Dylan Mulvaney [3]

HE has been keeping a record you see. A tik-tok diary. ‘Days of Girlhood’.

This was on Day 1 – https://m.youtube.com/shorts/FttyV9IEzlc

What does HE say? ‘ I’ve cried three times…”I’ve sent off for dresses I cannot afford…’

See it’s PRETENDING to be a girl. In fact it’s Sexist in the sense it portraying girls or women as superficial airheads.

Pretending HE is. And HE’S good at it. Because that’s what HE is– an ACTOR.

I mean before the lockdown HE had a relatively good career as an actor. HE was in ‘The Book of Mormon’ on Broadway.

Yes then the Lockdown restrictions hit. So nothing to do. Bored.

But HE had to keep HIS name in the public arena somehow for HIS career.

Like all actors have to do.

I know I will jump on the ‘Trans’ bandwagon. And become a girl.

Note HE keep saying HE’S becoming a girl. Not a woman. So HE can use HIS acting skills to ‘play’ a ‘playful’ girl.

Here HE is again on Day 66 frolicking in woods–
“Day 66 of “Girlhood” – https://m.youtube.com/shorts/8Cl9c1EHQmk

See once again it is just pretending, jokey, ridiculing femaleness really.

What is this leading up to? A meeting with Joseph Robinette Biden, the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, the leader of the free world.

HE tells Joe that this is his 221st day of ‘transitioning’. ‘God love ya’ says Joe.

Finish up. I suppose ‘Dylan’ can be both a girl’s name and a boy’s. Anyway I have noticed HE hasn’t changed HIS name to a markedly more female one since HE started to ‘transition’. Because that’s what HE wanted all the time. Just to keep HIS name In the public arena for HIS acting career.

And HE got to meet and talk seriously with Joe Biden, the President of the United States, the most powerful…etc

You couldn’t make it up.

Scorsese on the lines of the ‘King of Comedy’ would make a good film of it.


Nominated by : Miles Plastic

37 thoughts on “Dylan Mulvaney [3]

  1. Perhaps he is playing them.
    It is all an act-and the joke is on “them”?
    Showing this cuntishness up for what it really is.
    A sophisticated and well planned cunting for this American perversion?

    I’d like me to think so.
    However, more likely he is a Cunt🤔

  2. I just can’t work this out. This individual is such an egregious tranny, you’d think he’s doing this to ridicule the absurdity of a man putting on a dress and calling himself a woman.

    On the other hand, I feel he is getting far too deep into character.

    Yes, on reflection probably a gigantic cunt that needs rendering to a fine ash.

    • What a rubbish tranny.

      Not even shelled out a few quid for a big wig.
      Just put a couple of 20p coins in one of those egg machines outside the shops and got those hair bobbles .

      Not even got on over the top makeup!!!

      May as well not bothered or stick a piece of paper with ‘tranny ‘ written on its jumper.

      Fuckin lightweight.
      Get your cock cut off!!
      Show some commitment.

  3. Bet Joey Biden had a sniff the filthy old potus.

    Had a semi chub on when he went in the wrong direction and fell down some stairs.

  4. He may be an actor but he has got no fucking idea about how to play a girl.

    If any real girl was to act like that then other girls would give her a good hair pulling and eye gouging. Possibly a stomping using stiletto heels.

    Imagine if that was your son.

    For fuck’s sake!

    • We can but hope for that outcome when HE strolls into the ladies changing room and gets HIS Hampton out

  5. Blatant poofery, or something of the sort. Totally unconvincing, and, my dear, NO colour coordination! What a fright. Meanwhile, some other 57-year old luvvie type has joined the ever-growing T Brigade to attack Jugs K Rowling.
    Utter madness. It’s a cold morning on Planet Earth, please fire up your wondrous o en, Uncle Tel!!

  6. Dated worse pick up at 2 pm outside Romeo and Juliet s Sheffield 40 years ago.

    Fuck did I say that aloud?

  7. What a dreadful pantomime.

    When it shits blood after the inevitable bumming does it say it’s on its “period” ?


  8. What a shame he isn’t political. Starmer would love him to be one of his mincing MPs. Not that many years ago arseholes like this would have been sent to a mental hospital and kept there.

  9. Yeah, the more you see of this prick the more he comes across as playing the caricature of a tranny. The scene in the woods is a classic example of that. It’s an act that has taken him all the way to the Whitehouse and got Uncle Joe and his puppet masters to take him seriously.
    I wonder if the day will come when he says….”Yeah I fooled ya, I fucking fooled ya” or whether he’s making too much money acting the cunt.

  10. Never been an advocate for capital punishment but I’d personally pull the trapdoor lever myself for this gobshite.

  11. “Kill it with fire before it lays eggs”. © Lord Kitchener, founder of IsaC 1898.

    • Dear Sir Les. As you were the Australian minister for rodent control during the 70s, can you not use your influence or contacts to rid the planet of this pest?
      You would be doing us all a great service. Failing dispatching the cunt above, could you consider Harry and Migraine instead?
      Thanks. TEGC.

  12. Its the loathing of that abhorrent yankie accent I can’t abide. Besides failing on all counts and beaten hands down by John Hurt’s performance of Quentin Crisp, making mincemeat of this mincer. Next please.

  13. Wasn’t Dylan the weirdo on Magic Roundabout? Time for bed, said Zeberdee. But not with Dylan.

  14. Apparently the flouncing twat is coining it in through advertising deals. I’d say there’s a real case to be made that he’s actually a ‘Tootsie’ style troll of the first order.

    Morning all.

    • One of us should set up a fake Instagram account in Iran and invite the cunt over to flounce up and down Tehran high street for promo shots.

      I’d pay good money to see it launched off a tall building.

  15. The Monty Python team would’ve wiped the floor with this twat and battered it to death with their handbags.

  16. SOME of you clicked on the Youtube link despite the obvious warnings contained in the nom. Disgusting. You could have done a lot better at filthyshemales. com…

  17. I personally think this cunt was taking the piss, and yes, probably to keep his name in the public eye.

    But if he’s now raking it in, as Ron says, will he be in a rush to stop.

    I mean, where’s the exit strategy, or has he painted himself into a corner.

    And unless he is modelling himself on Valley Girls, well, gag me with a spoon!

  18. What HE needs is a fucking good hiding behine the bike sheds and that will let iT KNOW WHAT HIS ARSE IS FOR,THE FREAK.

  19. Cunts like this usually hang themselves as they aren’t all there, imagine having to call that your child or brother.! A confused faggot who should not be allowed out in daylight.!!

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