The BBC (82) Up the Jungle

BBC News: Sound Of 2023: Nia Archives is ushering in a new era of jungle.

Hot on the heels of the Cuntstables nomination regarding the BBCs story of the black man somehow not being able to talk about his OCD, this belter was also on the site on the same day:

BBC News Link

The article itself is utterly irrelevant to me as I have zero interest, but what got me coiled up was simply the ‘jungle’ word in the header. Once again we see double standards of language in that its perfectly acceptable to use phrases and words on select sites regarding black folk that would land the rest of us a spell in a cell.

Can you imagine the outcry if any of us cunters went up to a black person and actually said to one ‘do you like jungle music?’ The cries of ‘wayyycist’ and the battle drums would start beating pretty damned quick and a hate or racist crime quickly allocated a case number against the poor innocent bastard that uttered it.

No wonder folk don’t know their arses from their elbows these days, its all contradiction unless you’re a fully paid up member of a few select segments of the RAL colour chart and shoulder chip club. Lets hope Lady Susan Hussey doesnt ask such an innocent question about ‘jungle’ because another slip up could yield her some very nasty results.

Nominated by: The Eternally Grumpy Cunt

68 thoughts on “The BBC (82) Up the Jungle

  1. ‘We’re the BBC. We’re total cunts. That’ll be £160 quid. Thank you’.


    Morning all.

  2. I went to a gig when I was down in Bristol last year and seen a band called Jungle.

    Founded by 2 white fellas interestingly enough with an entourage of various ethnics on stage at different times.

    Most enjoyable to be honest.

    But yes, so called “Jungle” music itself is a pile of wank. Or is that Drum n Bass? I can’t tell.

  3. Hello. ‘ we don’t get many coloureds around here..welcome’

    ‘How dare you call me coloured….you racist! I am black and pround of it…fuck you, I’m calling the police’

    ‘Hello, is that the police? My new neighbour has referred to me as coloured instead of black’

    ‘Ok, madam. This is serious, i will send a car straight over.’

    ‘Thank you, us people of colour shouldn’t have to put up with this’

    ‘Err….did you just say person of colour?’


    ‘We may have a problem here madam’

  4. There wasn’t any need for you to tell me where you come from. We are well aware and don’t we know it !

    • A lovely story on the BBC news website regarding a mixed race lad who was hit by a van in Reading last year. Plod are treating the incident as murder and issued a code word for his mum to allow rapid access to the team investigating the alleged murder. Sadly , the word given was ‘banana ‘!
      Yvonne Yew (a lady of West Indian descent) and Editor in Chief of The Reading Caribbean Express News is outraged.
      Should any of my fellow cunters be in need of a chuckle I suggest that they have a read of the article.

  5. At a slight tangent, but there’s a bit of a nasty smell coming from Broadcasting House at the mo.;

    The report says that staff are ‘mutinous’ over this supposed loan arrangement to Bozza. I’m sure they’d be perfectly happy if it was Starmer who was involved; as it is, they’re spitting out their soy lattés and hurling the in-house copies of ‘The Guardian’ around.

    Grrrrr……. This nom. has made me realise yet again how much I despise those cunts.

    • I’m conflicted on this. On the one hand Sharp isn’t a paid-up wokeist. Probably. These days it is unwise to assume anything.

      On the other he is not only a mate of Johnson but a wholly political cunt (PPE Oxford), a banker (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Round Shield Partners – the Rachman de nos jours. ) and all-round fat cat, exactly like his predecessor, Clementi.

      Truth be told, this, even more than the director-general position, is a strictly ceremonial number. One of the well-paid sinecures awarded exclusively to financiers who come from the right sort of family.

  6. It’s not just The Coloureds who can be a bit touchy….Chairman Mao ( as I call him) who runs my local Chinkies got quite irate when I put a lightshade on my head,pulled my eyes slitty and danced around his restaurant bellowing ” Evellybody was Klung-Flu fighting” while “Roadhouse”-kicking his wife/daughter/Granny ( no idea which it is…could even be husband judging by the moustache on it)….I then hilariously told him ” Ah-sole.. Me velly,velly solly but your chiken is velly,velly lubberly, Ching Chong Chinky Man”…..the thin-skinned Cunt had the fucking nerve to call me a “flucking lacist” in his report to the Police Constable who attended!!!!!….fucking cheek of the dog-kidnapping chopstick-warrior….I’ve half a mind to sue,you know…I’ve got my reputation to consider after all.

      • Good of you to say so,GG….in the upper-echelon circles in which I move, we are distinguished from the hoi polloi by our spotless reputation…a quite baseless charge of wayycciiisssmmm from some buck-toothed,labrador-eating,covid-engineering Fu Manchu type would be an outrageously damaging slur indeed.

      • It’s nice to know that I retain the support of all my ,,,isaCunt chums at this stressful time….my universal popularity remains undimmed despite Shadowy Forces seeking to discredit me and silence my Truth.

        Again,GG…and everyone else….I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

    • Careful LF-them oriental types know martial-arts.
      I was in last week and a load of kids walked past and lobbed a half drunk bottle of cider at the proprietor, who yelled:

      “Oiii! What kung few dat?”

      ©️Jim Davidson 1983

      • Seems like an age since Jim Davidson was a regular on telly,CG….things have certainly changed in what is a relatively short time.

      • He was on GB news last night Dick.
        Or night before,

        That little midget mayor of London said something at a press conference about
        “Jim Davidson and people of that ilk”..

        And he was given a chance to reply.

        I never liked jim Davidson.

        Too racist for me.

      • @Mis ….did Davidson talk in his “Chalky White” voice when he gave his reply?….that would have sparked up Sadik Khan’s afterburners.

      • Sadly not.

        He was on a few weeks ago on GB news and they had a segment where they bring in a dog that needs rehoming and try and find it a decent owner.

        He might of had a few in the green room but he was a bit leery with the young girl from the kennels.

        It bugged me for some reason.
        No need for it,
        And the girl looked embarrassed.

        I’d of been the host I’d of put a stop to it.

        He’s the type who wonders why he got chinned in the pub last night.

  7. It’s totally irrelevant to me too, as regardless of the output of the BBC I will NEVER consume it.
    They could even talk fondly and favourably about hobbies/interests/politics/leisure/sport and lifestyle subjects that reflect my life and values and yet I still would not watch or listen to it.

    Why I here you say?

    Because the BBC is responsible for not only harboring Pàédophilés for decades, but is anti British, pro EU, pro globalist, pro immigration and bias on every level of it’s so called news reporting and the fact it’s self described ‘stars’ are nothing but hypocrites, crooks, or generally talentless fuckers who repeat over the narrative of white straight British man is bad, immo good, climate change is your fault so you have to pay.

    Therefore I will not fund it let alone watch it or listen to it (even if it became free).
    If I walk into a hotel lobby and they have BBC channels on, I politely ask the reception to change channels. If I turn on a radio and it’s a local BBC channel I tune out. Simple as that.

    As you can tell out of all the wrongs in the world, the BBC boil my piss the most. Ultimately anyone paying for and consuming BBC content on any level is a CUNT and should immediately stop what they’re doing and cancel their licence.
    Remember that by continuing to consume content, even if you hate the subject matter you are ultimately helping them survive and we need the BBC to die (quickly)

    DeFund the fuckers and shun all BBC content from your life and they will soon be consigned to the wrong side of the history books.

    Fuck off and DIE BBC!

    Rant Over (for those of you still with me!!)

  8. Its been some years since geographers everywhere were informed that the correct term is now “rainforest”. For the very same reason that this cunting addresses.

    Rainforest music is only a fraction less tedious than its derivative, (c)rap. In fact I thought it had thankfully rotted away years ago.

  9. And the look on the face of that entitled, millennial, hard done by, work shy, half-breed jam spoon BBC CUNT in the nom picture nearly made me launch my fucking laptop against the wall. That’s how fucking angry I am.
    Only BBC cuntitude makes me react this way!!!!!!

  10. She might be reasonably pretty if she actually fucking smiled.
    You could plough her from behind, Mandingo stylee, whilst holding her dreads like a horses reigns.
    Pull out and shoot your wad all over her decks and Laptop-leaving her musical career in tatters 👍

  11. That broad in the header pic looks glum.

    They stopped her benefits?
    KFC shut?

    Cheer up custard!
    Go topple a statue.

  12. Hahaha 😄
    I’ve just read the BBC link!

    Oh my days.

    “I did a talk on Rosa Parks and my teacher cried”

    Id cry too you boring bastard.

    Rosa Parks was a trouble causer!!

    Probably pissed up when mithering about seats on the bus?
    That bus driver should of done his job!!

    Thrown the old twat off the bus.
    Given her a rabbit punch in the belly.

    Fuck Rosa Parks.🖕

    • That bus thing was all set up. Ordinary woman standing up for herself, my arse. It was planned to the last second. Parks was well in with Luther King and other dodgy characters.

      Also, if a white person did that on a black bus in South Africa, Zimbabwe, or even Bradford, they’d be strung up and called racist.

  13. The narrative around this fucks me off in so many ways, where do I begin…

    Firstly, if a Whitey was purportedly this successful would he be given this much air time – the fuck would he. Secondly, Jungle music (when I was a lad) was mainly a bleck ‘ting – ya get me. I went to a few clubs in Londonistan and instantly felt like “where’s wally” (though easier to find being white…).

    This all feeds into the me, me, me, BLM and BAME shite that we all still being peddled.

    What got me proper pissed off with the link to the article was this:

    “It all happened at once and I didn’t know what to expect,” she says. “For example, going to Australia and doing loads of shows means taking flights every day.

    “Next year I’ll know what makes me feel better: I might want a face mask and I’ll need to have fruit on my rider. Because I can’t eat burgers every day. It ruins you.”

    Poor little darling, WHO GIVES A FUCK. If you think it is going to be too stressful don’t do it – don’t become a martyr with a poor little me attitude. What is the point of even saying this – what do you want or expect people to say. A bunch of bananas and coconuts for your rider is what you’ll be having.

    Equally, I bet your thinking changes when you’re at the airport, with your rude girls giving it, yeah me gonna be going first class man ‘an ting – word up – get me a bucket of chicken to eat on the plane, blud.

    Fuck off you sanctimonious slag – on one cares.

    Um bongo, um bongo they drunk it in the Jungle.

  14. Are people of anger, angry people?

    Are people of colour, coloured people?

    What’s the difference

    • The uppity treeswingers move the goalposts any time they feel like it and just for the sake of it. They always have to have an enemy. They always have to be offended or upset about something.

      It used to be ‘Okay’ to say coloured. But now it’s got to be ‘of colour’, and suddenly the term coloured ‘offends’ them, when it didn’t before. It’s only a matter of time before the term ‘people of colour’ offends them as well.

      I know they like to appear downtrodden and revel in their perceived victimhood. But they really are the most uppity and self important cunts on Earth. They are also the most entitled and humourless bastards imaginable. Uppity po faced fucking cunts.

      • This is why I have always stuck to ‘black bastards’ and, more recently, ‘black cunts’. If they’re going to be offended by whatever people call them then make it worthwhile.

    • I used to think that chimpanzees were funny,
      Good natured, mischievous little fellows.

      How wrong I was.

      Psychotic angry fuckers that like nothing more than ripping your bollocks off and biting off your nose.

      Those removalman ones on the PG tips advert?

      If the woman doesn’t tip them she’ll look like this

      Let that be a lesson to anyone who doesn’t tip removalmen.

    • @Mis….I genuinely never tip apart from in far as I’m concerned most people are adequately paid and if I were to chase the binman/postman etc. down the road at Christmas waving a tenner, I’d worry that he thought I’d gone Fruity and was soliciting a bout of bum-action.

  15. I usually get a tip off most customers Dick.

    But I accept other stuff.

    I’ve brought home a massive knotted oak coffee table today!

    Missus will go nuts when she gets home.
    Bet it’d be a few hundred quid to buy?

    It’s just a token of appreciation for a job done well isn’t it?

    I tip every cunt.
    Plumbers, Sparky’s,
    It works for me.

    Always brew up for them too.

    If I added it up I’d guess I was in front with the work they’ve done.

    ” Naw your right pal.
    Don’t tell the boss!” 😁

  16. Fuck my tight arse – is it bleck day today.

    The Beebie ‘aving a right old field day:

    Stop the press:

    Oscars 2023: Till director Chinonye Chukwu calls out misogyny and racism after snub

  17. I love this site. You lot have right cheered me up on this miserable evening 😀

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