Heavers Farm Primary School

Devout born again Christian mum sues school.

This is a recent story about a woman by the name of Mrs. Izzy Montague 38, who has launched a legal action against Heavers Farm Primary School, in Croydon, after they forced her four year old son to take part in a LGBT parade, against her wishes, and her protests, telling her that her son could not opt out of the Pride Event.

So in the first case of it’s kind, she is suing the school on the grounds of direct and indirect discrimination, under the grounds of victimisation & breach of statutory duty under the Education Act 1996, and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Central London will scrutinise the legality of imposing this ideology on schools, after the mum says she wants children to receive an education, rather than an indoctrination. I do hope she wins her case!

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  1. I’m not in favour of this kind of indoctrination or any other. Including making them believe that there’s only one thing to do in life and that’s to get married and raise children. Giving them dolls to play with. Giving them little prams to push. By the time they reach their teens, most of them are convinced this is what’s expected of them and the quickest way to become accepted as an adult.

  2. 4 y o should not be forced on any marches.
    Sooner Khunt brings in Sharia law in Greater London and throws these cunts off the shard the better.

  3. If the uppity slutbitch doesn’t like the way things are done in this great country of ours she can take her unfortunate picaninny and fuck off back to Africa where she belongs. 😁

    • Indeed Ruffers, doesn’t she know that more people now tune in to the glittery foxtrotting mincers on Strictly Come Dancing than go to church on a Sunday?

    • I should of read the link.
      I assumed she was some little church mouse white speccy holy roller.

      If I’d known she looked like papa Doc Duvalier I wouldn’t of sympathised.

      Fuck her and her possibly gay kid.

      Stick the little cunt in hot pants and make him twerk at the head of the parade.

  4. I was told that they didn’t want me at Pride.

    I painted my face in rainbow colours for nothing.☹️

    said they had a certain image to uphold and I’d ruin it.

    scared the teachers, one had to have his mum pick him up at the school gates.

    inclusive? my arse!

  5. I get that there are gays who feel pride, but how can a normal person feel ‘pride’ for something that they aren’t? The gay pride marches back in the 1970s that I saw were 100% gay men, but these days they are filled with straight guys, middle aged mothers who are straight, the police! Police in America watch as men with their balls hanging out of a thong dance with kids, it’s bloody sick.

  6. I hope this woman wins. Not sure the case basis is correct, would say freedom of religious belief would be better as this has recent case precedence but then Im not Black Belt Barrister.

  7. I am not sure how many weeks of the year kids in the UK are actually at school.

    With Easter, Christmas and summer holidays along with half term breaks they must lose they must be away for at least a quarter of the year.

    Then there is the fact that school days are shorter than I was educated and there were no teacher training or preparation days.

    Our curriculum was the standard for all schools.
    English, maths, geography, history, foreign language, PE, science……..

    That took up all of our days.

    There simply wasn’t enough time for marches or banner making.
    No time for Financial Planning lessons or Body Awareness.
    Sociology, citizenship, black history, gay awareness, climate change?

    The kids must be being taught very little about anything that will be useful in life.

    Another thick as shit generation that will think that they know everything but in reality know fuck all.

    I think that the mother is absolutely correct.
    It’s a shame that she accepts the label of being ‘a devout Christian’ just to get her point across.

    If I was in her position I would make the point that religion plays no part.

    It’s simple.
    Leave the kids alone.
    Let them have a childhood.
    Do not sexualise them.

  8. Parents use to be pleased their children were going to school to be educated. Now are worried they’re being prepared for the Mental Home. At least the ones who were worried about their child playing truant, are relieved.

  9. I remember the student teachers from my school days.
    The ones that used to fill in for proper teachers when needed.

    “Hey dudes, no need to call me sir. I’m Dave”.

    We would have Dave running out of the classroom crying within 10 minutes.
    The daft cunt.

    Unfortunately Dave is now a head teacher.

  10. If you want to take your kid out of school you are far-right.
    If you like Yes Minister, you are far-right.
    If you read Tolkien, Conrad and Orwell you are far-right
    If you don’t support unlimited illegal immigration, you are far-right.
    If you question anything about the media portrayal of the war in Ukraine you are far-right.
    If you question the origins of COVID 19, you are far-right
    If you were not disgusted by Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, you are far-right.
    If you did not kneel for BLM you are far-right.
    If you did not clap for the NHS, you are far-right
    If you refer to Tommy Robinson, and fail to point out his real name of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, you are far-right.
    If you have have ever mocked a BBC, C4, Guardian or New York Times journo on Twitter for being hopelessly lazy and out-of-touch, you are far-right.
    If you have ever disagreed with a middle-class white woman with piercings and dyed hair, you are far-right
    If you’ve ever mocked Greta Thunberg and her important message, you are far-right.
    Finally, if you’ve ever criticised the government’s highly successful ‘Prevent’ strategy focusing on the far-right rather than Islamic extremism, then you are far-right

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