The Pity City of Liverpool (3)

The fucking place should be towed out into the Sea and torpedoed. Everyday some shit happens there, and it’s never good, but defended by the inmates, sorry community and seen as a good excuse to deal the victim card… again.

I mean, Pub Shootings, House Shootings, Benefits Culture, Permanent victimhood, fucking football, fucking football fans/hooligans, the Beatles, ferry cross the Mersey (what a dirge), the accent, the dress sense, Militant Tendency, Bread. Drugs, Crime. Chavs. The Hillsboro 95 (they never mention Heysel though), Scouse. Derek Hatton, The Farm….

I can’t think of anything good coming out of the place.

I’ve not posted a link, as I’m sure the lovely Admin Team will be spoiled for choice on this one.

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Echo 2

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105 thoughts on “The Pity City of Liverpool (3)

  1. The centre is a lot better then it used to be, and has some great pubs. The suburbs are a different story, I always remember the broken bottles set on the top of walls of the most basic terraced house as you wound your way up to Anfield, and that was years ago. Bombed out churches. Years ahead of its time.

  2. Never liked it when it rained when I went to Liverpool…
    Golf balls with razor blades, stanley knives, bottles of piss, bricks, CS gas…

  3. Bojo once described Liverpool as a city that wallows in self pity.
    Anyway I’m off now to nick some cars with me mates Bazza and Scazza, we’ll lead the bizzies a merry dance over the Meeeerzeee.

  4. Harry Duke of Liverpool?

    The self indulgent wallowing in victimhood non royal royal is made for the job. And Meg is going to feel like she’s arrived home to rule over her people. Give her a scouse accent and she’d pass for a native scouse trout.

    • Toxteth, a mix of toxic and death. Got that from some TV drama years ago, still a good ‘un though.

  5. And this lovable lot trying to get into the last European Cup Final in Paris for free? Forged tickets, I hear you say? Still climbing over fences and gates after all their preaching and compo claims about you know what? Thousands of forged tickets and much violent behaviour when they weren’t allowed in? Surely not…. Salt of the Earth, they are…🙄

  6. Went to Snowdonia in the summer. It was full of the cunts. Utter utter trash, Deg end scum. Loud, rude, act like they are on a night out. Cunts!

  7. When Cilla Black snuffed it, a book of condolence was put in the Liverpool Town Hall, so people could pay tribute to a complete Thatcherite cunt who left the place over 50 years before and never came back.

    But should have heard the cunts on the North West regional news. Scores of them. Professional Mickeys outside the ‘Werld Faymis’ Cavern…

    ‘Az devestatid, like. Ar Cillair. She wuz one of uz own.’

    ‘Are Cillah. It’s like a death in di familee, like. It’s like losin me mam.’

    ‘God bless Ar Cilleh. She neveh forgot about der pool, like. She wiz are gerl.’

    ‘Thiz an extra star in heaven tonight. Yill neveh walk alone, Ar Cilla.’

  8. They do go on and on about crap things that happen to them. Remember the football match crush that killed many in Glasgow in the 70s? No? You remember Hillsboro though don’t you.

      • Bradford City fire.

        Never gets mentioned.

        Didn’t these idiots have an open bus parade with some trophies they’d just won on the anniversary of Heysel?

        Of course they remember Heysel lol.

        I don’t give a toss what those inquiries said. They just got tired of the cunts.

        Thousands of their fans turned up without tickets and tried to push their way in.

        They are more responsible than the panicking rozzers for the deaths.

  9. Anything good ever come out of there?

    Echo and the Bunnymen
    Steve Coppell
    The Liver Birds (always had the horn for Nerys Hughes back then)
    Tom Baker

    The Beatles did some great stuff in their time. But certain ex-members are cunts and get on my nerves something chronic.

    • I can name 3 good things that come out of Liverpool.

      M57, M58 and the M62… That’s it.

      • You forgot the East Lancashire Road, The A57, the A59 and the up lines on the Liverpool branch of the West Coast main line, and the Manchester to Liverpool rail line. Fucking phlegmmy throated “wakka wakka” thieving, self pitying, benefit frauding cunts. They go on about “der bizzees being cunts” but never help out when some innocent kid is shot in her own front room or a pub car park and turn a blind eye to all the drug crime that goes on. The fucking cunts.

  10. Two of the best opposition teams I ever saw play were Liverpool in 1979-1980 and Everton in 1984-85. Both really excellent sides. The Keegan era LFC were good, but the Souness-Dalglish one was even better.

  11. Merseyside Police have arrested three out of the four ‘IS Beatles’ terrorists today.
    Osama Bin Dippin, Alli Bin Dealin, and Abdulla Bin Robbin were all arrested earlier.

    However, the fourth, Hamal Bin Workin, has still not been found….

    • In Brookside, there was Tommy Mcardle, who everyone was shit scared of. He even frightened me.

    • I remember being at the scoreboard end before they started segregating the fans and these Everton fanatics were screaming blue murder because the ref hadn’t awarded them a corner !! I was glad that night there wasn’t a dispute over a penalty.

  12. On a banner over a motorway bridge in Liverpool…

    ‘Happy 30th birthday, Nan!’

    No word of a lie. Straight up.🤣

  13. Ah, The Farm….

    Peter Hooton. Sees himself as some sort of philosoher and racomteur, but he’s a cunt who never shuts up about the working class in Liverpool and ‘that’ disaster. Once saw him gobbing off outside Old Trafford to a fanzine seller, but bottled it sharpish when he was offered out. Also, the Farm were shit and their particular brand of ‘Scallydelica’ was particularly cringeworthy. Hooton once said ‘To be a proper Scally, you have to be from Liverpool’. Like the reputation they have is a good thing….. Oh, and he’s still telling people not to buy The Sun….🙄

    • I also remember that in the mid 90s, after the Madchester thing, Hooto reverted to type and got a poodle perm, just like Barry from Brookie. Aww ey….

  14. I know we make fun of scousers, but to be fair they are funny cunts and I’d rather a scouser than a dingy riding rapist goat molester any second of the year. Except Cilla Black the Ronald McDonald lookalike with a shit voice who was a cunt to staff and a nonce apologist. That cunt can rot in hell.

  15. What about the Millionaire Footballers do they live there?

    Do they Fuck

    The best thing to come out of Liverpool is the M62

  16. Why does the Mersey run through Liverpool??

    Because if it walked then it would get mugged.

  17. Prostitute asked a Scouser if he fancied a blow job?
    “Dunno, will it effect me Dole money?”

    Bernard Manning 1983.

  18. That front page of the Liverpool Echo in the header is so apposite it is stunning. The editor is to be congratulated.

    However my experience of shopping one of these bastards is pretty negative I’m afraid. I once became aware that a neighbour was apparently in the act of committing an offence. I phoned the local police and next thing I knew two coppers pulled up outside our house in a marked police car, knocked our door and asked me to point out the relevant neighbour’s house though I had already given them the house number in my phone call. They then walked to the neighbour’s house and five minutes later returned to ours to update me! Couldn’t say whether they were fucking thick or just taking the piss.

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