People Talking on Mobiles in Public

Am I alone in finding this absolutely infuriating?

It sits side by side with the cunt who’s playing drill, even though he’s wearing earphones, it’s still leaking out. I’d complain, but the twats probably halfway to stone deaf, and I don’t know sign language.

Anyway, back to mobiles, do people think, that once they’ve pressed the make/accept call button, a fucking soundproof shield encloses them?

Twats, twats and total twats!

BTW, the links nought to do with my rant, it’s more about mobile phone etiquette,
And not farting when ladies are present.

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47 thoughts on “People Talking on Mobiles in Public

  1. Just why do the cunts talk several decibels louder when they’re yakking into a mobile ‘phone??? Especially indoors? Stick your fucking head out of the fucking window and they’ll hear you you cunt.

    • Yes I’ve always wondered what is in their psyche that makes them want to go up 10db when on the mobile. I tend to speak in hushed tones and head to the door on a train or when I’m in the pub.
      I bet they don’t shout on a landline either.

  2. ‘Hi, I’m on the train. If you need me you can get me on my mobile.’

    10 minutes later:
    ‘Hi, I’m still on the train. If you need me you can get me on my mobile.’

    10 minutes later still:
    ‘Hi, please pick up the phone.’

    10 more minutes:
    ‘Look, this is really important so I hope you get this message. I’m on the train en route to the Paperclip Procurement Managers Conference. So if you need me you can get me on my mobile. Please, ring me.’

  3. I don’t know what your complaining about.
    I love hearing about random people’s fabulous lives.
    It gives me a warm glow inside.

  4. I had one entitled bitch yesterday. Delivering meds, she’s on phone, hand out take meds shut door. No please thank you, fuck all. Fucking cunt truffle. What is it in a womans DNA that makes then unable to do two things at once? Or is it talking is the limit of her capabilities?

  5. ‘Pt appeared well but complaining of 10/10 pain, but able to take call on mobile telephone, laughing whilst doing so and make/receive text messages. Scored ‘0’ on Wong-Baker. Advised to take paracetamol. Discharged On Scene’.

    may or may not have been written, before.

  6. Standing on a packed train from Carlisle to Birmingham last summer (hot and humid) and I had to stand next to a slightly tanned woman in full tribal dress, on her phone banging on about something or other in her native language and waving her other arm around clearly losing her temper with whomever was on the other end of the phone (probably the Benefits Office)

    Not only did I have to put up with her rabbiting for nearly 30 minutes before I eventually found a seat, but she stank of 4 week old curry and her hair was as greasy as as well used chip pan!

    I mentioned earlier about being able to find a seat in this packed carriage. In the good old days I would offered the seat to a wimminz. But had I done that today I would have probably been arrested for rape, torture, humiliation, trauma. sexism and a whole load of other micro-aggressions just for offering a seat!

    So fuck chivalry – that seat is mine!

    • Yes, why do w*gs always shout loudly into the phone, jabbering away in some unrecognisable foreign lingo? It’s not the noise that bothers me it’s the fact that they are making it in MY FUCKING COUNTRY!
      Fuck off home cunt and take the white man’s invention with you as a parting gift.

      • yes – it’s always them. Invariably with an arse the size of the Isle of Wight wobbling along the road.

      • Briefly had to work with a bl*ck c*nt that was always doing this.

        Bl*ck and ignorant as fuck. Had an attitude. From the Gambia, self professed Muslim, but was caught ramming twix bars down him in the car park during Ramadan when he thought nobody was about.

        He had a white wife, fucking big fat bird from town. The cunt.

      • They shout loudly because that’s what you have to do whilst sitting on the roof of the 09:30 from Kinchasa to Brazzaville.

  7. Ladies on the phone think that I’m a gentleman when I insist that they board the bus first. No, It’s so I can sit as far away as possible whilst they jabber relentlessly down the phone, not even taking a breath. Must be some poor bloke on the other end. Yet when I drop my guts they stop momentarily and stare daggers at me.

  8. Not farting when ladies are present?
    Tish and pish. Who knows, they might enjoy it.
    It’s certainly entertaining when a lady does a loud fart when she believes herself unobserved. Although it does get me all hot and bothered thinking about doing rude things with their guffy bumholes.

      • Alas, I’m banned Infidel after last year’s “incident”.
        That’ll teach me to make good on my threat of forcing myself on an initially struggling Kate Middleton.
        Maybe King Charles will have me back if I promise to go to town on Meghan Markle’s unlubed botty whilst her cissy ginger twat husband watches in tears, but is too pussy to try and stop me.

    • I was in a Carpet Saleroom once and a salesman was trying to convince a wifey to buy a carpet. Without warning she let rip, went bright crimson and apologised profusely. ‘Don’t worry madam’ said the salesman, ‘you’ll shit yourself when I tell you the price.’
      The shop went out of business not long after.

  9. I generally move to an area away from anyone else when I make or receive a call in public, it’s just good manners.

    I do wear my headphones while out in public sometimes, when I’m on my own, but this is good for blocking other people’s shit out.

  10. Ever since my wife/boss/lord protector had a full hysterectomy at age 32 due to that endometriosis cunt she can fart like a fucking shire horse, oh the humanity.

  11. What gets me is when some airhead is on the phone yak-yakking on the bus to her pal. After half an hour of ‘so I says to ‘er I says’ inanities, you get ‘oh, here’s my stop; see you in five minutes’.
    Fucking hell.

    Morning all.

    • I once walked behind a (scantily clad) bird on the Bournemouth sea front and she was yakking non stop for about 15 minutes before saying, ok see you in a minute. It was typical millenial bullshit chat, ‘Oh yeah I was like… and he was like… and she was like… ‘

      And I was like, fuck me, that’s the result of 500 million years of evolution.

  12. How come the annoying twats using mobile phones will say I’m on a bus or train, but in a car or taxi ? That always confuses me, whilst wishing they literally were.

    The worst are women using public transport, who have a child in a pushchair and insist pointing their offspring away from them whilst nattering loudly down a mobile phone annoying the rest of us. Obviously not a good mother or caring person.

  13. Having pulled up at a set of red traffic lights, I noticed the young lady driver, pulled up next to me was staring down intently at her crotch. I watched with interest, only to realise she was fiddling with her phone. Her window was wound down, so I did mine too, then shouted “Put it away!” That certainly got her attention. The lights went to green & I drove off.

  14. I used to collect my grand daughter from school when she was a tiddler.
    It used to break my heart to watch some bright-eyed little’un rushing up to Mum, clutching a painting, shouting ” Look, Mum!”, only for the feckless slag to carry on her inane conversation and ignore the poor little sprog.

    I can only hope that, when that child is rich and successful, they return the favour when the old cunt rings up wanting attention.

    • In 2023, it’s probably be a requirement of the curriculum that kiddies’ paintings include a crudely-rendered tran§bumder.

    • When the kid grows up, Jeezum, hopefully he or she will dump the slag in the worst council care home available to be looked after by minimum-waged Albanians.

  15. They do it because they still think a mobile phone is a sign of elevated status.

    Stupid stupid cunts, everyone is laughing at you

  16. What gets me, are the cunts who walk with the phone in the palm on the hand. Loud speaker on, and talking to it like it’s something off star trek. As a result we all have to listen to both sides of the conversation. Fucking phone so loud the whole street can hear what they are saying. Either that or they walk around playing music, as if it was an 80s boom box. Apart from the music is usually some africunt shit, or an uphill gardener warbling on. These cunts are always below the age of about 30, mostly kids. You feckless cunts, it’s a phone put it to your ear. I feel like people are de-evolving. It’s just pure twat behaviour, iv even had to open the window at 2am to tell cunts to shut up. The entitlement is what gets me; that these people feel we all need to be privy to what’s going on in their lives.

  17. The next evolution will have teenagers with large thumbs and humpbacks, walking into silent electric cars. That’s the only way I’m certain to get my wish, if still alive.

  18. That picture does not look right. My local bus is be full of dem beautiful people of colours. All jabbering in a myriad of foreign exotic tongues talking in a loud vibrant manner. How wonderful and enriched the modern age is. It does you proud to think it has always been like this since Roman times. So the BBC say.

  19. Recon that’s a remote control for her “Rampant Rabbit Vibro.” At least three passengers have “murder in mind,” & the one sitting behind her has a ligature, just waiting for the right moment. She looks happy with her coffee to go.

  20. The anti social, selfish cunts need their phones grabbed and the inserted as far down their throats as possible, no you hang up, no you hang up, no you SMACK, shut up cunt

    • Most of these phone conversations are almost entirely one way – one person does the talking, one does the listening. In which case, why is it always the talker who gets on my bus?

  21. I’d like to add ‘while using the supermarket bread aisle as your fucking office’.
    Self-important, marching Richard Osman and Harry Potter- lookalike cunts.
    Probably looking for sourdough or gluten-free shite.

      • Sadly the towns and villages around here are full of these 50-something Osman-Potter dorks, glasses, scarves and sometimes red trousers and usually holding their phones as if about to eat a slice of toast.

        Can’t stand the cunts.

  22. This, an extended thing by me originally from a post about Greta Garbage Pail Kid…

    People are slaves to their phones. Every single fucker you see is glaring down at their iPhone. The world and the human race is fucked, went out this morning and every twat I saw had their heads down looking at the phone. Have a break when you go out leave the fucking thing at home, and don’t even get me started on the twats answering the phone when they are out for a meal.

    And these retards are everywhere. Walking their dogs, in the cinema, music concerts, the football ground. And travel is totally ruined. Had a hard day and just want to get home in peace and quiet? Well, forget that. Because some mong will natter on like a wanker on their phone for the entire journey. And what’s worse now is Dooshkas, P@k!s and Bogo Bogos do it now. I was on the Metrolink in Manchester the other day, and some African fuck yaddered on his fucking phone in Swazispearchucka or whatever the fucking language it bloody is. Drove me round the fucking twist, the pig ignorant cunt.

    And one time I was travelling to London by train. And there was this Yuppie cunt who blathered on his phone every five minutes. I must say, I lost my rag, and I told him if he didn’t turn the thing off, I would throw it out of the train window. He went complaining to the train guard, and he also told him to shut the fuck up and turn it off as it was annoying the passengers. Mind you, this was in 1999, and you could do things like that then without their being a social media grassing campaign and cunts wetting themselves.

    And don’t get me started on the P@k! bastards who play that shitty music and yap on their phones in a dialysis ward. Those cunts need shooting.

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