“Raising Awareness” Campaigns

The excellent rule of thumb when dealing with most issues nowadays is Cui Bono? Who benefits? Not the people these campaigns claim to ‘help’.

Everybody with a working set of genitals and more than 2 braincells knows you can’t go banging random slappers without running the risk of unwanted pregnancies, clap or the AIDS. I am already aware of those facts. I do not need some patronising, dungaree-wearing, lezzer-looking munter with a Hitler haircut and a Government non-job to tell me it’s a bit risky.

AIDS awareness? If you play ringpiece-roulette long enough, sooner or later you’re gonna get a double zero.

Knife crime awareness? I’m sure the victims of this menace are more than aware of the dangers of Leeroy waving a Rambo knife in their faces as he demands reparations for colonialism. Those that think mugging and gang war are a rather unsavoury way of earning a living already choose not to carry a knife. No awareness is needed. Those that do carry knives will stick your awareness up your arse, right before they slice you up and take your cash.

Sickle cell anæmia awareness. Why do I need to be aware of a disease I can never suffer from?

Rainbow laces, multi-coloured ribbons, plastic wristbands, scholarships, bursaries, grants, techni-coloured flags, leaflets, ad campaigns, charidees and so on … and on and on.

Aside from the Government cultivating and nurturing a constant climate of fear, guilt and virtue signalling, there are an enormous number of organizations and individuals that benefit financially from this bullshit.

How about a ‘Mind your own business, get your hand off my wallet, your claptrap out of my earshot and go and fuck yourself’ awareness day?

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75 thoughts on ““Raising Awareness” Campaigns

  1. I’d like to make some awareness campaigns myself..

    The title will be “Are you aware that…”

    Your country is being pillaged by a horde of vermin?

    Your government doesn’t work in your best interests?

    There is no such thing as transgender?

    The Blacks commit too much crime and cost the country far more than they contribute?

    Doing “your bit” to support a foreign war by doing without heating is a vacuous lie?

    With net immigration up half a million in a year are you still mystified why the NHS is fucked?

    …brought to you by the British Board of Oven the Cunts.

  2. Among the many wristbands I wear to show I have a social consciousness are

    Spinabifida awareness

    Midget bullying awareness

    And sooties allergic to bananas awareness.

    I like to be patronised by some lessy student not as old as my socks,
    Because I’m working class whitey and therefore unable to form opinions on my own.

    Jokes on them though.
    I am aware of all these issues.
    I just don’t care.

    And in certain cases wish Ill health and suffering on others.

    • MNC, that just about sums up how I feel about these things. I AM aware! But I really couldn’t give a fuck, I really don’t. Dinghy overturned in the channel and 30 parasites drown, women and young children amongst the missing = don’t care! Putin invaded Ukraine = so what? Millions on the brink of starvation in African states = so fucking what? Black youth killing each other in London = let them get on with it! Only a few years before society turns in on itself so who gives a fuck!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this cunting. It seems we are being manipulated, told how to feel, act ect. Gayness, lezzers, wimmins rights, transsbummers, illegally imported stabbies, blick lives matter.
    You only need to watch the TV, to see how we are being manipulated. The adverts show 70% blicks(normally with white woman), bummers and assorted freaks. The TV shows try to shoehorn ethics in to everything, at the expense of quality. If it’s not ethics it’s all the assorted alphabet brigade ect.
    Just look at the shit storm about that old bag asking the charity woman where she was from. If the shoe was on the other foot, who would bat an eye lid? No one. Old folks say daft things, who cares. The reality is quite obvious, only one group matters according to the powers that be.
    We let unwashed cunts hold the country to ransome with the blocking of roads, oil refineries and much more. I feel this cunting is the tip of the rot setting in.
    How long before wrong think gets you bared from everyday life? Gets you cut off from credit?
    We are being coerced, just like with COVID. It seems plausible we will face some kind of climate related shit in the future too, told where and when we can go somewhere ect.
    We need to stop this self deprecating, nation destroying cunt show asap. If we don’t, we are in serious trouble. Time us normal people pushed back.
    I don’t normally agree with Putin; but he was right about the decadence, and grotesque degradation of the west. We need to put us and ours first. Protect family values, and stop forcing drag queens on bloody children. Stop the madness or face a future where indigenous people stop having kids. We only need to look at the projected population figures to see the western world is in trouble.
    And breath!

  4. Ringpiece roulette? Fucking Brilliant. Can I nick it? CuntyMorts racial awareness Beegg Eshew please? No fuck off back where you come from. Begger sign saying very hungry please help? Me fuck off you scamming cunt. Well cunters, how did I do? Hopefully I failed miserably.

  5. It’s all about attention, look at me aren’t I fucking amazing caring for the little people who are to stupid to live their lives without my guiding hand. Mostly staffed by finger wagging cunts who nobody liked at school, only letting those with a similar mindset join their cosy insular self satisfied organisations that way any deviation from the gospel according to ST Woke is minimised.
    Guaranteed the work wont be hard or the productive output very high but boy will the egos be burnished and the dinner party overflowing with self righteousness. Unemployable by anyone else, cunts of the first water, bossy boots to a man.

  6. That old royalist who’s gotten herself into trouble asking ‘where are you from?’

    I’m asked that all the time!
    No mither pal.

    If she didn’t dress like the witch hunter from King Solomon’s mines,
    And strike a remarkable resemblance to Clyde from Any Which way but loose,
    People won’t ask her that.

    Moody cunt.

    • Hehe, I have cunted that fiasco.

      Mis, do you get asked if you are the missing link or Sasquatch 😉

      • Get Bigfoot jokes.

        I’ve got a hooded sheepskin coat from the states,
        I wear that I can guarantee a yeti comment.😃

      • Seems a perfectly reasonable question to me.

        She obviously likes attention, given she dresses and styles her fur like an extra from Planet of the Apes.

        Grievance-monger, race-baiter, chippy blick.

        I’d deport her. Seriously.

        Go live in Kingston for a while, see how ya like them apples

    • Seems to be headline news! Iv lived all over the country. Finally settled in Derbyshire, so you can imagine I get that question allot. If I took offence every time I got asked “where are you from” I’d probably have had my head kicked in by now! It’s all part of the ‘this is how you must behave nonsense’.

  7. I remember that Live 8 thing was to ‘raise awareness’ and to pressure the G8 into cancelling yet another African debt. Truth is, it was bollocks. Lecturing us about making poverty history, while cunts like Madogga, Fat Reg, Mariah Carey, and Gwyneth Cuntrow are scarfing champagne and caviar in the backstage marquee and getting goodie bags worth 200 grand? Fuck off. Also, every artist on it – bar Pink Floyd – was shit.

    Also, would any of those looney regimes up in banana tree cancel a debt if the UK owed it them? Highly unlikely, I’d say. It’s the same old shit. They fuck up, they put their hands out, we clean up the mess, they learn nothing and it starts all over again. How many more times must we wipe Africa’s arse for them? Besides, I thought they didn’t want any more white saviours. And well over half of the fuckers are now infesting Britain anyway. Cunts that they are.

  8. I would like to make everyone aware we are being played, controlled, sold down the river. The government is taking us for fucking mugs.

    I think Big Chunky would be proud of me if he was still around 👍

  9. I would certainly promote a ‘kiddie fiddling awareness day.’ Where once a year they are all let out & taken by bus to the place where their crime was committed. Only to be set on by the awaiting parents. Those luckilly enough to still be alive, would then return the following year.

  10. Here’s some awareness hot off the press – the Royals are racist.


    Some slick blek lawyer has already probably phoned with plans to rinse the royals of millions for hurt, upset and ‘every-ting’ she can get her hands on.

    What fucks me right off with all of this is I am of Mediterranean heritage, though my parents and I were born in the UK, so British.

    In the past people would say to me where are you from. I would say I am British but my family are originally from Europe, I also have a very English name.

    Ngozi Fulani does not sound very fucking English to me, and clearly she has not been up a fucking chimney cleaning it, so in some ways what is wrong with asking where someone is originally from.

    There was me thinking that brudders and me sisters should be proud of de Africaaaaan heritage – to say, I don’t know is a shambles. She does know, she was just baying for attention.

    That said, Lady Susan is a silly tart for pushing this during the conversation without realising where this would go.

    I can see Meghan Sparkles properly gaslighting this now..!!!

    • You sum up the situation very well CM. In my job I met people from all over the world. When I spotted a foreign accent or an obviously foreign name I would often inquire about their ancestry. None took offence, in fact most were delighted I had asked and would relate their history in detail and at length. Thinking further though I am talking only of white people here, I wouldn’t have made the mistake Susan Hussey made. Safest option at such a meeting is keep your head down and don’t communicate, a course of action which served the queen well for seventy years.

      • Incidentally my wife is irritated by today being called some kind of AIDS awareness day. It’s her birthday.

    • I have an Oirish surname and have had people asking if I’m from Tipperary. I’m not – English born and raised. No offence taken – I have Oirish, spudknocking ancestors. No big deal. This chippy Ngozi Fuzzy Wuzzy has managed to engineer this into a case of full blown waycism.

      Agreed, though, that Lady Susan must have taken her communication tips from the late Prince Philip. What a bellend for pushing something that quite obviously would end in (her) tears.

      • Paul@

        Why talk to her at all?

        I might say

        ” you there. Fetch me another drink.
        That’s a good girl”


        ” You.
        Bunny wailer.
        Yes you.
        The khazis backed up.
        Go clean it up.
        Come on , chop chop!”

        But I saw that macaroon dressed up like a carnival float,
        Last thing I’d do is talk to it.

      • Good afternoon Mis.

        Indeed, she appeared to have taken fashion tips from Robert Mugabe’s lady wife. So she could have been mistaken for African royalty or, as you have alluded to, a refugee from the Notting Hill Carnival.

      • Representing every Oirishman everywhere, I welcome you into the diaspora.

        In the years to come, when some octogenarian bint asks my half-breed children where they are from*, they will loudly exclaim the Emerald Isle, land of the Oirish, the ould sod shores of Erin.

        *As if their spud-faces, freckles and gaping, slack-jawed demeanors aren’t a giveaway

    • What’s the point of being part of the exclusively white aristocracy if you’re not even allowed to “abuse” some smelly ugly jiggaboo fucking ape?
      What misguided idiot invited the ungrateful git to the palace in the first place?
      If you don’t like it Lulubelle fuck off back to Barbados.

  11. This reminds me of a certain viral trend that went around Facebook several years ago, tge Ice Bucket challenge.

    A few people botherred mentioning there was a good cause behind it (Motor Neurone Disease) but most just wanted to video themselves pouring ice water on their heads. The ‘awareness’ campaign was lost and replaced by the ‘challenge’with dickheads tagging each other.

    I didn’t get tagged as i was quick to point out the pointlessness of it. The stick i got for calling them narcisisstic cretins was hilarious.

    • I reckon it was a great idea. The ice water numbed the senses long enough so they didn’t feel the pain of being beaten to death by someone with the bucket.

      • Incidentally, I have no problems with some cunt trying to make me aware of something, not that it’s likely to change me in any way, it’s the inevitable ‘now give us money’ that follows it. Fuck off usually suffices and doesn’t cost me anything.

  12. I’d like to start an raise awareness campaign the Britain 🇬🇧 is full of cunts. Mis and lord fiddler to campaign manager and life president

  13. A classic example of this awareness bullshit was the Thursday night clapathon for the wonderful NHS. Now they’re going on strike the media has decided they’re not heroes after all, but a bunch of cunts.
    Small brains, short memories.

    • Ambulance men going on strike too!

      Our very own Reg Kite,
      Comrade DCI amongst them.

      Tools down
      Everybody out!🛠️

      And to think I banged a saucepan on my bespoke doorstep for him!

      • Be very careful, Thomas, it only takes one heartbeat in the wrong place and you’ll be found, with your trousers around your ankles, soiled tissues everywhere, dead, mid-thrap😅

        (Think it won’t happen? Pull up a chair and let me tell you a story…)

      • That’s rather a provoking statement, CC.
        Unfortunately, it didn’t enrage Minarets, as he knows it is not his Country Cream gate you sledgehammered.
        I know this for a fact, because he’s on here moaning if anyone leave a dirty fingerprint on it.
        Anyone would think it was a valuable antique.

    • The media has been turning heroes into villains for a long, long time.
      Their oldest strategy to gain viewers.
      Sir Edmond Hillary will be called, “the First Polluter of Everest” soon.

    • I didn’t take part. It felt a bit North Korean and a step too far in the government’s behaviour modification strategy, which we’ve since learned is down to actual teams of behavourial scientists.

  14. Sirs:

    Because there are an infinite number of things to be aware of, and because we ran out of colors, we announce Awareness Awareness Month, every month.

    Show that you are aware of all the things you’re supposed to be aware of by wearing a (clean) pair of plaid boxer shorts on your head.

    Note that being aware of the awareness doesn’t require any action on your part, unless you wish to make a donation to:

    Linus J. Scrimshaw
    PO Box 6619
    Memphis, TN 38105

    or in the UK

    Mathilda Lumbago-Botts
    c/o The Scriveners Arms
    Lower Natter-on-Plebney
    BA21 5B8

  15. I am currently raising awareness to those unaware that being aware of things
    they are unaware of and then making other unaware people aware is a good thing, a good thing.

    To be aware.
    To be a raiser of awareness is good.
    Then we call all be aware.

    Once we are all aware that we are all aware, we can use that awareness to… err…

    • Those wristband wearing Do-gooder motherfuckers get on my threppennies.

      Don’t they realise noone cares about Africa?
      Not even Africans .

      Stop pestering people.
      Get a girlfriend or something…

      • Give a man a fish, and he can eat for a day, but give him enough cash he can buy MiG fighter jets at three times market value, and he can invade his neighbour.

  16. I’ve said “Fuck off you cunts” more times than I care to remember at all the piss boiling wankness that is the UK over the last several years. If you want to be a cunt, do it away from me and everyone on this site. We don’t give a flying fuck about fudge packers, womens football, drag queens, blik rights and any other raising awareness self indulgent ‘look at me, I care’ drivel.

  17. Splendid nomination and so well-written. (why DO so many doughnut-plungers have Hitler haircuts?)

    We should promote an ‘English Awareness Day’ – both for the language and the folk. When it’s been established, we should do what the Rainbow poo-pushers have done and extend it to a week, then a month, perhaps all Summer long. We could have the George Cross as our flag.

    • Rather have an Englishman symbolise ‘English Awareness Day’ than George, a filthy fucking foreigner who mercifully never set foot in this country.

      • It seems like he’s the only filthy fucking foreigner who either hasn’t or isn’t trying.

      • You do know the story of St.George versus the dragon is a myth, don’t you. I quite like it as a metaphor, but couldnt give a rat’s arse whether he was Syrian or Mongolian. Same as that Oirish one with the “snakes” was English. All “saints” are bollocks and wrapped in mythology.

  18. A most excellent cunting Mr. T!
    These campaigns are of course bullshit. The results can’t be measured. How would you measure? Do you ask respondents if they are more aware of XYZ than a year ago? How do you know money was well spent?
    These are as valid as pet psychologists.
    I may as well walk up to you and say, “I have a noble cause. Give me money. ”
    And expect no questions.

  19. Good nom. Has anyone noticed that the majority of these ‘awareness’ campaigns involve you parting with you loot, too?

    “Only three pounds a month…”

    You’ll get the square root of fuck-all a month from me. Not even apathy.

    • Cui Bono DCI.

      You’re right, it’s a money thing, of course

      Domestic violence awareness, for example. All right-minded men know not to slap a woman around, even when she deserves it. I am already aware that this is unacceptable, not to society only, but more importantly to me.

      For the neanderthals that do beat their women, no amount of awareness is going to stop them.

      So it’s an utterly pointless campaign. Unless of course you are the Director of said campaign, on a nice tax free earner, with an ever-eager customer base willing to buy your plastic bracelets to prove they are not a Billy-Bob wife-beater.


      • The only awareness campaigns I think are worthwhile are the health ones like ‘Get your prostate checked’ or similar. Not after anything and they do save lives.

      • Sliding off topic here but I feel I must endorse your advice on prostate cancer checks DCI. A good friend of mine died of this illness a couple of weeks ago. He went to see his GP when he started pissing blood. Too late then. Just totalled it up, I’ve been examined five times, three male doctors, two female. Really nothing to it and well worthwhile. Absolutely no reason at all to feel embarrassed. Our doctor daughter tells me she has had a finger up more men’s arse holes than I’ve had hot dinners.

      • And there you have it in a nutshell, gents.

        Get. It. Checked.

        (You can have that advice free, before I go on strike).

      • Sorry, I’ve not even got 29.7 fucks to give you, but, here’s a Rats Arse.

        Now, fuck off.

      • That one’s for the homeless.
        Jo Brand narrating it.

        So they can have a Christmas dinner.

        £30 a fuckin head for tramps?!!!

        Yeah right.

        Give the cunts a bottle of turps each and a mince pie.
        They’d be just as happy.

        £4.20p. merry Christmas

      • Fucking expensive mince pies, mis!

        You a frequenter of Marks and Spencer or something?

      • £30 for a dinner.
        What they having?
        Smoked salmon and 3 bird roast?
        Fuck right off.
        I’d be able to feed 20 people with £30, and have leftovers.

      • I think £25 goes on booze and canapes for the head office, the rest on the dinners for the homeless.

  20. The ‘Sistah’ was obviously spoiling for a fight … apparently, she’s got previous in calling out ‘The Royals’ on ‘domestic abuse towards Mrs Hewitt.

    When I saw how she looked / dressed at the shindig …. ‘tribal’, like something Dr Livingstone would have stumbled upon …. I imagine she would have enjoyed discussing her cultural past.
    Seems not …. it seems she’s now riding her celebrity status … get her in the jungle next series and she’ll show them how it’s done.

    • Whoppie Goldberg Sistah, is from Hackney, think it is a reservation of sorts for people who don’t no where there originally from really.

  21. I want to appeal on behalf of people with water on the brain, who are laughed at for having an enormous head. There’s also the ones who have a clubfoot who have the piss taken out of them. This must stop.

  22. I’m aware .

    Aware my country is full of parasites.

    Aware that society is rotten to the core.

    Aware that politicians are swamping us with human filth at the expense of the indigenous people.

    I’m aware that saying so places me at odds with Marxist dogma.

    I’m aware that I’m going to get poorer in the name of eco zealotry.

    There comes a point where ignorance is bliss.

    • Absolutely Spot on MNC, Switch off or the fucking mental shit new dogma will consume one whole

  23. Any more awareness campaigns for the h0m0z is fucking pointless.
    We are relentlessly reminded daily. If you like going out cruising and gigging starfish and playing the rusty trombone just do it and stop making me overly aware of your choice of sexual activity.
    FUCK!!! I’m about to lose it some days with this shit!

  24. That header pic suggests that sending emails will somehow kill the fucking planet and that we should desist on sending too many in case Greta has to go into ICU.

    I am now totally aware of what desperate cunts these people have become to the point where sending an email or even a text will somehow create a “butterfly effect” in some far flung shithole causing a million deaths and billions of pounds worth of damage (which we will have to cough up for)

    I think there’s also an awareness campaign for people to stop using certain punctuation, such as full stops and semi-colons, as they’re deemed micro aggressive to some delicate souls.

      • Regarding the electrity use, I guess it depends on how how that electricity is generated, and the wattage required to perform that single function (rather than running the whole comouter). Even if it does use fossil fuels the amount is infinitesmal, fractions of a gram.

        Total bullshit.

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