Bruce Springsteen (3) – The Toss

America has given us some great music.

Gershwin tunes, Motown,
Early country, Crosby stills Nash, the Doors,
Talking Heads, Blondie,
Elvis, and I enjoy them.

They also gave us Bruce Springsteen ☹️

Apparently a nice bloke.
Treats his musicians well,
Helps people.

I hate the cunt.
Everything sounds the same!!
I don’t get his appeal?

I honestly have tried,
Just don’t get it.

I pride myself on having a eclectic taste,
Encompassing all sorts of things.
Bruce doesn’t fit.

I was once offered a free ticket to see Bruce Springsteen in London.

I declined.
Fuck that.

Only thing he’s ever done is write ‘ because the night’ which Patti Smith sung brilliantly.

If Bruce had done it?
It’d had 20 saxophone on it and gone on forever.

It’s become a phobia now.
Anything he appears on I’ll turn it off.
His shitty music makes me puke.

Bet some evil cunt plays it at my funeral?
I’m getting tearful now…

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Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

134 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen (3) – The Toss

  1. Totally agree, i can’t stand his music, overrated like, dare i say it david bowie, the doors, and probably many many more.

  2. Talkin’ Heids are fuckin’ American, likes?
    Fuckin’ SCOTTISH, ye cunt!
    I’ll fuckin’ chin ye if ye caw AC/DC Australian, ye cunt!


    • American you cock!
      A regular at CBGBs with the Ramones, Blondie etc.

      David Byrne might of been born in Scotland though.

      • We claim any and all Scotland-born cunt as our own, unless they are shite, or Rod Stewart. Tony Blair? He’s YOURS, fuck all tae dee wee us, mon! πŸ˜€

      • Born in fuckin’ Dunbarton in 1957, likes! Disnae get more Scottish that that, mon! πŸ˜€ Didnae move on Yankland until he was 8, likes. Lived in Canada, which is just Scotland wee French cunts in it! πŸ˜€

      • That’s just David Bryne.
        Talking Heads is a band.
        From Rhode Island.

        Rhode island’s not in fuckin Jockland!

      • Some greats from north of the border. Alex Harvey, Frankie Miller, Jack Bruce, Edwyn Collins, Gerry Rafferty.

      • LOL!
        That makes The Velvet Underground a Welsh band because John Cale is Welsh.

      • Rhode Island should be taken down as it’s racist. Cecil Rhodes, he INVENTED racism and Rhode Island was built using the dandruff from his arse-pubes in the cement, so it needs to be demolished and a new island, Floyd Island built in it’s place, cement made from fentanyl, of course. It’s only right.


      • Paul McCartney, of course, is Scottish. That’s why he went to live in the Mull of Kintyre, as it was where he and Irishman, John Γ“ LeannΓ‘in as his real name was, formed The Beatles, in a cave in 1957…

        Yoko Ono is actually Icelandic. She was washed ashore to Mull in the Great Storm of 1933 and lived in that cave for 24 years then molested Irish Johnny and was sedated with fox pish until 1966 when she escaped and began the ruination of the Fan-Dabby-Dozy Four. Tragic.

      • Norm,

        Alex Harvey, Frankie Miller, Jack Bruce, Edwyn Collins, Gerry Rafferty are all the same guy, Danny Gribble, born circa. 1922 in Motherwell. We just sober him up every decade, apply some Mrs Doubtfire kind of makeup and pass him off as the next, new, singing sensation. And it works! Well, when we did Danny up as Michelle McManus for Pop Idol in 2003, many thought the ruse had gone too far, so we stopped for a while, but look out this summer for Hip Hop genius, Dr DiabetiKKK, folks! Just ignore the smell of old flesh and genuine racism he spouts. That’s oor Danny! πŸ˜€

  3. The saxophone is the instrument of the devil. Fucking honking like a strangled goose. I’ve always hated them

      • Idi Amin was Scottish, no one doubts that. But was he a Rangers or Celtic man? I say Rangers, but my uncle Hector says he once say Idi coming out of a Catholic barbers in 1977 playing Give Me Oil in My Lamp on his accordion, then being sick on a tramp.

    • I’m still on my break, Mis! Think I’ll remain on it. Can’t be arsed with all the raging, moaning at the shit-show anymore. It is what it is, we get the societies we deserve due to our apathies. Apathy Society!

      Anyway… aye, Scotland has managed to give the world quite a lot of good and sometimes great warblers and jammers. Rodgers, Hendrix, Choo, Hoffa, Nail – all Jimmies, all Scottish.

      • An square sausages.
        Of that Scotland should be truly proud.

        First time I saw one my mind couldn’t comprehend it.

        Never considered they could be different shapes?

        I was quiet most of the day contemplating the possibilities.

        The word Awesome is bandied about,
        But in this case it’s fitting.

        Square sausages!
        Never believe it would you?

      • And while we’re in Gordon Land, didn’t he say he would not be bothering us until the 13th.
        I could be wrong. I’m often wrong, but the 13th seems nailed in there.
        Maybe he meant the 13th day of Christmas?
        I thought there was only 12, but again, I’m often wrong.
        Feel free to correct me, Gordon.
        I’d really, really like it if you would.

  4. Oh!
    It’s Gordon.
    Pass me my sombrero, I don’t want to get covered in spit, phlegm and shit again.
    Those Terry towelling socks didn’t last long.

  5. Peter Gabriel is another leftie cunt who went up his own khyber. He was great in Genesis, but then he got into all that Amnesty International shite and he’s another who cracks on he thinks Africa is the centre of the universe. The mad old cunt also dipped that demented Fenian fuck Sinead O’ Connor. I hope he had earplugs….

    • Who didn’t fuck Sister Bernadette, or whatever she calls herself nowadays.
      I imagine she had a minge like a bearskin rug and smelt of “bacon & cabbage”.

      • I do like early Genesis and some of Gabriel’s early stuff, but I know what Gordon means about these cunts who go out of their way to be ‘eccentric’ and when it is just too staged. Those cunts, They Might Be Giants did it. And those bastards, the White fucking Stripes. All that ‘My wife’s my sister, red uniforms, drummer can’t play and doesn’t talk, two chord shite influenced by obscure blues artisits’ crap was exactly that. They were as dull and as soulless as fuck in reality, had zero talent, and were as manufactured as the Spice Girls. While there are genuinely eccentric artists (Syd Barrett, Sparks, Scott Walker, Kate Bush), there are cunts like Jack White and his wife/sister mong who put it on because they had no talent or charisma to begin with.

    • I saw a video once of Gabriel and he was on stage at his concert riding around on a bike. Uh, okay. Bit of a fake eccentric, is he? I love a genuine eccentric, but nothing worse than a dull cunt who hams up a, “I’m MAD, I am! Not like ANY other person on Earth!”.

      I’ve been having this realisation recently that by the end of this century almost NOTHING from the 20th century will be enjoyed. It will be like how people in the 1920s stopped giving a fuck about the 19th century, Napoleon, archery contests, Jesus, pressing flowers and were cracking on with burlesque women getting their fannies out in Paris and drink-driving their Fords into a Suffragette march, then voting Hitler into power.

  6. The musical Bruce’s I like are of of the hard rock variety, Kulick or the wonderful Dickinson, that sort

    Springsteen, tried hard maybe too hard, for me he’s not as annoying as Hughie Louis

  7. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but why do pop star cunts think theirs matter?


    Their opinions aren’t any more informed than yours or mine.

    They get Messiah complex.

    What the fuck do they know apart from room service and leather trousers?

    • Wealth and fame attracts many sycophantic cunts.
      Eventually they believe the flattery.
      I have never met an Irishman who DOESN’T think Bono is a cunt.

      I bet his bandmates fucking hate him too.

      • One of my customers is in a famous band.

        He’s the most unassuming bloke you could meet.
        No pretensions.
        Loves music , doesn’t think he can save the world, or lecture anyone.

        Just normal.
        Deaf as a fuckin post.
        Nice bloke.

        Think the likes of Bono would be puddled no matter what job they had.

      • I often ponder who was the driving force musically in u2,i’d like to think the edge drove the melodic structure al a Richards in the Stones style,with Bono throwing in the lyrics ?
        Who knows ? They had some good tunery to hand circa Joshua tree years.’One tree hill’ kicks some gluteous maximus.

      • Steve Lillywhite, who produced their first albums was a critical influence in β€œshaping” their early sound. He should take credit/blame for their success.πŸ€”

      • The great Martin Hannett produced U2’s first single in the UK. But he didn’t do the debut album because he was too upset about his friend, Ian Curtis killing himself around the same time.
        I wonder what a Hannett inspired U2 would have sounded like and done.πŸ€”

        Rumour has it that Clayton and Mullen are top blokes, while Edge and Bonio are cunts…

      • Bonio sucks up to Tony Blair and always has done. While U2 drummer, Larry Mullen openly despises Blair.

        I have also never met a Paddy who doesn’t think Bonio is a cunt. Bonio’s Mrs is supposed to be a bit of a nightmare and all. The ‘Paddywood’ couple are not very popular with ordinary Dubliners.

  8. Bruce Springsteen is of the same bland boring rock music as Eric Clapton , loggins and Masina

    • Absolutely right. You can’t get a pair so bland. It must feel like being kicked in the bollocks, forgetting you’d been anaesthetised.
      It just shows you how much the Yardbirds carried Clapton, I didn’t know he was in the band when going to hear them at the Twisted Wheel. Must’ve been the presence of Long John Baldry who accompanied them sometimes that you’d forget clapped-out.

  9. The Boss and his ‘Noo Joisey’ faux blue collar shit is a pain. But thr biggest cunt in music named Bruce is none other than Bruce Willis.

    In 1987, seeing that arrogant, up himself, slap headed napper strutting through ‘Under The Boardwalk’ and ‘Respect Yourself’ made me want to kick the telly in. He really was that bad. Even Telly Savalas with ‘If’ was better than Bruce fucking Willis.

    David Soul’s ‘Silver Lady’ was OK though It still has a seedy 70s late night feel to it. In the late 70s, there was no bigger fanny magnet in the UK than ‘Hutch’.

  10. As I’ve said before I always thought the Boss was overrated aside from a few songs

    Favourite Springsteen song? Blinded by the light by Manfred Manns Earth Band

  11. Sirs:

    Around here we call Springsteen “The Employee.”

    That is, when we bother to call him anything at all.

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