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Apologies if this has already been covered: I don’t come here too often as it tends to depress me – both the views I agree with and the ones I don’t.

But this has me reaching for the grenade launcher:

Manchester Evening News Link

The poor cunt who, finally overwhelmed by the scale of our unwanted, unwarranted illegal, stress illegal, immigration crisis, finally takes action <i>on his own</i> since no-one else appears to be doing so. Then, in the best tradition of <i>bushido</i> honourably tops himself.

Even the fuzz can’t find links to any organised plot or conspiracy, so why did he do it? It was his “extreme right-wing terrorist ideology”. Wokies please note: this is now the approved term for being murderously pissed off with a shite government’s shite policies. For having been denied any democratic input into the rapidly deteriorating state of the nation. This is now the official police line.

With Spartacus, I declare: “I’m an extreme right-wing terrorist ideologue”.
And proud of it.

And the political police are shameful, degraded, conspiratorial cunts.

Nominated by: Komodo

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  1. The term ‘Right wing ideology’ is a one size fits all insult that helps to file away inconvenient truths. It’s easy to remember the two basic offenders formula though.
    Kill white people = Mental health issues.
    Kill ethnics = Right wing neo Nazi who must have links to mythical terrorist groups.
    It saves an awful lot of paperwork.

  2. If you’re to the right of Stalin or Mao Zedong, you’re not just right, you’re 𝘶𝘭𝘵𝘳𝘢 𝘧𝘢𝘳 right, according to the establishment.

  3. When a peaceful commits an act of terrorism the first port of call is mental health, this guy doesn’t seem extreme right wing, everybody is pissed off with the cunts coming here to claim benefits. Fuck me, if passing comments about Muslims and grooming gangs were extreme right wing then there are plenty of Conservative MPs who have said the same.

    The ‘terror’ attack was pretty tame in comparison to the ones in the name of Islam, why did the bloke top himself, well I guess he was well on the way to doing that regardless of the petrol bomb fiasco.

    The vast majority of people in this country are sick of the fucking Invasion and will ensure the Conservatives will be wiped out at the next GE

    I have no idea why the police seem to use the label of extreme right wing, it is so far from reality to be almost a joke.

    • Good comment Sick of it. Tories get their useless arses kicked cool.
      What next fucking liebour or libtards or an horrific mess of both.
      There is nothing between the lying pocket lining cunts so it would be fuck you as normal.
      I cannot believe that these shites have no inkling of what most people want re swamping gimmegrants and legions of deviants

  4. The individual that committed this act had mental health issues. A rather tragic case. But it suits today woke ideologues ( the Police, the Blob, etc) to present any divergence from orthodoxy as a far right plot. It the 16th century wars of religion all over again, where any deviation is presented as heresy.

    Society has completely broken down and we have failed to protect Western values.. We are no longer able to process debate and a divergence of views without seeing it as a threat to be crushed. That’s why Free speech is in danger. The blame lies in our schools and universities. Utter cunts.

    • Impressed by your perspicacious post MMCM, though I do wonder if I had met this guy whether I would have believed he had mental health problems. Two observations; the Manchester Evening News appears to be imbued with wokism and the statement from Tim Jacques is frankly terrifying.

  5. Ok, so now we know who the real enemy is and it ain’t the fucking Peacefuls and it ain’t the illegal immo p*nces. It’s a shame they can’t get rid of us ……..but they need us to pay for everything.

    • I was thinking about this the other day.

      Both Mrs Odin and I are sick to the back teeth of this government, the way this country has swirled down the pan in the last 20 years and the third world shithole that London in particular has become.

      I have come to the conclusion that I am working just to pay tax. I serve no other purpose to the government other than that of cash cow and the bogeyman of’white supremacist / racist / gammon / brexiteer’.

      As we are both getting on and don’t really fancy coughing our last in this multiculti shithole full of illegals, legals, the woke and those Uber cunts at just stop oil, we got to wondering if the government would like to pay us to fuck off. Say a million quid each.

      If they don’t want evil tax paying whitey in London, this works out to the benefit of everyone.

      That is just a drop in the ocean compared to the bill for the dinghy filth to be put up in 4* hotels and achieving Unkle Klaus’ dream.

      pay us and we’ll fuck off.

  6. Keep fire bombing these places where the dinghy riders are I say.Not right wing at all.Total bullshit.I despair.

  7. clearly therefore Osama bin Liner was suffering mental ishooos when he set the wheels in motion on 9/11 killing over 3000 people.

    Probably down to institunal racism/colonialism.

    The Guardian would have insisted a suspended sentence for this poor victim rather than being executed in cold blood by those nasty uncaring allied forces.

  8. Surely the WHO should classify Muslims as a Mental Health Crisis

    Mild Cases include Sitting on a mat bowing the head up and down, to the Extreme of Taking Flying lessons and Cutting heads off

    • Sounding a bit Gervaisesque Japseye.

      Have you any of your own opinions, or just like trying to ridicule others’?

      • It was Stephen Fry as it happens, but it’s only a thought that a lot of kids, myself included, would have had, such as “if there is a god, why did gran die so young” and so on. There is no satisfactory answer, to that or the child cancer, and I cannot understand how anyone with a brain can dismiss it.
        I don’t like the term atheist anyway, its another word for not suffering from something. There’s no term for not suffering from gout.
        Sane works just fine for me.

      • Taking tips on lifestyle choices from Stephen Fry doesn’t sound remotely sane to me.

        Questions, when seeking truth, are essential. It just seems to me that modern atheism does nothing to answer questions, promote its philosophy, etc, merely attacks others who have asked similar questions in the past and arrived at some form of answer. Usually in a condescending, mocking fashion.

        It is a faith based belief system btw, atheism, you have no more proof of its correctness than anyone else does for their beliefs.

  9. The dreadful spectre of the neo Nazi was simply created as an attempt to balance out the overwhelming evidence of widespread Islamic terrorist plots and support in the mudslime community for their evil intent.

    It suites our woke media to create and spread the myth..a spotty teenager obsessed by the Waffen SS but has never left his bedroom?….the very same level of threat as the mudslime savage that kills children with explosives.

    A lone nutter who chucks a couple of Molotov Cocktails at the front gate of a “migration” centre?….as bad if not worse than the “asylum seeker” who sticks a knife into a group of homosexuals having a picnic.

    The whole premise is a lie and those behind it are simply fucking traitors.

    Hang the cunts and have done with the swine who are destroying the country.

  10. The recent “discovery” of “institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia” in the Fire Brigade (should we say “service” now?) should be a warning. If you make jokes about w*gs, wimminz and pooftahs you are finished. You can make jokes about Brexit and Trump but cross the line and you are labelled, stitched up and discarded. I wouldn’t risk questioning climate change either.
    Know your place, you know it makes sense.

    • There aren’t any firemen working now ? I’d better make certain I’m better protected to prevent the lasses coming round. At least they’d be able to make me a nice cuppa, whilst toasting crumpets on the flames of my house.

  11. This to me is a cry from “I can’t take this anymore “ like a lot of the natural populations in the West.
    The shear arrogance of the unelected wef along who and spineless governments shutting down the world over a cough. Fucking insane bullshit for nefarious reasons , New World Disorder
    Europe has checkmated itself because the thick cunts are going along with the hymns.
    Nothing but despair in the dystopian ideology.
    A fucking revolution will occur somewhere at some point as this shit is becoming more obvious to populations by the day.
    They the titan cunts are taking the piss at this stage.

    • Mad Klaus and the WEF want to inject tiny tracking devices into everyone soon.????I say not on your nelly you old goat.

  12. Excellent cunting. It bothers me greatly that ideological “creep” has penetrated and embedded itself in all organisations. The consequences of such are expressed in the frustrations in the Public voicing of concern being either disregarded or affirmed as unwarranted extreme and uncivilised behaviour.
    In the book “Bury my Heart at wounded Knee ” ( Gardener. Brown et al ) the Indian embraces/welcomes only to find that the end result is their own destruction.

    If we are to live as white people in Reservations, I would hope that I may be allowed to live on Barra. I would hope that my isolation would deter the curious Tourist from coming to see what a whiteman looks like. I will spend my time whittling clothes pegs to sell on the mainland , and sit at the campfire each evening singing white man laments.

    Im old, and due for dust. Still I fear for those who will survive me.

    Immigration? Our strength? Fuck Off !

  13. Obviously mental, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t have far right tendencies.
    His actions appeal to those on the far right, so did he do it for those that would have applauded him?
    Far right, same as far left, are predominantly misfits and twats, mostly sad and harmless, unless you have one of them with half a brain who can rile them up to doing their bidding, as they are as easily led as they are insipid.
    The silent masses in the middle are usually labelled as sheeple by both sides, but are far from it, as they live in the real world and can usually see through the bullshit from both sides.
    When I heard this story, I did wonder if IsaC would be down a contributor.

    • I think the problem is that although both extreme right and left leaning people are indeed misfits, it’s the establishment perception that grates.
      Far left is largely acceptable, but far right is viewed as evil.
      So anyone who is mad enough to kill for a cause must be right wing in their thinking. Unless you kill in the name of Islam, in which case you must be apolitical.
      So the long and the short of it is, right wing means violence, left wing doesn’t.
      Work that one out.

      • Islamist terrorism is far-right.
        Far-left terrorism was very trendy in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, but petered out in the ’90s
        The IRA remain the most prominent left-wing terrorist group in UK recent history.

      • The far left today are mostly failed intellectuals and union misfits, who are seen more as an existential threat through civil disobedience and prefer disruption and instilling class hatred, envy and entitlement to achieve their aims.
        The far right would rather beat the shit out of people.
        And deport or gas those that they disagree with.

      • Trouble is GJ much of what was considered far left is now considered centre left and what was once considered centre right is now deemed far right.

        The definition of fascism is the removal of free speech and government control of society in tandem with the corporations. Which corporations hold the most sway, Google, Twitter, Amazon and they are all anti free speech and do the lefts bidding in case they are sacrificed at the alter of the woke.

        This is evidenced by the destruction of Twitter after Musk said he would allow more balance on the platform.

      • plenty of poison on twitter if you look.
        Google has plenty too,
        A lot of people who are lamenting free speech are really on about hate speech.
        And that hasn’t gone anywhere. Keep scrolling for proof.

    • I don’t go so far as to label the guy as mental – thereby excusing him, after a fashion. But the police were remarkably quick to label him as a far-right extremist ideologue, and apparently without evidence that this, rather than mental health issues, were responsible for his actions.

      Others have suggested that had he been Asian, the presumption would likely have been that this was a mental health problem: we wouldn’t want to endanger our already sensitive rapport with the Muslim community, would we? So I will maintain that this description was political. As with much else in the news, the presumption is that unwoke opinions can safely be ignored

      As to his lunacy or otherwise, what appals me is that I can see – after many years as a lefty genuinely in denial – that uncontrolled illegal immigration is something which will ultimately destroy our national identity. As such I can empathise with even a misguided attempt to oppose this. I can see where he’s coming from. And I am not sure this makes me either insane or a far-right ideologue. All I am saying is that if detesting and deploring uncontrolled immigration – on its own – makes me a far-right ideologue, then so be it, and I decline to apologise for that.

      I’m still here, so far, touch wood. That I am is due to either of two circumstances; one being that only non-cunts read IsAC, and the other being that there is still enough genuine content to our liberal democracy to…just…allow the expression of contentious points of view. For how much longer?

      • Nobody mentally stable kills themselves.
        His firebombing attempt might be criminally stupid or politically motivated but had no effect and was forgotten in hours.
        Hardly a deep thinker.

      • “Nobody mentally stable kills themselves.”

        Beg to differ. When circumstances are unendurable, it’s always an option. Unless you regard Dr Pangloss* as the sole arbiter of mental health.

        In some societies and ideologies, suicide may even be the last honourable resort. It may be the outcome not of an unstable mentality but one which is, conversely, over-rigid, (by our very free standards) and constrained by local mores. It might even be seen as the logical finish for an action which would otherwise ensure a lengthy term behind bars, no?

        But if he was a nutjob, and I have insufficiant information to confirm or deny this, two points remain: (1) that the police should not have equated his mad action to a far-right ideology, and (2) that resenting the apparently unstemmed invasion of people with no right to be here is NOT a symptom of such an ideology – or of insanity -, however much the new left would like to make us believe it is.

        See also: Overton Window.

        *”all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.”

  14. This post is a non crime hate crime! The far right extremist failed to embrace the enrichment opportunities on offer from mass immigration.

    Everyone on this site needs to host an LBGT-+P and wear rainbow leather chaps for a month.

    Komodo I’m disappointed in your vile extremism.

    The police rock

  15. In my yoof I would say I was politically on the left however, after years of political correctness/ woker’y/ immigration legal/illegal/ screaming poofery/ eradication/shaming of GB history from education . Political ineptitude.

    I am now definitely Gengis Khan reborn….🔥

  16. If the police want to see real right wingers they should remember John Tyndall and people like my grandfather.

    Hate? These soft wankers don’t know the meaning of the word, probably because they recruit brainwashed drama graduates.

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