Sky Sports [3] Premier League Juniors

Let’s hear it for whatever sky executive who thought this was a good idea.

Sky sports junior’s. Yes not content with filling the schedule with screeching women pundits and commentators.

Let’s have 4 children presenting,interviewing and commentating.
What football supporter wouldn’t want that.

And then the kicker. Must be 3 million kids between the age of 10 to 14.

So who do sky come up with Naveed, Rishi, Delilah and Aman.
Now if it was sky cricket junior’s I would understand.

Well good news the program tanked and hopefully some cunts lost their jobs..

I’m just glad I get all sky programs for 45 quid a year.

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Sly Sports Link.
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Nominated by : Barry zuckercunt

36 thoughts on “Sky Sports [3] Premier League Juniors

  1. Did they have to stop the game for 15 minutes while the commentators were on their prayer mats facing Mecca?

  2. Fuck me, kids in the pub, fucking women commentating on men’s sport, and now this. I was flicking through the sports channels the other day, and came across some netball thing, three women sat round a table discussing a fucking netball game and doing the tactical thing on the TV like it had the importance of Man U v Arsenal we saw at the weekend. Really – what a load of old shite. The only place I ever watched netball was as a hot-blooded teenager watching the office girls play in Lincoln’s Inn……

    • “The only place I ever watched netball was as a hot-blooded teenager watching the office girls play in Lincoln’s Inn……”
      Oh dear me yes. I remember that well when I worked in Holborn back in the day. 😁👌

    • used to drive home through Harrow – very similar. Also, loads of disableds. I assume from marrying first cousins.

      • Friends (really, just friends) with an old dear that has dedicated her life to working with disabled kids.

        She jacked recently. Said 90% of the kids she was now dealing with were the result of paki inbreeding, and the ‘parents’ viewed it as a money spinner.

        Sickening what we have become as a nation.

    • So where’s the ginger boy with bottle end glasses?The most marginalised group in society.
      Fackin’ waaaaycists!

  3. We’ve all heard about grooming in junior League football.
    Have Sky Sports now subscribed themselves to this sickness and gone all ‘Schofield’ trying to groom young under age males into the ever present dark side of the entertainment industry?
    (The likes of which Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, Johnathan King, Chris Langham and Stuart Hall did whilst working for the BBC?🤔)
    Don’t let Peter Thatchell hear of this, he’ll most likely be interviewing young boys at a stadium near you!

  4. They probably have their own set of rainbow and BLM badges just like the big boys.

  5. Diversity, what a pile of shite this tick boxes woke bollocks is.

    That said I’d prefer them to bin dipping cunt Carreger linecunt or other so called experts.

    In fact I’d probably prefer it if it was presented by cats and fucking dogs woof woof.

    load of shite fuck em all the telly is not worth watching

  6. I tend not to listen to kids.

    What the fuck do they know?

    Shut the fuck up, go tidy up your bedroom.

    I especially don’t listen to Naveed, Rishi and co.

    Only thing I want to hear out of their gobs is

    ” I’m being repatriated .”

    Sly news had some kids current events show (might still do?)
    I fuckin hated it.

    Load of little stage school ambitious wannabe Philip Schofields.

    Mostly from posh parts of London.

    Little cunts.
    Get on Fred Talbot’s narrow boat and earn your spot.

    • I think it might be called FYI, Miserable, caught it a few times by accident on Saturday lunchtimes. Its like seeing the fruit of the wokes labours by these little cunts parroting the same soundbites over racism, climate change etc.

      • That’s it LL.
        Think I wrote a nom about it?

        Little brats who’s uncles pulled strings in his production company,

        Give em the cane and send them home.

        Little Olivia and Tristan,
        Throw em into Rolf Harris ‘s cage for the night.

  7. Really? Who the fuck sanctions this shit in a private business? They must know it’s gonna bomb.

    Football was a few hours escape for me, from all the other shit that was going on. Scream ‘wanker’ at total strangers, who used to have the same amount of money, and earned it the same way, as me. I identified with the fight, the struggle, respected the athleticism, the leadership, the win against the odds.

    Now look at it: faggots, rainbows, fake injuries a-plently, grown men crying because they lost, blatant cheating, wimminz talking utter pish about things they know nothing about. How the fuck can I relate to someone on more in a week than I earn in 10 years, who falls over if someone looks at him funny?

    Fuck em.

    Football is a game where you pretend to be injured. Rugby is a game where you pretend you’re not.

  8. “Who knows?…….we might find the next Gary Neville.”
    What?……..a multi millionaire, champagne socialist hypocrite cunt? Have we got more than enough of those already?
    Wokie fuckwits.

  9. I saw it advertised on ‘my friend’s’ IPTV and thought ‘Looks a load of shite.’

    Sky are cheeky cunts.

    They’ve lost the Champions League to BT, the FA Cup to terrestrial TV, England games to ITV and shit loads of Premier League games to BT and Amazon Prime (Sky showed no games over the busy Christmas period as they had no rights.)

    They think they can put lower league games and fucking lesboball on in its place. Sky actually did have wimmins football on while the Champions League was on BT lol. The cheeky cunts charge the fucking same despite losing so much in the way of top events. Even lost the Ashes to BT. Don’t worry, here are some fat, gobby lesbians playing cricket instead.

    Any cunt paying them £100+ for Sky Sports must be a fucking mad.

    I’m glad they don’t get a fucking penny from me. They never fucking will and all.

    All to do with them being taken over by Comcast.

    Woke, anti white and degenerate as fuck.

    And that fat Joe Daki kid on PL Juniors was a cocky, gobby little shit on a clip I saw. No honky kids allowed, obviously.

    They can fuck right off.

  10. I really don’t see the need. We’re already subjected to childlike behaviour courtesy of token spook, Micah Richards and Alex fucking Scott bouncing around like a 10 year old on the touch line.
    The way things are going, it won’t be long before we get a gay commentary option.
    Simply press all the coloured buttons on your remote simultaneously to enjoy some ‘oops ducky’ insight to the beautiful game.
    Post match gems like ‘You were fabulous dahlings’ and ‘Coming from behind’ will soon become as commonplace as ‘Over the moon’ and ‘Gutted, Ron’.
    Give me fucking strength!

  11. A waste of the free school meals and dinners that the taxpayer has been forced to provide…cheeky little brats should get the tawse every morning before their food-bank breakfast to remind them of their place.

  12. May as well go the whole hog and make them American kids, squealing about putting the ball in the onion bag.

    • Fucking children presenting, interviewing and commentating? Are they fucking joking? I’d stop watching sport altogether rather than put up with that. Screeching women have me turning off. They’re bad enough. I don’t have the patience.

  13. The only time I want to see effnic brats on TV, is when the fuckers are washed up on the Kent coast, “sans dingy”👍

  14. You people are being far too harsh. Think of all the important life lessons these children can learn from their adult pundit mentors.
    How to dodge taxes with offshore bank accounts
    How to spit roast old slags in hotel rooms
    How to shag old prozzies in Liverpool
    How to spout wokie bollocks from a script provided by Sky
    How to kick cats across the kitchen
    How to sell crisps
    How to pretend you had a refugee in your house for 5 minutes
    How to pretend to be a victim of racism
    How to gob on little girls and get away with it
    How to get lots of dough for knowing fuck all about fuck all
    How to be a two faced hypocrite cunt

    There are probably a few others I’ve missed out but give the kids a chance I say!

  15. What a load of dumbed down cack. As if the squabbling of those half-wits Neville and ‘Carra’ wasn’t inane enough.

    Banter? Schmanter.

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