Laura Trevelyan and reparations for slavery


I would like to cunt the above two banes of my life for the never ending woe is me bilge. Always on like a nun’s knickers about it and demands for money to make up for it.

Laura FYI my ancestors were agricultural workers so why should I give a fucking penny towards this bollocks.

Pat Boons see above explanation as well. Stop fucking banging on about it. Produce ONE cunt who went through it and we might cough up a few quid. An invaluable history lesson here, the UK put a stop to it so why aren’t the UK being recompensed for coughing up the money to pay the slave holding families in the first place?

For the ones banging ON and fucking ON about it, why don’t you all fuck off back to the Carribean or Wakanda. Just asking like?

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82 thoughts on “Laura Trevelyan and reparations for slavery

  1. Will black people whose ancestors owned slaves or sold their own into slavery get reparations

    Just asking like

    Also I have a tiny bit of southern European in my family , can I get some reparation payment from the North Africans please

  2. How about some reparations from them for all the murder, fatherless children, drain on the public coffers, and countless other ills of western society brought on by letting these people become free range animals? The opiate of welfare wasn’t enough? It’s never enough.

      • Don’t make me laugh, that posh bitch wouldn’t go near an effnick unless there was a camera around. A bit like Suckdick and his poof friends.

  3. Do rap stars and basketball players* get reparations? What about celebrities and politicians?

    This is all just part of the Neo Marxist / Progressive Left scam to destroy society and remake it in their utopian image.

    Wakanda for Never

    *Footballers in your own country

  4. Barbara coast white slave trade anyone?

    Eat shit and die, libtard whore.

  5. Clearly,the stupidest concept on planet earth.

    This afternoon, I shall go to the Nordic country’s embassies and demand monies for the rape and pillaging.

    Utter fucking shite.

    She needs to get back in the kitchen and get her husbands dinner in the oven.

    • I’m with you on that one Supreme Commander. I also want to collect the Life Insurance and Pension on my ancestors who fought and died in the Union Army during the Civil War to free these ungrateful mooches.

      Forty acres and a mule…fine…anything else…fuck you…you ingrate mooch motherfuckers!

  6. Just walked in the dentist and theirs this dirty swarthy type with an interpreter getting free treatment on the NHS.
    Fuck me , that’s really made my piss boil 🤦‍♂️🤬

    • Hey Fenton,

      It would be extremely rewarding if during the examination the dentist asked the effnik; “Is it safe?” (ala Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man)


    • Reparations?
      Ok, when am I getting mine?

      Plenty of cotton mills around these parts,
      And mines,
      I’ve no doubt my family worked in them over time,
      Kids painted blue running through the looms,
      Kids settings explosive charges in the mine.

      White English working folk had it as bad as slaves.

      Yet to hear any fuckin whining?
      Or claims going in?

      You worked in a mill?
      Mill owner, he owned your house.
      Out of your wage was deducted
      Firewood (supplied by mill owner)
      Food (supplied by mill owner)
      You didn’t get cash money!
      You got a chitty or chip which was cashed in.

      After working all week you might owe for food.

      Yeah we’re familiar with it we were slaves too.

      Picking cotton?
      Poor people pick cotton not just black people.

      It’s bullshit, get over it
      Grifting bastard’s.

    • You saw an NHS Dentist?

      I bet it was like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut to get in, with the secret password in the secret location.

      Me: Fidelio

      Security: Fuck off.

  7. Will Scottish descendent of the Highland clearances (70,000 people, 1000 of which were murdered) be receiving reparations from the British government? No. Never.

    Will Ainsley Harriet receive money if reparation are ratified in government? Yes! Why not! He has dark skin! Only one problem: his ancestors were slave owners.

    Who Do You Think You Are: Ainsley Harriet

    Oh dear.

    What is the criteria for slave reparations? Simply being, “black” or identifying as, “black” or do you have to prove you are a descent of a slave brought to America or Britain or France or anywhere else? Even in America, many “black” people don’t have African DNA, their DNA results come back with Asiatic DNA. “But they are BLACK!” Yeah, but what is “black”? Dark skin? Okay, but dark skin doesn’t denote “African” or “Sub-Saharan African” genetics, descent. It’s a nebulous umbrella term. There is increasing evidence that there were “black” people in America, specifically what is now Florida and the Caribbean (drop the C and you have Arribean/Arabian). Moors (another nebulous term) made it to Florida/Georgia area. Moors fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War, not a fact that is taught these days!

    At the end – or beginning – of the day, we all have to crack on with out lives. You can feel hard done by, you can get sympathy, compensations, reparations, but you still have to crack on with your life and these serial whingers – sorry “social justice activists” will never be satisfied, they’ll always want and demand more, so don’t give them anything. Life is a bloody hard slog unless you are from a wealthy elite family with connections, the rest of us run a gauntlet of iniquities regardless of our skin colour.

  8. She was quite porkable when she was younger. Hot tottie I’d say. I bet she fucked like a fat slag who hasn’t had cock for a couple of years.

  9. Does the silly cunt realise that one of the most successful actions taken by the non slave owning Brits was a boycott of goods produced by slaves, sugar especially. Campaign was successful financial pain was caused to the slave owners users.
    Now who do I sue to get my land back that Cromwell had a big hand in stealing that cunt Napoleon owes my mob a few Bob as well. It’s become a matter of principle writs will fly.

  10. At least she’s honest about being a mandingo-crazed posh blonde bird and sometime activist and not hiding it behind ‘journalism’ like most of the cunts.

    Reparations? Here’s a lime, here’s a coconut. Let’s hope somebody else brings the white rum.

  11. This stuck-up harridan can exercise her middle class guilt by going to Afreeka and opening her miserably cold, wrinkked, cobwebbed vadge as an apology.

  12. I read her article in the Guardian, and just thought it was a huge lump of bollocks.

    I’m part black myself, and neither me nor any of my dark side of the family are on this silly bint’s side. If she wants to give me free money I’d be stupid not to take it, but I’m not asking or demanding. She’s just some stupid cunt who’s trying to buy a satisfaction out of a nonexistent situation. Nobody alive in Britain today is a slaver, nor a slave (unless they’ve been rustled here by middle east or east European effniks). Nobody in Britain today has any direct links to slavery (except the aforementioned effniks). Nobody in Britain today benefits from slavery (previous effniks aside). So fuck off, I’m not paying out.

  13. Reparations for slavery is currently the reigning champion of stupid fucking ideas. But wait!…
    California is tossing around arbitrary dollar amounts (in the millions per black cunt) along with free homes, no taxes, and glittery SUV with 26inch chrome rimmz.
    What a fucking insane shit show.
    Throw in free hair weaves while you’re at it.

  14. Will all the people who are descended from Irish slaves from the English Civil War and the like be given these reparations? Nah, course they fucking won’t. As usual, it’s all about them and only them. Zippedy fucking Doo Dah.

    And I don’t like the look of this Trevelyan tart. She looks like an American version of Emily ‘Bruce Forsythe in drag’ Maitlis. Probably just as smug too….

  15. Slaves? But I thought they were the people who were first. The people who built our civilisation. The innovators and pioneers. The cunts who were here before anybody else and who built Hadrian’s Wall.

    Fuckers want to make their minds up. Full of themselves done eveything twats telling lies or self pitying cunts who are always oppressed. Cake and eat it fuckers.

    • No matter how hard they try to bullshit everyone, if a youngster tries to tell you they’ve been here in big numbers for centuries, like on the telly, just show them film reel clips of 1930s, 1940s Britain, London in particular. Thousands of people milling about – every single one a honky.

      We have the footage, you lying cunts!

  16. What makes me laugh is all these virtue signaling American ‘divas’ and celebrity cunts have slaves even now. Cunts like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, J-Lo, and Madogga. They like to call them ‘handmaidens’ and their ‘entourage’. But that’s all they are to them really. And most of them do get treated like crap and get the tantrum treatment.

    And let’s not even start with Harry and Megain, eh?🙄

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