“Poor” Nurses

Clap our hands, smash those bedpans together, and – nurse! – the screens as I dare to cunt those “angels”, the nurses. The poor overworked darlings with their bustling 50 inch arses, which look as if they were designed by the man who designed the Standard Vanguard Mark One, are going on strike, because the poor darlings (according to the Daily Mirror and the BBC, which are really the same thing) are so hungry they subsit on patients leftovers:

Mirror Link.

For years some of these bovine wimminz and fruity men have traded on the “angels” trademark, as though they were a cross between Mother Theresa and Shirley Eaton from Carry On Nurse (Nurse Bell, Ding-Dong, Carry On). In reality they are just as grasping as any other occupation, some are very good indeed but many of the lazy bleeders hide behind them. I have a nurse as a neighbour who never misses an opportunity to go sick, because of her menopause., or her granddaughter needs to be looked after while mum has a spa day.

As for eating the patients food, the size of some of them probably means that the Food Bank can’t fully meet their demands for filling their faces all day. How did people do before Food Banks were invented ?. After I first left the RN some of the jobs I did were very low paid, and with a young wife (who luckilly didn’t eat as much in those days and the only daytime TV was Play School, Bill & Ben, occasional racing from Kempton Park and schools broadcasts) to support and then a baby son, I sometimes had two jobs – daytime and evening, and we were poor – I am not saying that the mice went around in overalls, but we were poor, but my pride would not have allowed me to take free food or anything else off anybody. No child allowance for single children in those days. Hence the evening job.

I refuse to accept that ANY nurse has any need for these ridiculous Love On the Dole antics, unless they spend a lot of time in high end fashion outlets and buy their groceries from Fortnum and Mason.

These people are going out of their way to beg for sympathy and for that reason I cunt them as total f***ing union and political malcontents who are using strike action as a weapon to get the sodding Labourn party into power.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

And attending is Chuff Chugger with this:

I second this nom.

it is now a fallacy to believe medical staff are not well paid, and even if they were, then they fucking choose that career. If I complained to my mates down the pub I wasn’t getting paid enough, they would rIghtly say ‘well, fuck off and do something else then’

Here’s an NHS link to curreny vacancies and even the lowly of the low are starting on near £22k up North.


I don’t see any ‘poorly paid’ jobs there. It’s all bollocks……and quite frankly compared to the days when carry on films were made in real hospitals with real nurses all of which were minxy and wear stilletto heels and black stockings, todays nurses aren’t a patch on them.

…as for clapping people for doing the job they are getting paid for is taking the piss. But they were working during covid and putting themselves at risk I hear you say…….errrr yes, thats the sole purpose of a fucking nurse- to make ill people better. Not, I won’t be in for work today, because there’s a lot of covid around’ FFS

Finally, a haunting anecdote from Geordie Twatt:

In support of the ‘POOR’ NURSES nomination

My mother was a State Registered Nurse and member of the RCN in the 1950s at a time when nursing was a vocation and paid pin money.
This morning there’s bitter wind blowing here from the Scottish border hills where we scattered her ashes. I reckon it’s my mum showing her utter disgust at the many members of her profession who are putting their own greed above caring for others, for which they are already well rewarded today.

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      • The claim about eating patients leftovers is bollocks too. My dad was in Nottingham’s QMC for about five weeks and said the food was revolting. He would have been better off in prison or as a sponging gimmigrant in a hotel.

    • LL good point most hospital food is bloody awful. I treat my time visiting the mental elf as a chance to get rid of some belly fat. Bit like a health farm with additional drugs.
      As an aside a lot of this problem is down to very big staff shortages.

  1. A profession may be honorable but those in it may be first rate selfish cunts as is the case these days. Example: the military, police, etc.
    Unions are cunts now too. Their purpose is long expired.

    • Hard-a-starboard , first officer. no, hard-a-port! We don’t want to hit that bloater!

      How will these chubbies be able to choreograph dancing videos for Tik-Tok when they’re the size of hippos?

  2. The demand for food banks means we need more food banks, nope, the more food banks the more they will be used and why not, it’s fucking free. Now food banks are feeling the pinch, not enough donations, we need food banks for food banks.

    We hear that nurses are having to resort to using food banks (allegedly), would these nurses be using food banks in another job, yes unless the are earning shit loads of cash.

      • They could use tte food banks to make more dance videos.

        🎶 Food Banks, Food
        Nothing quite like them,
        When we’re in the mood,
        We dance within them.

    • Copy this one, SOI.

      My mother-in-law is Lithuanian. She is a doctor and still lives and works there. It’s why I don’t “Cunt In” on the “Dooshka” stuff.

      She’s an amazing person. She genuinely cares for her patients. Fuck me.

      She helped me in Vilnius when I fell arseholed through a glass door and put the screw from my specs through my eyebrow. Got a sincere bollocking, but she was amazing nonetheless.

      Her salary? EUR 850 a month. Ok, sure, she inherited the flat she lives in during perestroika, but nonetheless. You’d never see her striking because “MuH rIgHtS”.

      I’d love to see these fat gri

    • What a shame the spouse is so antique now. I’d make her black up and have her humping great trolley loads of used bedpans round the wards – and no chance of watching the “classic” Emmerdale Farm repeats.

    • Having spent a fair amount of time in NHS care over the last twenty odd years and a particular extended visit back in the 70’s when the left side of my body was put back together involving open fracture left femur and a list of other bits that were hanging off or mangled. One thing stands out the difference in the number of staff in the 70’s to what we have now. I never had to wait more than a couple of mins if I needed anything. I was treated like royalty.
      My last visit for medical rather than mental was different in so much as the nurses on the ward were run ragged because there was only four to cover a medical ward with 30 plus beds all full, some with dementia and a desire to roam
      They did the best they could in the circumstances but the situation was somewhat fraught, which created more work for them.

  3. They are angels.

    Angels of death.

    Shipman, Beverley Allitt, Letsby, et al.

    When they are not murdering you in your sleep, they are letting you drink from the flower vase to stave off dehydration, or die from infected bed sores because they don’t turn you, or cutting the wrong kidney out, or overdosing you, or, or, or.

    NHS is a shower of shit. Privatise it.

    • ‘Privatise it’?

      Excellent idea. Charge for our services and we might not go to so much bullshit that thick cunts call us for or turn up at ED with and you can make your own way into hospital. ‘Helicopter for your dad’s cardiac arrest? Let’s see your insurance before I request it’.

      Capital idea.

      • Other countries seem to manage. If the NHS were any good, it would not be languishing in World League relaxation zone for performance, would it?

      • There it is in a nutshell.
        When was the last time you were in an A&E and it was’nt full to the rafters with gups.

      • BTW, my father died of a cardiac arrest, no helicopter for him, and the utterly shit ‘service’ provided by the NHS contributed to it in no small part.

      • When was this? I know for a fact, not via the internet or the Daily Mail that nowadays, the resources sent to a cardiac arrest are multiple with HEMS also monitoring/lifting, plus the post ROSC (Return Of Spontaneous Circulation ie: you heart beats on it’s own) – if there is one, is also second to none.

      • Sadly it is going the way of being privatised. I am convinced the government is doing its best to royally fuck the NHS so it can stand back and say “well, there is no choice other than privatising it”.

        We’ll have a 2 tier system similar to the American healthcare system. It’s coming; we’re only a decade or two behind the Murkins.

      • Very unlikely we would model ourselves on the American system. Most Tory MPs would be against it, as would all the opposition combined.

        We’d most likely go for one of the infinitely more successful European systems, like the French or Germans have.

    • And, when the truth is finally out about the side effects of the so called vaccine, will the NHS/Gov behave as disgracefully towards the dead and injured as they did all the people they infected with HIV and hepatitis, or the victims of thalidomide?

      • RTC,

        Regardless of our relative positions on the ‘vaccine’, how many are now dead/dying due to collosal waiting lists for treatment for cancer, for example, waits exacerbated by the massive over reaction to covid?

      • All vaccines carry risk. Swallowing a paracetamol carries “risk”. People have died taking Ibuprofen – some people are at risk from bleeding out.

        If you were immunised against polio and smallpox whilst at school then you were placed at no lesser risk than you were with the Covid 19 jab.

        I really can’t get my head around why some people seem to be convinced there is some huge cover up/side effect risk from the Covid 19 jab. What evidence is there for this notion?

      • You’ll get no argument from me regarding lockdown, especially the lockdowns imposed once the vaccine had become fully available for the very old and those otherwise vulnerable.

      • Paul,

        It’s just not true that covid vaccine carried no more risk than the polio vaccine, for example.

        It was not tested anywhere near properly, doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t prevent transmission and the long term effects are totally unknown.

        Demonstrable lies have been knowingly told about its ability to prevent transmission, which it absolutely does not, but we were told that we could kill granny if we didn’t have it.

        It is not a vaccine either. It’s an experimental mRNA shot that fcks with your DNA.

        Why did the manufacturers demand, and we’re granted, immunity from prosecution if it injured or kills people, if they were confident it was safe?

        A disease with a less than 2 percent mortality rate does not require global immunisation programmes.

      • Unlike the Covid vaccine, the polio vaccine was tested extensively – on rats, mice and monkeys in the 1950s. It doesn’t prevent infection or transmission.

        The vaccine reduces the chance of developing symptoms that put people’s life at risk. How pitiful was it to see a number of vehement anti-vaxxers who announced, on their deathbed, their regret at not taking the vaccine.

        The vaccine does not alter your DNA. The vaccine uses a fragment of messenger RNA (mRNA) to instruct your body to make an immune response against COVID-19. This is not something that “fcks with your DNA”.

        You may as well say that Shakin Stevens owns the Pfizer patent for the vaccine as it is no more true than what you stated above.

      • Paul,

        Polio vaccine is both attenuated and inactivated. It does prevent infection, and therefore transmission.

        Covid shots are not vaccines and self evidently do not work.

        We will see in time how many have long term side effects from these experiments.

        Why have we seen a sudden and dramatic rise in cardiomyopathy since covid vaccinations? Thrombosis? Facial paralysis? Guillian Barr syndrome?

        Is it really just a coincidence?

    • Injecting you with nano infused self-assembling graphene technologies (currently springs to mind) laying waste to thousands across the planet at the behest of the Rockefeller controlled ‘medical’ establishment would be my only beef with them.Friend of mine working as a senior nurse hasn’t bowed to the lie,ditto some of his other colleagues.

  4. Todays breed of people (not everyone) have this notion of “Im so special and important” that it drives them off they’re game. Everything has to be about them before they actually do some fucking work.
    It is a situation that is getting worse by the day.
    Modern young Staff are lethargic and away with the fairies most of the time but just say something that’s not within woke boundaries or on the current hymn sheet, suddenly you are considered outrageous and they’re concentration levels rise beyond
    they’re capabilities while still doing no work of course.
    “You’re not fucking special”
    but more Special fucking needs cases is what’s coming through generations of youth that believed the bolloxolgy that’s contained in the bubble of protection that governance is promoting. (fk off Marx cunt)
    I can only imagine todays cunts with 30 quid in the pocket and a used oneway ticket in a foreign land and getting on with it.
    You’re so fucking special

    • Mecuntry @

      I’m special.
      Says so on my doctor’s notes.
      Not very important though…

  5. Mrs Bastard was a senior nurse, old fashioned without a “degree” some of her staff paid more than her because of the “degree”. Think she said 35 days paid holiday per annum and 28 days paid expected sick leave per annum. NHS would run really smoothly if it wasn’t for the fucking patients. Any cunt who clapped for them should have their hands cut off.

  6. Apparently, the NHS in Scotland is considering charging ‘Wealthy ‘ people for using their services. Not content with getting the poor sods to pay extra income tax compared to the rest of the U.K. and shedloads of National Insurance the better off should pay for something that they have already paid for so that the useless SNP can fund period products for those who self identify as requiring them.

    • Some folks seem to think that Nicola’s squeezing of talented and industrious Scots wil cause increasing numbers of such people to drift away to the south. Such a strange idea. Who wouldn’t want to live in Scotland? It has some stunning scenery and, er… er… I’ll get back to you on that one.

      • Trouble is,much of those sweeping landscapes are ‘owned’ by Billionaire Sheikhs and assorted corporate shitehawk magnates,to say nothing of the aristos.

  7. In all professions you will have the lazy and let’s face it, thick twats. What boiled my piss though was the TikTok video of nurses dancing in a Pandemic. Jesus fucking wept, there has to be something work related you could be doing instead of that shit? I do have respect for people who work on the front line of health, I certainly couldn’t do it. But I’m sure some of them can survive on what they’re being paid? I’m just above minimum wage, try to be careful with my money the best I can. As for the RMT, they can fuck right off. They can’t survive on £50 to £90k a year? There’s no fucking hope for anybody if that’s the case, no sympathy at all for the rail strikes.

    • I agree. It’s my guess is that Mick Lynch, in holding forth about other topics above his pay grade, and nothing to do with railways’ is eyeing his next gig as a Labour MP and a chance to get Angela Rayner’s knickers down. Or Eddie Izzard’s.

      • I thought I’d stumbled across an Angela Rayner vid on YouTube. Some woman saying “You should see my minge, it’s like a butcher’s bin.”
        It was a Ricky Gervais sketch…

  8. There are good and bad in every job sector. My wife has witnessed good nurses and the ones who spend ages on the Internet whilst the HCAs run around doing all the dirty jobs.
    In order to stop people going on strike, they should have an index linked salary.
    Or address the waste in the system.

  9. I picked up a nurse one night at a club with the line, “I have some swelling that needs your attention.”
    Dated her for about 3 months. Turned out she was a selfish cunt:
    Her: “I want to be a traveling nurse.”
    Me: “What about us? How does that work?”
    Her: “We can see each other when I’m in town.”
    Me: “I don’t think so.”
    Her: “Can we still be friends?”
    Me: “No. Good bye.”
    Never saw her again
    That “Can we still be friends?” Bullshit deserves a cunting of it’s own.
    It’s cowardly. Cut it off clean and move on.

  10. Nurses pay rise?
    Fine by me.
    Rather see someone who does a essential job get it than the filth in Westminster.

    The scum can claim for Christmas parties now!!

    Every cunt want more money,
    Going to have to put my prices up,
    Don’t see why I should be left out.

  11. That picture….

    ‘Poor and starving? But… But… They’re all fat fucks….’🤣

    Some gorgeous ones at my kidney unit, mind.😍

  12. was in hospital for nearly a year back in 94, some of the nurses were wonderful but a lot were workshy fat piggy eyed bitches, even reported one of their own who was a major help in my recovery because she thought it inappropriate to massage my swollen legs to help drainage because of my age I couldnt raise a smile or a fart I was so I’ll. Mind you would have been different if I had been healthy, she was lovely Nurse Joy.

  13. How will all the layabout filth and 3rd world trash we invite in afford private medical care?

    I’m genuinely concerned for them.

    I saw an Eritrean interviewed on the BBC website, he was upset that many hurty words were being said his way by the residents of Skegness

    He claimed hilariously not to be an economic migrant as he’d had a good job in the Ethiopian Government.

    I can imagine they are probably the own government worse than ours

  14. I’m going to buck the trend and call this cunting well and truly ill-advised at best or complete shitehousery at worst.

    Nurses, like every state employee, have been rodgered by about 20 years of complete failure to be granted pay rises remotely in line with inflation. Am I right in thinking that benefits went up better than state wages? These fuckers at least work for a living and, when viewed in the context of their career, are barely better off than when they started, thanks to the rising cost of living.

    The fireman do it best, ask for 25% and get 15% (just about in line with inflation). Nurses, like military and probably police, have been subject to actual pay freezes over recent years due to ‘austerity’ measures

    Get on strike I say, the government will continue to take the piss until forced otherwise.

    • Oh and if the government won’t pay them more, the only fuckers who will take the job won’t be your English roses but swarthy foreign types, something I’m pretty sure most of you would go all Charlton Heston over next time you’re having your prostate examined.

  15. Eating patients leftovers?
    When Mrs C. was training as a SRN,
    eating patients food was a dismissal offence.
    How times have changed – for the worse! 🤔

  16. I was obliged to go to local hospital for diabetic retinopathy screening recently. Phoned hospital to query necessity of this, as I had it done by Welsh NHS about 4 months ago, and was totally clear. Oh yes, as it’s England, and you are a new patient, you MUST attend. So I did, and had a letter saying I am again perfectly clear.. I’ve NEVER seen so many fatties in one place. They were ALL nurses/NHS staff. Somebody needs to tell them that skimpy,. tight uniforms don’t work on Giant Haystacks in drag. Oh, and try dieting, spacehoppers!

    • No coincidence the NHS ‘doesn’t do fasting’…ie probably the most beneficial health boost that can be achieved across the board,if done properly.No guidance given ”eat avacados and nuts” is the best i got from their dietician ‘experts’.Had to use the Youtube docs.Who are bloody good though.(Dr Mindy Pelz especially).Brutal,but it’s extremely effective,the body adapts the more you can push through.
      They don’t like to talk about it,a bit taboo.Wonder why ?

  17. I don’t get this either. Someone we kind of know is a nurse (school kids connection) and she is like a white BIG momma. Now, you don’t get that big eating air so she can’t be that bad off – plus with four sprogs who are all fatties does make you wonder whether she has shares in Iceland or KFC.

    My neighbour tells me she howls like a banshee when he bleck boyfriend comes over and is a right dirty minx.

    No thank you sir, so far you’d have to roll her in flour to find the wet patch.

  18. Now i am on two minds on this.
    Firstly I was discharged from st Georges hospital after receiving unnecessary vascular surgery.
    so the big wigs said they could do some thing that NICE guidelines said the could not, it is not down to me but 2014 said no and 2023 said go! and i went wrong.
    so nurses, there were 3 shifts, the get it done, the woke and the don’t give a fuck.
    after having my kegs taken apart I was on morphine, you know that big syringe in the thing next to you press button for abliviation .
    above it is the drip/wash all connected, my drip ran out and trust me i was not getting my gin and tonic, I was on pure gin.
    likewise my piss bag, I know that there are limits to how much piss goes in them before back up and infection.
    it is not a game to see how much it can fill till the next shift takes over!
    smoking, well i smoke myself but for the life of me can not see why spark up is permissible on certain shifts but not others.
    I have just had a seriously shit time, ignore consultants I will get to them eventually, I took the time to film ( yes I am a cunt) the constant body alarms of my neighbour ( god rot his soul in hell) who repeatedly triggered his alarms and refused amputation surgery once and ate twice aborting procedure, all in all i had a right shit time of it alll,
    But I will say this, there were some that cared, 1/3 is not so bad and when I re clotted and was in agony there was the no shit nurse that got me out of it, it was all she could do within her power.
    so they are not all bad.

  19. How to solve the NHS funding and undersraffing crisis :-

    1. Recruirment & Staff Retention.
    Bring back bursary for Nurse and Doctor training, but tie staff to a term of service like the Army, 10 years,etc. Pay Bonus at 5 years, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc The longer you stay, the higher your bonuses.
    Tie GP salaries linked to patient satisfaction and waiting times for appointments. Make GP pensions tied to years of service but let no GP retire till 40 service at earliest.
    Foreign staff get signing bonus but again tied to term of service.
    All staff directly employed / no agencies / no outside contracts

    2. Costs and Funding.
    NHS goes back to prioritising Critical care & basics.
    No more boobs jobs or plastic surgery to solve depression , no sex change gender re-assignments, no IVF fertility treatment, ingrowing toenails, earwax removal, etc. Keep Major ops, Cancer care, A&E essentials.
    No free healthcare for dinghy riders or other illegals until they have proved their identity, registered and been here 3 years. Till then, you pay or stich it yourself.
    Charge patients for their meals but make the food edible. Never understood why you get fed for free in hospital – you pay for your own food at home.
    Once elderly medicallyl fit, discharge & send home or to family. NHS is healthcare, not social service.

    As for striking Nurses – a disgrace. No-one ‘needs’ a food bank. My dinner tonight was 2 fish paste sandwiches, crisps & a yoghurt = £1.24 I buy whatever is reduced / sale / date due and freeze stuff that won’t keep.

    • ps. Charge a fine to anyone who calls out Ambulance that is NOT an EMERGENCY
      That includes : –
      People falling over in the street drunk / Drunks fighting outside pubs / women who throw up & can’t stand drunk / any cunt who glues themselves to the road / anyone calling because they don’t know how their heating works or how to change the TV channel / any cunt with a tummy ache, headache or sore throat who can’t wait to go to the GP (Yes, this actually happens!)
      £150 the first time, £400 2nd, £1k 3rd, banned after

      • ‘any cunt with a tummy ache, headache or sore throat who can’t wait to go to the GP (Yes, this actually happens!)’

        It most certainly does. Multiple times, daily. For every crew. Probably 85+% of calls we get don’t require an ambulance which then takes us away from the 15% that really need us. General Broadcast for a cardiac arrest, CPR in progress, no available resources, and you’re sat there with some cunt, young or old, there’s no real demographic, that just wants ‘Checking over’ because they have a two week history of feeling unwell and ‘You can’t get through to the doctor’ when you ask if they’ve called them. You can, you cunts, despite the opinion of many, you just need to try more than twice if they don’t pick upnafter five rings.

  20. “How did people do before Food Banks were invented ?”

    Plus free school meals for these leeches of society.

    And not to mention those fucking mother and daughter parking bays which need a cunting of their own.

    The problem is that “daddy government has raised a bunch of narcissistic entitled, and retarded, lazy cunts that they all want something for nothing.

    I work part time due to my own medical issues. I don’t claim anything and live within my means which means not going out on the piss or subscribing to Netflix etc and I don’t have a brand new car on loan while these idiots most likely spend £5 on a coffee from Starbucks on the way to work every day and wonder where their money is gone.


  21. This isn’t cunting nerys Hughes or hatti jaques. Nurses now require the minium of a degree and are doing the work that doctors used to do. They manage budgets, wards and facilties. Ensure safeguarding and deal with patient complaints.
    They striking because they can. Watch you cunts moan when you need a nurse yet you’d happily admire an estate agent or builder.

  22. Maybe it’s just good luck but I’ve always been able to see a doctor when necessary and not had to wait weeks..
    Plus the care myself and my family have been given has been outstanding I totally get if you’ve got the money go private but considering our increasing population and ever lengthening lifespan the NHS wobbles along the best it can!
    I still think the media is just shit stirring rumours and every muggins believes everything they say as for politicians have they ever been anything but dodgy?

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