and smash it to pieces and smash the cunts face in until his own family can’t recognise him. Lots of jobless chav halfwits subscribing and commenting on his channel.

  20. Goading nothing to do wankers that 30 years ago would have been given a clump and the recording devices ground into the pavement. Cunts.

  21. Another thing I’ll never get are these cunts who fly their drones really low into yards/business areas or whatever and then deliberately provoke an argument with the business owners when they ask what in the fuck he’s doing. Drones are useful in some situations, but just flying them into private land or restricted areas to act the big man and instigate view-whoring on WankTube is cuntish. If I remember a while ago, one of these cunts got his drone forced-landed by a farmer with a 12 bore. Chuckle.

    • The law has changed-you can not damage a drone above your property.
      People were taking them down with air rifles and shotguns.
      They are fucking intrusive tech, operated by Peter-file/trainspotter/uncle types 👎

  22. These cunts obviously have to much spare, get a job you waste of space cunts, one day one of these fuckers is going to end up in a wheelchair, same as the (it was only a prank cunts) fuck with the wrong person and your going to destination fucked, now that I would love to see on YouTube…

  23. There’s a Scottish one who walks around Manchester filming tramps, shoplifters…basically anyone down on their luck and gives them crap. He always knows his rights blah blah. I’d knock the cunt clean out.

  24. I’ve seen these videos but no actual auditing as my uncle would understand it, just lollygagging and being a bit mouthy.

    The worst one was the gimp trying to get inside the American embassy in London.

    I thought, ‘good luck with that’.

    He gave up and just joined the protesters across the road.

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