Isla Bryson and/or Adam Graham

The clued-in membership of IsAC will be aware of the furore north of the border following the SNP’s recent rail-roading of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill through Holyrood. Now here’s a cautionary little tale for Nicola von Rottweiler to chew on in the wake of that.

Allow to introduce the captivating Isla Bryson from Clydebank, who’s been convicted of carrying out two serious sex assaults against women while still ‘living’ as tatood slaphead Adam Graham.

S/he/it (okay, let’s just make the pronoun ‘shit’ for short) first appeared before the beak as Graham, but by the start of the recent six-day trial at Glasgow’s High Court, ‘Adam’ had become ‘Isla’. Shit is now being held on remand at an all-female institution pending sentencing. I don’t think any decision has yet been reached as to where shit will actually serve an almost certain custodial sentence.

So at this moment, what exactly is the actual ‘gender status’ of this charmer? Fucked if I know, so I can only go by the evidence of my own mince pies, and I refer cunters to the picture first left in the link;

Daily Fail Link.

Now all I can say is, if that’s not a dick poking through those lurid red pants, it must be the world’s largest clitoris.

So then Wee Jimmy. Just where will this creep be banged up? Men’s clink, or women’s clink? What was that? Oh, it’s not your job to interfere in the judicial process… Right.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

And then there’s this from Captain Magnanimous

Isla Bryson is a cunt, isn’t he. (It’s certainly not a looker! Admin)

This is a nomination for the Scottish gender bill, Sturgeon, and the bewigged rapist who raped two women then suddenly decided to ‘transition’.

I might rob a bank tomorrow. If I’m caught, I’m going to identify as a courgette so they can’t convict me. “Courgette didn’t rob no prison”, I’ll say. Lock up Cap’n Maggie”, I’ll suggest.

Hopefully, this’ll be the end of Sturgeon and her miserable career.

Scottish Daily Express

59 thoughts on “Isla Bryson and/or Adam Graham

  1. Apparently, there is another of these loathsome creatures who, in addition to claiming to be a tranny wants to be treated as a toddler. The upshot is that said nutter is demanding nappies, baby food and it’s hand held be prison staff.
    Personally, I find this whole lunacy highly amusing ; the sight of Krankie squirming is a bonus.

    • I like this story…..purely because it is proving what a fucked up world we live in, whereby you change laws to apease fucking freaks who think their lifestyle is normal. I love the fact the hand wringing liberals and politicians who campaign for this gender recognition bollocks are realising how fucked up it is to administer.

      The bloke/woman or whatever it is in the nom is a cunt, but I like the problem it has caused the establishment

      • Agreed CC, and let’s not forget it’s not just Krankie’s ScotNazis. The Labour, Liberal and Green mentals also supported her illogical, unworkable crackpot law, because leaping onto the trans woke bandwagon is more important to these cunts than keeping vulnerable women and girls safe.
        The unravelling of this nonsense may have started with prisons, but it’s going to spread elsewhere and I’m looking forward it.

      • That’s a great point about the culpability of other parties in this fiasco north of the border Geordie.

        It would be great to think of this as the unravelling of this nonsense, but I hae ma doots.

  2. There appear to be two possibilities here…

    1/ Fuehrer Krankie and her SNP goons were deliberately trying to goad the UK government into vetoing an ‘Act’ by the Scottish Parish Council and using said veto to whip up their bovine supporters into a frenzy.

    2/ They have swallowed the whole wank about a bloke in a cheap wig and dress being exactly the same as an adult female with XX chromosomes.

    Or perhaps both. Either way, the SNP show themselves for the cunts they are. There are hitherto undiscovered tribes in the Amazon who know the SNP are the biggest twats on this planet.

    Has anyone else noticed that so many of our morally superior overlords subscribe to the Holy Trinity of Trans-BLM-XR? If you know they support one of these, it’s a pound to a penny they support the other two.

    The only response to the religious mantra “Transwomen are women” is “are they fuck.”

    Did I mention that the SNP are cunts?

    • If HMG don’t veto the bill we shall have a bizarre situation where a self proclaimed ‘woman’ will revert to being a male once they cross the Scottish border into England.
      I doubt that Krankie & Co have really thought this through.

      • Oh, they have thought it through…

        There are two tin-foil theories about Krankie (and, by extension, her freakshow) doing the rounds

        1. She’s a British state ‘asset’, and doing her job (i.e. destroying the Scottish Independence movement from within).
        2. She’s a Wannabe WEFfen SS member, doing her best to implement their woke BS in the hopes that she’s invited to join the high table. (does not exclude theory 1, she’s proven to be a duplictous backstabbing wee lezzie…).

        (Both totally ignoring option 3. She’s just a deviant wee cunt, plain and simple)

        For your continued amusement here’s a piece on the Sick Nonce Perverts latest allies…

        (Now, just don’t be eating anything whilst reading…)

  3. This is great. Sturgeon has been made to look a right cunt by this chancer. The whole world knows this wanker was looking for a nice easy ride in a Wimminz prison , courtesy of the wokies. But the outrage was so great and the cunt was so obvious that even the Queen of the wokies had to climb down. This could be the beginning of the end for the bitch.
    And all because she so desperately wants to be Wee Jimmy Krankie.

    • Even the cunt’s wife is calling him out. She said in an interview that ‘I nearly fell out of bed laughing when I heard about this’, and said that he was just playing the system in the hope of getting softer treatment.

    • Anyone with even the vaguest idea of human nature could see that the system would be gamed by rapists, abusers and assorted pervs.
      Which makes the politico cunts supporting this insanity either thick as fucking mince or deliberately putting women at risk of attack by male predators.

  4. Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?
    No, it’s a totally fucked up, attention-seeking twat!

    Has anyone noticed how when you read news articles of defendants leaving court they’re always holding a phone to their ears? They’re probably talking to a dead phone, but they don’t want to talk to the press because they’ve been found out to be complete cunts!

  5. I seriously blame MR Eddie Izzard, The Labour Party and the Daily Mail for all this bollocks.

    If Izzard hadn’t have put on false tits and heavy makeup, to pretend to be a would-be woman MP, if Starmer hadn’t have spouted that rubbish about men with cervix and women with dicks, and not found excuses for it, and the Daily Mail hadn’t flattered it’s vanity by calling it “her” instead of pointing out he was an effeminate homosexual in denial, in short if it hadn’t been taken seriously, but treated like the dirty joke it was, then others would not have jumped on the bandwagon.

  6. What amazes me is how this lunacy gets that far.

    Who ever is responsible for placing him at that prison should be immediately removed from their job.


    This little-known sequel to C S Lewis’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ has just been republished.
    It tells the story of Alice, a young girl who falls through a rabbit hole and lands in the strange Land of the Gingers called Scoartland.
    Scoartland is ruled with a rod of iron by the Queen of Jocks, elected by Tweedledim and Tweedledumb. The Queen’s favourite is the Mad Brown Hatter, who persuades her to issue this edict: ‘From now on, any boy who says he is a girl is a girl.’
    ‘But that is ridiculous’ say some of Scoartland’s citizens.
    ‘You are all Ists and Phobes and Toarees’ screams the Queen, ‘Off with their heeds’, and Scoartland is littered with the heads of her critics.
    One day, the Mad Brown Hatter invites several weird creatures and Alice to his Irn Bru party. Alice goes to the toilet, followed by one of the girl creatures. Watching Alice intently, the girl creature starts playing with her penis which gets bigger and bigger and then spits at Alice. ‘Curiouser and curiouser’ says Alice as she is woken from her nightmare by her sister.

    It is known that Lewis was a user of laudanum (alcohol and opium) and it has been suggested that this may have influenced his mind when writing this nonsense tale for children. Certainly it’s hard to imagine such a place as ‘Scoartland’ ever being created without the misuse of alcohol and hard drugs.

  8. This cunt is playing the system and try to get ‘nuttered out’.

    He knows what would await him in a male prison.
    Sex cases are segregated into secure units for their own protection.

    As a male rapist in a women’s prison he would also be segregated.
    There is no way that the authorities could put him in the general population.

    By now claiming to be a baby he is obviously trying to get himself sent to a secure mental unit.
    By being so demanding and unruly he will probably get his way.

    Once ‘nuttered out’ he only has to demonstrate that he is no longer a nutter before he can apply for early release.

    This is nothing new.
    It’s the same tactics that the guy in M*A*S*H was using back in the ’80s television programme.

    • Sorry.
      2 different cases.
      One claiming to be a woman, the other a baby.

      Same thing applies.

      They want to go to secure nut houses for their sentences.

      • What I always found interesting about the Klinger character on ‘MASH’ was that he had a tent to himself, whereas you had two captains and a major forced to share.
        It was as though they didn’t want to push the gender thing too far, even tho Klinger wasn’t actually a tranny anyway, just trying to get a discharge on psychiatric grounds.

  9. I was listening to a phone in on the radio, on this very subject as I recall, and a caller referred to Sturgeon as “Krankie.” Nobody corrected him or asked him what he meant. I fucking pissed myself.

  10. Much as I’m delighted by any catastrophe that befalls the SNPiss and it’s demented windbag Chuckie leader I have to conclude this Graham cunt should be allowed to “identify” whatever it wants..after it’s been hanged.

    • According to some reports Unk, the cunt’s claiming that he wants the NHS to give him the full nip and tuck.
      What a world.

  11. Watching Krankie shit her pants when questioned about this is TV comedy gold.

    Hopefully it’s the beginning of the end for the demented witch.

  12. You’ve all pretty much said it all.

    Another example of idiotic thinking 🤔 from the cunts in power. “Let’s put a male rapist in a women’s prison “.

    Listening on the radio to a debate about this and whilst there are no trannie stats for uk. In the USA only 3% of men claiming to be trans women have started surgery.

    Because the cunts don’t want to lose their dicks. Women my arse

  13. This modern trend of “re-identifying” is getting completely out of hand.

    Seems that if you’re a man identifying as a woman (but without any physical changes to the contrary), you could be entitled to retire at whatever the state retirement age is for a woman, rather than having to work a few extra years being a man (which in itself is a blatant case of inequality and should be looked at)

    But to continue my example, could said “woman” also claim many other benefits that women-alone can apply for, not least maternity/paid leave?

    And what, after a few years pretending to be a woman, you want to reidentify as a bloke again, primarily because there might be some additional benefits that outweigh those for women? (not that there’s many nowadays)

    The government is going to tie itself up in knots, as will the courts and justice system as they try to work out how this self-identification crap is going to pan out in the future!

      • Good point. It’s been changed to 66 for both. At one time there was a 5 year gap in favour if the wimminz. But that has changed due to the inequality – which is interesting because the wimminz have been banging on about equality on a number of issues. But when the previous governments changed the retirement age to 66 it affected the wimminz more than the blokes, and they don’t like it!

      • Nws, just checking. I’ve got a way to go but am currently blowing my military pension on a series of gold-digging sluts. Not even thought about the state one.

    • Mrs Twatt says she will happily carry out the operation. Time to put her new garden shears to good use.

  14. I remember when the Babs Cabs character on League of Gentlemen was just a joke.

    The good old days.

  15. It’s a women, wants to be in a female prison. No problem just carry out a free dickectomy and testicular removal and hey presto the cunt looks a bit more feminine
    Surely if he wants to be a women he will be up for the procedure asap.
    To remind all the fuckwits out there “women do not pack meat and two veg”
    Hopefully the filthy rapist bastard will end up sharing a cell with “I love anal” Mcgraff

  16. I hope the header pic in the next nom has a gorgeous 100% genuine female bird leaning over a car pretending to wash it in her skimpy attire!

    I just want to rinse my eyes out with battery acid after looking at whatever he/she/it is in this header!

  17. Sick and fed up with these cunts, they should be burned at the stake. Fuck em fuck em all. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, good morning.

    • They were burnt at the stake for witchcraft, which wasn’t proven. They can also be burnt at the stake for pretending to be whichever sex they decide to be on a whim. The threat will stop this nonsense once and for all.

  18. Just talking about this whole farce with the wife, and she made an interesting observation, to wit; what is going to happen to any trans men who are given a custodial sentence?
    Come on then Wee Jimmy; will said convict go to a men’s prison or a women’s prison?
    The public has a right to know.

    • What a vision of loveliness. Oh to be locked in a cell with them. To look into their eyes, to gently brush aside their wig hair to reveal their alluring tattoos. I have this feeling welling up inside me.

  19. Whilst I don’t condone this piece of shit crimes I think his actions in trying to get an easier sentence should actually be celebrated because it has shone a spotlight right into the very heart of The Scottish Ultra Nationalists inner sanctum, namely that Scotland is being run by a tiny minority of zealots hell bent in forcing through their stinking rotten lunacy.

    It doesn’t matter to me why this nasty little insidious shithouse so championed this idiocy the people of Scotland Including the Nazi supporters are outraged by it and to see the little Hitler get tied up in knots last week trying to defend it was a joy to watch.

  20. I think this is the Scottish Prison Service taking the piss out of the Scottish Parliament. None of them want independence because their pensions are linked to the UK Investments. Anybody notice he looks like the fat slag Sandra from Viz?

    What nobody mentioned on Question Time last week is that there is only one woman’s prison in Scotland: Cornton Vale. He is obviously a man. He still has a cock and balls. Give them a segregated wing in Barlinnie and put them all there. Job done.

    They had some token gobby tranny on Question Time who had dressed as a woman for a long time who said, “They couldn’t send someone that looks like me to a man’s prison’. Well I would ask her if she still has a cock and balls? If yes she goes to a man’s prison, if not then she goes to a female prison. If she didn’t have a cock and balls and she went to a man’s prison she’d “cop more pokes than a wharfie’s barbecue’. Why did nobody say that to the ugly cunt?

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