Jacinda “Shergar” Ardern (5) – Off to the Knacker’s Yard

Well the horse-faced cunt has resigned for “personal reasons” and not before time.

We all know she was a complete and utter self-righteous, over-zealous, two-faced cunt with her handling of the Covid pandemic in NZ sometimes bordering on complete martial law resulting in disastrous consequences for the people of that country.

She is no doubt another woke-liberal WEF puppet who has spent the last 6 years doing their bidding regardless of what the country wanted. She’s now realised what a complete fuck up she has made of the country and how it has become a laughing stock around the world (are you listening, Canada?)

But despite that, the media and world leaders are fawning over her announcement, with some twats saying that she is some kind of progressive visionary and will be sorely missed! (I suspect, however, they wouldn’t be quite so praiseworthy if they themselves had to live under her reign.)

She steps down 7th February although one suspects we will be hearing from her again in the not too distant future- possibly as a full paid up member of WEF!

That said, with a sufficient amount of booze and weed I suppose she might be worth a good old pounding up the back door

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65 thoughts on “Jacinda “Shergar” Ardern (5) – Off to the Knacker’s Yard

  1. This horse faced slag should be dumped in the middle of Syria. So, she can get rogered to death by her precious Islamic State. I know Sunak is a cunt, but I feel sorry for Kiwis, who have to put up with this bitch.

  2. This evil bitch quite while the stove was hot because she realised it’s better to get burned by the oven than to be burned inside it.

    She clearly has at least a little bit of self-awareness (for an authoritarian, dictatorial cunt) so let’s see if Justin Castro of Canada exercises the same level of self-awareness and self-preservation.

    Spoiler alert….. he fucking won’t.

  3. Unpopular opinion, but I find her strangely attractive. She sort of reminds me of Claudia Black from Farscape who I used to think was hot.

    I used to get grief from a lot of the other lads in school and college because they all fancied the likes of Geri Halliwell. I always preferred the sort of girls from Aerosmith videos or Isla Fisher.

    Apparently in their eyes this made me “gay”. 🤔

    Not sure how they worked that out. I always thought wanting to shag other men is what makes you gay, but some of the people I went to school with were thick, knuckle dragging fuck heads.

    I always thought it meant that I had standards.

    I’m over it……well almost.
    My therapist Katie Price says I’m really making progress.

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