Periods are a pain for All



I really feel sorry for persons who experience period pain once a month. I mean, what a fucking pain. Period.

The wife points out that period pain can be a bad experience for a person with a uterus, but it can be utterly excruciating for persons without one, as this young lady found out to her discomfort;

He’ll be wanting one of those vagina thingies next. Sorry; SHE’LL be wanting one of those vagina thingies next.

I can only repeat the words of a confused Ray Davies; ‘girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world…’. Damn right it is. It most certainly is.

Nominated by Ron Knee. And another helping about the “reds playing at home” from Fuglyucker.

As its wimminz day I would like to nominate a cunting, it those fucking horrific ads about the monthly shark week.
The above link nearly made me bring up my dinner, then there is the other ad, with the red splashes on knickers and the gild at the end wringing herself out like a fuck chamois leather.

Honestly I sympathise with wimminz, but I would rather not have to see or hear about this crap, there really are some things men don’t need to know.

81 thoughts on “Periods are a pain for All

  1. I propose a ‘Periods Are For All Week’.

    And an ‘Early 19th Century Periods Are For All Diversity Week’.

    Morning all.

  2. Let it bleed-
    Was the unsympathetic advice from the Rolling Stones.

    Well it’s ok for them.
    Most of them dated girls yet to have a period.

    I stay out of the way when the women in my house are on the rag.

    It’s not men’s business,
    They’re prone to be a bit moody.
    And to be honest when I gashed my hand open in the garden they didn’t particularly show much concern,
    So fuck em.

    Besides it’s a bit disgusting.

  3. Fucking hell, trans girl!!!! woof, even Chewbaka makes a better looking girl than that bog monster, i bet it wasnt factoring in all the side effects of being of the fem persuasion, although as its still a man [loosely put] and is lacking certain components, im sure this cunt is just playing up for the camera.
    More drama queen than woman….cunt, he needs a swift kick in the bollocks, if he still has them of course, he looks pre op, hasnt done the femanition yet, i bet its nam is Amanda= A Man dah!!!

    • It’s probably just indigestion the daft cunt.

      Hopefully his ‘period pains ‘ is the result of swallowing a fistful of pills in the hope of getting some attention.

      🤞Fingers crossed DCI Gene can’t gain entry till he’s got rigor Mortis.

  4. A Stihl 020T chainsaw at maximum revs, shoved up this deviants “mangina”-therefore enabling him to experience:

    -first period pains
    -pain of childbirth
    -full hysterectomy

    In one sitting.
    All available at IsAC’s “Cuntistock-clinic”, courtesy of Dr Cuntfinder General-Practioner.

    • I do have great sympathy with the experiences that women go through; I’ve gained a little insight, having had to endure a prostate biopsy and the screaming agony of kidney stones.

      I don’t know what the trans twat in the link is actually experiencing, but as the wife says, with 100% certainty it ISN’T period pain.

      What a fucking twat. He’s either putting on a performance, or needs putting away.

      • Trans=mental illness.
        No exceptions, Ron.

        Kidney stones-I have been informed they are more paibdil than a mild heart attack, from somebody who has suffered both.

      • Kidney Stones really are living hell CG. Had them twice; ended up pumped full of morphine and carted off in an ambulance on both occasions.

        Passing the fucker is sheer agony.

  5. Fucking hell! A geezer having period pains and effnicks at a posh 18th century dinner party. The world turned upside down.

      • I used to fancy her rotten 30 odd years ago, she was a right sexy little minx in those days, but she turned into a right barmy old bat.

        Perhaps not unrelated to her time of life…

      • Caroline.
        My hands were already wandering on to other things…
        Not the phone’s fault this time!

  6. The only person that suffers when my wife has a period is me. A word out of place during her time of the month and she bites my head off. I’d rather be alone in Siberia when her period comes. Or on the Moon.

  7. I don’t feel like commenting on this nom because it’s the wrong time of the month.

  8. Men must get their own back and make wimminz bring up their meals.Wait till they advertise “Mandelson’s Truss Cleaner” and see how Dame Kweer suffers from incontinence and how rusty he makes his appliance, then he can be like JML and offer a special bargain offer – buy a truss stain remover and get a free packet of Mandy’s Man Nappies – just see how it absorbs those wet farts after half a century of anal jiggery-pokery. The advert should of course be filmed in “Smell-O-Vision” to get the full flavour of the ghastliness of these old men. All for the fantastic price of 39.99

  9. Q: What’s the definition of horror?
    A: Finding a pubic hair at the bottom of your tomato juice.

  10. If you put your trust in a living being that haemorrhages once a month without dying you have a dominant strength of faith.

  11. Periods are a doodle, it’s the menopause you have to fear, once the bleeding dwindles the metamorphosis begins in earnest. Some of them go full werewolf once they get to that stage.

    Plenty of you know this already.

    May God preserve us.

    • I wholeheartedly concur, over 50 years and they go spastic.
      I put it down to insecurity and Father time tiçk-tóçking the countdown.

  12. Don’t worry when the dame and his party of mongs get in, period pain will be mandatory for everyone.

    Seeing as that suspicious wet fart of a man doesn’t know what a women is.

  13. As I enter into thr world of middle-aged dating, thankfully I’ll not have to worry about birds on the blob, the barren old witches.
    But I do have a serious question for any esteemed cunter who still scores some post-menopausal pussy: how dry does a woman get and can it be alleviated by liberal application of KY?
    This is a genuine question if one of you gents could er…”fill me in”.

    • Depends on the individual.
      If they’ve had children by normal procedure ie not cesarean, then you should be ok.OK..
      Avoid childless bints, they have dry,miserable fannies and complain unless you have a dick the width of your finger.

      • Thomas @

        I’ll send you a picture of me to show em first.
        Get the juices flowing.

        Then you’ll be on the log flume.

        Ps why you bothering with old bids anyway?
        Date younger women!

      • Alas MNC, I look like Gollum with a huge moustache and I dress like a mad parrott, so have to be realistic about the sort of withered old crones I could get my tongue into.

      • I suspect there’s a ‘ touch of Tolkien ‘ with a lot of posters on ISAC Thomas.

        The lower orders and unloved of Mordor.

        Not me obviously.
        Sometimes I forget just how good looking I am!!

        Catch a reflection of myself in the mirror and gasp in awe!!

        Sort of a young Robert Redford crossed with Michaelangelo’s David.

        But more well hung.

      • The mirror and the camera Baz.
        Both love me.

        Often while admiring my reflection some taxi driver or ethnic bus driver will shout

        ‘ Oi! Cary Grant!.
        Get out of the road!’

        Jealousy see?

        Are you gifted with godlike beauty like me Baz?

        Or more like Thomas?
        Hideously malformed and a face for hanging off the sides of cathedrals?

      • When I walk down the street I turn alot of heads….. and stomachs.

        (Apologies to blackadder )

    • My experience (admittedly sample of one only) is that when in the mood, she still gets wetter than a bank holiday weekend. Depends on the individual I suppose. An hour looking at xhamster beforehand does wonders I’ve found.

      KY essential for a little rear end action tho.

      • That might be a good work around Ron. I’ll just have to approach ladies and park in Colchester station rather than Oxford Circus…

      • My missus gave me a hand job the other day, using Vaseline.
        I came three times trying to wash that shit off….

    • Never mind if they are barren Thomas..hopefully they will still be enthusiastic romantically (filthy) and able to cook a decent breakfast.

      If not look to foreign climes,your spuds’ll be flat as a pancake in no time.

      All the best in your pursuits my dear chap.

      And yes,KY or something similar works wonders..whichever station you arrive at.

  14. Been round plenty of women in my life time who’ve had problems with periods and its never a worry. It’s me who looses my rag when the fucking yanks use the term when meaning a full stop !!!

  15. “On the blob, love? That’s alright, I’ll just do you up the shitter instead then,” said Lord Ponselby, reassuringly.

    Extract from: Extravagant fireplaces and clean undewear, Cuntybollocks, Mills and Boon Publishing 2023.

  16. I have found all of this trans stuff amusing over the years. It’s much ado about nothing. It will be all superseded by some other culture war nonsense soon. People grow tired of “the new thing” very quickly these days and trans stuff was already old in 1975.

  17. Mrs Civvydog has stage 4 endometriosis boy does she suffer the poor girl, thought I was on a winner dating a lady 22 year younger than me, carer for when I’m in me dotage , WRONG! It’s me that has to do caring a lot of the time but shes worth it.

  18. Sex is determined in the womb. You can not change it. No discussio. No argument .

  19. Am I the only person who noticed that brief smirk, when the ugly cunt pretending to be a woman experiencing period pains, filmed this.
    You ask me, it was just some idiot brother parodying his sister, and not a transgender owt.

  20. Period pains. My daughter started hers a few months ago only a month after her 11th birthday. Far too young!
    Treat her with sympathy.
    As for the missus I know it just means a week of no sex and making me grumpy.

  21. It can’t be as bad as the gut pain I’ve experienced after 8 pints of fizzy lager finished off with a Chicken Phal Curry. Women have no idea what we go through every weekend.

    • Fizzy lager? Try Strongbow (that was many years ago when I was a clueless teenager). I didn’t have a phaal though. I only eat Naan and rice while eating them, and keep the drink until the end.

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