The Mexican Smoking Ban

Yes, it’s coming …….total control of the law abiding taxpayer…….all for your own good of course.

As of January 15th you are not allowed to smoke anywhere in Mexico except a private residence or private outdoor area. Not walking down the street, not on the beach, not in a park…….NO……verboten you criminals!

If you are a tourist, and Mexico relies a great deal on tourism, ignorance is no defence. You will be fined £240 or 36 hours in the nick with a load of spic bumbandits.

The irony is that on any street corner you can buy weed, crack or any shit you like. But they’re not after the criminals they’re after you and me. They can’t control the criminals but they can control us and that is far more important.

If you don’t think it can happen here you are dreaming. It’s happening, trust me. But remember……it’s all for your own good.

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog


59 thoughts on “The Mexican Smoking Ban

  1. I thought the beaners had more to worry about, what with cartels walking into nightclubs and beheading cunts on the dancefloor.

  2. Good luck with that..
    Corrupt cops, trigger Happy cartel, what could go wrong.

    Undertakers rejoice.

  3. At over 34,000 murders in 2021 or an average of 94 a day, I can see why banning smoking in public spaces is a top priority for the government.

  4. More rules and regulations for the law abiding to deflect attention from the total inability to solve any real problems.
    Sounds familiar…

  5. Mexican beer is so shite they have to stick a piece of lime in the bottle’s neck to take the taste away.

    People who buy Corona and put lime in it in pubs, after their ‘all inclusive’ in Cancun, are cunts.

    “Oohh look at me with my fancy lime in my beer. I’m so exotic oooooh!”

    Get to fuck.

    Only one decent Mexican. Speedy Gonzales and they banned the cunt for being racist.

    Justice for Speedy.

    • At the risk of violating the spirit of yesterday’s Inane T-Shirt nomination, I want a Justice for Speedy T-Shirt.

    • True.
      But their tequila is strong as fuck.

      I when first dating the missus went a do,
      Any they had a tequila shot competition.

      I gave it a go,
      Billy Big Bollocks!
      Won it.👍

      Next morning my head felt like someone hit me with a axe.
      Dry heaving, burning hot squits on the khazi.
      Oh merciful death free me.

      Won’t do that again.

      • Wimp, back the 70s we used to drink tequila out of the bottle. Santa Pod drag racing was the best, in the shed with a bottle of Jose Cuervo.

      • Not sure why Mexicans can’t drink anything without shoving something in it.

        Beer? Stick a lime in it.
        Tequila? Stick a fucking worm in it (dirty cunts.)

        What do they do with a brew? Probably shove a prolapsed haemorrhoid in. Or the cat’s knackers.

      • That eat wasp larvae too.
        With chilies.

        Mad cunts.

        I like Mexicans.
        They invented the two staples of any gentlemens wardrobe,

        The sombrero
        The poncho.


      • Aye

        Drinking contests deserve a cunting.

        It’s something you only do once, unless you’re criminally insane.

        Did it once with JD and Southern Comfort (had to neck a shot of each). Was only 19 or so. Almost died. Remember sitting in a bath full of my own puke – too fucked to get out. Can’t touch either of those drinks to this day. The smell makes me gip.

        I just hope this is not a sign of impending gayness or anything.

      • I’m with you.

        Entered a tequila drinking contest in Vilnius about 10 years ago. Won it with ease and got a Guard of Honour weaving out the pub.

        I think it was about eight Slav-Sized shots of Rodrigo’s Ruin.

        Collapsed trying to get on a bus and was refused entrance thereafter.

        Then I pissed meself and fell asleep in the snow.

  6. I don’t smoke so I’m alright Jack!👍

    But you black lungers?

    Your fucked.

    • Don’t smoke either but I did for years. Got to 40 a day at one point. Could do 60 if out on a piss up.

      Gave up with the cold turkey method.

      Almost killed everyone in the world due to constant anger, but got through it. Not smoked since 2014.

      I do have sympathy with those trying to give up. It’s hard as fuck but I’m at the stage where the smell of ciggies make me retch.

      Cold turkey is the only way. Takes over a year for the cravings to ease to the point you don’t think about smoking 24/7. I’d say 3 years for the cravings to go completely.

      • Went cold turkey in 89, 40 Marlboro 100s a day. I was such a miserable bastard with a ferocious temper nobody knew I had quit.

      • Well done CB. I smoked from the age of 15 until around 27. Got up to having to buy two packs a day. Was on Capstan full strength just before I gave thing I ever did. Wasn’t even my decision…we used to be able to smoke on the shop floor in front of customers (garage environment) then head office decided shop floors should be smoke free- only allowed to smoke during morning tea break and lunch hour. I thought fuck that I can’t go from 8 in the morning to 10.30 tea break without a fag, so stopped the day they introduced it….and I fucking loved smoking! Kept my last pack of 20 in my pocket and got one out sniffed it, put it in my mouth every time I fancied a fag- but never lit it. Got over it after about a month of cold turkey. Didn’t have coffee or go to the pub as those were the times I really fancied a fag. That was over 30 years ago now…..
        still fancy a fag now and then, whenever I get a facefull of smoke in the street from a passer by. I think I think I’m still a smoker, but one that can say no.

      • I was also a Capstan Full Strength smoker in the 60s and once I couldn’t get rid of the sore throat, I packed it in and persisted with difficulty, but made it through in the end with simple willpower, something that people of today don’t seem to have.

  7. They’ll have to ban all those films with the bandidos chewing on a cigar. Pancho Villa must be spinning in his grave.
    Ay corumba!

  8. What a load of bollocks, I am not a smoker but for those who do it’s just an attack on civil liberty. In a bar or restaurant and want a smoke, go outside, ooops can’t do that unless the place has a smoking area.

    The more sinister hate crime is creeping it’s way here, with an ever tightening definition of hate, but only from one side 😂

    • Yep, it should be your choice not the meddling “we know best” politicians.

      Like I say I don’t smoke anymore but not arsed if someone else does.


      I always wanted to try that chewing tobacco.
      Beloved by racist deep south cops and Josey Wales.

      Be bit fuckin pointless now .

  9. Come back Cheech & Chong. Where are the pair of you, when just right now, you are both so desperately needed? “Up in smoke,” or hopefully “Making a new dope deal.” One can only dream, I guess.

      • Wonderful stuff Mis! My favourite was the bit from the film “Up in Smoke,” when the vehicle they were travelling in was on fire. The dope in the back had caught fire. A classic!

      • Thanks Mis. Brought back some memories. Had to withdraw a bit when Gordon thought my avatar was D.L.T. when in fact it was Graham Chapman doing Biggus Diccus. Didn”t want people to talk you know!

      • Taking of George Floyd Mis, I was going to get a T. shirt made up. “The George Floyd 10 Commandments.
        Thought shall not steal.
        Thought shall not loot.
        Thought shall not rob filling stations.
        Thought shall not commit burglary.
        Thought shall not pinch property from your family.
        Thought shall not threaten wimminz with a bread knife, but I couldn’t think of the other 4.

  10. On a positive note, every World Cup should be held in Mexico.

    Both of the ones they hosted were great tournaments. Heat and altitude caused some mad, but exciting games.

    Justice for Speedy.

    • Yeah, Linekunt and co won’t be crying about the ban on smoking like they cried about the ban on pooftahs. Of course smoking is bad for you but fucking blokes up the shitbox is a very healthy activity. We all know that.

      • Aye Freddy

        I loved it when that ginger prick in parliament went on a rant about anti gayness. Like gayness and tranny shit is not unhealthy or anything.

        The stupid cunt is riddled with the AIDS FFS.

        Hardly a good advert for bumming.

  11. Absolute lawlessness.


    Mass murder by machine gun.

    Skinned alive.

    All normal in Mexico,but put that fag out you cunt.


    • Yeah the cartel torture videos is probably what soured any positive vibes or outlooks I had of Mexicans lol Seriously tho I truly evil, wicked country and people

      I would speak at greater length but my dislike will soon turn to hate and racist thoughts lmao

  12. When Blair banned snoking in pubs, about a quarter of them closed down. Presumably the same will happen with the Wetbacks. They’ll have to drive out to the dessert to smoke, drink, and fuck their sisters.

  13. presumably this is tobacco smoking.

    Lighting up a huge bifter in public is still absolutely fine.

    • First saw this tried in Shinjuku, that was 2010, don’t know whether they still do it. If you wanted a cig you had to stand around in a ‘smoking lounge’ which was like a shop with no door and I assume had xpelairs in the ceiling. They had ‘fag police’ walking round in pairs scrutinizing everyone to make sure they weren’t having a crafty drag. I wanted to take a picture of them but one shouted “No! No! No! No!”, the miserable cunt, so I followed them around and took a snap while they weren’t looking. He may have been one of the many Japanese who hate westeners simply because we dropped an atom bomb on them. No sense of humour, some people.

      • Indeed not Allan.

        After all, it was all shits and giggles on the Burma railway! What a laugh they all had.

  14. It’s pretty staggering that cigarettes are still legal yet magic mushrooms are illegal and can land you in prison for seven years in worst cases. DMT is illegal but the BRAIN ISELF generates that illegal chemical, hahaha!

    Cigarettes. What are they? Gross shit from corporation. Smoke organic cannabis, not that modified stepped-on shit, though.

  15. Well, Mexico was never on my ‘must see’ list, along with the US of A.
    Wouldn’t mind watching that Groundhog day thing, though.

    So fuck ’em.

    I rarely smoke in public places, mainly because I don’t get out, much.

    • I can’t say I would want to visit Mexico for any reason despite the scenic beaches and Lush resorts.

      The Mexican language FFS I can’t stand hearing more then a single minute of it whoever said Latin is one of the language of romance languages was completely fucking bonkers

  16. Thats hilarious Mexican gangs and cartels are more or less stronger then Mexicos military but they are gonna impose a no smoking ban?! lol

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