Jake Yapp’s Unwinding

(Yappity Yapp is also a vegan! – Day Admin)

Just one more and I’ll shut up for a bit. I would like to cunt
“Jake Yapp’s Unwinding” on Radio 4 Extra

Described by our friends the British Cunt Corporation as:
“Comedian and broadcaster Jake Yapp with a new live show for January evenings; three hours of comedy, guests and games.”

BBC News Link

Leaving the aptly-named limp luvvie vegan’s* personal inadequacies for another time, I’ll just cunt the programme. Which consists of R4X’s standard fare of recycled comedy programmes, some of them not actually bad, but cut up into 5-10 minute chunks for the hard of understanding and served with an interpolated thin gravy of the cunt Yapp being monumentally unfunny in the company of a fellow luvvie.

It’s Chris Evans on Mandrax. Chatter, silly games and in-crowd giggles intercut with Hancock’s Ten Minutes do not a programme make. They make a dog’s breakfast. Three fucking hours of dog’s breakfast, every fucking night for a month.

*”…the creator and host of the Vegan Life Magazine Podcast, a fun show that’s all about food and how to eat it.” (Yapp’s website)

Nominated by: Komodo

And seconded by: Mary Hinge

Seconded – I had the misfortune to hear some of this unmitigated shite today.

In a slightly masochistic way, I kept listening for a while as I couldn’t believe how bad it was – like listening to someone slowly going out of their mind, and taking you with them.

The host had several guests on who he presented like they were the second coming – even though I should think no bugger has heard of them.

Low points were a discussion about whether a haggis is just a baggy sausage, and the host saying he enjoyed his male privilege by not feeling scared during a power cut and sitting in the dark.

Maybe as it is Burns Night some Scottish people will complain about the haggis being ridiculed and it will get taken off air, you can but hope.

65 thoughts on “Jake Yapp’s Unwinding

  1. Never had time for vegan’s. They can’t fart without peppledashing your furnature. Cunts!

      • My daughter had a go at being veggie some years ago when she still lived at home. I was making breakfast one day and she asked me to ccok some veggie ‘bacon’ she’d bought. Never seen anything look so shitty in my life.
        As for those vegan ‘sausage’ rolls from Greggs, well fuck me…

      • That will all be down to their diet of a lentil soup starter. Followed by a main course of mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, brussel sprouts, and whatever else we call vegan. Finished off with a Vegan Magnum ice cream, or two. That lot can’t be doing our planet any good, surely?

      • Don’t forget that avocado; grown using hundreds of gallons of water then flown in all the way from Chile, just so they can boast about not eating meat and saving the planet.

      • Ron, Younger told me that, for the most evangelical vegans, avocado is on the banned list because they use imported bees to fertilise the plants.

        Can’t make this shit up, can you?

      • One thing those vegan cunts do have the record for……Shitting through the eye of a needle.

  2. Being vegan has grown him a pair of tits, it seems.

    Once I become supreme leader and declare year zero, I will force feed beef burgers to all vegans.

    For no other reason than I am a complete cunt.

    And that we shouldn’t have to put up with their whining and smelly farts.

  3. Never heard of the cunt, thanks to ISAC I now know to avoid (in the unlikely event I see ‘oh that might be interesting’ Jake Yapp) 😂

    • I’ve never heard of him either so looked him up. He’s pushing 50 and been in the business since the mid-90s yet is still a nobody. There are clips of him on YT but I wouldn’t waste your time looking at them. He is your typical R4 standard unfunny cnut. He should change his surname to something beginning with Cr that rhymes with Yapp.

  4. Never fear. Future generations will all be veggies or vegans; while those who resist will be living on a diet of bugs and slugs.

    The planet must be saved, even with an 8 billion+ human population which is growing/expanding/consuming at exponential rates!

  5. You can be vegan all you want, I couldn’t care if you are your own shite or out of bins,
    Just shut the fuck up about it.

    I don’t hear VEGAN and think

    “Oh how noble, he’s a curious fellow”

    I hear it and think


      • Alright Thomas?

        And you’d be right.
        Announced like they expect you to gasp in shock.

        “I am ……a Vegan!!”

        So fuckin what?

        I eat enough meat for both of us, don’t worry about it, sandal wearer.

        Think Fiddler’s gone.☹️

      • I hope not, Mis.

        He’s the reason a “rival” cunting site gets hot under the collar.

        I say “rival”, they can’t hold a candle to this one, absolutely rubbish they are, and the put me in jail, twats!

      • Alright JP👍

        Cunts Corner?

        I couldn’t even work out how to post on it?

        You got jailed?! Hehehe 😄

        Fuckin ell.

      • That’s the chap, Mis.

        Apparently, it was pretentious they objected to, because they’re still a bunch of wankers.

      • Site jail. Wasnt allowed to post for 14 days, but I thought the single post I put up was sufficient unto the day.

        “You’re all a load of pretentious wankers”

        That’ll do it!

      • Pfffft. Maybe temporarily.
        His stubborn resolve will fold faster than a crack whore punched in the stomach by Hunter Biden.
        He’s probably reading this right now.
        Evening Mr F….coooeeee!
        🩷💋 I’ve just given you a big homo kiss, Mr F, and there’s 𝖋𝖚𝖈𝖐 𝖆𝖑𝖑 you can do about it in absentia….xxxxx

      • I am….. a Vegan!

        Sort of like

        I am… a serial killer!
        But of vegetables, beans, peas and pulses?

      • Very rarely post and don`t come on here because it`s an echo chamber of my opinions. I call in because of the inventive cuntishness of some of the cunters here and Mr DFF is one of the best.

        I sometimes wonder if he is a retired Guardian reading lady librarian with a mischievous streak but no matter, he is a fine and talented cunt.

      • I miss the Oriental Pisshole from Wales and his endless dissertations on the differences between Russian tanks, why Putin is bad man and why child rape among the elites of the world isn’t a big deal.

        I don’t know, a sort of banality has crept into this site, so I am trying my hardest to make you lot laugh with my disturbing imagery.

        Play a record…


      • Seeing my number one fan leaving me another love letter, I thought I might use the new report abuse button, but then I remembered I had a backbone.
        I’d probably end up being the one banned though, as he seems untouchable in his endeavours.
        This comment will self destruct in 30 seconds, like my last one did.

    • Check out the end of the first page from the Inane T-shirts nom from last night Emperor.

  6. Wishy Washy Sunak will probably introduce a policy where everyone must wear a badge telling everyone you’re either a :-

    Vegan – Hooray!!!
    Veggie – Hmmm, ok
    Meat eater – Boo hiss, planet killer!!

    • I’m at the stage where if that actually happened, I wouldn’t be that surprised 🤪

  7. I’ve got a joke Mr Yapp can use on the BBC.
    A Chinkie is sitting in a pub and a Jew comes over and slaps him in the face.

    “That’s for Pearl Harbor you cunt.”

    “Pearl Harbor?” he says “that wasn’t us, that was the fucking Japanese.”

    The Jew says “Japanese. Chinese they’re all the same to me.

    The Chink thinks about this for ten minutes, walks over and slaps the Jew in the face.

    “That’s for the Titanic you cunt.”

    “Titanic?” he says , “that wasn’t us, that was a fucking iceberg.”

    The Chink says “ iceberg, Goldberg, it’s all the same to me.”

      • Gordon, don’t you ever accuse me of having anything to do with D.L.T. again! I can see a bit of a resemblance, but if you do your homework, you will clearly see it is not who you thought it was, as I don’t want people to talk. Just telling you.

      • It’s hard to make out who it is, even when magnified using CTRL+. but wait… is it Ian Huntley in a Dave Lee Travis mask? 😀 😀 😀

      • It’s Graham Chapman as Biggus Dickus from Life of Brian. Gordon. Wordfence had one hell of a job putting all of that in. Just thought I would clear up.

  8. It always annoys me on R4Extra – you are waiting for, say, The Goon Show to start at 1900, and at 1902 pompous arsehole Clive Andersoni s still nattering to wimmin about their early influences, or there is some old shrew cackling at a joke she has dropped like “how would you define your career in terms of soup?”. Not a pair dry of undercrackers in the house. It sounds so phoney. Anybody who likes classic comedy like Round The Horne is unlikely to enjoy today’s “stand up” pansies. Then the inevitable warning about ‘reflecting language and atitudes of the times”, because back in 1975 Les Dawson did a mother-in-law joke – hurty words indeed, and the BBC will let you hear them 48 years later.

    I am glad to say Yapps crap has now been flushed down the BBC lavatory, never to be heard again, and the evening schedule is more or less back to normal – Ant & Dec’s Desert Is;and Discs for the twentieth time.

    • We can hope Yapp’s been flushed never to return. But if the Bolshevik Borecasting Corpse Oration runs true to form, a future arbitrary month will feature, say, Arthur Smith or that cunt Mitchell, who is everywhere already.

      They’re recycling Ray’s A Laugh now – which was perhaps funny when I was ten, but seems to have lost any edge it may once have had…

      Nor is Talk Radio/ TV immune from Chattering Luvvy and Giggling Girlie Syndromes, I am sorry to note.

      And/or, R4X’s tiny audience will be reduced further by removing it from DAB radio broadcasts altogether.

      Radio, I have to say, is pretty well fucked now.

      • Every radio comedy show of the late 40s and entire 1950s seems to have been produced by Leslie Bridgemont – yet search for him on line and you will find nothing. Clearly an important man in his day, who must have entered the deadpool years ago.

        A more recent writer/producer Edward Taylor (The Men From The Ministry and every latter day Jimmy Edwards series) isstill with us at 92.

        The pictures – and the comedy on radio is much better than TV especially now we have all the stand-up wankers

  9. Casemiro…. What a star. No way he should have. He probably thought he was choking the ghost of Jimmy Savile…

      • You’re right, he was trying to prevent himself from falling over on that awkward slope and grabbed hold of the albinos neck for safety.

        Aubergine head has the gall to say there should be more black managers in the premier league. They’re all as bad as he. He’s just there to make the numbers up.

    • @CG

      Obviously I’m not speaking for Admin:

      It happens to me frequently. My opinion is there are certain words and/or phrases that trigger a response from the system. Sometimes the system thinks you are spam or junk and relegates you to “the bin.”

      Other times it thinks you are offensive and using bad words so it simply sends your post to the abyss of cyber space.

      While I have sometimes had success re-writing my posts and using different words and phrases, other times I think the system recognizes you are trying to post again and says, “Oh no you don’t cunt!”

      Using more than one link will (in my experience) always cause your post to vanish.

      All of this is completely different then going to moderation.

      And then of course there’s always Freddie’s point.

      But regardless, I agree…it is so frustrating!

      • GC: my comments that have disappeared into the ether, have been totally unpolitical and innocent.

      • Hey CG,

        Then I’m not sure what to say. Hopefully, Admin can identify the problem and fix it. Many of us look forward to what you have to say.

  10. Vegan bacon, vegan cheese and vegan sausages are all abominations and the work of the antichrist…. Oh, and anyone who eats them is a complete and utter cunt.

  11. And any cunt who eats pumpkin and spinach ‘burgers’ should fry for eternity in the fires of Hell.🔥🔥🔥🔥👿

  12. Anyone called Jake Yapp just screams out ‘CUNT’.
    File alongside Jake Skuse, Sage Willoughby, Milo Ponsford, and the other cunt….

  13. On the subject of vanishing comments, I notice that a few have been removed from this nom, and they were quite innocuous, too.
    How very strange.

    • Going to the dogs.

      Might be joining Fiddler myself. Going to stick around, just to read to see how things go for a bit.

      Those who want this place ‘back to its former glory’, which seems to mean 5 comments per nom and calling everyone gammons, are welcome to it if it keeps up.

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