Police Scotland

Police Scotland deserve a cunting.

Police Scotland has used the term “minor-attracted people” (MAP) to describe paedophiles, rather than the correct term, “filthy degenerate cunts” in a major report.

By the end of 2022, we’ve got the normalisation and promotion of transgenderism throughout society. The next logical taboo to be tackled by Leftist lunatics everywhere is child abuse. Changing terminology to something inoffensive, like MAP, is a gateway to normalising this, and helpfully given a leg-up by Police Scotland.

The Left already have form for this kind of ‘progression’, of course, with Labour politicians’ association with PIE back in the day (Daily Fail Link), encouraging Muslim rape gangs not be called Muslim rape gangs, cos it might harm ‘da cummunidee’ relations, etc.

Once legalising child abuse has been accomplished, and a fifty-eight-year-old male gas fitter can legally enjoy intercourse with a three-year old girl (and anyone who says that this is immoral and might adversely affect the child in later life, is just a filthy oppressive Nazi, and must be reported to the Thought Police ready for cancellation), these mental freaks will then move onto normalising the next taboo subjects. Here’s two more for starters (feel free to add to this list):
– IAP – Interspecies Attracted Person.
– DAP – Decomposing Attracted Person.

This shit will never stop until the West is finally reduced to a writhing cesspit of degenerate and decadent cunts, that make Sodom and Gomorrah look like Mary Whitehouse, all claiming victimhood and demanding special treatment. The irony is, obviously, that in this rapidly approaching dystopian future, the real victims, the truly voiceless victims, are ignored and silenced by a society supposedly tasked with protecting them for fear of offending the rights and sensibilities of perpetrators.

Fuck off, Police Scotland.

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Nominated by : Cunty McCunt

66 thoughts on “Police Scotland

  1. Weren’t all the Minor Attracted Persons “:moved on” to other parishes?


  2. Convicted peedees will continue to be ‘persuaded’ to leave their local authority re-settlement dwellings away by right minded folk and parents who will never buy into this bullshit as long as there is breath in their bodies.

    Threats of kidnap and 🔥 are pretty effective means of persuasion. I seem to remember you can find out on line if any of these shagnasties happen to be resettled in your locality.

  3. The Jocks are tarring every criminal with the same brush, not so it seems a lesser crime, but because it’s too bloody cold to go looking for them.

  4. A very dangerous slippery slope to even think of calling dirty filthy nonc-es and paedos anything other than what they are.

    Why these fucking deviants should even be afforded anything other than physical torture and castration when convicted is beyond me.

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