The Ubiquitous Martin Lewis (5)

Martin Lewis and news reporting.

I am sick of seeing this man’s face. It seems like 4 or 5 out of 10 online news stories are about our Martin.

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Don’t get me wrong. He does try hard to steer people in the right direction, regarding getting a pound or so out of the fat cats. Indeed, his bank switching advice has netting me over £2k, which I’ve spent on booze and party nibbles, but for the sake of my sanity Martin , take a long holiday somewhere obscure.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

64 thoughts on “The Ubiquitous Martin Lewis (5)

  1. You have spent 2k on party nibbles! I wonder if “party nibbles “ is code for hookers? In which case, Martin Lewis is performing a great public service teaching the great British public how to fund the odd blow with a high class hooker.

  2. He is a revolting self-publicist, a man who thinks his every fart should be reported on the front page of the newsapers – a vulgar little do-gooder.

    He remnds me of that old pansy Simon Calder “travel correspondent of on-line newspaper “The Independent” (sic) – the BBC seems to think he is the only man who knows anything, the way both the BBC and ITV regard this oily little turd.

  3. He’ll be caught soon enough, Phillip Schofield-style, bumming a young research lad.

  4. The cost of living crisis must be like Martin Lewis World Cup or Oscars moment that he has been waiting a lifetime for. I should think your average immo is probably just as well versed in every freebie going too.

  5. We used to read his stuff but not any more. We found that his various recommendations seemed always to have a down side. Either it was stuff which didn’t apply to us or there was some other catch. Gave him up when the wife moved her phone to Lebara on his advice, supposedly to get the same service at a lower price. Within minutes of entering her email address she started receiving a torrent of spam and scam messages at a rate you would not believe. We were literally deleting them a page at a time and they were actually getting away from us! Ended up changing her email address with all the inconvenience that involves and returning to the old phone company.

    • Lebara is run by a slimey paki from Chigwell. Lives in a £10 million pound house, so somebody is being taken for a ride with the phones.

  6. He has some good advice for the plebs but his political lobbying is fucking annoying, a bit like Marcus Rashford (Cunt of the British empire) and ‘free’ school meals.
    Ever time explaining that the energy cap isn’t a cap it’s an average, why don’t they just say how much the rate per KwHr is going up.

    While we are on the fucking bullshit, ‘suppliers need to do more to protect vulnerable customers’, they are a supplier not fucking social workers, the message of use whatever you like cos someone else will pay needs to kicked into the very long grass.

  7. The cunt better not try and save me £2K. Not if he knows what’s fucking good for him!


    • At least you are making a saving on Willie Strokers wages Ruff. After the govt requisitioned his Suffolk B&B for Channel migrants he has been run off his feet.

      • Willie was kind enough to visit while I was in bed sick of the palsy, LL. He brought me some boiled eggs and nuts.

        Boiled eggs and nuts! 😠

        Why can’t he do something to help me?

      • I have boiled eggs and nuts every morning for breakfast.
        At 50 I’m fit enough to have shot at Katie Price.

      • But do you have a squillion pounds, because those tattooed thighs won’t open otherwise?

      • If you’re 80 with a pulse and have a few quid squirrelled away, then rest assured you would be in with a shout of a shot of Katie Price……..forget 50 and fit Meat Curtains

    • Didn’t save me ought, Ruff.
      My bank pays interest on my current account, and on my saver account.
      Over the years, I’ve got about £350, pa, in interest and cashback.

  8. I thought his advice on saving fuel when pump prices increased recently was cuttingly insightful.

    Drive less. Walk or cycle more.

    The sheer brilliance of the man’s mind outshines even his teeth veneers.

    • Fucking genius. Hopefully he made it into the Daily Express click bait with this top tip

  9. Whinging because he’s made you two grahd ?….Dread to think what you’d have to say about him if he decked yer arse with diamonds.

    The Cunt.

    • I should think Coutts would take a dim view of you switching and swapping the Fiddler fortune all over the high street to make a few hundred extra quid Dick.

  10. I have mixed feelings about this cunt

    He was inspired to investigate the sharp practices of dodgy loan companies back in the mid 2000’s after coming across increasing numbers of story’s that were all the same, namely people being lent money who had fuck all chance of paying it back and even less chance of understanding what they’d committed themselves too.

    His investigations led him to create his website which initially focussed on the injustices, how not to get caught up in them and tips on how to save money.

    It grew arms and legs to the point that I think it was Barclays who paid him £80m for it.

    Fair play.

    This was right in the heat of the so called ‘credit crunch’ and at the same time that cunt Osbourne who was masquerading as a Tory was cutting Public Expenditure to a point Thatcher would have blushed.

    The bastard cut funding to a raft of charities that genuinely did offer vital support to people really suffering, not those that can’t afford a jam rag or a fucking bar of soap but charities like Citizens Advice.

    So he set up a fund to donate to charities and backed it up with £10m.

    Fair play.


    As a result he’s just become another member of an establishment that is wheeled out every fucking time there’s something to say about Asda sticking up the price of carrots or whatever.

    And what’s with all that speaking at a million miles an hour…. Open this account, shut this, transfer that, open in your child’s name, stand on one leg, do it all again but this time in one leg and at the end of the month you’ll have saved a whopping…… £3.62.

    Fuck off.

  11. I don’t dislike the man but when practically every other news item seems to be about his advice, I’ve just become very tired of it. He’s not the only financial guru out there, get some other faces up there, fgs!
    It’s like eating porridge 3 times a day, it gets boring.

      • Yes, but you’re weird, you have a country cream gate!
        I like my porridge with a big spoonful of brown sugar melting in the middle, and cream.
        But I still don’t want to eat it 3 times a day.

      • Weird?

        You cheeky old bleeder!
        Nowt weird about me.

        I’m eccentric 😜

      • No, eating salted porridge in the dark is eccentric.
        Painting your gate Country Cream, and bragging about it is weird.

      • Evening Miserable, Jeezum.

        I have mine with salt, demerara sugar, and a large dollop of golden syrup in the middle.

        Scrummy! 😊

      • I like it puritan style
        Grey, with salt.
        Eaten early before everyone else is up.

        That’ll teach me.

        Nice to see you back Ruff.
        Glad your over whatever ailed you 👍

      • I’d eat that, Ruff, minus the salt.
        What is it with salt on porridge, I’m not a Scot, I’m a Jew.
        I really don’t get it.

      • You must have been a Quaker or maybe a Dickensian street urchin in a former life Miserable.

      • I Do have a sort of artful Dodger charm to me LL.

        The feel of cobbles flying beneath my feet as the peelers blow their whistles and the cry goes up…


        Then back to the rookery with a gentleman’s missing fob watch.

      • Jeezum @6:52pm

        The salt works really well with the sugar, adds a delicious edge to the sweetness, hard to explain, had it that way since a boy, white granulated sugar in those days, didn’t know brown sugar existed till the Stones sang abaaat it in ’69.

        @ Miserable

        Cheers mate. Not sure what I had. Felt like a bad cold plus a stomach bug. Could have been Covid. Really knocked me out for several days. Woke up this morning feeling almost good as new.

        Very strange…

  12. If the chatterbox cunt got on my tits but had made me some cash I’d invest in an eye mask and some ear plugs,keep them on and it’s as if the mithering cunt never existed.

    Just don’t take them off…or he’ll pop up again,the crafty skinflint cunt.

  13. Rarely see this fella on our TV
    Maybe I need to stay in more?
    Or watch different programmes?
    Copped some good advice on his website occasionally.
    Knows his onions.

  14. Martin Lewis is tight as fuck.
    Picks up dogends and hangs his teabags on the washing line.

    Never bought a round in the boozer.

    Put your hand in your pocket!!

    He’s like Anne Franks piggy bank the cunt.

  15. This ‘cost of living crisis seems to having an effect on the people I hate the most; The whining soy-infested prats from the education sector, feckless chav mums with eight kids, public sector fatties. The entitled cow-people on facebook moaning that they haven’t had a holiday in 3 months

    People far too used to the money they’ve been given by Mr Sunak, rather than earned.

  16. I have no real opinion as I don’t bother with his TV appearances or YouTube. But I do quite like his MSE website – lots of good advice that can be a little on the OTT side a times and most of it aimed at people on low incomes.

    But I have made some savings here and there, especially on ISAs, investments, 0% balance transfers on my credit card and fixed rate savings accounts

    The only annoying thing is I’m trying to be prudent with my money for old age, and yet I know when I reach retirement I’ll get means tested on my savings before I can claim any benefits on top of my state pension. Whereas Lewis has told reckless cunts who haven’t bothered to save anything and relied on the states for decades how they can claim extra benefits for when they reach retirement age even though they’ve never worked!

    He is a bit of a cunt for that, and was an even bigger cunt for supporting Jeremy Hunt’s decision to increase benefits by over 10% while fucking over the taxpayer!

  17. For years he’s been advising people to find the lowest energy tariff, which was usually companies that popped up out of nowhere, that bought energy from the market, and without infrastructure or overheads, or any kind of emergency funds, were able to sell it at a far cheaper price than any company that had.
    Of course, as soon as any market volatility came along, these fly by nights all collapsed and the bigger companies had to take on those customers and honour their contracts, which meant passing on that cash burden on loyal customers through inflated standing charges. And, this was last year, months before the Ukraine war that fucked the market even further.
    So, to see this cunt on the telly berating the government for not doing enough to help with the cost of the energy crisis made my blood boil a bit, as it was his short sighted advice, and others like him, that made the initial problem as bad as it was.
    Of course the government should be making the energy giants put extremely excessive profits towards alleviating the problem, but has he ever put his hands up and said his advice was nowhere near as smart as people thought?
    I bet not.

    • He can keep his advice to himself.

      If I want to be broken and ground down by the Tory government and its greedy cohorts ,
      I will.

      Don’t want this miser telling me ‘ I told you so’
      Fuck off.🖕

      I’ll lay in my paupers grave having made my own I’ll considered decisions thanks Martin.

      • Made a couple of quid out of his website, then came back with more of the same.
        Probably give it a name and flog that too.

      • Paupers grave, what the fucking what?
        Vicking funeral, your magnificent beard catching alight, but not before we’ve combed it for enough food to feed a child.

    • Monopoly style energy prices certainly sorted the men from the boys, what a shit show it turned out to be, 20/30ish cowboy companies down the pan with everyone picking up the tab.

  18. Admin@

    Hiya admin, hope you are well?

    We’ve had some good nom’s of late,
    But have you got any pending that are,
    Well, sexy?

    Filthy even,
    I’m no prude.

    Get us in the Christmas mood!!
    Sheer filth🌲

    Fondle my baubles

    • You are just so classy, Mis.
      Comb the porridge splatters out of the beard, maybe have a wash.
      Leave the lurcher at home.
      You never know.

    • You could have a deep digging session around belenciagas legal department. Sure they got some absolute filth stashed away, it would look worse than than Pope’s stash from what’s coming out.

  19. He just pays his team and spouts shite which they report to him. Absolute belter.

  20. Anybody have Christine McVie in the dead pool?
    A shame it wasn’t Stevie Nicks instead. She’s a right cunt…

    • Very sad and unexpected.

      That said, Stevie Nicks was a fuckable piece of poontang back in the 70s.

      • True enough, Paul. Until Nicks put devils dandruff into every hole in her anatomy, and then became a fanatical vegan mickey mouse religion ‘rehab’ specialist.

        And with Christine sadly gone and Lindsey Buckingfam forced out (by guess who?) Nicks will now ‘control’ what’s left of Fleetwood Mac like some weird Hollywood Mom dictator in drag. Like Edina Monsoon meets Adolf Hitler…

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