The Hypocrisy of the WEF Davos Forum

According to the article below (and others corroborating the story) over 1000 private jets, various motorcades involving mostly ICE cars, 2500+ delegates and hundreds of support staff, all cascading on this year’s annual conference in Davos, Switzerland this month.

There was massive criticism in the media and especially the eco-lobby this time last year for the same Davos meeting when it was alleged over 500 private jets (that’s over 1000 flights in and out of Switzerland) were used, along with thousands of cars etc.

WEF spokespeople at the time were stung by the hypocrisy and promised to reduce the massive carbon footprint for the 2023 forum, But clearly, and if these articles are to be believed, their promise was just another load of old bollocks.

And don’t forget, these are the globalist puppet-masters telling national governments how to run/ruin their countries, especially with regards climate change, net zero and Build Back Better.

These elitist cunts remind me of a similar globalist jamboree – COP26. Again we had thousands of VIPs and assorted hangers-on flying in from around the world, leaving massive carbon footprints, while telling the plebs what we can and can’t do for the next 50 years!

Proof-positive we’re been taken for complete fools by the elite and yet the MSM just haven’t quite realised it yet.


Nominated by: Technocunt

And supported by: General Cuntster

I would like to second this excellent nomination and point out that the hypocrisy is even worse than we know.

A company called Luna Jets is advertising its “highly discreet…on demand…empty leg network flights to the WEF meetings in Davos.”

You can even pick your own airport!

For more information on what they offer…and what an empty leg network is…go here:

Lunajets Link

A convenient and discreet way to pollute the planet at a discounted price!

Further support comes from Sheikh Anvakh

I’d like to add to this superb nomination to this pinnacle of hypocrisy and elite cuntritude.
The sheer effrontery of the Davis Fourth Reich and wannabe World Führer Klaus Schwab and his coterie of sociopathic arsehole crawlers knows no bounds.

Using the Great COVID Con as a covert pretext for Schwab’s “great reset”, these cunts care not a fig for us plebs.

The non-existent “climate emergency” is being used to starve us, impoverish us and put us back into totally surveilled little electronic villages where we won’t even have control of our own money.

Naturally these shite-hounds will tell us how it’s “for the chiiiiiiiillllldten, to play on our emotions, when anyone with half a brain knows that by destroying OUR rights, it destroys theirs too.

Then there’s the appalling “Build BACK Better” shit being parroted by our fuckwit politicians. Build BACK Better implies an awful lot of destruction as opposed to simply “build better”..

Every measure is designed to disempower us and remove our property rights, to “own nothing and be happy” when the the reality THEYLL own EVERYTHING and be happy, whole we become the life-on-subscription digital slaves, non-persons at the press of a key.
CUNTS, the lot of them.

Hopefully someone will wake up and declare the WEF Fourth Reich as the terrorist organization it is, as opposed to allowing Führer Cunt Schwab to dictate to our supposedly democratically elected governments. As I said, CUNTS, the lot of them. I hope they die slowly, painfully and alone

And even more support, this time from Komodo

At risk of extending this excellent nom still further, here’s the UK contingent:
1. Noted environmentalist Zac Goldsmith
2. Nicholas Lyons – who he? Mayor of London and City cunt.
3. Rachel Reeves. Labour Shadow Chancellor
4. Richard Moore. Head of SIS and general-issue spook
AND….(drum roll, fireworks, parade of catwalk models)…
5. the unsinkable turd TONY BLAIR.
Who has for no very valid reason attended every WEF in living memory. The cunt.

Found here, along with numerous other greenwashing fat cats – a decidedly off-message site which may not be up for much longer, so hurry.

Expose News Link

And a very late entry from Ron Knee

Morning Admin.

Daily Mail News Link

I thought that this could make an interesting additional link to the recent Davos nom!



68 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of the WEF Davos Forum

  1. These cunts are calling the shots, not elected governments. Prepare for the brave new world.

  2. It needed someone to have traveled abroad a sailing ship to the event and told them what a bunch of wankers they are.

    • Now that’s an idea Tel. Just imagine getting rid of the whole fucking cabal in an instant! Gives me the horn just thinking about it.

  3. Looks at the size of that carbon footprint in the photo.

    Wonder which of those massive cars belongs to uncle Klaus.

    Unless the Davos meeting is taking place at his exclusive underground luxury bunker.

    I bet that fuck off giant juicy steaks are on the menu an all and the central heating will be no doubt be cranked right up.
    After all – these cold blooded lifeless bloodsucking bastards probably feel the cold a lot more than us plebs do.

    Good Morning.

  4. I wonder if Ubercunt Tony B Liar will blacken his nose?

    One splendid acronym describes this little farrago of horseshite perfectly:


    *what a fucking load of old bollocks.

  5. ‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World’

    Or, we all get together to agree a coordinated approach to fucking over the great unwashed, well we will green wash the cunts.

  6. This is a brilliant nomination supported by three equally-brilliant endorsements. I have nothing to add other than (ahem), “I have nothing to add”.

  7. Bollocks I thought it was build black better. Oh shite start again. Fucking goat fuck should be nuked, then nuked again.

  8. And of course all of these virtue signalling cunts will be traveling from their chosen airport to their luxury hotel in a veritable convoy of gas guzzling, carbon spewing SUVs where they will devise, discuss and refine their nefarious plans to control the fossil fuel energy used by us plebs.

    I very seriously doubt that they will be eating grasshopper hors d’oeuvres and grub worm canapes while sipping organically grown chardonnay.

    • Afternoon GC-hopefully Jo Biden’s place is well insulated-looks like he may be vacating the big house Pennsylvania Avenue pretty soon.

      The Demonrats are giving him the same treatment that A.Cunto got as Mayor of NY😂

      • Hey CG.

        We’re a bit off topic here. But…

        Joe Biden’s one purpose was to be the figurehead/puppet for the Demonrats and the Obamunists who are running the government.

        I have long maintained that when he was deemed no longer useful they would discard him…probably with a hotshot to the arm disguised as medicine/vaccine…then announce that he died peacefully in his sleep.

        Then they and their allies in the MSM could have a pitypaloozathon (yes I made that word up) and anoint Old Flatback. They would then establish a never ending celebration of diversity as the first mixed race/concubine who identifies as female could become the showpiece. It would avoid the clown car primaries they are known for.

        But I’m beginning to think you are correct. It might be better to give him the Don Cuomlioni and let the harlot fight it out with, Cherokee Liz, the South Bend Sword Swallower, Gaslight Gavin and everyone else in a who’s the most woke primary.

      • It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that neither of those two bozos will be running in 2024.

  9. Excellent nom, I particularly liked the description of the Fourth Reich WEF.
    It’s like a bad Bond film, a load of nutters going for world domination, forcing the plebs to get jabbed when they want, to have digital turn-on/turn-off currencies and restrict our travel in the name of a non existent climate ‘emergency’.
    The worse bit is they appeared to have bought up the media and most folks have no idea what’s going on.
    I think the Ukraine geezer has just joined up too.

  10. I never found davos a particularly good doctor who villain, all you had to do was climb some stairs to outwit him..

    Opps sorry my mistake..

      • Spooky motherfuckers.

        I remember when they were The Legion of Doom.
        But rebranded as World Economic Forum.

        If you want to promote a green message maybe not flying in by private jet would be a good start?

        Easy to see why conspiracy enthusiasts get carried away with them,
        Fuck me,
        Every one of them a deadleg, dodgy cunt and rich as Midas.

        Nail bomb.

  11. I used to see no way forward, but then I read a book. All the worlds cunts come to a sticky end, and especially when the Empires they created crash down to the level of shit that renders them less than swill.

    Old Genghis, gone ,Mongolia ( Barren ) Julius. Gone (Italy? Ice Cream Factory )
    Adolf Gone Germany (full of cunts still ) and the list goes on.

    What will it take for the WEF to collapse, its members penniless paupers ? Like all before, the plebs will rise. Question is? When ?

  12. Adolf Klaus wants throwing into the oven until crispy.Shit biscuits all of them.I hate them all.Great reset my arse.I despair 😞

  13. The CLIMATE CRiSIS !!!! The biggest fucking con trick the world has ever seen and these cunts are pulling it off. Fuck these lying hypocrites and their media stooges. Fuck every vegan and green motherfucker who has swallowed this shit. You thick fucking wankers.

  14. Starmer and Shapps will also be there. Starmer? Naturally. Globalising cunt looking for a return to his EU comfort blanket.

  15. Rich cunts noshing each other, doing dirty deals with without a fuck for sorting out this world, just lining their own pockets – surprised FIFA aren’t there!

  16. Klaus Swabe we are the future 👎
    Ming The Merciless in disguise very dangerous people 👎
    Bet Tony Linton Blair has a front seat at Davos 👎

  17. Exposes this for the horseshit it is. But fear not. Kweer and the Gang have a Green Tsar lined up.

  18. I was having quite a good morning until I read this nomination and saw the parasite Blair mentioned now I’m full of bile and hatred again, how can the mention of one person’s name induce such venom into a chaps personality.
    Horrible piece of infected sputum, a festering sore on the pile ridden anus of GB.

  19. I have just read that the head on MI6 is going. That means we have been well and truly absorbed into SPECTRE.

  20. Afternoon Klaus baby.

    Mein Fuhrer.

    I wonder if you could clear up a couple of things for me and Lady C?

    (Don’t worry Klaus, nothing to do with our crabs or her thrush.)

    1. Will this Great Reset be so mighty as to lay low the mountains of the Earth?

    2. Will the veil of the temple be rent in twain?

    Also, will I still be allowed to own a tin opener?

    Sorry, that’s more than a couple of things, but you get the picture.

    (Questions, questions, questions, flooding into the mind of the concerned old boomer today – ED)

    I know you’re reading this, Klaus, because you control everything in the world (and probably the moon to boot).

    Btw, This Country Is Finished*

    * © RTC 2017

  21. Don’t know if anyone has noticed, but see how expensive flights to Europe are getting. Also, as of next year, France will ban ALL internal flights. Stopping us travelling is already happening by stealth. And do we really think that everyone who now as a petrol or diesel car will have a leccy car? Nope – you will just have to put up with shit public transport. Using the bus for work used to depress me no end, and I am going to miss the car. I still have my old Triumph, but for how long?

  22. Klaus is like a Bond villian.

    That fruity accent ,
    The bald nut and glasses,
    Wearing weird robes
    Probably got a 3rd nipple?

    But he protests that he’s on the forces of good!
    A philanthropist.

    I’m not convinced.
    He could own every chippy in the North West and I’d still keep him at arms length.

    ” Ve ave pies unt gravy unt fresh chips!
    Come miserable!
    You like these things!
    Meat unt potato pies ja?
    Ve vill enjoy them ja?”

    Get fucked.
    Something deeply flawed with that cunt.

    • He obviously didn’t read the script Miserable
      The meek inherit the earth 👎👎

      • “The meek shall inherit the Earth”, a Christian mantra I believe George. Did you ever hear such bollocks in all your life? As someone said ages ago; “The strong shall inherit the Earth and the meek shall go to the wall”. Stone cold fact as far as I can see.

      • Alright George?

        I hate those meek bastard’s.

        They inherit the earth they’ll all starve because they can’t open stubborn lids on jars and bottles.

        Sand in the face losers…

  23. It won’t be long before some Ahrab takes lessons , and flies a 737 into Klaus’s meeting place. Brain dead fanatics…there is no defence against the nutters !

  24. All they deserve is soggy bug burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a copy of 1984 rammed up their sphincters.

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