Doctors Playing God

The first rule of medicine is do no harm, now for some reason this has gone over the head of our esteemed NHS.

A number of years ago I was diagnosed with PADs (PAD Terminology – Day Admin) which if you check on lower limb you will find it is inoperable, bit of a bastard but fuck it that’s life.

So to add to it I was hit with a DVT (DVT Terminology – Day Admin) in the same limb, given a paracetamol by the nice chap at AE and told to fuck off.

Obviously things got worse and I ended up being referred to a consultant who said that they could do better. A bypass he said!

Now I am thinking fuck me, NICE guidelines say that this is not possible, but as the man says “things have moved on” and I went for it.

So after a rather extreme operation where spare parts were stripped from one leg and put in the other, I woke to have a pulse in my leg, first time in 4 years, truly a miracle of modern science!

it lasted 3 days, next thing you know I am writhing in agony as the transplant fails, they tap pencils on their teeth and decide whether to re intervene or not, decide they will go for it and then cancel at the last minuet saying that the chances of the graph blocking again is too high so they wont do it.

Now for the fucking punch line, the consultant (some twatty hospital one) says, well we have tried and I am afraid there has been no change, you are back where you are.

At this point I am supposed to say “Well thank you doctor I know you tried your best” apart from I didn’t.

Now I have just r-eread Nice guidelines, and it has been updated in 2020 so things have changed, stents are ok and bypass is ok, where as they were not before.

Thing is I was not the only one, there were 3 of us who failed last week, so that is 3 of us who now have two fucked legs each, we have lost mobility to these actions.

Stop playing god and sort your shit out.

Nominated by: lord benny(not quite deceased, but close)

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  1. Wow sir my heart goes out to you and your plight.
    As a friend of mine often says, “Doctors are only PRACTICING medicine.”
    One of the biggest problems is the “standard of care” that doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies are locked into and dare not deviate. Many times not the best course.
    Most doctors are good folks but part of a cunt system.

  2. Not sure what’s being cunted here? The fact that surgeons operated under the guidelines current at the time, which obviously didn’t work, but there’s no guarantee of any op working, or the fact that guidlenes have been updated? That’s hardly playing God. Triage at a major incident is, in essence, playing God, but, I can’t see that, here.

    Or am I missing the point?

    • Morning DCI…may I ask your opinion on the current state of GP accessibility?
      Are they really bone-idle supercilious snobs who want to work less hours to improve their golf handicap?

      (Play nice, please. – Day Admin)

      • It’s more like bone-idle motherfucking cunts that can’t be arsed to wait on the ‘phone and hang up after a couple of rings, call 111 (worth a cunting on their own) or 999 and expect us to ‘Check them over’. We, in turn, make them contact their own GP or discharge on scene. It’s not the GPs, it’s the entitled fuckers that moan about them. I needed an appt. and got one the next day.

      • I agree my brother in law’s partner big fat lazy cow who doesn’t work had a flu jab rescheduled the receptionist gave her a new appointment at 12.30pm the following day fatty said that was to early, unbelievable

      • Of course, DA…’twas just a simple opinion, nowt meant by it.
        Getting an appointment is harder than getting a woman to pay for dinner!

      • Getting an appointment in my GP is practically impossible.

        In fact no – I’ll go one better – it’s impossible.

        An hour wait on the phone to be diagnosed by a fucking receptionist.

        Maybe not the case for everybody but it certainly is for me.

      • Triage, Herman. Not every complaint needs a GP. Nurse, paramedic who works at the surgery, HCA etc. They have to do it, and, quite frankly, anyone who’s rude to them for doing their job, and, what they’re told to do had better not have me turn up to them and try it on when I ask pretty much the same questions.

      • I think being asked health related questions by a paramedic is entirely justifiable.

        Not so from a typist, who seems to have been trained not to respond to a ringing telephone and thinks her main purpose is to dissuade as many people as possible from seeing a doctor.

        I understand you get pissed off at morons calling you out for a headache or having a heart attack when in reality they’ve got wind.

        I think those people should be charged. A lot.

      • They’re doing what the Partners, GPs, tell them to do for reasons I’ve outlined, above. Same as when you call 111 or 999.

    • The partners are telling them not to answer the phone because they are waiting for the kettle to boil?

      Non medical staff should not be involved in medical decisions, including triage.

      • You do understand that telephone triage is different to face-to-face triage at say, a motorway RTC, don’t you? In case you don’t, you read from a script and follow an algorithm. You don’t need to be medically trained.

        Even you could do it.

      • Ooohh, touchy today?

        Perhaps you need a sleep?

        I am not ignorant BTW, you know that, and that’s what annoys you.

  3. Before you had the operation were you made aware of the risks?
    Including that you may die and that the operation might not give the desired result?

    If they gave you an absolute guarantee then you would have justification to complain, but medical procedures do not work like that.

    Rather than the doctors and surgeons playing God it seems that you want them to play God by miraculously giving you perfect results.

  4. With my limited experience of the nhs it’s hard to comment but my experience a few years ago wasn’t the best.
    The doctor I saw in the heart department was an absolute arsehole, I would like to think I was just unlucky.

  5. You should kick him in the bollocks…using your good leg,obviously.

    Seriously though…good luck and best wishes,Lord B.

  6. Saw a doctor today. Phoned Monday. Cant complain. A thorough and pleasant Indian lady. Walked to the village surgery but will get the DCI to blue light me next time.

  7. Don’t get me started on local GPs, Benny.

    Mine was told months ago by the consultant at the renal unit that I needed a flu and a hepatitis B jab. I’ve still heard nothing about the Hep B JAB, and the pharmacist did the flu one for me. Also, these local Doctors know absolutely fuck all about dialysis. Talk to them about fistulas, lines, fluid intake and the cunts just give you a thick look. Clueless incompetent cunts.

    Also, I’ve been going to the samr medical practice for many years. But not a word from them when my kidneys failed. They didn’t even bother to find out if I was alive or dead. Utter cunt trumpets.

  8. Just like my comments regarding couriers in a nomination from a day or two ago, I’ve never had any issues with GPs or health centres up here in the Lakes.

    When we’ve needed them we always get a reply more or less straight away and an appointment with 24/48 hours.

    Same with West Cumberland hospital, although that being said we’e never had any surgery – touch wood.

    As for Doctor playing God. No idea about that, but all I do know is that we as patients have to put our faith in their expertise and knowledge. They are literally the ones that the old idiom “life and death hangs in the balance” is hugely succinct. We have no one else to turn to and unless we want to pay huge amounts to opt for private practice we must accept that surgeons/doctors in the NHS can make mistakes either through their own misjudgement or more likely that there is no shoe that fits all and that one medical procedure that works for one person may not be the case for some else.

    For all the faults within the NHS, I am still grateful for the service they provide.

    • A friend of mine is a consultant anaesthiologist at GOSH and he always says not to rely too much on private medicine, when things go badly wrong (as apparently they do all too often) the patient is taken to the nearest NHS hospital for ‘repair’.

      • Exactly so Moggie. I’ll declare an interest here as our elder daughter is a hospital doctor in the NHS. It’s a well known scenario where the private medics have decided; “This case is getting fucking hairy, send ’em round to the NHS and be quick about it.”

      • Very true, Moggie, and it’s usually a NHS ambulance that takes them there. Plus, the surgeons are usually ‘part-timing’ from the NHS, too.

  9. I think what scares me is the lack of communication between one department and another in the NHS. The number of times I’ve heard from family and friends of mixed up appointments, records being lost, actually someone else’s records for your own… you’d think with the money put into the NHS that the pen pushers could at least get that right. Saying that though, I think it’s the country as a whole. A disorganised mess from top to bottom with no one taking responsibility to sort the shit out.

  10. The quantity over quality issue prevails these days as patients are herded through in such numbers that personal attention suffers. Not sure what the solution is exactly but the system has major issues that need to be sorted. The government’s involvement has been a huge problem.

  11. Best of luck Lord Benny, sounds like nitemare, don’t fall into despair and depression, as long as you can still have a pull, there is always a slightly positive diversion…

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