D.C. Thompson and Their Beano Comic

D.C Thompson and their Beano comic are cunts.

Another British institution that is now riddled with the woke disease.

Dennis The Menace is now just known as Dennis. In case the word ‘Menace’ implies that he is some sort of sex pest, and it ‘offends’ the Me Too Femstapo psychos.

Walter The Softy has also been jettisoned. In case he offends the ever sensitive LGBTQ ‘community’. Mind you, what doesn’t offend the cunts?

And, it gets worse. The iconic Bash Street Kids have also been woke bombed. Old favorites, Fatty, Wilfred and Spotty have all been axed. And there are now three new characters: two are female, one is peaceful, and all are black.

It is also now ‘mandatory’ to have a black character on the cover of every issue. Even Marcus Rashord now has his own story in it. And, naturally, the Guardian has an orgasm about it. I am just glad I am old enough to remember old style comics like Whizzer and Chips, The Dandy, and a time when this vile woke crap didn’t exist…

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104 thoughts on “D.C. Thompson and Their Beano Comic

  1. If the Beano has gone to the dogs, then the Bunny Mag has gone right down the crapper. The woke loonies and the Me Too Psycho Brigade wanted tits and all that banned, so Playboy spinelessly capitulated. But, they soon realised their mistake, as sales plummeted to virtually zero (Did the cunts honestly think it was ever bought for anything else, or that anyone actually ‘reads’ it?). But, then the daft twats went woke and put a transexual playmate in the centre pages. I’ve heard of commercial sucicide, but that is really taking the piss….🙄

  2. Fucking planet sized, scampi scented cunts.
    I used to love the Beano. I wouldn’t have it in the house if I were a sniper again.
    Woke pish to the nth degree.

  3. Got to admit haven’t bought a comic in years I see the annuals in the stores near xmas
    I liked 2000ad as a young un ….I honestly cannot remember if there was any gay or black comic heroes back in the day??
    Don’t think judge dredd was either but to be honest he never took his helmet off pardon the pun!

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