Women’s Football Inequality

Women footballers find kicking a mens ball and playing in mens footbal boots a bit too much for their feminine bodies……apparently.


You will note, this story has been somewhat ‘hidden’ in the lesser viewed health section of the BBC website, rather than also appearing on the more regularly visited sports pages.

Apparently womens football wants to be some much more inclusive to compete with the mens game, that not only to they want to compete seperately in different leagues and tournaments….and only with other women in a team- they are now suggesting they should play with a beach ball and in slippers, so they don’t hurt their- quite obviously unequal to men- bodies.

Equality when it suits…. eh ladies??

Nominated by : Chuff Chugger

49 thoughts on “Women’s Football Inequality

  1. I think that’s a fair point..

    Look what the mens football did to Karen carneys face.

    • I reckon there must be something in all the latest fuss about heading the ball giving brain damage, it obviously has a severe effect on women.

      Symptoms include being a munter, being a lez or being a lezzing munter, also thinking you understand the offside rule and that people know who you are.

      Some of the worst cases have delusions about being famous.

      Very sad.

  2. Jess Phillips, Kim Leadbetter and Angela Eagle say that picture is homophobic. They don’t want to wear those skimpies. They want to carry on wearing their jockstraps, so that buket and sponge man Kweer can sniff them when he is having his after match wank in the locker room.

  3. The sports manufacturers don’t make special equipment for wimminz because there’s no fucking money in it. That’s the bottom line you stupid bitches.

    • Perhaps as ladies don’t like to sweat they ought to play stripped to the waist. Goalkeeper Angie Rayner would enjoy clutching the balls to her titties.

  4. Ball ⚽️ too hard ?
    Studs too sharpe?
    Field too Muddy?

    Then fuck the footie go straight to the steaming showers. Lesbian kissing permitted. Ratings attendance will increase.

  5. White footballers don’t complain about using the same ball as The Coloureds even though The Coloureds have far thicker skulls and a smaller brain to damage when a ball is headed.

    • I find it quite amusing how the term coloureds hasn’t been fitting for quite sometime, since the 1970s? Yet the stupid wokey (pseudo-not racist but are the real racists) lefties have conjured up the abbreviation POC.

      What’s the fucking difference?

      • Referring to someone as ‘coloured’ when I was growing up, was simply used to describe someone as ‘non white’ for ease of reference………particularly when I was at school (to be fair we only had 2 or 3, but still……..’which one’s Noel?’ ‘ he’s the coloured lad in class 5b’

        Nothing racisit or demeaning in my mind about it at all…was just a descriptive term…one size fit all. Now you don’t fucking know how to refer to them for fear of upsetting them.


      • Couldn’t agree more Adam. As I’ve posted on here before I can’t keep track of all this. I was amused recently to hear a bummer complain about using the word “gay” as a term of abuse. The word was a synonym for happy until the bummers adopted it because they couldn’t cope with the technically correct term h0m0*****l. I was also amused to hear a man respond when a bummer stated portentously, “I’m gay actually”, “Well yes, “I’m quite happy myself.”

    • Morning Mr F…I’ve seen dark-hued types playing rugby too.
      Do they get rather excited, thinking they’re participating in some sort of cannibalistic gay orgy?

      • For some reason I read “gay corgi.”
        Mind you, as P. Andrew is looking after them now, there’s no telling what habits they mighty pick up. Humping Paddington Bear, in his duffel-coat and wellies?

    • Calling them coloureds is right up my antagonistic street. If they decide to change it again in the near future, I’ll be on the ball to call them something else. Keep up the good work Herr Fiddler.

  6. Women’s football is a glorified Ponzi scheme, millions chucked at it and no one watches it

  7. I think that beach volleyball is sexist.

    I have brought some woman’s bikini bottoms to play in but I can’t fit my bollocks in them and my cock keeps flopping out of the sides.

  8. The header kit looks like the one men wore in the sixties, when they thought their legs were shapely. In my opinion, skirts should be brought back into women’s sport, such as the cricketing ladies did from the start. The lasses sport will die unless more money is pumped into it. The girls are at fault there by not being more forthcoming. They need to attract men by enticing them to throw money at them, similar to the ladies at strip and pole dancing clubs.

  9. Bollocks to wimmins’ football, I want to see dẁarf/midget football, that would be both hilarious and adorable.

      • Hmmm…I’m in two minds about that, Terry.
        I mean, I’ll happily watch midget porn (they seem to be rather enthusiastic) but watching them run around on a field would be more of a challenging wank.
        Perhaps attractive regular-sized birds could be on the sidelines flinging clods of earth at the mutant DNA-wielding participants?

    • Well wimminz could still meddle in that – just sign up Yvette Mini-Cooper. Old Pixieballs herself. She’d have to wear the jockstrap though so all those illegal immigrants could take her up the arse without having to bother to rip her drawers off. Then she’d be like Harry Kane, keep telling reporters that it was “a dream come true”. A bit bow legged by the second half though.

  10. Oh, for fucks sakes stop whining you bunch of fucking split asses and get back in the kitchen. Never fucking happy!

  11. The only way the women have a chance in the men’s game, to prevent the injuries that’s being talked about, is having a complete transformation. Meaning, the moaning transgender twats to take over. Which will turn it more into the laughing stock it already is. The only spectators going to the games, will be irons, brown hatters, shirt-lifers and uphill pitch Inspectors.

  12. Men,wimmin, gays, lezzies, trannies, freaks, weirdos, any of these who kicks a football is a cunt.
    Good morning.

  13. Like the ‘top’wimmins team that got done 15-0 by a bunch of schoolboys?

    Your womens pressure groups are like your wokes, your blacks or your LGBTs. Whatever they are given and, no matter how much they are crawled to and appeased, it is never enough. Whatever they get, they will want more. It is a thankless task. These cunts are offended simply for the sake of being offended. The term ‘equality’ now means nothing of the kind. Equality now just means wimmin, poofs and tranies taking over everything. Just like ‘diversity’ means blacks getting shoehorned into everything.

  14. Did I say that I loathe Karen Carney with an unquenchable venom?

    I can’t stand any of them – Logan, Scott, Oatley, Eluko – but Carney tops the lot.

  15. I see they are switching to dark coloured shorts too, in case of leakage when on their period. Gary Lineker seemed to play ok with no major issues and even shit himself on the pitch during Italia 90.

  16. On the header pic they can’t even stand in numerical order. Still my Arse tickling stick would be in heaven with that lot….😂

  17. I don’t see an issue with asking for football boots designed for women’s feet, seems reasonable. I don’t get what they could do to change the football though.

  18. I honestly don’t understand why on earth wimmin want to play football or rugby, or any other thing that involves getting wet, cold and muddy.
    The Gradly lass was cacking on about playing footie until I pointed this out to her. Now she’s perfecting her eye/lip liner technique.
    The world turns, my heart rate slows, and another screaming match is averted.

  19. May a thousand trans women demand to play in their pointless, unwatchable game. I might be tempted to watch some of it if that happens.

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