The Pity City of Liverpool (3)

The fucking place should be towed out into the Sea and torpedoed. Everyday some shit happens there, and it’s never good, but defended by the inmates, sorry community and seen as a good excuse to deal the victim card… again.

I mean, Pub Shootings, House Shootings, Benefits Culture, Permanent victimhood, fucking football, fucking football fans/hooligans, the Beatles, ferry cross the Mersey (what a dirge), the accent, the dress sense, Militant Tendency, Bread. Drugs, Crime. Chavs. The Hillsboro 95 (they never mention Heysel though), Scouse. Derek Hatton, The Farm….

I can’t think of anything good coming out of the place.

I’ve not posted a link, as I’m sure the lovely Admin Team will be spoiled for choice on this one.

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Echo 2

Nominated by: LeonardoDiCunty

105 thoughts on “The Pity City of Liverpool (3)

  1. Simon Rattle escaped from the place, went on to infest Berlin, and suck the euro cock. He’s going in my Deadpool when Barenboim buggers off.

    • This comment is too ‘up-market’ You are banned. And, it’s SIR Simon Rattle, please yes no thank-you.

      • I have seen Rattle perform when he was with the CBSO back in the early 90s. Brilliant conductor, and when hearing him speak you would never think he was from the ‘Pool.

    • I say Simon Rattle because it sounds like you’re stuttering when you give him his title. Good bloke though, he’ll give the time of day.

      Is Barenboim going down for what he did to Jaqueline du Pre ?

      • I queued all night at a prom to watch and hear Rattle perform Mahler 9.

        You do catch the odd bit of scouse when having a personal chat.

      • I did visit the best part of Liverpool in the sixties and seventies, to hear the Liverpool philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Charles Groves. I will never forget the conversation we had on Bruckner. Someone interrupted us and Sir Charles gave the person a rocket for the interruption and I never felt that so important since.

  2. Cilla Black
    Perm an tash combo
    On the Rob
    Jimmy Tarbuck
    Stanley knives at football matches
    Boys from the Blackstuff.

    Fuck me.
    What a shithole.

    Sometimes I have to work there.☹️

    Still can’t buy The Sun newspaper.

    Some poor couple got shot on their wedding day.
    Bride had blood all over her tracksuit.☹️

    Awwww hey….

    • That’s classed as a wedding gift in Liverpool.

      Normally at a scouser wedding everything is stolen. Including the bride.

      • Those Boswell scum in Bread were cunts.

        And numerous Brookside cunts,

        Bobby and Sheila ‘She Queen Babe Love Girl’ Grant
        Marie Gobshite Jackson
        Barry Grant and his gimp Teh
        Fucking Sinbad
        Ar Damon
        Jimmy Cunt Corkhill
        Any other Corkhills
        Ron Dicko and the fucking Moby
        Numerous Scouse slags

        Harry Cross was ace though.

  3. Great nomination.
    I fucking hate everything about that shithole. Build a wall around it to keep the anti English, fenian cunts in. Drop all the immos in by helicopter, from a height, no chutes. Bet they will be robbed before they hit the ground.

  4. I’m heartened that there is such a thing as a “scouse accent”..

    It’s a splendid warning system to avoid the cunts at all costs.

    • Yes definitely a warning sign, I used to do some work for a company sited on the Wirral, the sales manger told me they never employ anyone from Liverpool after several bitter experiences

    • In some parts of Cheshire, depending on which part you are in, there is apparently six different accents. & that includes ‘Scouse.’

  5. Never understood the sentimentally with Liverpool, after the toxteth riots they tart up the city centre and hey presto ‘Grate City’, nope the surroundings of the city are still full of the same type of cunts who were there in the 80’s.

    I remember being told never to park in the multi-storey car parks in the centre, when you come back there is a good chance your will have a screwdriver hole in the door and the radio gone.

    All the latest stuff that has happened, absolutely no surprise in city full of gangsters and the bone idle.

    • Had to go an visit HSE head office in Bootle back in the 90s. For some reason, wasn’t allowed to park in their car park.

      Asked Bobby Chariot look-alike security guard (at least he was not african back then).

      “wel mate, you can park on the road and get your car broken into for free, or you can park in the multi-storey and pay for it to get broken into”.


  6. This is how the bin dippers operate….

    When complicit in the deaths of 96 of your own football supporters, blame Yorkshire police and attempt to ruin the careers and lives of their officers.

    When you are complicit in the deaths of opposition football supporters, don’t ever mention it again.

    When a little girl is shot dead in front of her mum in her own house, keep you mouth shut

    When a 26 year old woman is shot dead in a packed pub at Christmas, keep your mouth shut.
    Then moan that old bill are taking to long to find the killers.

    What a bunch of vile cunts!

  7. King of the scousers was the mystical spiritualist ghost hunter Derek ‘ our Dek’ Acorah.

    Throw off Ghost hunters for cheating and smoking weed.

    Here he is communicating with the other side,
    Possessed by the spirits of the Scouse dead….

  8. Liverpool John Lennon airport. Named after the first place he went once he’d made a few quid..

    • Quite some years back when the mickeymousers were languishing at the bottom of the league the inscription on Lennon’s statue read….Above us only sky.
      and scrawled underneath, below us only West ham.

      • Brilliant Infidel.
        My favourite Scouser graffo was daubed on a poster many years ago outside Liverpool cathedral.
        The poster asked ‘What will you do if Jesus comes?’
        Underneath some scally had scrawled ‘Move St John to inside right’.

  9. At least they will tell you a joke whilst nicking wheels off your Cortina, best sense of humour in the world scousers, you ask em.

    • When it was ‘city of culture ‘ you’d return to your car to find it jacked up on books.

  10. My God-I don’t believe it, quite possibly the first nomination to completely unify IsAC opinion.

    Liverpool is a piece of Oirland attached to the British mainland.
    The Welsh fucking hate them.
    Cheshire folk despise them.
    Mancunians detest them.
    Professional victims, scroungers, thieves and murderous scum.

    Unkle Vlad-if you get your “light relief” reading IsAC-become a hero to us Brits, by nuking the fuck out of Liverpool.

  11. Jane Berry Scouse Porn actress, what a dirty bitch, the only good thing about Liverpool.!!

    • That’s a pretty low bar. I just google her and I have to say that even by my standards, she’s a nine pint princess.

  12. Never mention the disaster that was Heysel, or if it is they’re quick to blame plod or the opposition fans. But when I saw it live on TV back in 84/5 it was quite clear where the blame lay and yet the MSM don’t seem all that fussed to follow this up.

    • Those dead purple faces come to mind every time it’s mentioned. They wouldn’t allow viewers to see likes today, it might frighten the little ones. The game was an anticlimax after that.

    • I remember watching it too. All of them, apart from the poor fuckers at the front, thought it was a right laugh pushing and shoving.

  13. My favourite city, full of wonderful but oppressed and downtrodden cheery hard working lovable Liverpudlians.

    Who believes that apart from deluded scousers? Victimpool, always the victims never their fault.

    The luftwaffe gave up bombing it after a couple of nights, they realised every bomb was an improvement.

    Every cunt from Liverpool who made enough money to leave left.

    Allegedly they wanted to twin town it with Mogadishu but the Somalis were insulted at the suggestion.

    • The krauts probably gave up bombing the place when they realised that every death slightly improved the gene pool of the UK to the point that the British people might have been a competitor for master race.

  14. If you want to get a reaction from a Cumbrian (born) shopkeeper or pub landlord, enter their premises and put on an extremely loud, faux scouse accent. Then watch their reaction-panic.

    “Aaaaright maaaaate-gis som of dat Kendal mint cake!”

  15. My parents took me to New Brighton not long after the war. Don’t know to this day what the punishment was for. Remember seeing Liverpool had been bombed to fuck. Must’ve thought it would depress me.

    • I always remember my dad’s face as he got out of the car in Southport and not realising stepped in front of a girl on a bike.

      In a thick Scouse accent she said

      “Watch where ya fuckin goin dickhead!”

      Shock, disgust, confusion all battling for dominance on his face.

  16. Some Liverpudlian personage once said to me ‘We’re der New York of England, like.’

    I replied ‘Another corrupt, rotten, self important town near the coast, full of gobshites and infested with drugs and crime, Yeah, I can see the similarity,’

    And they will mourn absolutely anything. The makeshift shrine that was put up for a dead chicken. That one was priceless.

  17. Let’s not forget the Scousers will be hosting the Eurovision Faggotfest this year. What’s the betting they’ll wheel McCuntney out of his crypt to entertain the assembled audience of screeching chimpanzees with some ghastly Beatles dirge.
    Fuck I can’t wait.

    • And it serves them right!

      It costs a fortune to host that shit fest, and if the Burghers ( yes, correct spelling) of the City think it’s going to attract a lot of tourism spending loads of sponduliks, they’re as fucking deluded as the people who think the Beatles were a great band.

  18. This nomination is a vile scousist slur. I worked there occasionally and found it a wonderful city. I still go back from time to time to visit my alloy wheels and car stereo.

  19. That Paul McCuntney Car Pool Karoke thing was the most sickening thing I’d seen i many a long day.

    Aided by that repulsive vomit inducing fat cunt arselicking human slug Corden, Macca gave it the how he loves Liverpool bit. Like that utter cunt Cilla Black used to do. Fuck off out of the dive, and then wax on about great it is. My arse. Macca and the Cilla slag couldn’t leave the place quick enough. And those cunts who were outside McCuntney’s childhood home on that Car Pool thing. All that ‘Ey Jood wiz played ad ar Jimmee’s funeral’ and ‘Yiz changed miz life, Macca lad’. Pass the sick bucket, it’s the first and only time they’ll ever meet the cunt.

    • Agreed Norman. In my experience the worst Scousers are the ones who’ve left but bang on about how bloody marvellous the place is. None of them would ever dream of returning to live there of course.

  20. Well at least the bin dippers have more choice now – general rubbish, recycled glass and plastics recycled paper.
    Liverpool council are thinking of an additional bin for flat screen TVs, phones and bling for them.

  21. And all the ‘Munich 58’ flags all over Heysel. Changed their tune four years later, the cunts.

  22. I was always told that a scouser was just a Paddy with half a brain.

    Reminds me of an old crap joke.

    God is looking down from heaven one day bored.
    He happens to see a Scotsman rowing his boat on a river singing ‘row row row your boat gently down the stream’
    So God swoops down, removes half of his brain and sends him on his way and he continues singing ”row row row your boat gently down the stream”

    An hour later here’s a Welshman rowing his boat on the same river singing ”row row row your boat gently down the stream” so again, God swoops down, scoops out half of this fellas brain and off he goes on his way and he continues singing ”row row row your boat gently down the stream”

    A bit later on, along comes an Irish fella rowing away happily on the same river singing ”row row row your boat gently down the stream”
    Once again God decides to swoop down, scoops out half of the Irishman’s brain before sending him on his way and he sets off singing “Ferrry accross der Mersey”

    I’ll get me coat.

  23. You Manker Wankers should be ashamed that you elected Andy Burnham, Scouser and Thunderbirds puppet, as Mayor twice on the trot. Ok, he’s not in the same class as Suckdick but a top cunt nevertheless.

    • I loathe Burnham, the Runcorn Rat. He is also well up the arse of those towelhead cunts at Man City. He has sold half of Manchester to those bastards.

  24. Liverpool full of Irish, Welsh, chavos, football fans and professional victims. Land of the Fuckwits , Imperial capital of Cunts. Makes Yorkshire look like West Surrey.

  25. “Ladies Day” at Aintree in Grand National week always makes me laugh. You’ve never seen so many badly dressed, pissed up old slags in one place in all your life. Even Katie Price, escorted by Harvey, would look classy on that day.
    Ladies, my arse.

    • I used to work in Chester (plastic Liverpool) on the Rows and would see some absolute sights on “Lady’s Day”.

      After getting shit-faced at the race course, by mid afternoon, it’d be a common sight to see some the dolled up, cheesy Wotsit-looking slapper sitting unconscious on the floor up against a shop front spread eagle.

      As you said Freddie – Ladies, my arse.

  26. Always reference the Mersey don’t they?

    Mersey beat
    Ferry cross da Mersey


    Mersey starts in Stockport.
    Tame and the Goyt meet and , hey presto.

    We send them messages in bottles.

    “Got a job yet?”

    ” You killed Cilla Black”

    ” Free Mark Chapman ”

    “Lend us a tenner”

    We should divert it.
    Send it to Crewe.

    • When I was a kid, my dad used to sing an alternative and thoroughly uncomplimentary version of the Spinners ” In my Liverpool Home” – I don’t think he made it up, it must have been a joke going around at the time. The only bit I can definitely remember is ” They look in the dustbins for something to eat – They find a dead rat and they think it’s it a treat – In my Liverpool home”. My dad had a strong hatred of Scousers, not sure why as he was Bristol born and never went far from there. I recall him shouting at a Scouser guest at a family wedding to shut the fuck up when they started singing Danny Boy , highly amusing for us children.

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