This Sceptic Isle

As a bit of a patriot, this is a difficult Cunting to write, but I feel I have to nominate this country for a Cunting. Why?

I’ve returned, recently, from a short break in an eastern European country. A few observations: polite people – kids letting you through a doorway, first, being a prime example, clean, litter and graffiti-free streets, cheap prices, good service, taxi-drivers from the indigenous population rather than some surly Johnny-Foreigner type ‘driving’ an Uber, TV adverts with the same demographic without a mixed-race couple to be seen, good road manners and lane discipline, quality, well-surfaced roads.

Just some examples of comparisons I made with this supposed first-class country.

Where did it all go wrong???

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt

131 thoughts on “This Sceptic Isle

  1. This country isn’t finished yet.
    Despite our politicians best attempts.

    This is the country that changed the world.

    A little island that ruled the world.

    We’re the bulldog breed.
    The next best thing to God.🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Slayers of greasy Spaniards,
    And slimy Frenchmen.

    There’ll always be a England….🇬🇧

    • Hahaha 😄

      He can call me far right.
      I am.

      But I take great offence at being called a fuckin Tory.

      The curry smelling fuckin dw@rf

    • Suckdick would love to draw a Venn Diagram with all ULEZ critics sitting in the same area as the mythical Far Right.

      Vud vud ding ding. Tickets and fuck off please.

      • The cunts reaping in a fortune from ULEZ.
        It’s been dropped in Greater Manchester.
        After people kicked off.
        And a lot of those kicking off were Stanley taxi drivers.
        Hard to call them Far Right.

        Pee does yes.
        But Far Right? No .

  2. That’s ULEY.
    Completely different thing.

    Oily slimy, smells funny.
    The others a skin cream.

      • Evening Harold👍

        How you doing?
        Don’t post on here much nowadays do you?

      • Not so bad Mis. Very busy
        I’ve got a second job at the mo’

        I’m more of a lurker these days. It’s a bit toxic and hostile on here at the moment.

        Been a tough 2 years in some ways. 3 family members have died and I’ve had to pick up the pieces. It takes a toll on you after a while.

        I know some people on here will call me a snowflake but sometimes grief sneaks up on you and fucks with you.
        I’ve had enough of people dying tbh.

      • I’m sorry to hear that Harold.
        My condolences.

        I know what you mean,
        I’m not enjoying it on here as much as I used to.
        Thinking of having a break myself.

        Fiddler’s departure left a big void on here.

      • Condolences, Harold. Yes, you’re right, it has got a bit toxic. A few arsehole, shit-stirring, bullshitting Trolls that’ll give it out all day long but cry when called out and asked to prove their fantasist theories. At least one dull cunt that have been banned and re-registered (why go back to somewhere that doesn’t want you??), and spout their shite. I’m not just talking about having a disagreement and moving on, just constamt sniping. And now we’ve got the ‘Mr Grimsdale’ option???? Great Cunters don’t or rarely post any more thanks to the few Spleens. Dick, your cutting tongue is required.

        Harold, if you’re struggling, seek help from your GP, seriously. They can signpost you to different outlets. Don’t let it build up, it’s the worst thing you can do.

      • One of the sad Billy Bullshitters who Dick had called out and wiped the floor with a few months ago, safe in the knowledge that Dick had gone, posted this recently:

        “Fiddler-he can dish it out all day fucking long-but couldn’t take it back without showing a fucking nasty side to his nature. I called out his hypocrisy and he shit the bed.”

        Yeah, your fucking dreams, pal!

      • Who was that, Ruff? General Bullshitter? Got a link to the post or thread? (I type that without a hunt of irony😉).

      • Only just read this thread.
        Ruff-please show where Fiddler wiped the floor with me?

        This is a site for cunting cunts. I put a thread up cunting Muslim grooming gang – pe-do-file apologists.
        Fiddler waded in, saying I should stop “flapping my gums” and do something about it.

        The very next day, a thread of his composition was posted – cunting Muslim dingy-divers.

        I suggested he stop flapping HIS gums and do something about it-and called him a fucking hypocrite-which was true: submitting his thread, then cunting mine😉

      • ‘Morning, Ruff. Cheers. I wonder who the ‘Other one’ he’s talking about, is?

      • I guess we’ll never know who complained to admin about abuse.

        Apparently there was more than just one.

      • Hope you’re on the mend Harold. Dealing with real life issues doesn’t leave you with the patience to deal with repetitive topics that have been done to death on here.
        That’s my take on it anyway.
        I don’t know if it genuinely got worse or that I got bored.
        I do know that I got called a cunt by two different posters the other night for daring to have a different opinion to the echoes and absolutely nothing happened.
        I should have pressed the report abuse button but having a spine prevented me. I do know if I’d responded in kind there would have been consequences.
        Hail Fiddler.

      • Thanks MNC, DCI and GJ.

        I’m ok at the minute, but sometimes it just hits you like a wave. I cried randomly on my way home from work one day last year. I remembered something out of the blue and stuck at traffic lights and it hit me.
        People in the car next to me probably thought I was a head the ball or I was listening to “Our Song” or whatever it is now.

        I’ve had some counselling sessions through Occupational Health which I don’t really tell anyone about. Some people at work know. I worry that people think of me as damaged or a bit mental.

        I’m now 41 and it feels like this is when you start losing people and people start dying and it’s a bit shit really.
        When you’re 18/19 you naively think some people will be around forever. 🤔 Maybe that’s just me.

        It seems to start when you reach your late 20s early 30s and some of your grandparents die or an old teacher dies. Then it starts happening to younger family members or perhaps its because you’re getting older too. 🤔

        I’m not always the cheeky bugger I come across as on here. I’m a bit quiet at times and keep myself to myself.

      • All the best Harold,
        And no shame in greiving for loved ones.

        Fuck what anyone else thinks, you do what’s best for you and if Occupational therapy helps stick with it.👍

        Always bounce back stronger.
        Be like Tyson Fury.

        Don’t mean a gypsy mean a never give up inspiration 👍

      • Fuck-all wrong with crying over loved ones, Harold. I’ve cried over people I’d not known a couple of hours previously. Usually kids, babies, but the odd adult, too. Any fucker that tells you otherwise is a bullshitting cunt who’s done fuck-all. I’ve sent a young para into the khazi at the hospital to get it out of their system whilst I stood guard outside. No shame at all.

        Chin up and keep up with the counselling sessions.

      • I’m well sorry about that, Harold. It’s a real pisser when a loved one goes. My brother and sister both died within months of each other in unrelated incidents. And both were young, no age at all.. You never really get over it, you just sort of grow away from the pain it causes as time goes on.

        Stay safe, pal.

  3. That flag in the header photo looks like it’s come from Trafalgar or Waterloo…..long forgotten moments the wokies hate so much.

    “Then it’s Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy ‘ow’s yer soul, but it’s thin red line of ‘eroes when the drums begin to roll. The drums begin to roll my boys the drums begin to roll. It’s thin red line of ‘eroes when the drums begin to roll.”

  4. Suck Ma Dick Khunt is correct!

    I am right wing

    I am a Conservative

    I am a vaccine sceptic

    Immunology us mot my field of practice, but having had a long chat with an expert, it turns out,as per the Cochrane review, that it is not as effective as 1st thought. In any event, it is a vaccine not immunisation. All it will do is reduce the effect of the virus.

    Masks? Fucking useless. It is a virus and the particles outmatch a razor thin paper mask or a bacteria laden face nappy. Hand washing? It is a virus! Won’t, can’t penetrative skin.

    Lockdowns: unscientific. Indeed: counter intuitive. One person in a household goes out,comes back: everyone else in the house is on close proximity. Social distancing? Unscientific mumbo jumbo. Travk and trace? Madness. Even the guy who invented the PCR test cautioned as to their utter uselessness.

    A lateral flow test? Could test negative one minute,positive the next.

    When the Donald said it came from a lab in Wuhan he was lambasted…

      • Out of office for two years and still the gumbo contingent find space to blame him.
        Sad fucks.

    • Covids boring as fuck.
      I didn’t give a shit when it was going on.
      I don’t give a shit now.

      It’s yesterday’s news like the Rubik’s cube.
      Or flared jeans.

      Never saw why people got so involved in it?

      • Because it gave sad fucks a chance to be ‘Experts’ in something, with a little web-browsing gained ‘knowledge’, Mis. Same as policing ‘experts’. Medical ‘experts’. Air crash ‘experts’ and the latest? Missing person ‘experts’.

        “Read it on the internet, mate. I’m a member of the ‘Royal College of Professional Bystanders’, so I know what I’m on about”

      • Hahaha 😄

        I’m to busy with work and my family,
        But if I was to pick a hobby it wouldn’t be researching fuckin COVID!

        Fuck me.👎

  5. On business in Newcastle. The hotel is opposite a fucking tranny club!

    Ugly,munting poofs in drag,and that is just the door staff.

    Well,I suppose they have to spend their universal credit sometime

    • Get yer sen doon Chy-na toon street, cracking little pub on the corner.
      Gan canny !

  6. Tony Blair and all of the Blairite shite that followed (including Cameron, May etc).

    Nietzsche’s ‘Last Men’.

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