The New ‘Bold’ Ad

Oh it’s bad, it’s bad.

A feminine looking boy comes home from school. He has long blond hair. He wants to get on the settee after school. But he hasn’t got his favourite ‘Dinosaur’ onesie washed.

Both parents realise but it is ‘Dad’ that jumps to it. Throws the garment in the drum with the ‘Bold’ capsule.

While this is going on we are treated to the words of the Spandau Ballet song ‘Gold” made to sing of the virtues of ‘Bold’.

Anyway Dad gets it to his son asap. And the son puts it on and it feels so nice and snuggly.

But wait! Dad has got one too! (His must have been already washed). And it’s the same version as his son’s.! Only a bigger one. But yes the same colour, the same Dinosaur motif.

And they get on the settee both in their onesies and snuggle up together!

Now Cunters isnt that a beautful way for a father and son to bond?


Nominated by Miles Plastic.

150 thoughts on “The New ‘Bold’ Ad

    • What a load of deranged (trans)cock British schooling has become, and it was pretty laughable in my day. (late eighties-late nineties), although the comp I attended was, admittedly, shite.

    • Its propoganda an brainwashing for the masses…thats what tv ads are now….oh and they might be selling a product or service as well. But mainly they are there now to convince us…blicks always want good oldtraditional british mint sauce with their lamb, and are really annoyed if there isn’t any….that has never happened ever.

      All families must be of mixed race with either a gay or lesbian son or daughter…or transexual or something, and disabled.

      These are made now to convince us, that this is ‘normal’ uk family life and we should accept it as some kind of government mind conditioning

  1. Do you think that P&G (parent company of Bold) are trying out an interesting advertising experiment to see if normal, heterosexual adults flock to their brand because their ads aren’t filled with jam spoons, Joe dakies, mincers, transhits, drag acts in bondage or raspberries?

    • A good friend of mine is very senior at P&G.
      Funnily enough, he would fit right in on IsAC-a great lad who despises the fake woke ideology.
      He was telling me years ago, that HR were trying to enforce the D&I bullshit-nobody with a brain actually buys into this shite👍

    • In the midsts of time, I briefly worked for P&G in Greengate, Salford.
      It was shit, but the birds in the office were well fit.

      • It doesn’t matter what the nom is about, it will always descend into the usual rinse and repeat race crap.
        I can’t understand why no one else is as bored wit it as I am.

      • Sorry…….maybe I’m not very bright, but who has your arm up your back forcing you to hang around? There’s an “Irish” pub a hundred yards from me but I never go in there because it’s full of Plastic Paddies who hate “the Brits”, living in Dublin , Easter 1916. Fuck them, they don’t want my money I fuck off somewhere else.

      • I’ve been posting on and visiting this brilliant site for the thick end of 6 years.

        It’s always been funny, intelligent, irreverent, depraved (at times) racist and whatever else.

        These alleged halcyon days when this site, cunters and the nominations never used to be “racist” must have fucking passed me by or I’ve at least missed it at some point.

        I don’t think that there’s been too much change in the 6 plus years that I’ve been looking at it.

        Yes, some old cunters have came, gone and been replaced by new cunters, yet the themes, noms, humour and comments have remained fairly consistent.

        In my opinion – for what it’s worth.

      • If you go back to these ‘halcyon’ days you’ll find threads with half a dozen posts.

        This is a bastion of ‘sort of’ free speech’ , the likes of which you can’t get away with in most places anymore. It’s therefore more likely to attract more controversial posts. Hopefully with humour at times. Example, Mr Cunt Engine’s post are fucking hilarious at times, but they could be deeply offensive to some (snowflakes).

        The site has a genuine ‘right wing’ slant to it and it can (and does) upset leftists. I don’t go to the Guardian’s comments and read them because I know they’ll boil my piss. And they won’t listen anyway. In fact, they’ll just ban you if you disagree with anything they say, even politely and with evidence. So completely pointless.

        That doesn’t happen here so be thankful for that.

        Slag this place off all you want, but you’ve pretty much got to cannibalise someone here to get banned.

        Race gets mentioned a lot here as it is the elephant in the room we cannot joke about or even discuss in most places, online or in real life. A nomination about adverts, will of course make many connect adverts with a modern phenomenon most can’t fail to notice. A few posts here mention race, but a few are in jest and with ‘gallows humour.’

        It reminds me of the pub banter from 20 and more years ago. Mostly tongue in cheek, but you knew no cunt would film you and get you nicked back then.
        This place is an outlet to some degree.

        And yes, if you don’t like the comments here and the website in general, there are always other online spaces.

      • Just to be clear HJ, I’m not saying you’re slagging the place off.

        Keep posting, you’re one of the better posters here in my humble opinion.

      • @CB

        Top comment and Good Evening 👍

        You don’t want anything venturing into The Guardian’s comment section. It’s an echo chamber in there.

      • You also need to take into account that posters may not read all 100 or so comments before posting.

        I don’t know about others, but I tend to just read the nom and post before reading comments. I usually read them later.

        So a lot of the comments might be of a similar theme, due to them being the most obvious thing to mention and the poster not being aware of a lot of similar comments already being posted.

      • For the avoidance of any confusion, my reply above was for Gutstick @ 10:30pm.

        Nighty night all. 🙂

      • Evening RTC.
        I suppose it has changed, but so have I, which probably makes it feel more of a drastic lurch to the right.
        There definitely was more diverse opinions, and a bit more tolerance for those, but hey, who the fuck am I to pass judgement.
        Sometimes I do take a crumb of comfort from the fact I could have been just as bitter and single minded about shit I have no control over, and continuously going over and over about it would not only be boring as fuck, but would eat into what passes for my soul.
        Have a good weekend everyone. 🙂

    • GJ, You previously suggested scrolling down past posts you didn’t agree with.
      It’s still an option.

      • Never mind the posts, I do it with the nom’s too.
        I saw one that wasn’t about the standard whinge and I thought I’d take a peek.
        It is what it is.

  2. I thought DF was back for a minute after the ‘ENOUGH’ thing. Can’t see any posts from him since he buggered off.

    Did he come back and leave in a blaze of glory/disgrace? Did he post somewhere?

    Vegetable rights and peace, you cunts.

    Probably sulking, he does that every so often, probably taking a long walk and shouting at ramblers.

    • It does feel like IsAC has split into several factions.
      There are several regulars who appear to enjoy instigating a “pile on” against targeted posters, then gloat when that poster departs these hallowed pages.
      An embarrassing “circle jerk”.

      No cunting of cunters-it’s a pretty reasonable request😉

      It is not a request it is the foundation stone of the site

      • CG
        They don’t like it up ’em.
        Gutless rabbits giving each other a reach around, hold a mirror up and they fuck off sharpish.

      • Or talk shite, shit-stir and then skulk back under (yet) another nom-de-plume. Eh ‘Normanomates’. Or was it ‘Jaguarpig’?

        Where’s that mirror, Jeff?

        DCI, I have been running admin, long before you even dreamt of tonging nurse cunty, do you not think we check?

      • Have to respectfully disagree. Easy to use a different IP address. Too many similarites. Too many…

        Nurse Cunty, aaahh, there’s a woman I’d like to hand over an unruly pt, to!

        Ok, I have been away for a while I will look into it, just like the good old CS days

      • Plus the fact that he’s got cocky after ‘giving it large’ to Mis and started using one of his previous nom-de-plumes!

      • DCI@

        I loved Nurse Cunty!
        She was a great poster.
        Hope she’s doing ok,
        I miss her ,
        One of the best.

        You positively dribbled over her, you were all like a bunch of schoolboys, little did you know that “Barbra” in The league of Gentlemen was based on her, I really am fucking up this admin bit, I am rusty

      • DCI
        You’re wrong.
        You’ve been barking up that particular tree for days now but repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.
        What do we say about cunting cunters?

      • Different rules off admin for you I notice?

        Got brave haven’t you?

        Not at all MNC, I have come out of retirement to see who has been naughty and who has been nice.

      • Admin @

        I try and be nice but when pushed I’ll always push back.
        Can’t help it,
        It’s my way, sorry.
        Look if you think some nasty boy is picking on you, you press the button and call teacher too, I know you have been a good boy by Northern standards, but you may have to play by southern pansy rules on this one.

      • Hehehe 😄
        You calling me soft?
        You cheeky bleeder!
        Good to have you here I need to practice, fuck knows what I did to your avatar in your last comment .

      • I wouldn’t bother Mis, you’re on ze list.
        There is more free speech on Twitter, you just can’t say p**i, but then again, you’re not supposed to hear, according to the house rules.
        It’s particularly entertaining at the moment, the maga morons are crying their fucking eyes out with trump being indicted.
        It’s politically motivated they cry, the same ones that have been shouting ‘lock her up’ for nearly a decade.
        Trump doesn’t give a fuck, the grifting sack of shit just rinsed another $4 million from his retarded followers.
        Imagine that, sending your hard earned to a billionaire who’s been caught lying, and he wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.
        Enjoy your day everyone 😀

    • Morning Cuntybollocks, morning all.

      I too saw the ENOUGH post and was slightly confused. Maybe I don’t pay enough attention to the posts on this site, but I’ve been here long enough to recognise Dick, Ruff Tuff, etc. I’ve often read their noms and comments here and didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary that seemed to warrant a warning. Any chance of a little enlightenment? I regularly post in replies here and just want to make sure I don’t fall foul myself, I guess. That, plus the fact I’m a nosey cunt 🤠

  3. Any grown man who wears a ‘onseise’ of any kind is a complete cunt.
    Just like man-buns, luminous hair, Harry Potter T-Shirts and manicured beards.☹
    You realise you have just cunted every Tank crewman in the world there?

    • Aye

      Some adverts are mental. That one for razor blades. The mountain goatee beard etc.

      I noticed watching it the other day that they all shave in inappropriate places. Who shaves walking up a fucking mountain? Why is he alone too? Last person I heard of walking up mountains on his own was Ted Bundy, to go and defile the corpses of his victims. One guy shaves his fucking chest in the middle a gym changing room. If that’s not a serial killer I don’t know what is. One in an amusement arcade (do they still actually exist, or was I transported back to 1986?)

      If I started shaving on the train or in the middle of Sainsbury’s, people would rightly think I was a fucking nutter, which I am.

      • Rumour has it that Raheem Sterling celebrates with a wet shave every time he scores a goal for Chelsea.

      • In the interests of inclusion, Gillette should bring out ‘the fanny shave 2000’. Sexy ladies (no fatties or over 40s) should then be encouraged to give themselves Brazilian’s in public.

    • Absolutely.
      It’s a slippery slope Norm.
      Wimminz football, soy-latte & posting personal pro-nouns are sure to follow…

    • Indeed, CG. There is a bloke on Youtube who wears a ‘Grogu Onesie.’
      Grogu being the mini Yoda thing from the Mandalorian.
      A man over 30, wearing a green onesie with ears?!!🤢🤔

      As Clinton Baptiste would say, ‘Im getting the word…..’

    • And Wokegate’s England players ‘recuperating’ on camera in a swimming pool with inflatable rainbow coloured unicorns….🤢🤢🤢

      Hard to imagine Norman Hunter, Nobby Stiles, Jack Charlton and Mick Channon doing that.

      • Last pool scene I saw with an England team was Italia 90. Gazza getting a birthday cake in the face off Chris Waddle then getting pushed into the pool.

        Imagine smashing a cake in Radford’s face and pushing Raheem Sterling or Harry Kane into the pool nowadays?

        Would never happen, the boring cunts.

      • And there were no inflatables in the pool in Italia 90, because the players could all swim, apart from maybe a couple of exception. I’ll leave it at that 😉

    • … and Beard oil. You can over hear them discussing the bouquet of their favourite oils in The Lanes of Brighton.

      ‘Yah yah yah Cedar wood and sage is my go-to. it’s fire, mate, absolute fire’.

  4. I think GJ is right. It’s when he says ‘descends into the usual rinse and repeat race crap.’

    This one of mine did. The point that there were no black people in the Ad was made countless times. The point worth making once or twice. But it was repeated.

    Boring see.

    • Miles, I rarely agree with you, but have always listened to what you have to say.
      I don’t have to agree with someone all the time to find them engaging.
      As I’ve said countless times, it’s important to listen to opposing points of view, otherwise you learn nothing, and I think you do.
      I’ve only just seen the message from admin, so I thought I’d say a few things before the axe falls
      Nothing personal Miles, how can it be, I’ve never met you.
      Be well.

      • The Nom should have been a discussion about out of touch with reality Ad agencies are, the emasculation of men, how men are traditional men in the media are ridiculed. All that.

        There are loads of Noms about too many blacks in adverts.

    • It’s not boring old racism you need to be concerned about Miles.

      You casually misgendered that child in the advert.

      That could see you prosecuted in Scotland.
      So think on.

      • I worry for Miserable Northern Cunt Herman. He’ll be devastated to find himself on the naughty list.

        What a tragic fall. He’s gone from Cunter of the Year to this ignominy.

        Will he get over it?

      • No probs Miles👍
        I’ve struggled through and now am over it.

        Those seconds of reflection helped.

        Good, now carry on

      • Mis’ is the Trent Alexander-Arnold of this site. A precipitous tumble indeed.

        We’re here for you Mis’, should you need to share.

  5. I now have a stinking rotten cold and chronic cough🤢☠🤢. I hope to get a quiet undisturbed treatment tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath. Phones should be banned from dialysis clinics.

  6. Tony Hadley has said the use of Spandau Ballet’s hit Gold in an advert for washing detergent Bold is “embarrassing”… He told The Sun: “It’s embarrassing. I posted a social media disclaimer saying, ‘This was nothing to do with me’.”

    Anyway, all this talk of bad adverts has made me remember the Are You Gonna Bingo? ads for The Sun. I’ll probably wake up with it in my head and won’t able to get rid of it for days!

  7. Good evening (here in the states) my fellow Cunters.

    As one of those named in “The Warning” I claim a point of personal privilege:

    This is, Is a Cunt…NOT…Be a Cunt. Some of us have lost sight of that.

    We don’t have to agree with every nomination or every comment. We can disagree and do so in a clever, witty and pithy fashion (in keeping with the tradition of this site) without being rude, insulting or combative.

    I want to claim another point of personal privilege and tip my hat to the following Cunters for their remarks in this thread. In no particular order:

    Freddie the Frog
    Herman Jelmet
    Harry (et cetera) Crump
    Cuntfinder General

    I may have had differences with some of you in the past but your postings on this page about the “The Warning” and the nature of this site are all abso-fucking-lutely spot on!

    Well said Gentleman!

    Good night all.

    “I will fight no more forever.” – Chief Joseph,

    • ‘We can disagree and do so in a clever, witty and pithy fashion (in keeping with the tradition of this site) without being rude, insulting or combative.’

      Let us know when you’re ready to start, then.

      ‘Etiam masterbans, semper masterbans – Julius Caesar (Maybe).

      • Morning DCI👍

        Being rude, insulting and combative are my only redeeming features ☹️

        I’m going to struggle….

        No, northern whit, camaraderie and the fact you once had 17 ferrets down your trousers and hit the treble 20 on the dartboard are your redeeming features.

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