Leila Borrington

Cunters, for your cuntsideration I would like to nominate Leila Borrington and the British Injustice System.

This evil bitch killed a 3 year old severely autistic boy after launching a sustained assault on his head, and yet got sentenced to a measly 15 years in prison after somehow being acquitted of murder. Remind me again why hanging doesn’t exist for this sort of crime?

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Nominated by OpinionatedCunt.

53 thoughts on “Leila Borrington

  1. Dammit, this is too sad and serious for me to get any prison fisting jokes in.

  2. If a bloke had done this he would have got a lot longer. Where’s equality when you need it.

  3. Short…to the point and extremely righteous.

    But I’m sorry OC, I can’t go along with hanging. Crushing…burning at the stake…or even drowned in the Thames while tied to the Tower Gate I can go along with…but hanging is too good for this evil cunt.

  4. Out in 7 probably.

    Slow, all-over rubbing with cheesegrater then woodchipper.

    Nasty, nasty cunt.

  5. What’s new!!! The British justice system is well and truly kaput.

    There is no real deterrent to ever stop scum like that anymore.

    Cut her head off with a rusty bowsaw fill it with steak and chuck in a lion enclosure.

  6. Why was she allowed anywhere near the kid following the broken arm incident?
    And don’t tell me the father was oblivious to the abuse going on.
    Lessons will never be learned.

    • Too sad to even think about ☹️

      10ft of hemp for the ‘parents’
      A wreath for the child.

      Sick fucks.

  7. Re – Tragic deaths.
    Found my hamster dead in his cage this morning. He didn’t look good at all, the vet reckons he fell asleep at the wheel….

  8. Convicted of manslaughter, so the evidence wasn’t sufficient for murder, but the judge said the assault and head injuries lead to his death, isn’t that murder?

    She also got a sentence for prior gbh and the judge said she has to serve 2/3 of the sentence.

    Something wrong here.

    • I’d call it a case of really toxic femininity Sick, but apparently that doesn’t exist.

      Afternoon all.

  9. That’s three fucking horrible bitches on here today. I fear Admin is encouraging toxic masculinity and support for the patriarchy. I’m afraid I will have to report him to the Woke Police. I expect he will get a longer sentence than this child murdering slag and quite rightly so.

  10. If the father got custody I’d wager the poor sod’s birth mother was lacking parental skills herself.
    Where the fuck were social services ?

  11. As Dr Hook once sang;

    Netflix Eyes.
    Movin’ cross the floor/
    Got me wanting more,
    Netflix eyes.

  12. There was no chance of a murder conviction and I’m amazed that a sentence as long as fifteen years was handed down.

    Our prison capacity has to be freed up for all the cultural enrichers who turn up and fall out over drugs,thus getting stabby and shooty with each other.

    Mind you,that sounds a bit racisms so no doubt in short order Afghans and Albanians etc will be given diplomatic immunity.


  13. Send her around to Ruislip, HA4 7JS, to see ‘Gentleman’ Jeff Gray – The Ruislip Rumbler. Or ‘Hate filled cunt’ The Worcestershire Warrior, he’d never back down.

    Let bike shed justice commence.

      • Ukraine’d be a picnic compared to behind the bike sheds in Worcestershire and Ruislip.

      • Indeed DCI. Wagner mercenaries would get someone to shoot them in the arse and get a medivac rather than risk getting sent to the bike sheds of Worcestershire.

      • I’ll say, LL. With challenges like this:

        ‘Any issues feel free to come visit me, lets have this discussion face to face, not that the sackless cucks on the internet are generally brave enough. I live in Worcestershire so any takers drop me a message as I’d never back down. Keyboard warriors need not apply as those cunts never turn up.’

        and this:


        December 11, 2022

        Get on strike you caring cunt, where are dick Fox fucker pretend rich tosser and grunkstick festering knob end licking your arse


        December 11, 2022

        My name is Jeff gray
        Ruislip ha4 7js and I think DCI Hunt is a cunt, as are all his ilk.

        even The A Team’d go about in pairs.

        All aboard the Comedy Express!

      • Ah shite, not available anymore. It was the ‘Wealdstone Warrior anyway…famous for “do you want some?”

      • He’s probably on here! At least one (if not the same poster) of the aforementioned chancers is still posting under another name. To hide their embarrassment, no doubt.

  14. “For Gods Sake….don’t look at the eyes…don’t look at the eyes!”

    Christoper Lee-“The Devol Rides Out”.

    Look at her eyes 😱

    • First thing that came to mind, her eyes don’t look right, they look evil. If you got the wrong side of her you’d be worried for your privates.

  15. Opinionated Cunt: you have stolen my “signature” cunting style, using Cuntsideration.
    As per previous nomination, I claim my £5 reparations….

  16. Rich cunts guilt.

    My family didn’t have slaves or partook in slavery.
    They were under the same whip.

    No the clan Miserable never had any barons or lords,
    The odd pickpocket or smuggler,
    The occasional footpad maybe but no slavery.

    So, I feel no guilt
    And won’t be giving so much as a shiny shite 🖕

    • Wrong thread.🤬

      That’s the patriarchal system and white oppression fuckin with me…

  17. Burn that witch with fire.

    The sad thing is that in this country’s society there seem to be more and more cunts around who are cruel and murderous to little children.

    Bunch of primitives.

    • Something really has to be done. It won’t though, because that takes extra effort and funding.

  18. It’s the me me me, want want want society. No empathy for any cunt, unless they are one of your tribe, even small defenceless children. Guilty of it myself I’m afraid.

  19. Hopefully gets a bad time in the nick.
    Why wasn’t the boy living with his birth mother?

  20. Fuck me society has gone down the shitter with a resounding gurgle, seems to me that the less we had the more moral we were today we have everything we desire and people are revolting cunts.

  21. Throw her in a cess pit :
    If she drowns, she was guilty with insufficient evidence – cremated/case closed.
    If she floats, she is guilty – hang from the nearest lampost – cremated/case closed.

    Are Albert Pierrepoints decendants available ?

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