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The BBC informs us today that not all of the Afghan women footballers who were allowed to come to the U.K. in 2021 along with their extended families were, after all, footballers. This will of course come as no surprise to we cynics on IsAC.

I seem to recall that some American celebrity paid for the stunt. At the time I questioned why these persons did not go to the USA as prospects for female footballers were better.

Anyway , I eagerly await this situation being sorted out by the Home Office and those of them who should not be here (all of them in my opinion) being sent back to Pakistan which is where they were. Alas, I fear that my wait will be considerable,probably never ending.
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51 thoughts on “Home office ineptitude

  1. Why does it matter , we’ve got plenty of room for the worlds dross fuck me there are acres of fields and woodland around here ripe for conversion into concrete and brick boxes for the future engineers, scientists, astronauts etc to live for free off the backs of the slowly subsumed whitey population.

    • This is actually an argument the libtards advance. When told that the country is already full ( infrastructure creaking, healthcare over subscribed etc), they respond with the fact that there are lots of fields ‘empty’.

  2. At least Burqua United will have no humiliation if last night’s goat kebab starts to rumble and they need to do a Lineker style shat-in-his-pants. These peasants are used to shitting in the street.

  3. What beggars belief is that they were in Pakistan…

    So we rescued them from Pakistan.
    So I take it the taliban rule there as well.
    Or as usual we are fucking mugs.

  4. Of course no slag will be going back and don’t expect to hear about it. I wonder how many p*nces there are still here from the. 2012 Olympics?

  5. Is the header pic the cast audition for the role of oddjob in the remake of carry on screaming..

    • I’m not fussy. I’d have them all on their knees and enter each one and willy will decide.

    • With the greatest respect, how would you know if they were genuine footballers if wearing the kit is all they need. Picking the ball up and running with it, I suppose would give the game away.

  6. It looks like we’re going to have to bring back those old magicians we once considered “old hat”, with their magic disappearing boxes.

  7. I have no idea who their manager is but I’ll take a chance and do a straight swap for Potter….

  8. I see the shits starting to hit the fan now the government are planning to house all this illegal immigrant shite out on military bases, given these bases are out in the country side the argument from the locals is there is nothing for them to do, this area is unsuitable etc.
    Which begs the obvious question,what do they do when housed in hotels all over the place in towns / cities near you..?

    Any Suggestions are welcome….!

  9. Did the stupid cunt who arranged for them to come to England rather than the USA not realise that 768 persons is somewhat bigger than the usual number in a football team. Fuck me, as an aside most of the African 2012 Olympic football teams are happily living in London most with their families. Taken for the cunts our governments are.

  10. There should be a competition for the uglies women’s team, this lot would be in the running for a gold medal

    Kick them out!

  11. So they’re going to put this filth in disused military barracks are they? They’ve done that before and they just burn them down. This criminal trash know a soft touch when they see one.

  12. I’m not sure how they could tell they were not ‘real’ lady footballers.

    If they thought they were too shite to be counted as footballers then aren’t they all?

  13. Interesting how some of them look a bit chinky – how did that get past border force?

  14. The 1st thing I thought was that the front row are all amputees.
    Great for a Home Office football game.
    They’d still trounce HMRC and Border Farce…

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