Migrant Criminals and Murderers – The Truth

Just to confirm what we already knew, here’s an article about the criminals, that criminals are sending us.

The Sun News Link

Ain’t we the lucky ones? As if we don’t have enough of our own homegrown villains, we’re now allowing sewer rats to remain in our country because????

Let the Albanian Government worry about the safety of the wife killer, where is it our responsibility?

Anyone who is a convicted criminal, who arrived here illegally, should be immediately returned to their country of origin, or France/Albania. Let them sort the fucking mess out, why should we?

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

37 thoughts on “Migrant Criminals and Murderers – The Truth

  1. Because we’re soft as shit and an easy touch. That’s why they come here in the first place. If I was a criminal bastard I’d be heading here too.

  2. You’re too lenient j.p.

    I would give them a 5 minute headstart,a running man scenario if spotted feel free to beat them to death.

  3. There’s very little, if any, fight left in the people of this country.

    It’s almost like we’re in an abusive relationship with our so called government.

    However which way they wish to abuse us or take the piss out of us – we just seem to lay down and accept it.

    Hotels packed with 3rd world males.
    Sky high energy prices and so called “cost of living crisis” while the same energy companies post eye watering profits.

    I could go on.

  4. It’s a rather unfortunate side effect of soft as shit inept politicians and the very very expensive Red Tape Brigade.

    Only Britain would follow every law,every rule to the letter to the detriment of its indigenous population.

    The fact is we are infiltrated by gangs of criminals,terrorists and their sympathisers and assorted foreign n’er do wells.

    Our journalists choke on the very thought of having to report on the most outrageous criminal acts that they can’t brush under the carpet because it shines a bright light on the catastrophe that is multiculturalism.

    Piles of dismembered children in Manchester didn’t even register,no change of course,no emergency.

    A national disgrace,an embarrassment,stinking corruption and filth everywhere.


  5. Human rights init.

    We are at the opposite end of the scale from countries who just take people off the street never to be seen again.

    We need to start moving along that scale to a point where common sense says if it’s a foreign cunt who has no right to be here kick them out, no appeal.

    In the example an Albanian is Albanias responsibility not ours. With all the fucking Albanian cunts here already, this piece of shit is probably less safe here that in his own country, not that I give a fuck.

  6. I’m surprised this tiny island of theirs I was born before the last war ended, isn’t full yet ?

  7. I used to think all this was due to incompetence.

    I think it’s becoming clear it’s what they (the house of cunts) want.

    Start there.

    • Of course it’s not incompetence, nobody can be that much of a stupid cunt. We are actually not governed by the House of Cunts but by the top civil servants, the media, judges and parasitic lawyers……the libtard establishment. A minister tells a civil servant to do something, he says fuck off and accuses the minister of bullying . The media pick it up and hound him out of office. It’s happening to Raab right now. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the result will always be the same.

      • You’re right about civil servants and lawyers, but you’re giving our MPs too much credit Freddie.

        A lot of them are involved in property development or have main sponsors from the industry. Ditto energy companies, including ‘green’ energy.

        Creating a housing shortage and net zero insanity lines the pockets of these bastards.

        They don’t give a fuck about the country.

        Diversity is our strength or you’re a racist. And the millionaire teen who’s had her future ‘stolen’ is right or you’re a climate change denier.

        Send the buggers back, open the mines and go (more) nuclear for energy is my opinion. Put the energy leaders and their backers in the dock. Not gonna happen unless people grow a backbone.

        Or you younger cunts (not you Freddie btw) can never own a home or car and shut the fuck up complaining.

  8. Just read a story about afghan cunts complaining about being moved from a four star London hotel to one in Yorkshire.

    Ungrateful fucking vermin..

  9. It’s disgusting these people aren’t even marching to Downing Street to thank the government. I’ve a good mind to ask them to return all our benefit money. The ungrateful thieving, murdering, rapists !!!

  10. Until we are represented in Parliament we are fucked ! We are currently NOT represented by anyone. We are fucked!

    • It’s not parliament. The populace get what they vote for, Lib, lab, con all cheeks of the same arse. None have a backbone or will take on the issues that matter.

      The problem is the judiciary, the educational establishment and the uncivil serpents. That unholy triumuvate, aided and abetted by the lefty bbc and MSM shrills in general are the scourge of white British people.

      Until the enablers are swinging from lampposts it will only get worse.

      Still the vast majority of the indigenous population don’t give a fuck or would take action, because footy, love island and deliveroo are great distraction techniques and they are working.

    • When they claim expenses for having their moats cleaned, we know they’re taking the piss and beyond reproach.

      Well some of us do. Too many apathetic cunts though who keep voting for them.

  11. Jeezum, I disagree that these sćumbags be returned immediately as there’d be no deterrent. We should imprison them in a private gaol and put them to work making stufg we later sell as profit, i.e. enslave the fuckers. If they won’t work, they won’t be fed. Let the rats die.

  12. All well and good all this touchy feeley bollocks the wankers spout. Carry on cunts, you are just hastening the arrival of another Adolf Hitler.

  13. When you have foreign ragheads who were appointed rather than elected as both the Prime Minister, and the Home Secretary, this piss boiling state of affairs is guaranteed.
    Let your MPs know in no uncertain terms what you think of their uselessness regarding immigration, and your vote will be cast elsewhere.
    Only when they stand a chance of being thrown off the gravy train will something be done.

  14. I’d outsource the abduction and return of these people to some dodgy South American government , somewhere with a proven record of disappearing and disposing of filth.

    The Uruguayans would be my choice

  15. I’d like to know why Waitrose are allowing this trash to operate a car wash in their car park? If I tried that they would get the coppers on me before I had emptied the first bucket. And anybody who gives money to these cockroaches to clean their car is a fucking cunt. I’d rather drive around with it permanently covered in shit than give those bastards a single penny.

    • Same as the gormless fuckwits who flock to the multitude of ever multiplying barbers shops for the same shit haircut.

      We’re a nation of fucking idiots.

    • I’d assumed they were trying to nick the paint off the car, theiving gyppo bastards!

    • My brother-in-law worked at a big Tesco store in the Midlands. A bunch of East Europeans operated a car wash in the car park. One day he went in and there was no car wash. The immigration authority had turned up unannounced and took them all away.

  16. Rule number 1, a “Well, you should have thought of that before you did it” law.
    “But you can’t deport me for kiddie-fiddling [whatever], I’ll be persecuted in my own country.”
    “WYSHTOT”, on the plane back to Bongobongoland same day.

    Rule number 2, death penalty for not declaring which country you are from. Hence:
    “But I’m not from Bongobongoland and I’m not telling you where I am from, so you can’t deport me”

    Job number 3, you can only claim asylum in Britain at a British Embassy.
    Arrive illegally on British shores? See rule 1 and rule 2, above.

    • If they won’t tell you where they’re from just drop the cunts from 30,000 feet into international waters. Then it won’t be an issue.

  17. Battleship in the centre of the channel. Cross our border (men, women or kids) and get machine gunned into a mass of blood, shit and rubber dingy. We’d only need to do that once and the problem would stop over night. International outcry? Fuck em.

  18. Uman rights and wokeie legal persons combine to make the removal of these shitbags a long expensive process which also brings to the front the total uselessness of U.K. governments immigration system which is bad for votes. So stick head up arse and pretend it’s not happening.

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