Jamie Oliver [14]

The fat tongue wanker is at it again and he wants to use the sugar tax to fund yet more free school meals (I think he is feeling left out after big nose got all the credit)

The sugar tax on sugar filled drinks was as I understand it, to encourage the plebs to switch to drinks with low or zero sugar and to encourage the manufacturers to cut sugar from drinks.

In theory the tax revenues should be falling from this particular nanny state interference, so as prices increase and more kids become members of the ‘parents who say fuck working it’s a life on benefits for me’ the sugar tax isn’t going to cut it.

Jamie (fat tongued wanker) hasn’t thought it through a bit like his shit restaurant chain that went down the pan, stick to saying Pukka and stop sticking your fucking nose in, the great British worker is sick to the back teeth of paying higher and higher taxes to fund the useless and bone idle.



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  1. Now loads of soft cunts may moan about Coca Cola, but I used to liveya cold glass of it with ice.

    I’m not daft, I drank it in moderation. More in summer, maybe 2 or 3 glasses a week. Nothing too mental.

    Then, the moaning cunts like this fat tongued prat moaned on and on about ‘too much sugar let’s ban it’ so Coke changed the recipe.

    It’s now nowhere near as good as it was back on the day. I don’t buy it now.

    I’ll have the odd can of Lucozade instead, which is even worse for you but fuck them.

    I can moderate this sot of shit so why pisa about with it just because a handful of wankers can’t control themselves and drink 4 litres of it every day?

    Ban it and they’ll find something else. Ban it all and they’ll probably just buy sugar cubes and eat them all day.

    Stop banning shit because a few dickheads have no self control. Same with the cunts who want gambling banning.

    Ban it and they’ll just play poker with other gamblers anyway. That will be unlicensed and run by dodgy cunts if high stakes. No ‘helplines’ or ‘counselling’ there. They’ll just break your fucking legs if you don’t pay up.

    Jamie Oliver’s restaurants were shit too. Garbage.

    • ‘love a cold glass’

      Fucking phone yeah just change it to gobbledegook you cunt.

    • Lucozade CB?
      Remember when the only place you could get lucozade was in a chemists?

      My gran thought it was a sort of medicine.

      Fell down the stairs?
      Get him a glass of lucozade.

      • Indeed MNC, I remember it being ‘medicine’ in that orange cellophane.

        Then it became expensive but normal ‘pop’. I got into it when my gran was ill. Poured me a glass (I wanted to try some) and I fucking loved it. My mum bought it as pop for me when it was still sold in cellophane.

        Still love it but it definitely tastes better in cans rather than plastic bottles. They say that’s nonsense but I can fucking taste the difference they can fuck off.

        Love it (original only) but only drink about 1 or 2 cans a month because I know it’s pure diabetes in a can if you go overboard.

      • Yeah I remember. Lucozade Sport. It was shit. Remember John Barnes advertising it. Never worked out what he said in that advert.

        Something like, “Maynges and mynges wiballdeebodyfluids.”

        Not a clue.

        Only Lucozade original is any good though. The rest is the devil’s piss.

      • I was in scotch land once and the only place I could get methylated spirits for my camp stove was the chemist.

        Had to be interviewed by the pharmacist to make sure I didn’t intend to drink it.

    • Exactly. Why the fuck should I pay extra for something I enjoy just because a bunch of fat, useless, lazy feckless, diabetes-waiting-to-happen cunts haven’t got the common sense to control what they eat and drink. Why the FUCK do we always have to stoop to the lowest common denominator?

    • Correct , I think as a species we have known for a long time that prohibition doesn’t work.

      Just seems that some hard of learning cunts (Oliver, our government etc) haven’t understood that

      If you want to save money just deny treatment on the NHS to smokers, drinkers, drug users, fat cunts

      Oh and to immigrants unless they’ve paid a big wedge in tax

    • Clicked that article techno and then the twitter insert.

      I reckons 90 percent of the cunts were supporting the prick who has fucked over thousands of people..

      It just goes to show social media is a echo chamber of fuck wits.

      • He’ll block any cunt calling him out.

        His account will be full of celebrity worshipping pricks, whose sole purpose in life is to get a response from a celebrity on Twatter.

        That’s why it’s full of sycophants. Sad little cunts desperate for a reply.

    • I haven’t seen many of his programmes but of the ones I have, he seems to make something passable,then pours about half a pint of olive oil over it – fucking revolting.
      I’m not an expert in nutrition but the things in food and drinks that replace the sugar always sound a bit weird to me. At least you know what sugar does to you if taken in excess, or you ought to. These weird chemicals may not give you diabetes but I suspect they might give you a host of other things.

  2. I take no notice of people with speech impediments.

    Harsh? Fair.

    If Jamie can’t get his point across without drench the floor in saliva like a fat Labrador having a stroke then I’m not prepared to listen.

    Fuck sugar tax.
    Fuck income tax.

    These cunts love taxing working people!

    How about a fuckin chef tax?
    How about that?!!

    Yeah gone quiet now ain’t ya.
    Fuck off🖕

  3. Jamie Oliver…”spend more taxpayers money on free school meals”

    Jamie Oliver’s company’s goes bust and administrator KPMG revealed that the majority of the £83million owed to secured and unsecured creditors such as food suppliers, councils and landlords would not be recovered.

    Presumably he thinks it’s ok for his business to deprive Councils of millions of Pounds….after all,the bottomless-pocketed taxpayer can fill the shortfall.

    Detestable little Mong.

    …and those Cunts fighting over ridiculously priced bottles of pop because it’s made by youtube “influencers” should have their benefits stopped…free school meals but able to pay a tenner for a bottle of fizzy water.

    • There’s a market out there and you’ve got me thinking.

      After my success with my Greta sex dolls (I cannot accept your return as it is stained somewhat) I think we could get a few of us from ISAC to become YouTube influencers and sell a product.

      Going off the success of Gywneth Paltrow’s cunt candles, we could persuade (or kidnap – Mr Cunt Engine can help with that) Gemma Arterton to join us and make a fizzy pop out of her fanny juice. I’m sure I can moisten her up enough with my good looks. I might even let you have sloppy seconds.

      All it takes is a Soda Stream and Gemma Arterton’s cunt.

      Fuck it, what’s the number for ‘Dragon’s Den’?

      • Have you got any Great dolls left, I want one that shouts ‘how dare you’ as I slam my winkie into her chuff 😂

    • I notice on the nominations page a comment made by the admin regarding them having a copy of “Gemma Arterton’s Backdoor Intruders” from Lord Fiddler’s private collection.

      Umm.. any chance I could have a copy? Its for a friend’s birthday present.

  4. Jamie is in favour of better child nutrition.

    Well I’m in favour of better child names. Cunts like this one who call their kids Rapunzel Cherry Blossom or some such bollocks deserve a one-way ticket to Unkle T’s oven.

    Mockney wanker.

    • Prompted by your post Geordie, I looked up his kid’s names. The man’s a fucking looney and his wife must be as daft.

  5. It’s his kids I feel sorry for.

    Forced to eat that slop he dishes up!
    Their insides must be fucked?
    Your not meant to eat that much vegetables.

    “Dad, just for a change can we have McDonald’s tonight?”

    Jamie “Do what son?!!
    Avin a giraffe aintcha?
    Naw, stroll on,
    Here we go 3pint of olive oil , speed chop some shallots and onions,
    Now, dice the garlic,bung it in , oi oi!
    Now simmer, and put your Vietnamese noodles in, wahey!!
    That’s luvverly jubberly,
    Now , red wine,
    Get in there you bee arch!!

    And why does his missus look anorexic if he’s such a good chef?

  6. The day I take advice from the human equivalent of daffy duck will be a cold day in hell.

    Shut the fuck up and pay your bill to your creditors you jumped up dinner lady.

    • I loved school dinners.
      And would creep and flirt shamelessly to the dinnerladies to guarantee good portions.

      ” Didn’t recognise you then Doreen,
      Thought it was that Farah Fawcett!
      Love the new hair do!”

      “Hello Sheila, how’s your Joe? Like your earrings!
      Stockport market eh?”

      I was like Henry Hill in Goodfellas.

      • I rarely went for seconds unless they had chocolate pudding.

        Tried for thirds too. Fake moustache, the lot.

      • Manchester Tart!
        As served up in Primary school.

        Or Miserable, by his own confession.
        You decide🤔

  7. Imagine if he and Harry Kane were gay lovers?

    If they kissed with tongues, they’d decapitate each other and probably knock the house down.

  8. The only good thing about this pot rattling cunt is that his TV appearances are limited to cooking programmes which can easily be avoided.

    Gordon, Gino and Fred?

    Childish travel shows with an arrogant, sweary bastard, a midget Italian (fantástico) and a surrender monkey that nobody knows what he does.

    Then there’s that fat greedy cunt Rick Stein always on his travels and putting too much food into his greedy mouth all the time.

    Why would anyone pay to go to any of their restaurants?
    The fuckers are never there doing the cooking.

    Jamie Oliver should just stick to using his spud peeler for making slivers of cucumber to put in his endless array of boring salads.

    The cunt.

    • I nominated those three cunts a while back. How anyone can enjoy watching those three detestable fuckers is beyond me.

    • Ah the so called celebrity chefs none will ever compare to the legendary Keith Floyd my kind of cooking
      A typical Floyd recipe

      Get easy ingredients
      Get wine beer
      Borrow some buggers kitchen
      Get pissed first
      Have a laugh
      More alcohol
      Try to cook something
      Taste it
      If shite have another few drinks
      That’s proper cooking

      Fuck yer Mamby pamby so called chefs

  9. I fucking loathe this cunt.

    The darling of politician’s Quick Fix mentality..too many fat little cunts? That chef says tax their sugar.

    Perfect,banner headlines about the government striving to “look after the nation’s health”…when in reality they couldn’t care less if we live or die.

    Likes a publicity campaign does this greasy mokney cunt but not so keen on paying redundancy or settling his liabilities from his personal fortune..no this cunt would rather run off and hide behind bankruptcy law.

    A tremendous cunt.

    A despicable individual.

    Full Oven.

  10. I will forever hold a special hatred for this cunt because of his ‘healthy’ school meals crusade.

    • One of the younger lads I work with has issued a fatwa on Jamie Oliver.

      Apparently turkey twizzler Friday was all he had to look forward to at school and the fat tongued mockney twat went and ruined it.

  11. Ban sugar
    Ban chocolate
    Ban fish & chips
    Ban takeaways
    Ban crisps & sweets
    Ban fast food outlets

    But make sure you can rip off customers at his p0ncy restaurants while serving them with crap food imported from all corners of the world, including some potentially endangered species while also leaving a massive carbon footprint behind.


  12. If I had never heard of Jamie Oliver or his bad impersonation of Fanny Craddock, I would still come to the logical conclusion that he is a cunt, just from one look at his smug, self satisfied, special needs face.

    When he talks-well, what am annoying whine👎

  13. I must admit to quite liking Oliver and his TV shows in the very early days before he became Billy Big Bollocks back in the 90s. But for me the best TV chef ever was good old Keith Floyd!

    He never took himself too seriously, but had his own restaurant business, was completely self-aware, had a charismatic manner on TV and wasn’t overly fussy about the ingredients he used in making his latest recipe. In fact it was very much a case of “throw some garlic in the pan, a splodge of oil, grab a few chopped onions, peppers and spices, give it a stir, add the chicken and a good helping of wine and let it rest for.. oh I dunno. 30 minutes?” And then he would pour himself another glass of red wine while smiling to the camera half-pissed but still the ultimate professional!

    • Met floyd whilst visiting his pub in Devon
      He sat at the bar we ate sensibly price bar snacks
      Dogs were allowed in as his was the same as my springer
      Chatted briefly nice man with humour
      Lovely blonde lady served us
      Imagine doing that with todays celebrity cunts
      Pub went bust the Maltsters arms from memory
      Probably drank the profits
      Oliver just uses his name like most of em

    • I disliked the cunt from the first time I saw him, he was and always will be a twat 😂

  14. Not long before he died, Keith Floyd declared that modern celebrity chefs were ‘All cunts’.
    He must have had this drooling mongoloid in mind when he said it.
    Poor Keith must be spinning in his grave.

  15. Stop fucking telling us what to do you cunts. You dont live in the real world, you get a little bit of slebrity or plebrity and think you can change the world, well you cant so fuck off to issicks and stay there. Keith floyd i met once in a dorset pub many years ago and was quite charming bless him.

  16. To be fair, I’ve tried a few of his recipes and they’re very nice, easy to follow and cheap. His Christmas dinner stuff is lovely.

    Still a cunt, though, and no mistake, guv.

  17. Where’s Nigella Lawson in all of this ? I loved her cleavage cooking. I’d wait in the fridge for her when she woke for a late night snack.

  18. This mong tongued lecturing fucking wanker ought to worry about his own bastard kids rather than other peoples.
    If my Dad had called me River Rocket or Buddy Bear I would have killed the cunt.

  19. I can’t think of any other TV chefs ( not that this cunt can be regarded as a “chef” by a long chalk.) who like telling people what to do.
    Fuck off you spitty glorified burger-flipper.

  20. The only time I would watch this sloppy joweled wanker would be if he used that pan to shatter his own massive skull .!!

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