Katie Price (15)

Here she is again.
Another holiday, another boob job.
Another waste of a human skin.
This is, allegedly, her 12th trip overseas this year. Yet, she’s supposed to be bankrupt.
I’m missing some wrinkle here, I need a better accountant.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(Intentionally scheduled for gents with Early Morning Horn Syndrome! – Day Admin)

69 thoughts on “Katie Price (15)

  1. Used up, haggered old slapper.

    I’m surprised she hasn’t come as a ‘survivor’ of sexual exploitation by the entertainment industry.

  2. She’s had more pricks than a second hand dart board. She really is the dictionary definition of a slag.

    Face like a clumsy bee keeper due to all that unnecessary plastic surgery.

    I despair how the young wimminz of today strive to become exactly like this beat up ugly gutter whore.

    Narcissistic little cunt, a definite candidate for Unkle Terry’s oven.

    • An oven was used for all alterations. Fortunately she was half baked to start with, since now done to a crisp. Only needs a tumble and she’ll have taken a powder, some silly yankie term I believe.

  3. “(Intentionally scheduled for gents with Early Morning Horn Syndrome! – Day Admin)”

    Yeah, there’s nothing like this plastic slapper to make wood soft.

    • I like Harvey, especially when he’s abusive, ill-mannered, attention seeking and basically a chavvy little scrote.

      Oh wait, no, that’s his mom.

      • when fish heads get thrown at Harvey because he is blind and built like a brick shit house he just smells the air and says is that you mum?

    • Harvey is beyond bars now, Miserable. He’s a force of nature. HM Gov are negotiating with China and the designers of the Three Gorges Dam, just to build him a working toilet.

  4. As much as I might make Harvey jokes, I’m actually quite glad that the poor fella has gone into residential care and has escaped his worthless whore of a mother.
    Social services ought to strip the other 4 kids away from her.
    Peter Andre, being the father of two of them, ought to have tried harder to gain sole custody of his pair, but it didn’t happen because he’s even more of a mong than Harvey.

  5. I always think Katie represents the U.K of today perfectly….bankrupt and yet still splashing the cash, best days well behind her and regularly fucked up the arse by a succession of criminals and Nobodies.

    She is our new Britannia.

  6. Im surprised anyone could find the plastic tattooed Trollop attractive. Her face reminds me of a gurning contest at Butlins in 1958, her physique the resemblance to a gift of Meccano, and the intellect of a Buffalo Turd. Pretty? Yes, pretty hideous. !

  7. Fuck me, what a horrible sight first thing in the morning, surely this tart can find a more local taxidermist and psychiatrist to help her out.
    The locals must be trying to explain to their kids about loons that have been ridden more times than the 58 bus, i cant remember who said it on ISAC but it was along the lines of [rattled more times than one of Banksies spray cans] which i think sums the fucktard up perfectly, also im glad to see that she can still afford all this considering she,s supposed to be bankrupt, maybe she could pay some of the driving fines she has racked up or even better do the stretch in jail she managed to dodge.
    Even if she full in the pool her enormous comedy tits would keep her afloat, what a state…

  8. Apart from the grotesque, tattooed, pumped-up plastic features, it doesn’t appear to have women’s hips. Could it be an XY chromosome conversion job, perhaps? Is it actually Eddie Izzard after elective surgery?

  9. My God she’s an attention seeking Whore

    I mean everybody walks around Town like that with their Tits hanging out

    Where’s Harvey?
    Still in Quarantine

  10. Off piste, but shit, Wilko Johnson has died.

    I knew he had a major cancer op years ago, but thought he was now in good health.


  11. As someone who has viewed the Jordan/Dane Bowers home video, I can confirm Jordan (Katie Price) look a very shit fuck.

    Sack of spuds springs to mind.

  12. Why isn’t this slag dead yet?

    There was also a video going round of ‘Jordan’ and some cage fighter with a strap-on. This was around the same time she was screwing Dwight Yorke. He’d have owt, would Yorkie….

  13. I can hand on heart state without fear of contraception, that I have never ever got wood by looking at a pic of her! Her sneery little face is a real turn off, and remind me of a bag of smashed Crabs! You have to feel sorry losing all her money on getting Range Rover to invent windows that taste of Liquorice for Harvey

  14. What a slop bucket whore. She’s been shagged so much by different men that I bet her special son probably doesn’t know who the real daddy is.

    How this slag has evaded prison is beyond me.

    A trip to Paris, in a car, in a tunnel would be a nice little holiday for her.

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