Funding for the Arts

A cunting for luvvies and arts funding.

English National Opera are losing their funding and having it redistributed.
The luvvies are weeping about it, forgetting there is only so much cash in the coffers for ‘The Arts’ and most of that gets spunked on ugly sculptures, installations and festooning ‘public spaces’ in gayblack propaganda

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To keep things fair, slash funding for all of our cultural institutions, as they’ve been taken over by Year Zero Maoist cunts anyway. What better way to begin Austerity part 2 by making cuts to repulsive bullshit the public pay for but never really benefit from. This should include the defunding of the beeb, dismantling of Channel Bore and all of these fart-sniffing bodies always trying to blag a grant for making films about black muslim single mothers (a mate of mine went to an event on film funding from arts counciils, Basically you get cash if you fill your film with blacks, quares and cripples and make it about social issues, nothing that will ever make money or anyone not associated with the production or arts council would ever see)

Keep some money for The Natural History Museum, Gallery etc but most of the cash should be given to the Armed Forces and a barrier along the south coast.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

59 thoughts on “Funding for the Arts

  1. These luvvies demonstrate that they have no idea what ordinary people want their taxes spent on. I do not wish to fund ballet ,opera or gimmegrants. I see that one of the latter croaked at Manston after arriving a few days before on the Rubber Boat Line. Doubtless it will be my fault.

  2. That gives me an idea…following on from my Vlad the Impaler shit yesterday, I could say to the luvvies that my film features every sort of darkıe under the sun and a lesbian rasberry to get the funding.
    The plot is this: an uninsured Albanian in a dented 2006 Passat runs over an award-winning black lesbian ballet dancer. Her lady lover is a sort of dungareed-clad Tony Stark (but more masculine and with a better moustache than mine) who invents some sort of amazing technologically advanced spaz chariot using a Tesla drive train.
    Her mental health has been affected to the point that she becomes a spree-killer of immigrants and her wheelchair is actually a Transformer and she flies to Dover and, using all manner of lasers, firearms, saws, axes, etc, brutally dispatches all the sponging immos with their brown hands flying this way and that whilst crowds of taxpayers cheer her on.
    Dawn Butler as Optimus Sub-Prime and Lorraine Pascal as her lover.
    And Gary Busey as the Prime Minister.

  3. Fully agree CP.

    If the coffers are empty the last thing we need are opera singers.

    Let’s stop the pretence we are a wealthy nation with excess funds to chuck about on chaff..

    The arts council
    The BBC
    Channel 4

    To name but a few…

    We need to clear the decks immediately.

    Oh and stop all parliamentary expenses..let them “serve” as salaried employees.

    How silly..

  4. If I want to see art, I’ll pay for it.
    I do not want to pay for something I’ve no intention of going to see, which is art with a capital ‘F’
    This funding is for meaningless shit, churned out by talentless good-for-fuckalls, who would never get a penny if they had to sing for their own supper.

  5. Its not over till the fat lady sings….

    Is now.
    Fuck em!
    Screeching in eyetalian.

    Nearest I get to opera is listening to a Queen song on the jukebox.

    Opera can get fucked.

  6. Oh dear how sad..
    There must be thousands of millionaire luvvies who could fund it themselves.

    If Fat reg stopped buying golden dildos to stick up he’s gapping arsehole he could pay for a version of the nutcracker.

  7. The ignorant none art lovers have been backing intelligent entertainment since the lottery began. I’ve been laughing my bollocks off ever since. I win the lottery by saving my money, leaving the peasants to fund the things I love.

    • Besides all the foreign language films and thriller series on the free beeb, which you also fund for me.

  8. I’ll be happy to know that when these socialists in Westminster have destroyed the English pub that theyll not have the opera to go either.

    Misery likes company.
    Everyone suffers together.
    Marvelous 👍

  9. The thought of utter cunts like Emma Thomson, Miriam Margoyles and Emma Watson crying over not having the funding to make some woke lefty bullshit film about an afro Carribbean lesbian one parent family spacca gives me a raging hard on.

    • Miriam Gargoyle gives you a raging hard on?
      You sick, warped man…I tip my hat to you, Sir.

      • A challenging wank by anyone’s standards, Thomas.

        However, it is the thought of that fat leftard sack of shit crying that is giving me a panhandle.

      • Yes, of course, but it did amuse me to think that you were genuinely fancying Miriam’s grey-lipped, blancmange-looking old flaps!

      • Yes, sorry…that was a bit much, wasn’t it?
        I had to put my corned beef roll down for a couple of minutes.

  10. CuntyMorts wish list
    No appeal for immos
    No legal aid for immos
    No interperators for immos, you want them you pay for them.
    Salary cut for M.P’s
    NO expenses for above. You want it YOU pay for it like I have to.
    Troops on the dinghy cunts landing grounds, one warning, then open fire.
    Abolish the house of lords, all useless cunts anyway.
    No arts funding, fuck off sink or swim
    Tony Blair to be tried for treason, or just plug the cunt, whatevers cheaper. Plus his Mrs as well.

  11. Are we reading the same link? It looks like ‘arts’ funding is only being slashed in that there London but actually going up across the rest of the country.

    They call this ‘levelling up’ but I suspect it means that there’ll be a troops of diverse, preaching, arrogant, flamboyant fartsy types coming to a country-cream gate near you!

  12. Yes, it’s about levelling up so you can watch poof’s football (ballet, opera) in Manc instead of just that London. I look forward to Rigoletto at Scunny Baths hall as a support act to Chubby.

    • Unfortunately, the Welsh Arts Foundation had to slash budgets, causing the removal of vowels from various projects.
      Luckily, “Swn Lk by Tchkvsky” makes it sound more Welsh.

  13. Why can’t we sell the “arts” off to foreign governments and companies like we do with our energy? Oh no they wouldn’t want to buy them because they can’t screw money out of the British taxpayer.
    The British Government………always looking to give your birthright away for a quick foreign buck.

  14. The unpalatable truth of the matter is that the ‘Arts’, however they define them, are largely a minority interest.
    If they weren’t, they’d stand on their own two feet, like rock music has always managed.
    Opera and those shitty plays that are so beloved of BBC London news are the equivalent of badminton and synchronised diving at the Olympics.
    Why should the tax payers of a self admittedly skint country keep paying for the tastes of Tarquin and Penelope?
    There’d be no money left to pay for immigrant hotels for a start.

    • Good art will always find a market and an audience without being subsidised by the tax payer. If it needs tax payers money it’s because its a pile of cunt that no one wants to buy or pay to see. Like Tracey Emins dirty knickers.

      • You’d smell them a mile off. Just follow the smell for Traceys latest “art” exhibition. The skid marks and pussy discharge stains would be a give away as well.

        Many years ago I recall Tracey being interviewed on television. My eyes fixated on her very ample and presentable tits. Then my gaze wondered up to her face – like the back end of a constipated cow. Instant deflation.

      • The poor sod had been badly beaten by rapists. She’s only her nice eyes left. That’s all you need to look into. You’ll soon get another stork-on.

    • Exactly. These art forms are better served by Patrons. Patronage makes art relevant. blindly subsidising everything from taxpauyer cash just creates propaganda or art that has to carry some message for an imagined ‘public interest’.

      This is why philosophy died. It became institutionalised and only relevant and answerable to itself. We’ll never see the likes of Bertrand Russell again because philosophy departments are full of windbags and fart-sniffers all trying to get away with more delirious, Postmodern and woke batshit than each other.

  15. No need to fund arts. Whilst I agree with funding our wonderful national museums and art galleries, my generosity stops there. Most modern art is a pile of indescribable, inscrutable, indigestible pile of shite. An excuse for woke cunts to troll evil whitey at the publics expense.

  16. The definition of true art is:
    If I can do it, it’s not art.
    Dunking a cross upside down in a jar of piss is NOT art.
    That is all.

    • That was by Maplethorpe. It was mentioned in the new Italian PM Meloni speech.

      It was exhibited where she spoke.

      She said that the managers of that place initially tried to stop her speaking there. Presumably because she is ‘far right’.

      So she spoke about the importance of God, Family and Nation. How disgusting.

      But allowing an exhibit of a crucifix submerged in a a jar of urine was just fine.

  17. Why is the taxpayer forking out dough so some rich motherfuckers can get cheap tickets for the opera or ballet? Do we subsidise football or cricket for example? No, they have to pay their own way or, rather, some dirty A-rabs or Yanks have to pay for them.
    Let these rich bastards pay for their own entertainment…….they can fucking afford it the cunts.

  18. Taxpayers money should fund essential services, police/health/education/military etc, everything else, if you want it :


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