D.C. Thompson and Their Beano Comic

D.C Thompson and their Beano comic are cunts.

Another British institution that is now riddled with the woke disease.

Dennis The Menace is now just known as Dennis. In case the word ‘Menace’ implies that he is some sort of sex pest, and it ‘offends’ the Me Too Femstapo psychos.

Walter The Softy has also been jettisoned. In case he offends the ever sensitive LGBTQ ‘community’. Mind you, what doesn’t offend the cunts?

And, it gets worse. The iconic Bash Street Kids have also been woke bombed. Old favorites, Fatty, Wilfred and Spotty have all been axed. And there are now three new characters: two are female, one is peaceful, and all are black.

It is also now ‘mandatory’ to have a black character on the cover of every issue. Even Marcus Rashord now has his own story in it. And, naturally, the Guardian has an orgasm about it. I am just glad I am old enough to remember old style comics like Whizzer and Chips, The Dandy, and a time when this vile woke crap didn’t exist…

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104 thoughts on “D.C. Thompson and Their Beano Comic

  1. You can bet your arse “Five Houses” Rashford didn’t write that editorial…….what a load of wokie shite. What does a “guest editor” actually do? What does anyone, not in the business, know about editing a fucking comic?
    They should have kept Dennis as “the menace”………he is a whitey after all.

    • Maybe upgrade him to Dennis the Rapist who has Minnie the Minx tied to a roundabout?

      • ….she wan’t much of a ‘Minx’ though was she?

        Minnie the munter was more apt…….make her a lezza and she would fit right in without any changes at all .

    • There was a a girl who went to our school, looked just like Beryl the Peril. She was a right ugly cunt, a total sadist, and – as I discovered years later – a tuppence flicking dyke. Well, she had to be, with a face like that….

  2. Is there enough ink to draw rashford’s humongous nose.

    Another publication consigned to the dustbin.

  3. I used to like Mustafa Millionaire.

    Can’t remember what he got up to but I’m fairly sure he bribed everyone,drove round London in an uninsured Lambourghini running poor people over then claiming diplomatic immunity,arranged for nosy cunts to be chopped up,took a shit on escort girls and all manner of other innocent jolly japes.

    I think he’s still in it.


  4. Beano? Loved it in the 70’s and early 80’s. Every week, delivered. Still a member of the Dennis The Menace Fan Club.

    • Do you still have the furry Gnasher badge?

      Probably get a free tampon and a 10 inch dildo these days .

  5. Yes used to look forward to the Beano and Dandy annuals coming out at Christmas.

    Wouldn’t wipe my arse with it now

    Hope the fucking cunts fold

    • Desperate Dan now demands to be called Desperate Danielle and woe betide if you question why this six-foot-six, muscley, stubbley wo-man is in the Ladies loo.

      • I don’t think you’ll find any Cow pies in it either maybe some Vegan Quiche

        And Dan is probably a member of extinction rebellion

  6. Roger the Dodger is probably now some proud rainbow homosexual, who uses his dodging skills to avoid the omnipresent “extreme right”, anti-gay activists, whilst still managing to bury his purple parsnip in the nearest “hairy bum” at the local municipal toilets.

    His friend “Biffo the Bear” is simply a large, hairy, homosexual older male chum.

  7. Did anyone else used to get the Beano / Dandy / Whizzer and Chips annual for christmas?

    Sitting in the living room after Christmas dinner in brand new pyjamas and slippers, idly thumbing the pages of the Beano annual, while tucking into a Cadbury selection stocking.

    No computer games back then, just colouring books and comics and if your parents were really minted Cluedo, monopoly or a dart board.

    Much happier times.

    • @Odin.

      Exactly the way Christmas should be mate.

      Some Christmas’s I remember getting next to bugger all and they were the still the happiest of times.

      A Dandy or a Victor annual, colouring book and maybe a board game.

      Good television (a genuine novelty back then)
      Plenty of food.
      Colourful Christmas tree twinkling away in the corner of the room like a glimpse into a magical realm.

      That’s what it was all about.

      • Oh yes Herman.

        A Victor or Battle annual to read in bed by torchlight, soap on a rope from Avon, endless family parties where you could catch up with your cousins and see what Santa got them for Christmas, Dad redecorating the kitchen ceiling with a Watneys party 7, salt and vinegar chipsticks, toothpicks with a bit of cheese and pineapple on.

        ABBA, Slade or Status quo playing and the notoriously pissed up aunty making everyone get up and dance before falling through the Christmas tree.

        Happier times. A proper Christmas.

      • I bet at least one of you still has a party 7 can opener somewhere in the kitchen drawer. Slightly rusty but it’s there , ready for action.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Herman.

        Morecambe and Wise, The Queen (RIP) the Bond film, Top of the Pops, the massive Quality Street tin, those coloured sword cocktail sticks with cheese and pickled onions, War Lord and Whizzer and Chips annuals, the local paper shop filled with decorations, chocolates and board games, the Max Bygraves Christmas album (my nana insisted on it), Action Man with eagle eyes, Dad having his dinner then snoring in his chair with a paper hat on. Mum having a sherry while doing the turkey, me and our kid playing out in the snow with our new Admiral Man United kits and an orange football. Those were the days.

    • Had loose nuts- Brazils, Walnuts, a satsuma and two different coloured sugar mice in the bottom of my pillowcase we used to have our presents put in by santa….the sound of wrapping paper against taught cotton as you pull a present out one by one….remember that lovely cozy happy sound of growing up

      • A satsuma, a chocolate mouse, a little packet of colouring pencils & a colouring book.
        Kept us quiet for an hour or so, before we went downstairs and started creating mayhem.
        My poor Mum, 4 of us with hardly 18 months between us, I bet she thought she was surrounded!

      • On my bookshelf amongst all the Haynes manuals I still have the 1974 Victor annual with the squaddie rescuing his wounded mate using a wheelbarrow on the cover (The real story of Richard Annand VC). Plenty of squareheads getting the pasting they deserve as well.
        I just can’t bring myself to Ebay it.
        Also there’s two 70s Dennis the Menace annuals full of strips reprinted from the 1950s. In terms of “abrasive” physical comedy they give old Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes cartoons a run for their money. Our “moral overlords” would combust if younger kids could get their hands on stuff like that instead of the safe, inoffensive, sanitised shite served up as kids comics today…

      • I used to read my brothers’ comics, they had one called 2000AD that had an alien cunt called Tharg with a bald green head in it, and they had another one (can’t recall the name) with an enormous commando character in it who was always insulting Germans. Marvellous. I was stuck with Jackie magazine which always seemed to have letters from girls asking if it was normal for their fanny to smell. Quite dull.

  8. Fucking hell !

    Is there anything that hasn’t fallen foul of these absolute bastards?

    I used to love The Beano, Dandy and all, and Roy of the Rovers.

    I used to love those little Commando comic books as well.
    I collected hundreds of those when I was a kid.
    Proper good old action yarns full of heroism.

    I imagine the bed wetters who rule over us would find the Commando comics stereotypes of Germans, Italians and Japanese “most troubling” or “very problematic” these days.

    I’m only in my mid 40s and I’m fucked if I know how I’m going to survive into old age withou blowing a gasket considering the “most troubling” direction that seemingly everything I’ve ever known is headed.

    • Commando ( War Library) Fucking fantastic. Jap slit eyed little twats and soldiers with knuckles like a Rhino’s Bollocks !

  9. Schools, children’s TV , super heroes, Dr Who, and now fucking comics ………all been captured by The Woke.
    They know the formula……..get them young, get them stupid and you’ve got them for life.

    We are fucked.

    • Any of the cunters here remember Rockfist Rogan RAF? He was an ace pilot, a champ boxer and gave the germans hell, shooting them out of the sky as they yelled “Mein Got, das Rockfist in Spitfire we must flee” Also, Desperate Dan and many others.

  10. Never really liked the Beano as a kid.
    Liked Action comic,
    And 2000ad comic.
    Also 70s marvel comics before they went Marxist.

    Action comics had Mytek the mighty.
    A 100ft robot gorilla.

    But Marvel,

    Werewolf by night- Cursed to change into a ravenous beast by night,
    His name? Jack Russell 😅

    Planet of the apes,
    Didn’t realise it was a prediction when I was 8.

    And The tomb of Dracula.
    Being the 70s ,
    Dracula had a broad lapel suit and a little thin tash!
    Sort of looked like midge Ure.

    Few years later, 2000ad had Slaine macRoth,
    A Celtic warrior who slaughtered Romans,

    “Kiss my axe!!”

    It was very blood thirsty and gory.
    Loved it 👍

  11. The Marcus Rashford Book Club eh?

    I would love to see him reading the Beano to Wayne Rooney with his little wizened red potato head excitedly asking about the next adventures of “dem der scallies der Bash Street Kids”.

    • Alriiight kids, Marcus ‘ere like.
      Todays we is gonna read dis Wind in de Willows fingy. It’s go’ like a badger and a beaver innit and a big frog fingy in a funny suit ‘oo steals school dinnaz from kids an’ dat. Me’s greeaat a’ readin’.

  12. If the sponging little Sods can afford to buy comics,their parent’s benefits should be stopped.

    • I didn’t get where I am today by spending my pocket money (6d) on comics!

      My mum always saw we had a plentiful supply of comics every week, usually Beano, Dandy, Topper and Beezer, if memory serves.

      Plus all the annuals at Christmas!

      Later graduated to The Victor and Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Nasty Tales, etc.

      Truly a golden age!

      Evening Dick. 👍

      • I genuinely can’t remember ever bothering with comics apart from the Commando ones.


      • Some of my mates had those, we used to read them during lessons, ideal size for hiding behind desks.

      • RTC i Remember the Furry Freaks brothers but was no longer a teeny bopper
        There was one scene where they were flying out of central America in a Cessna at low altitude with a load of weed and the pilot was a Vietnam vet.
        Talking to the pilot about what it was like, the pilot responded
        “Well i used to trip on acid all the time just to get through it”
        one of the freak brothers then asked ” well are you over it now”
        Pilot responds ” not really, I haven’t come down yet”
        Classic comic for a stoner

      • Classic comic for anyone with a functioning brain.

        Same goes for Robert Crumb’s works of genius.

  13. ! always preferred the Wizard, Lion and The Tiger. Good old fashioned Kraut kicking stuff full of “donner und blitzen, you blew off mein bolix !!!! Agh !No soft as shite stories in those days. And how about Commando ?

    Fuck Woke !

      • Jocks and the Geordies and Bully Beef and Chips were always the first 2 stories I read before picking my way through the rest.

    • Hot Shot Hamish was great. I also loved Whizzer and Chips and Whoopee with the Sweeney Toddler.

      I also liked 2000AD Featuring Judge Dredd, I got that every issue. I have a load of them somewhere. I’ll have to ebay them…

      • Hot Shot Hamish of Princes Park FC.

        He teamed up with Kevin Mighty Mouse in Roy of the Rovers.

        Absolutely loved those stories.

  14. Check this out ,
    I got this one Christmas.
    Tarzan annual.
    Look at the cover carefully,
    Tarzan is stabbing a wolf with a knife,
    And a chimp is snapping a wolf’s neck?!!!

    Modern kids would piss the bed and need a therapist.

    Still got it, in my wardrobe somewhere..


      • Properly how Tarzan should be Infidel.
        Stabbing wildlife.

        Probably wanks them off in the modern version?
        And in Africa to dig wells and innoculate natives against malaria ☹️

  15. Alf Tupper…… the Tough of the Track……what a true British hero. Alf used to live in some attic or something and lived on a diet of fish and chips like any true Brit should. The dirty foreigners in their flash tracksuits and running shoes used to try and cheat, like all foreigners do,……. Alf would give them a lap start and still beat the dirty w*g cunts.
    Bring back Alf I say! No performance enhancing drugs and wokie virtue signalling in his day. Be British 🇬🇧 and proud because we’re the best and every cunt knows it!

    • Pah..we’ve got the real thing now…nobody waves the British flag harder than Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah CBE.

      • Fuck Farah. Dirty cheating, druggie illegal immo. I’ve got a pair of trainers made by slave labour in China that are more British than that cunt.

      • I’m still not understanding why the weasel cunt waited all these years before announcing to the world that he was
        trafficked as a child slave.
        Could it be ought to do with his career ( jeez, like running is a job) has come to an end, or is he trying to overshadow M’Tebe Lineker?

      • The weasel cunt waited until his star was waning and the media had lost interest in him before coming out with his highly embellished story. Pure attention seeking, nothing more.

  16. Those Commando books were every boys dream.
    “Take that you dirty squarehead”

    Desperate Dan (Dandy) was fucking ace too. Deserved his bronze statue in Dundee .

  17. Oh, I used to love Beano.
    Desperate Dan, fuck me, what was he desperate for?
    Saving people and a cow pie afterwards.
    Pass the Hendos!

  18. I’m the proud owner of The Viz Bumper Book of Shite for older boys & girls. 1993 first edition was bought that year. It was designed in the hardback style of the Beano and Dandy annuals of the 1950s. The Aware Brigade can’t do anything about it.

      • Actually The Bumper Book of Shite had nothing to do with the hardback style of the Beano and Dandy. The Bumper Fun books were a separate genre, pre-dating the aforementioned comics.

      • Well done ! It must’ve been expensive for Viz to do the glossy colourful detailed jokes, either side of the insides front and back covers.

      • I still get the Viz annual off one of my sisters at Christmas. Every year, I get one. I also get Roger Mellie’s Profanisaururs too.

  19. Funny thing is, a relative of mine (and a very good artist) got turned down by D.C Thompson in the the 1960s, because he put that he was Catholic on the application. Fucking cunts.

    And now, they are plagued with Fuzzie Wuzzies and doughnut punchers preaching woke bollocks. Absolute madness.

  20. BTW, Admin.
    4 noms, on a week night, with school tomorrow?
    You are spoiling us. Now hand me the chocolates.

    • I prefer 4 nom’s.
      Can’t remember why it went to 3?

      Was it austerity measures?

      • Well I think it’s obvious. There are so many cunts in the world, and a new one pops up every day, Admin are overwhelmed with noms. Yeah, let’s have 4 or more every day.
        By the way, I never touched that bird at the bus stop…….I wasn’t even there.

        You lying cunts!

  21. I used to like the crappy gifts in the comics like a plastic spinner, or a paper thing that went ‘ bang’ when you put your hand out quickly. They’d need a trigger warning now – may cause snowflakes to shit themselves.

  22. The seeds of the destruction of the Western World have been sown.
    So be it.
    Does anyone remember Dirty Dick ?

      • LOL. Just an orange juice, landlord. 😀
        Shame about Wilko, unique.
        Still, he’s left a lot of good music behind.
        Just watching Benny Hill.
        All tits, arses, suspenders and swastikas.
        Proper telly. 😜
        All right, MNC ? 👍

    • Ah fuck sake Jack, happy strumming Wilko so many memories. Saw him live about 5 or 6 times in my home town
      just genius on speed metal rhythm
      loved that red an white guitar and the constant rifts, changing direction before you knew it it happened.
      One of the greats that always had a unique and original sound.
      I only saw gigs of Wilko Johnson and his drummer and base.
      the best three piece band i have ever witnessed to this date for getting you up on the floor
      Was to young for Dr Feel-good but do enjoy the music.

    • I remember the Welsh tramp in 70s Coronation Street. He was called Dirty Dick. He owned Dolores the Donkey…

      • Wilko’s gone but his spirit lives on…

        Bill Carter – Screaming Blue Messiahs

        Saw them at Warwick Uni. at the front to see if he actually did leave blood on the bridge… yep. Mind you Tele’s are bastard knuckle rippers anyway. as guitars go they don’t come more ‘honest’ than a telecaster, taut, wiry, irreverant… bit like Wilko really!
        Listed my mate’s mexican Tele on the by of Fleas the other week and I’d forgotten just what unpretentious, balls out, four on the floor fun they are, drop the strap a few notches, boxing gloves on and beat the living crap out of it. certainly jolted me out of the usual proggy bollocks I tend to noodle on. Thanks for everything Wilko and there’s a pint behind the bar for you.

  23. I used to like the Garth comic strip in the Mirror.
    And also Axa in the Sun. Mind you, it did feature blone warrior women with big tits.😉

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