Jacinda “Shergar” Ardern (5) – Off to the Knacker’s Yard

Well the horse-faced cunt has resigned for “personal reasons” and not before time.

We all know she was a complete and utter self-righteous, over-zealous, two-faced cunt with her handling of the Covid pandemic in NZ sometimes bordering on complete martial law resulting in disastrous consequences for the people of that country.

She is no doubt another woke-liberal WEF puppet who has spent the last 6 years doing their bidding regardless of what the country wanted. She’s now realised what a complete fuck up she has made of the country and how it has become a laughing stock around the world (are you listening, Canada?)

But despite that, the media and world leaders are fawning over her announcement, with some twats saying that she is some kind of progressive visionary and will be sorely missed! (I suspect, however, they wouldn’t be quite so praiseworthy if they themselves had to live under her reign.)

She steps down 7th February although one suspects we will be hearing from her again in the not too distant future- possibly as a full paid up member of WEF!

That said, with a sufficient amount of booze and weed I suppose she might be worth a good old pounding up the back door

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65 thoughts on “Jacinda “Shergar” Ardern (5) – Off to the Knacker’s Yard

      • Funny you should mention Uber cunt Blair. This bitch Arden was mentored directly by him when she worked in an exchange programme with the British Labour party in the late 1990’s.

        I’m afraid to say that all of her underhand and dirty tricks she learned from the utter sheep’s cunt known as Anthony Blair.

        I can only hope that come the revolution and subsequent crimes against humanity trials that these two fuckers are hanging by a noose each dangling off the same lampost (to then share an eternity in hell together where they both belong)

      • Aye, we’ve not seen the last of that nasty piece of work, she’s probably heading to the WEFfen SS like Obergruppenführer Bliar…unless the speculations circulating about her ‘chymical’ (as it were) habits are about to be proven to be true.

  1. Was she the one that shut down the whole of New Zealand when 4 cases of COVID came to light?

    She should never hold any position of authority again.

    She should follow the example of Katie Price and become a trollop.

    • These people NEVER give up power easily. Seems obvious to me a big scandal is brewing, she’s up to her neck in it and jumped before she’s pushed.

      Good riddance, but her replacement will be not one bit better.

      This is what happens when you let wimminz out of the kitchen, then let them act on their feelings.

  2. There’s not enough alcohol and weed in the world to make that even remotely desirable, except maybe to another horse (if it’s not too fussy)

    • ‘Boom! Boom!’.

      Basil Brush.

      Good old Jacinda. A stunning woman whose contribution on the world stage will be sadly missed. No doubt she’ll have a book deal and personal appearance schedule in the offing.

  3. This woman is an absolute fucking monster and make no mistake.

    Ardern and her cohorts will hopefully one day all pay the harshest possible penalty for their crimes.

  4. Learned her trade in Downing Street under the tutelage of Satan Blair so the dicks who voted for her should have known what to expect. I’m not buying this “nothing left in the tank” bullshit.Bitches like this don’t just walk away from power. She’s had instructions from her masters, probably because somebody’s got something on her. I believe it may be related to certain substances and that horse like nose.
    Good riddance to the fucking fascist anyway.

    • It’s a case of BLiar again, but this time down there.
      The stupid fuckers voted her in with an outright majority – just like Charles Lynton
      She fucked up the country – just like Charles Lynton
      The country realised she fucked things up – just like Charles Lynton
      The Labour Party realised she was a fucking liability and told her to go – just like Charles Lynton
      The massive screw up will probably result in Labour getting kicked out later this year – just like Charles Lynton
      She will make millions outside of politics- just like Charles Lynton
      She will andranever be held to account – just like – guess who?

    • What this dozy leftie cow forgets is that given a chance, if a gang of peacefuls got their mittens on her they would make her airtight from every angle before disposing of her battered body in a dumpster.
      Thats how they respect and revere women in their culture.

      God forbid that ever happens of course……………

  5. If she’s feeling down in the dumps, maybe use Katie Price life coach ?!!

    After some placky titties and a big tattoo on exposed ribcage she might cheer the fuck up?

    Come on Jacinda,
    Let’s see what you’ve got under those frumpy clothes!!

    Although I expect naked she looks like she’s just got out of Belsen..

  6. I’ve got relatives from New Zealand…one of the younger ones came over with his girlfriend to visit “the old Country” a few years back…turned up on my doorstep obviously looking for free board for a few days….luckily when he introduced himself,he pronounced the surname differently to how we pronounce it over here and I was able to say that I’d never heard of such a family and shut the door in their faces…Cunts sat outside in their hire car for a while but thankfully took the hint and finally fucked off afore I had to deploy the cold-bucket-of-piss treatment.

    • Close call that.
      In my experience they’re all a bit dolally from NZ.
      Sort of a bit Aussie
      A bit Shetland isle,

      He’d of bummed your hound.
      Make no mistake.

      Did they have facial tattoos?

      • The girlfriend definitely had a touch of the tarbrush….think that’s why the Hounds wouldn’t get too close…they really are appalling rayyyysssssiiiiiisssssttttts

    • Lol.
      I remember seeing a travel series years ago about a bloke who went ‘roughing it’ across Europe and Asia, encountering all sorts of hazards and problems along the way.
      At the end of the series, an interviewer asked ‘what was the biggest lesson you learned from all your experiences?’
      The guy stared off into the distance as he contemplated his reply, then said ‘never give your address to an Australian’.

      • Aye…apparently it’s quite a common thing for them to land themselves like cuckoos on anybody daft enough not to just tell them to Fuck Off when they’re on their travels…. must say the letter I got about my “appalling behaviour and the rudeness that we’ve grown to expect” from his Mother,who I haven’t seen in 40+ years, was a bit snippy.

  7. When she was talk’s, she reminds me of that Tortoise from the original “Creature Comforts” animations-gnashers like a gypo’s horse🤢

  8. A truly righteous and proper cunting.

    A former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth and policy advisor to one of Britain’s greatest liars, the Kiwi PM and wannabe dictator was as repressive as her evil twin Justinlito Castreau.

    I did find it amusing that when the Markle’s named her as a star in one of their upcoming Arsewell fiascos…along with Darth Vader Ginsberg and St. Greta of Turdbird…she completely distanced herself from the Montecito Morons and denied any knowledge of it.

    As she rides off into the sunset I don’t know where she goes from here. But if they make a movie about her and want a happy ending, someone could shoot her and walk off into the sunset. They could call it; “They Shoot Prime Ministers Don’t They?”

    Despicable equine looking cunt!

      • Oh no-she is definitely “all bad”.

        -we will be your single source for information
        -a two tier society for vaxed/unvaxed “…is exactly what I am advocating….”

        Evil fucking whore.
        I wonder how much her personal wealth increased, during the scam-demic?


  9. Not quite as bad as Blair in that she didn’t go to war with the fucking Peacefuls before inviting the cunts to live in OUR backyard. But like Blair she quietly walks away from the consequences with no danger of ever coming into contact with the filthy murdering bastards.

  10. I was a video the other day that said that New Zealand has loads of biker gangs in it now. Anyone ever been there? Is it good, bad, inbred?

  11. ‘Lock me down harder ‘ cried all of her lefty followers. Stupid arses. God riddance, shame another twat is replacing her

  12. At no point did nobody in NZ ask “Isn’t this how the Nazis started”?

    should be tried in the Hague, alongside Satan’s envoy on earth, Blair.

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