City of York Council

City of York Council have spent £1,000,000 on two… guess what…

Leisure Centres?




Erm…recruiting more bobbies on the beat?

Lol. Don’t be silly.

No, they’ve spunked it on 2 bin lorries. And they don’t even work in the rain.

You see, they spunked £500,000 each on two bin lorries that were fully electric to stop Greta crying. The fact the cunting things were out of service most of the time for a year isn’t a big issue for the council.

You see, they bought 12 ‘green’ bin lorries, but only two fully leccy ones. The manufacturer paid for (no doubt diesel) replacement vehicles while they worked out how to fix the (many) faults.

Just skirt over the fact you’re spunking 500k of residents money on a single bin lorry then?

Oh don’t worry, York constituents. They plan on spending more of your hard earned money on making all of the bin lorries fully leccy soon.

£6 million on bin lorries.

I wonder how Greta got to be a multi millionaire at 18 with no qualifications whatsoever, eh?

The Climate Change ‘Emergency’ is the biggest grift in history. A lot of cunts getting rich by saying the weather isn’t perfect…without even saying what weather they actually want, of course.

It’s all grift and backhanders.


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65 thoughts on “City of York Council

  1. Excellent,I imagine when they charge these contraptions some enraged technician at the National Grid has to pull the backup “Emergency Nuclear” lever to stop the entire north of England going dark.


    • That’s why I’m frantically buying shares in Uranium mining companies.
      World wide demand for this nuclear fuel is going up quickly.
      I might as well make a few quid out of it.

  2. They do make a racket our bin lorries of a morning.
    Disturbing my slumbers.

    Like listening to the milk float going passed in childhood…
    An electric hum much more acceptable.

    • When I was a kid, our milk float went ‘ clip clop ‘.
      Back when the world was normal.
      And councillors actually cared about their local community, as opposed to lining their own pockets
      Good morning, Miles.
      Hope you are well 👍

      • ‘Councillors cared about their local community as opposed to lining their own pockets’.
        I’m not sure about that, Jack. We had Dan Smith running Newcastle City Council in the 1960s. He turned lining his own pockets into an art form.

      • Hi Jack-my mother’s family were dairy farmers and my uncles all helped deliver the milk before breakfast and school-using horse drawn milk floats😀👍

        Simpler, happier times🙂

      • My Dad did a milk round in Wallsend when he was young. He told me the horse knew the round and he just followed and dropped the milk off.

      • Lord C – Sting’s dad had a milk round in Wallsend.
        Lord Cuntingford, you are Sting and I claim my £5.

      • @GT. Nothing’s ever perfect. But I think it’s got worse with time.
        Good evening.

  3. Meanwhile National Grid have just warmed up two coal-fired power stations in Nottinghamshire ready to come on stream, possibly today, as there’s next to no wind and it’s getting colder. To produce ‘Green Energy’ for fuckwits like York Council.
    The lunatics are running the asylum.

    • Quite right Mr Twatt.

      I do so hope they keep at it with their “clean” energy claims and assorted other guff,after all they are too heavily invested in their idiotic idiology to stop now..

      I hope to see it all come crashing down around their could say the cessation of Russian natural gas has already started the process.

    • It’s gross stupidity to use coal fire stations to back up the wind. The coal fired stations should be 100% on and fucking useless wind as and when it blows.

      • Coal doesn’t work as back up, they take too long to ramp up and down, as you say they need to be running flat out.
        The cunts just use gas to balance the grid, last week the wind was blowing and this week it isn’t.

        More wind turbines are great, when it blows, but having double the capacity makes no odds when it doesn’t.

        I bet the short sighted cunts still decommission the remaining three coal fired stations this year.


  4. Global Warming is the biggest SCAM in human history. It’s peddled by crooks out to make a fast buck and pushed by brain dead fuckwit sheep who can’t think for themselves (like York council):

    I think this video explains the global warming fraud better than anyone:

  5. You need the grand old Duke of York ( no not the child fiddling one) march 10,000 men to the chief executive’s House and turn him/her to compost.

  6. Don’t worry-other councils will follow suit-100 plus local authorities have signed up to the 15 minute city madness👎

    Get your walking shoes on, fellow cuntetrs☹️

  7. I was chatting to a bloke who recently retired from West Burton A station Nottingham, I asked him how do they run a coal fired power station in Britain.

    No problem he said, WE IMPORT TONS OF SHITE COAL FROM “RUSSIA”. It burns very inefficiencly with loads of pollution.

    You couldn’t make this crap up…!

    • Meanwhile ,the oh so green Germans generate great lumps of their electricity using a particularly polluting coal called lignite. When the EU tried to reduce their use of lignite through a tradeable permit system the Krauts scuppered the plan all by themselves.
      No, you couldn’t make this crap up.

      • was just going to say the same. And tour round Southern Ireland and everyone uses peat first, then imported polish coal and kerosene. Love the small in early spring – the countryside just starting to smell lovely plus the burning peat – magical.

  8. I wonder how much time money and energy it takes to charge one of these electric trucks?

    imagine hundreds of these electric trucks up and down the country being plugged into the national Grid on top of everything else that needs to be plugged in for several hours every day. It’s s going to bring down the entire national Grid and then what’s the plan B?

  9. My local dump, yes council cunts it’s a dump. Are bringing in a booking system to use it. We’ll enjoy the influx of fly-tipping fuckwits

    • We have had a booking system in place since lockdown for our tip. Fly tipping in our area has gone up nearly 40% since. This is costing the council more money to clear it up than they now get from recycling our shit at the tip. Before the booking system they also introduced a charging system for ordinary members of the public to drop off bags of rubble, soil and platerboard…yea the kind of difficult stuff the normal members of the public actually have trouble getting rid of. Rubble sacks were being charged £6 a sack with a maximum of 4 sacks at a time. So you make if even more difficult to get rid of shit, and then charge for doing so any wonder fly tipping has gone up? Should be made easier and more people would do it.

    • Pembrokeshire has been doing that since the scamdemic started, used to be queuing on the Old Hakin Road going in, but no more peasants, it’s quieter than a synagogue collection tray now, don’t want to tire out the council workers, they only get 6 hours sleep at work at the moment, the lazy jobsworth cunts!!!

  10. “The climate hysteria movement is not about science. If it were about science, it would be led by scientists rather than politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.” – Michael Knowles (Columnist for The Daily Wire.)

  11. It must be great to climb to the top of the virtue signalling tree by splashing other people’s money around. I believe there was a famous massacre of Jews in York about a thousand years ago…….let’s hope the members of the council suffer a similar fate very soon.
    The fucking bastards.

  12. The ironic thing about these electric trucks or any other waste disposal trucks is that they collect everyone’s rubbish whether it’s green rubbish or ordinary rubbish and some of it goes into landfill and some of it is exported abroad supposedly to be recycled but sometimes ends up in landfill or even in the ocean!

  13. We’ve got leccy busses round my way that proudly declare that they produce ‘Zero Emissions’.
    Sounds lovely and fluffy, but it’s a bare faced lie. It might not produce emissions at the point of use, fair enough, but there’s a power station somewhere supplying it that does.
    Climate change. The new western religion that counters inconvenient truth with bullshit.

  14. To be fair water can be a problem, don’t the royal navy have submarines and air craft carriers that don’t like water..

  15. All this lunacy in the UK could be stopped with the introduction of one law.

    Misappropriation of Public Funds.

    That could be applied to any council that gives away money to immigrants without rigorously checking their status.

    Any health authority that treats people who have no right to access the NHS.

    Any police force that spends money on vanity projects like painting their cars with rainbows.

    And anyone that rubber stamps any project that does not represent value for money for the taxpayers.

    At the moment nobody is accountable.

    One million pounds on bin lorries that don’t work?
    The cunt that authorised this should lose his job, be prosecuted and fined.

    • probably be promoted. Anyway, a million quid is a drop in the ocean. Thurrock Council in Essex is bankrupt with a debt of £1.5billion! yes folks, a council (who is supposed to provide services like picking up litter and sweeping roads) has managed to run up £1,500,000,000 on “risky investments”. Read about it online – it makes your mind boggle. Do you think anyone has got into trouble for it?

      (ps – just for context, the debt is greater than the GDP of Grenada)

  16. Still, at least we won’t have any power cuts here in Londonstabistan. All the politicians live here so they won’t allow that to happen. It’ll be all you northern peasants who will be shivering in the dark I’m afraid.

    • Well that sends a dangerous precedent to other reckless spending councils.

      Just blow away the budget and then go crawling to government and ask for special permission to increase the council tax by 15 or 20% rather than actually trying to figure out where all the money went in the first place.


  17. Counsillor: Adj. A person elected to represent their own best interests, and the interests of their paymaster, whilst masquerading as a public servant.
    Councillor Adj A person who has a fondness of brown envelopes, and an extensive collection, whilst masquerading as a public servant.
    Councillor Adj A person occasionally seen on a doorstep coincidental to a local election whilst masquerading as a public servant

    Councillor Adj A person who drives a better car than you could ever afford.

  18. It’s all about how much virtue you can signal, wether the fucker works or not does not matter a it’s not your money that is being wasted, b you are never wrong. C it ain’t your money. Bloody idiots.

  19. This is why im sure Cardiff council are slowly but surely cutting down on collecting bins, smaller bins, less collections, more excuses, more attitude,ever more and more difficulty to get into the tip meanwhile the whole city looks like a fucking rubbish tip.
    They have leccy bin lorries, in fact a customer of ours was on the demo of these things and was told fires in the rear of bins lorries is quite common, if that happens with these leccy lorries, the best thing to do is run away and phone head office, on top of that they are known for reliability issues and the word on the strasse is the can manage a complete round in between charges.
    So thats a fucking win win for Cardiff council in their opinion, not the own goal that any fucker with eyes can plainly see.
    Cant believe people are taken in buy this electric fuckmuppery and yet the council tax inevitably only ever goes up, for less and less.
    Now when these lazy cunts go on strike and im sure they will at some point, how long will it be before any fucker notices….,

    • I’d suggest that in these hard times people take up the hobby of flytipping.

      Fun, cost effective and keeps you fit.

      Mosques, councillors back gardens, asylum refuges,
      Be creative!

      • Nice idea Mis, but unfortunately all mosques, councillors’ back gardens and asylum refuges have CCTV. Sadly only England’s green and pleasant land is left.

  20. All this bollocks simply hastens the demise of the electric car scam. Electric vehicles which stop in the rain? Well, I don’t know, seems to me that I learnt in junior school that water and electricity weren’t a good mix. Most older cunters will have experienced cars cutting out in wet weather due to water getting into the ignition system although the car makers have got much better at preventing this in recent times. One great advantage of a diesel engine is that having no ignition system it doesn’t care about the weather. But of course you can always reduce its legendary reliability by fitting a DMF and a DPF and other junk which commonly fail at an early age and cost a fortune to replace.
    Caught a television programme very recently where a Lotus was compared with an electric rival. The Lotus was the better car and cost £32k, the rival electric “sports” car cost over £100k. I rest my case.

  21. It makes sense to have electric city centre buses, but bin lorries ffs, I am all for common sense but it seems that York have failed to apply it here.

    Aiming to be net zero by 2030, why?

  22. Bin collectors and Scaffolders. As loud as a Saturn 5 rocket launch and about as subtle as an Al Jolson lookalike at a KKK meeting.

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