Liz Truss [5]

Or to be more precise, 44 days of work with £19,000 severence pay and £115,000 a year of life. What sort of fucking system is this that awards these sums of money for doing nothing but fucking over the country.

On the other hand, maybe she’s not a cunt after all. Perhaps she should be on the Trivento adverts on the telly?

I can see it know : “£115,000 a year for 44 days doing fuck all. That’s a splash of the bold”

Maybe she’s not such a cunt after all.

Then again she’s only got away with not being on the wall of cunts ‘cos she wasn’t around long enough. Seems a shame she’s not going to match the Maybot’s triple winner Cunt of the Year. Surely she deserves it?

But then again there’s the payoff. I’m in mixed minds on this fucker…

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Nominated by: Rt. Hon. Dioclese

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43 thoughts on “Liz Truss [5]

  1. She looks like she’s
    a) forgotten to put her dentures in, and
    b) put her husband’s jacket on by mistake.
    The pressure must be getting to her. I can forsee a Diane Abbot moment when she puts on two left shoes.

  2. I bet Ronaldo wishes he was the prime minister now.. this scale of largesse is normally only bestowed on sacked Premier league mangers.
    Still it’s only money.
    More where that came from..

  3. Politician = cunt, that goes without saying. But if that money is floating about, yes she deserves it. The bitch won that election fair and square but the little people got it wrong again. So the Establishment conspired to get rid of her and get their man in. Error corrected.
    Besides, think of all the cunts who are also getting that dough……Major, Hunchback, the Pigshagger, the Jellyfish, Broonie and Blaircunt. Why pick on Truss?

    • Good point Freddie and I would add that all those you list were beyond fucking useless and you would cross the road to avoid them.

  4. I bet Boris’s Mrs has already spunked his severance pay away on retro flocked wallpaper and baroque drapery.

  5. I think in the not to distant future “Doing a Truss” will become a popular expression for abject failure. Lets be honest that could apply to almost any MP but the speed of her downfall was worthy of a banana republic.

  6. Beyond inept.Tin pot dictator.Vote Blue install red.The pantomime Dame must be creaming her knickers at the prospect of becoming our new leader.Throw petrol over her and set her alight.Never mind 8 years until “Our New Dawn”.We are utterly shafted😞

  7. This country turns my stomach sometimes…

    Rewarded for life for out and out failure? Unbelievable…☹

  8. The Truss
    Selected by Conservative members and deselected by the financial markets, Rishi selected by no one, sorry I mean Boris 😂

    At least we won’t have any more turbulence until 2024, with The Rish in charge nothing can go wrong.

    Truss didn’t get it wrong she blew it out of the water, poor cow never had the PM factor.

  9. Willy wragg (Tory MP) has just announced he will be
    Stepping down for the next General Election,
    And reports of upto 80 others are thinking of stepping down.

    Jumping before pushed.

    Truss was lucky!
    Fuckin quids in for a few hours work.

    She’s as rich as a train driver!
    The dozy looking cunt.

  10. I think I shall move to the UK, run for PM on the promise to make everyone’s wildest dreams come true, quit after a month of doing nothing, retire back to Texas.
    I’m in the wrong business.

      • If you say you are a victim of modern slavery you might even get to meet a weepy minor celeb too!

  11. Its a good job we don’t do Presidential Libraries like they do in the U.S for ex-Presidents when they leave office. Truss would have a fucking box with a dogeared copy of Razzle in it.

    Incidentally Barack Obama’s Presidential Library is estimated to cost almost $700m.

    • Obummer’s library will be full of wokie books, especially numerous volumes on gender realignment. (commissioned by his wife) You won’t find the Encyclopaedia Britannica there that’s for sure.

      • I read they found a ‘noose’ onsite there the other week but its been a bit quite since then. I’m betting it was either a Jussie Smollett type of incident or was a bit of rope used for something else and some cunt shit their pants and immediately cried “RACIST!!!”.

      • I see Michelle Obama has a new book out, was advertised on train platform on way home.

        What is it she does exactly

        Fuck all as far as I can see but apparently she is ‘inspirational ‘

        Like Bill Burr said, if you have a plumber round, you don’t have his wife in tow, telling you how it should be done

  12. She seemed to have some decent ideas given the shit left to her following Boris’s and Sunak’s astronomical spunking of cash we didn’t have. But the overlords were not pleased so they parachuted Sunak and Cunt into place without even an election.
    As for keeping all the money for being PM, that’s not right. Especially when you see all the rules they draw up for us plebs.

    • Well if she has she’s a fucking mug. After being shafted like that I’d grab everything I’m entitled to. You can bet Blair has been claiming it all these years even though he finds more than that down the back of the sofa every time he turns up at one of his mansions.

      • I wonder – was she made “an offer she couldn’t refuse” so she would instantly let Hunt (should that “H” actually be a “C”?) become chancellor awaiting the speedy manipulation of the 1922 Committee to install Rishi Rich?

        Same thought I had about Farage back in 2019 – was he made an “offer he couldn’t refuse” to pull his candidates and back out of politics?

        Both cases are like having your opponent lined up for the killer blow but then putting your hands up instead and backing off like a scared rabbit in the headlights. Why? Because the whole show is run by somebody out of sight behind the black curtain and who wouldn’t hesitate to crush any puppet who refuses to have their strings pulled.

  13. I think Truss is hot.

    Reckon I now have a chance , seeing as she’s reduced in status and apparently doesn’t mind a bit of infidelity.

    I’m ready is all I’m saying . Limbering up over here

  14. Drop in the ocean.

    Who would have thought all these excellent leaders would depart from office with suitcases full of our money?

    Unheard of and shocking……haha

    The filthy cunts.

  15. She’s a cunt for sure but I’d definitely like to part her whiskers and fuck the shit out of her. I really can’t explain why either?🤔

  16. Doesn’t what she’s done, or hasn’t done. I’m well covered for cash now and she can straddle my cock whilst nibbling on her tits, without a care in the world.

    • Forgotten the plenty of matter that will be shooting into Liz’s chuff round about NOW !!

  17. What other job can you think of where you fuck up big time and get rewarded with a payout of £115,000.00 a year for life.

    So currently we are paying for seven ex prime ministers ( useless cunts ) approx, just short of a million quid a year until the bastards turn their toes up. I’ll bet the fuckers spouses get it after that.. as they say :

    Nice work if you can get it..🐷

  18. What about her trying out for “I’m a celebrity”next time round hasn’t done the other Tory wally any harm unless he’s got stomach ache from eating animal appendages??…
    That is one strange programme?
    They must pay them an absolute fortune to do all that nonsense?…I don’t watch it but you don’t need to it’s all over the media…but hey ho soon be Christmas 👍

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