Albanians [2]

Albanian protestors in London today 12th November, demanding that we respect their human rights and relax the laws to allow in thousands of their brethren (could they be relaxed any further?).

Many of them were draped in the Albanian flag, but not the flag of the country where they now reside and demand everything under the sun. Well fuck off back there then, your country needs you.

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P.S Given Albania’s WW2 record, neither desecrating Churchill’s memory nor complaining about being called “invaders” would seem appropriate…

And on the same subject there’s this from Fuglyucker

Albanians are cunts, this country is flooded with foreigners who come purely to leech off the system that us muggs pay for, to the point now the the system is completely fucked, and we can’t use it,.

The worst of these fuckers is by far the Albanians, thanks to these Europikies we have sex trafficking rings, drug dealing rings, beggars,pick pockets, ugly slaggs knicking old mens Rolexes thievery, violence, con gangs, lying cheating, fucking hell you can’t even try and sell a car now without Albanians turning up squirting oil in the header tank and exhaust and telling you your engines fucked, so they can get the car cheap, laterally any con these days has something to do with these greasy pieces of shit.

But get this, these fuckers are protesting about rememberence day and how dissatisfied these are about being here and how badly Albania has been treated by the UK.

I have the answer, take your hourds of dishonest crooks and fuck off home you cunts and raise hell at home, fuck off with my blessing…

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And Uttercunt isn’t happy with the Albanians either


This is a brief one but set my piss on steam mode.

Albanians draping their rag over Churchill’s statue and making demands.
So the verminous rubbish that is Albanians decided to drape their rag of a flag around Churchill’s statue on remembrance Sunday and demand the home secretary is removed for wanting to deport these illegal scumbags.

They claim they are fleeing persecution but are flying said countries flag. That’s like leaving an alleged abusive relationship and showing off a picture of the person accused and declaring love for them.

They have zero right to be here and all need to be removed fast. Don’t delay beaverbutt , or whatever your name is, get the pukes out. And make sure the Albanian crooked government pays their flights.

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  1. Plain and simple we as a race (white British) are well and truly on the way to be consigned to the bin. Our history and culture our wants and needs will be pushed into oblivion. Guilt is the overwhelming mindset of the cunts in positions of power and education. Spineless weak minded bastards afraid to fight the pox that is wokeism and hand wringing simpletons who love nothing better than belittling their forebears who paid the ultimate price to uphold our freedoms and traditions.
    Instead of shame the cunts should feel pain for their views, an absolute disgrace , the once proud people who inhabited this island would be horrified at what’s become of us.

  2. When will these illegal immigrants ,regardless of their colour, realise that the vast majority of people in the U.K. do not want them in this country.

  3. If Sunak agrees, a candidate on the list from another race will take over and so on and so on, until we are no more.

  4. As soon as this fucking foreign rabble started making demands then sullied Churchill’s memorial they should have been subjected to a bayonet charge.

    What a disgraceful mess.

  5. I work in security and these Albanian bastards are by far the worst for stealing, threatening women, and anything else. Their country is safe, no war, no natural disaster, no dictator. They should be rounded up and shoved off Dover cliffs

    • Hey, hey, not all Albanians are thieves. Some are drug-dealers, some people-traffickers, and some enslave women in prostitution.

  6. Another bunch of unwanted cunts, to go with all the ones before.

    Next election needs a concerted effort to spoil ballots.

    None of these cunts above by 10% of voters would give the vermin in charge a pause for thought.

    • Really? Do you not think that if just 9 people voted they’d be fucking well happy to get 5 votes? They’d really give a flying fuck about the millions that called them cunts?

  7. The Albanian PM doesn’t like our attitude to the invasion by 12000 of his citizens, are we demonising them? Are we fuck, the whole country is corrupt and lives on the proceeds of drugs and organised crime.

    Some cunt from the BBC went to Albania to find out why certain areas of the country are seeing hundreds of young men leaving for the UK, well crime and corruption seems to be the answer, problem being they are bringing it with them.

    I am completely baffled as to why any Albanian who arrives without a visa isn’t immediately returned, how can 12000 of the cunts be victims of modern slavery, by any measure that is ridiculous when they are mainly men and account for about 1% of the male population of Drugbania.

    I can’t work it out 😳

    • If they claim they have been “trafficked ” then different but equally idiotic asylum “rules” apply.

      It’s just a game to the cunts and the cunts we have in Westminster and the Home Office,Border Farce,Royal Navy etc etc etc..

      If we haven’t the guts to boat them back to France then we should just out spend the cunts by flying the criminal vermin to Mozambique,let them travel from there out their own pockets.

      Rinse and repeat til they are skint or preferably dead.

    • If they are victims of slavery, we can help by returning them home surely?

  8. My offer to the government stands.

    Pay me and Mrs Odin a million quid each and you can import all the europikey scum you want to take up the slack on the tax we will no longer be paying.

  9. There’s a major problem with these absolute cunts in Manchester, criminal gangs recruited in Albania and arrive here on false Greek or Italian passports and swiftly set up cocaine (mainly) dealerships.
    I personally know or have known 10 Albanians and 8 of them are or were criminals. One cunt married an English girl got her pregnant and appealed deportation.
    I don’t know if he was successful or not but should be burned at the stake along with his whore.
    I’ve been told the police have had to designate an OGC solely for these twats.
    Same in all major cities too, especially London.

    • Doesn’t matter. It’s clear that, by international law, any country that has scum it doesn’t want can send them to the UK who have to take them in, house them, feed them, give them everything they want and force it’s indigenous population to hand over lots of money and just shut the fuck up about it.

  10. I don’t want them here neither.Send them to the oven.No use to us at all.Dirty bastards.Sod off back to Albania you worthless pieces of shit.The dregs of humanity.

  11. Albanians are the filth of Europe. And now – unfortunately – the filth of Great Britain.
    No wonder the Serbs want to wipe the cunts off the face of the Earth. We should have let Milosovic kill them all. Peacekeeping force in Kosovo, my arse.

  12. Why would anyone want this and take the steps to male sure it happens? What is happening is insidious and evil down to the marrow.

    • Those twats in Westminster are at fault.Shit weasel traitors.Never wanted Brexit and import all the filth.Bone idle shit gibbons.

  13. There was a gang of em that used to spot racing cyclists where i live.
    They’d watch where they would park up and dress and off for there 70 miles pedal.
    The scummy cunts would then put trackers on the cars of the different and follow them to there’re home.
    A couple of days later bikes worth 5000 grand and more stolen from the garage.
    They were caught eventually because of the frequency that it was occurring.
    Deported no jail time but no fucking money either or bikes.

  14. They have upset the BBC narrative – women and children fleeing oppression. Now where is there 1 child on a boat of 50 men we can film close up for the 6 oclock news?

    Never mind Albanian scum, they are merely criminal. It’s the other fuckers we must watch.

  15. I used to work with a Albanian she was fit, but that’s it.

    We don’t need these backwood idiots here. Send them back infact send everyone on this march back.

  16. Well the Albanians have already colonised part of Serbia, and thanks to the cunts at the UN, they officially stole the land for themselves – Kosovo.

    Which part of the UK in the future will it be for these Albanians to colonise I wonder.

  17. I wonder who supplied them with the flags and the correctly spelt banners?
    Follow the money.

  18. More the merrier I say. More wood for the fire when the time comes.

  19. Did you know that we are bunging millions to Albania to support their economy in the hope that it will discourage the thieving p*nces from coming here? Yes that’s the answer of this government to every problem……bung money at it and hope it goes away. Did you know that last year we bunged China £51 million in Foreign Aid? Yes…….fucking China !!!!! Can you imagine if we had caused the batshit flu? Every country in the world would be holding out their hands for fucking compo. And they’d fucking get it!
    If this lot had been around in 1939 they would have been bunging our money to the German fucking Heinkel and Messerschmidt Fund. You know it makes sense!!

    • Fishy Rishi’s magic money 🌲.A clear out of Westminster is our only option.Drain the swamp.Arrogant 🤡.

      • He’s a fucking fake. What’s the point of paying to be a member when your vote for the fucking leader is overturned and you get this fucking billionaire cunt?
        These cunts have unbelievable front…… they think they can shit all over us……and they fucking do!

  20. I won’t deal with them in any way shape or form.

    Won’t.speak to them, use their car washes (money laundering fronts), sell them.anything, use their shops.



    • I recently used the HMRC snitch line to alert them to the local cash only car wash run by these fuckers that they were drawing water from the river behind their establishment. Obviously, they are on a water meter and use the small amount they take from the water company as ‘proof’ of limited sales.

      • I’m sure the immigrant you spoke with at HMRC filed your concerns in the circular filing cabinet.

    • Well of course, when our own government and media encourages the promotion of the whitey devil what do you expect?
      “You white bastard, you’re not wanted around here.”
      Exactly. We make the mistake of thinking they are civilised like we are.

    • Funny how comments are not allowed on the newspaper site this is on, shut down the horrible white racist scum

    • Yes, i saw this story on the BBC, The news bloke was horrified that these brown cunts we’re getting away with attacking white people.
      The BBC and SLY NEWS are demanding an enquiry NOW.
      I’m now off to watch pigs flying

  21. The Albanian, a poor man’s Gypo, quite possibly the vilest form of Human being, they only deal in misery, and where are the dregs of their society heading, you guessed it.!!

    • You’ve forgotten the cream of Somalia who we welcome with open arms. And then there’s the Irish Pikeys who can come and go as they please…….don’t even need a fucking passport!
      But then neither do the dinghy raiders. I suppose we should be grateful the pikeys love their caravans and we don’t have to pay their hotel bills.

  22. Just think how many will want to come here if the Serbs decided to do everyone a favour and wipe them out.

    There’s enough that have come without a war in their home country FFS

  23. We are ruled by a load of spineless useless cunts shut the fucking boarders send all these uninvited cunts and all the poxy mps back to the shitholes they came from ,I’m not racist I just don’t like poncing cunts and useless arseholes that take £85000 a fucking year minimum with 2months off for doing sweet fuck all about the state of my fucking country

  24. 350 illegal freeloaders and pisstakers were rescued from their self-imposed peril and compassionately plied with nourishing meals and gratis accommodation today.

    The new expression for this is that they were “intercepted”. No matter that what happened to them is no different from what would have happened had they not been “intercepted”. “Intercepted” makes it sound as if something is being done. It fucking isn’t.

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